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Before the fame arrived, what did performers do to make ends meet?

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Entries Beginning with P

Name & Band
Former Career
Comments & Submittor Name
Panic At The Disco, Jon Walker Starbucks Shift Manager  - KatieKay
Panic At The Disco, Jon Walker Starbucks Yeah :) - Someone
Paramore, Zac Waiter at the Greek Cafe  - Anonymous
Paramore, Josh Cook at the Greek Cafe  - Anonymous
Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder Gas station attendant E-Ved was working as a gas station attendant when Jack Irons passed the demo tape onto him, which he then put vocals onto and became lead singer of Pearl Jam - GUILLOTINEinc
Peter Schilling, Peter Schilling Record company bookeeper, Taxi company, delivered cars for BMW Stuttgart  - ps_rd_fan
Pink, Pink McDonalds I remember reading in a magazine that she worked at the fast food chain before hitting the big time - Cait Sith
Pink Floyd, David Gilmour Fashion Model  - Agrimorfee
Placebo, Steve Hewitt Formula 1 Racing Car Team  - Saiyandudette
Placebo, Brian Molko Paper Shredder That's where the song "Slave to the wage" came from (See video) - Saiyandudette
Platinum Blonde, Mark Holmes Welder Another one of Mark Holmes' various jobs before his years in Platinum Blonde. - Celeste
Platinum Blonde, Mark Holmes Welder Mark also took a job as a welder in a muffler shop. - Celeste
Platinum Blonde, Mark Holmes Hairdresser Before he took the riegns of lead singer for Platinum Blonde Mark worked as a hairdresser and even gave the band their signature platinum blonde hair. :) - Celeste
Platinum Blonde, Kenny MacLean Hair Dresser Kenny and Mark were both hair dressers. - Celeste
Poison, Rikki Rockett Hairdresser I couldn't stop laughing when I heard this... - G
Police, Sting Phys Ed Teacher Born Gordon Sumner, he got the nickname "Sting" from a striped yellow and black jacket he used to wear. - Michael E Cormier
The Police, Sting School Teacher He taught English and Soccer. - Larcen Tyler

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