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Ever since there has been music on recorded mediums (vinyl, casettes, CDs) groups with a sense of humour have placed funny snippets or entrie songs on their albums without a mention in the credits.

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Entries Beginning with T

"Tape Rewind," Super Furry Animals
Unlisted in the 20th Anniversary CD of Rings Around The World
Clever Name
"Thank You For The Music," Amanda Seyfried
The last song on the soundtrack CD from the movie 'Mamma Mia!". As far as how the track timer runs, this is just a continuation of 'I Have A Dream', also by Amanda Seyfried, and it isn't listed on the CD song listing. But it clearly is a distinct song from 'I Have A Dream', with a long pause between them even though they are on the same track, "Thank You For The Music' definitely furthers her demonstration of her poignant singing voice, and further illustrates how she is likely the most impressive singer in the movie 'Mamma Mia!'
Ingrid McCannless
""The Secret Song"," Mr. Bungle
This song follows "Carry Stress In the Jaw" on the album Disco Volante. On the vinyl LP version, one has to move the stylus onto the LP in a certain way to find it. It is otherwise available on the CD as part of track 3.
"This Time," 3 Doors Down
Unlabeled Track 12 on Away From the Sun.
"This Time Imperfect," AFI
On Sing The Sorrow after ...But Home Is Nowhere. It starts at 9:00 minutes.
"Til Kingdom Comes," Coldplay
This is track 13 of the "X&Y" album, intended for Johnny Cash to record before he passed away.
"Time After Time," Electric Light Orchestra
It appears on the US cassette and original CD, but it's not listed. It comes after "Take Me On and On" on side 1, and "Four Little Diamonds" starts off side 2. On the CD it's the same sequence.
Mr. Blue Star
"Tom & Jerry," Slightly Stoopid
After a lengthy pause following the end of the brief instrumental Tom & Jerry, the track resumes with a remade version of Closer to the Sun, consisting solely of vocals and guitar. It comes in at 4:27; Tom & Jerry ends at 1:36 so be patient.
JC Foster
"Too Late (Instrumental)," No Doubt
On "Return Of Saturn", after Dark Blue wait a few minutes, and an orchestral rendition of "Too Late" will play. It is vaguely mentioned in the booklet and from my best understanding, is called "Too Late (Instrumental)", although it's not the actual instrumental.
"Track 99," Marilyn Manson
It's on "Antichrist Superstar" after "Man That You Fear", it's very staticy and hard to understand until you find the lyrics, if you play it loudly you can hear slow babbling and "suffering" being said, it starts out "we can build a better messiah,we can dig another grave" in a similar child's voice to "when all of your wishes are granted,many of your dreams will be destroyed" from "Man That You Fear" since it's almost Halloween, this would be a good scary song to blast outside of your door for the kids ( there's no language) - Tictacs941
"Tradewinds - Acoustic Mix," Super Furry Animals
Unlisted in the 20th Anniversary CD of Rings Around The World
Clever Name
"Tradewinds - Acoustic Mix," Super Furry Animals
Unlisted in the 20th Anniversary CD of Rings Around The World
Clever Name
"Train In Vain," The Clash
It is the last track on the London Calling album, and is well-known for the refrain "Stand by me". It was not intended to be a hidden track per se; it was included on the album at the last minute, after the album cover had already been designed and printed.
"Tuesday," Dandelion
On the album "I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick" after what seems like a long fadeout at the end of "Weight of the World," there's a much faster track called "Tuesday," which is listed as being untitled, but the name was identified by bass player Mike Murporgo. I can't think of too much else to say about it, I'm afraid.
The Skuz
"Turkeys," Lemon Demon
This track is from their 2006 album "Dinosaurchestra". You can find it by waiting 7 minutes after "The Too Much Song" on the PC version of the commentary on the data track.
"Two Drink Minimum," Chris Cornell
From his 2009 release, 'Scream.' After the last track ("Watch Out") finishes, there's a lot of silence until 5:07, when this rather bluesy track starts playing. It's a good song, but it seems really out of place on an otherwise very electronic album.
Jonathan S.

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