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Handicaps? Hardly, more like handicapable. These performers still make great music even if they are missing one of the senses or a body part.

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Entries Beginning with S

Sammy Davis, Jr.: Blindness In One Eye
When playing golf, he was asked what his handicap was, and he answered, 'I'm a one-eyed jewish n*****!'
Sammy Davis, Jr.: Visually Impaired
He lost his left eye in a car accident on November 19th, 1954. The accident resulted in his conversion to Judaism.
Sandy Nelson: Amputation of lower leg
He lost part of his leg in a motorcycle accident. He was able to resume his career after being fitted with an artificial lower leg.
Barry Disbrow
Scatman John: Stuttering Problem
The stuttering problem is said to be the reason he got into the music business.
Seal: Discoid lupus of the face
Leading to scarring of the face.
Rocky Mak
Seal: Stuttering
As a child, Seal had a major problem with stuttering. He was able to work around it and eventually become an amazing singer.
Larcen Tyler
The lead singer, Brian Aubert, has a lazy eye which is the inspiration for their #1 song "Lazy-Eye"
Taron McLean 2326
Sinead O' Connor: Bipolar Disorder
Steve Caballero: Scoliosis
The guitarist for The Faction, Odd Man Out and Urethane and skateboarding legend was born with scoliosis, causing his head to tilt slightly toward his right due to his bending spine. This apparently did not impair his skills on both the skateboard and in his career as a punk musician.
Maryellen Larkin
Steven Wilson: Depression
Wilson has suffered from deep depression. Many Porcupine Tree songs are about depression and medication.
Susanna Viljanen
Stevie Van Zandt: Disfigurement
He had his head horribly scarred and disfigured in a car crash where his head impacted the front windshield. Ever since that he is always scene with a scarf, hat, bandana or something to cover that up. When acting, as in the 'Sopranos' he usually wears a toupee. According to Bruce Springsteen's autobiography, Disney World wouldn't allow Stevie admission because of his 'gang' look so he and Bruce told the security to f*** off and left.
Disciple of Soul
Stevie Wonder: Blindness
He has been quoted as having said "Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn't mean he lacks vision."
Brian Kelly
Stevie Wonder: Blindness
He has been blind since infancy, but he wasn't born blind. However, he was born premature so he become blind due to being given too much oxygen in the incubator
Stevie Wonder: Visually Impared
Stevie Wonder was blind since birth, but he intended to rise above his disability by having three Grammys for Album of the Year.
Paul Warren
Susan Boyle: Asperger's disorder
Susan Magdalene Boyle, of Scotland, had been told as a child that she was brain-injured, but she has always had higher than mean-average intelligence. She recently learned that she has Asperger's disorder--it should REALLY be called "Asperger's CONDITION." I have it too, but IT does NOT have ME--OR her.
Parker Gabriel
Syd Barrett: Schizophrenia
According to a number of sources, Syd Barrett was already suffering from schizophrenia before getting involved with LSD. The resulting meltdown got him kicked out of Pink Floyd and left him unable to perform music, hold a job or live a normal, independent life until his death in 2006, aged 60.
Sylvain Sylvain: Dyslexia
That's what this New York Doll has had all his life.

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