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Sometimes a lead singer gets kicked out of a band, or leaves when their head gets too big for them. How well did they do on their own?

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Rage Against the Machine Tom Morello He has played in the supergroup Audioslave, released solo acoustic albums under the moniker 'The Nightwatchman', gives tutorials on Youtube about how he makes those innovative-crazy sounds on his electric 6-string ('You Too Can Be a Guitar God!') and on top of that - around 2014 when Little Steven Van Zandt was contractually involved in a movie project, Tom played guitar on the Bruce Springsteen 'High Hopes' album (some tracks, not all) and I saw him sub for Little Steven on that tour. During the band intros tom played a wacky guitar workout. Since it was 2014, the 'Year of the Beatles' (50th anniversary of them 'invading' America, which meant that nearly every band I saw that year played a Beatles song - TRUE), it was find of 'funny' to see Tom Morello w/ Nils Lofgren sharing a mic singing a Beatles song, as well as other NON-PROTEST popular classic gems that Bruce often does near the end of his 4 hour shows. - 2 Guitar Heros Are Better Than 1
Rage Against the Machine Zach de la Rocha Apparently, he left RATM to go solo. But what has he done since then? NOTHING!!!! - Ned
Rage Against The Machine Brad Wilk Brad drummed on Black Sabbath's "13" album, toured with the band and of course was a member of one of the best supergroups ever, Audioslave! - GlamRockNinjaLord
Rainbow Ronnie James Dio Dio joined Black Sabbath in 1978, then left to pursue a solo career in 1982. The rest is history... - GlamRockNinjaLord
The Raspberries Eric Carmen Even Carmen himself said that the band was "pretty bad" in an interview. - Rash Dipdock
Ratt Jake E. Lee Jake E. Lee was in Ratt very briefly, then he was in Rough Cutt even more briefly, then he joined Ozzy Osbourne's band after the death of Randy Rhoads. He remained Ozzy's lead guitarist for 4 years and later formed the underrated group, Badlands. As of 2014, he has a new band, Red Dragon Cartel - GlamRockNinjaLord
Ratt Warren DeMartini He was a sick guitar player, Ratt was a little bit...well, limiting for his abilities IMO... - Yo Momma
Ratt Robbin Crosby Aside from Ratt, Robbin Crosby played guitar on Jon Bon Jovi's solo album, "Blaze Of Glory". He also played on an album by a band called Rumbledogs. Unfortunately, his career was cut short by HIV. - GlamRockNinjaLord
Ratt Warren DeMartini Warren showed his talent on lead guitar and obviously should have been playing more complex, substantial music. - Matt
Red Ryder Tom Cochrane He scored a massive hit with "Life Is A Highway" after disbanding Red Ryder. - Tommy
Restless Heart Verlon Thompson Thompson was the original lead vocalist for Restless Heart, but quit the band prior to the start of recording their debut album. Thompson was replaced with Larry Stewart who remained with the group until 1992. Thompson returned to being a studio musician following his departure from the group. - harderman
Restless Heart Dave Innis Shortly after lead vocalist Larry Stewart departed to pursue a solo career, Innis left the band and wasn't on speaking terms with any of the band's members. The departures of Innis and Stewart led to minimal success with the band disbanding in 1994, Innis didn't join in the band's 1998 reunion, but rejoined in 2002 after getting in contact with bandmate Greg Jennings, whom he didn't speak to in a decade. - harderman
Restless Heart Larry Stewart Stewart was the first to leave the band as he pursued a solo career. He had a string of minor hits such as "Heart Like A Hurricane" and "Alright Already." Stewart reunited with Restless Heart in 1998, before all five members reunited in 2002. - harderman
Roxy Music Brian Eno Eno was ALWAYS better off solo, he just didn't know it. With a huge potential to multi-task, other artists were more than willing to share the spotlight (David Bowie and Robert Fripp to name just a couple). In the seventies, his solo work was creative to the extent that it falls into the category of Jaw-dropping, and made Roxy Music sound very much like Roxy Two-Step - princejellyfish

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