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Ever since there has been music on recorded mediums (vinyl, casettes, CDs) groups with a sense of humour have placed funny snippets or entrie songs on their albums without a mention in the credits.

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Entries Beginning with M

"Marie's the Name(Of His Latest Flame)," Scorpions
When listening to the Face the Heat album on CD, let the last track(Lonely Nights) continue after the song ends and you will hear a very good cover of the Elvis Presley song
"Master/Slave," Pearl Jam
Ten features a two-part track entitled "Master/Slave" that both opens and closes the album. The first part begins the album, before "Once" starts, and the second part closes the album, after "Release". It begins about ten seconds after the album's closer "Release" as a hidden track, but both count as one track on the CD. The song is entirely instrumental (except for random unintelligible words Vedder utters throughout) with a dominant fretless bass line making up the core of the song (which Ament referred to in a 1994 Bass Player magazine interview as "my tribute to (fretless bass instrumentalist) Mick Karn"),[24] along with some guitar and sounds that seem to come from the drums. Producer Rick Parashar stated in 2002, "As I recall, I think Jeff had, like, a bass line...I heard the bass line and then we kind of were collaborating on that in the control room, and then I just started programming on the keyboard all this stuff; he was jamming with it and it just kind of came about like that." Taken From Wikipedia
Clever Name
"Matching Tie & Handkerchief (album)," Monty Python
Side 2 of the vinyl LP of the album has a hidden groove containing more material, essentially making it a 3-sided record! Now all the material is on CD, one had to place the stylus against the edge of the LP in such a way to find it.
"Maybe Tomorrow," Ultraspank
It's technically the final track on their album "Progress". It begins several minutes after the end of the last listed track, "Where".
Danny Hates Dubstep
"Me, White Noise," Blur
On the CD rewind back from track 1 into the pregap to -6:50 and then take your finger of the rewind button. You now get to listen to 7 minutes of a drunk Phil Daniels singing about looking at a wall which tells you to f*** off because it isn't a mirror, whooshing off in an underground train, people going in the room for a pair of marraccas and how everybody kicks a football.
"Meet My Maker/Falling Away," Good Charlotte
In The Chronicles of Life and Death album there is a hidden track found in the last song. In the Life version is is found at the end of "Falling Away" and in the Death version it is found at the end of "Meet My Maker" Its a few minutes after the song and the hidden track is called "Wounded"
"Menu Music Medley," Super Furry Animals
Unlisted in the 20th Anniversary CD of Rings Around The World
Clever Name
"Menu Music Medley," Super Furry Animals
Unlisted in the 20th Anniversary CD of Rings Around The World
Clever Name
"Menu Music Medley," Super Furry Animals
Unlisted in the 20th Anniversary CD of Rings Around The World
Clever Name
"Mercury Blues," Meat Loaf
About 2 minutes after "Forever Young" on the Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself album, Meat sings this heart wrenching (yeah, right) ballad about the love a man has for his car. I found it when I was making a video for a computer animation class.
cygna vamp
"Michael & Geri," Korn
From Korn's debut album; this song is found after Daddy, after a few minutes of silence. The story goes that producer Ross Robinson discovered the tape in an abandoned garage. The track features no instrumentation; rather consists of two people bickering while repairing a Dodge Dart. To this day nobody knows who originally maded the tape.
"Mmhmm," Relient K
If you rewind your CD player before the first song on the CD Mmhmm. There is about 28 seconds of them humming
"Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's...)," The Killers
In the 10 minute-plus remix of "Mr. Brightside" on the album Tranquilize, there is a 30 second-ish snippet at the end. It is titled "Conversations with the Captain".
Bobbie Souffle
"Mr. Greaves," Better Than Ezra
It's the second hidden track on "Artifakt". It starts about 40 seconds after "Loaded" ends. It's a hidden track to a hidden track.
Brian Kelly
"My S***'s F****d Up," Warren Zevon
This is track 9 on his 2000 album "Life'll Kill Ya." The back cover of the CD doesn't list it, skipping from track 8 to track 10. I suppose the record company did this to avoid a parental advisory label on the album.
Martha Hankins

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