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Ever since there has been music on recorded mediums (vinyl, casettes, CDs) groups with a sense of humour have placed funny snippets or entrie songs on their albums without a mention in the credits.

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Entries Beginning with H

"Helen Wheels," Wings
Helen Wheels is a hit from the Band on the Run album, but does not appear on the listings for either the LP or the CD.
Larry Molnar
"Hello Sir," Robbie Williams
A hidden track after "Baby Girl Window" on his debut album "Life Thru a Lens", where he tells a poem that takes a dig at one of his former teachers.
Hunter Sullivan
"Her Majesty," The Beatles
On vinyl I was listening to abbey road and the song "The End" finished so I sat up and I was about to turn of my vinyl player but the needle was still going and I turned my vinyl player full volume and the loud guitar at the start of her majesty played
Clever Name
"Her Majesty," The Beatles
This track was not listed on the Abbey Road album. It comes right after "The End."
"Her Majesty," The Beatles
The last track listed on Abbey Road (the last album The Beatles produced) is "The End". Wait 30 seconds after the song ends, there is a blast of noise, and this brief ditty comes on.
Albert Stadt
"hidden final," Aftoman
The very last unlisted track on the original Afroman , had a different version of "Because I Got High"
Lydia Erickson
"Hidden Sun," Barenaked Ladies
On some albums after the song "Asleep at the Wheel", there's a song called "Hidden Sun".
Paul Warren
"Hidden Track," John Flansburgh
It explains itself. If you go back enough, track 0 will play. Guess what? Track 0 IS Hidden Track!
"Hidden track before Track 1," They Might Be Giants
On the album Factory Showroom, hit the Reverse Search button on your CD player when track 1 starts playing. You will find a brief song, about 1 minute long, that is playable forwards once the CD player stops searching.
"Hidden track on Use Your Fingers album," Bloodhound Gang
Track 20 contains the soundtrack from an unidentified gay porno movie. (Ewww!)
"Hidden Tracks," Bloodhound Gang
After the final listed track on the album Hooray For Boobies, there are a few tracks of outtakes from the sessions, highlighted by two opera singers trying to sing "Hooray for boobies!" without cracking up.
"High Hopes," Pink Floyd
From The Division Bell. When the song fades out, after a few moments of silence, you'll hear Pink Floyd's manager Steve O'Rourke attempting to talk on the phone with one of David Gilmour's kids.
"High-Speed Idiot Mode," Lemonheads
One of the hidden tracks found after the song “Jello Fund”
Clever Name
"Hold On (Alternate Version)," Stellar Kart
After the last track, called "Angels in Chorus", there is a 15 second silent track, which leads into this song, which is technically another version of an earlier track.
"Honey," Erykah Badu
Badu made a video for the song, and it was released as a single in support of her NEW AMERYKAH PART ONE (4TH WORLD WAR) album, but it is not listed on the cover or the packaging. It is the uncredited 11th track. Some fans felt the single had nothing to do with the rest of the album, which has a concept/theme running through it, and some claimed they felt cheated because they wanted the album to sound like "Honey".
John Book
"Hummus," Pearl Jam
So there’s a song called All Those Yesterdays but when it finishes there is silence. Then a minute later the hidden track "Hummus" plays that is an eerie, VERY eerie, VERY VERY SO eerie song.
Clever Name

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