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All too often, a celebrity gets it into their head that now they've reach some margin of fame via a movie or sports, they can also sing! This usually turns out much worse than when singers try to act.

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Notable Song Credits
Comments & Submittor Name
Barney (the Dinosaur) I Love You, Barney Theme Song, Peanut Butter, Apples and Bananas, Everyone is Special Though criticized by many adults, Barney has been a favorite for young children for many years on television and in videos, in addition to live shows and albums (and many other pieces of merchandise). - Drew
Bec Cartwright (Hewitt) All Seats Taken She can sing, but only managed no. 10 in the Australian charts. - Rocky Mak
Bette Davis "Miss Bette Davis" Album The classic actress released an album of her singing. - Rick O'Shea
Bill Cosby Little Ole Man Cosby, the noted comedian and sex offender, actually released several albums of music in the late 60's and early 70's. "Little Ole Man", his reworking of Stevie Wonder's "Uptight, Everything's Alright", got all the way to number four on the Hot 100. There's really nothing special about his voice, but it's not terrible either. - Joe Pearson
Blake Sennett Not Going Home Blake was an actor (with his notable roles including Pinsky from Salute Your Shorts), and "Not Going Home" is from his band The Elected, in which he's the lead singer. He also played guitar on Rilo Kiley. - Archie
Bob Hope Thanks for the Memory, Silver Bells, Two Sleepy People Not a good singer as Crosby but he did have a disctinive singing voice - KL Fan
Brent Spiner album - "Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back" a collection of Frank Sinatra standards and such by the man who played Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation. - Starship Trooper '87
Brittany Murphy Faster Kill Pussycat, Somebody to Love, Boogie Wonderland As herself, she made Faster Kill Pussycat a club favourite with Paul Oakenfold. As a voice actress on Happy Feet, she covered the two latter songs, and made her an underrated singer. - Rocky Mak
Bronson Arroyo various covers of songs like Slide, Hunger Strike and Dirty Water Arroyo was a member of the 2004 Boston Red Sox team that won the World Series and recorded the album "Covering the Bases" in 2005. Arroyo had teammates Kevin Millar, Johnny Damon and Kevin Youkilis record background vocals on his cover of "Dirty Water". Arroyo had Michael Landau and Mike Inez record on the album. - harderman
Bruce Willis Respect Yourself Did a lot of cover tunes under the alias "Bruno Radolini". - guy
Bruce Willis Respect Yourself (1987)  - qua006
Buddy Ebsen September Song He was a 30s Vaudeville, but he was best known as Jed Clampett on "The Beverly Hillbillies" and TV private eye Barnaby Jones. - Celebrity
Burt Reynolds "Cheap and Superficial" Pick up line to blonde drunk..."Let's do something cheap & superficial, let's do something that we might regret, let's do something shabby and insensitive,might be the only chance we get! - Ernesto Ramos PhD

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