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Ever since there has been music on recorded mediums (vinyl, casettes, CDs) groups with a sense of humour have placed funny snippets or entrie songs on their albums without a mention in the credits.

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Entries Beginning with B

"Baghdad," The Offspring
On their album "Smash", track 14, also titled "Smash", has a long silence at the end of the song. Then at about 9:07 a guitar riff matching the one in the song "Come Out and Play" starts, in a kind of Arabic style. It's apparently called "Baghdad".
RevengeFromMars YouTube
"Beck," Analog Odyssey
Hidden in the song "Blackhole" from his 1994 album "Mellow Gold".
Mickey D.
"Being On My Own," Brian May
On Brian's 1998 solo album Another World is a hidden track called Being On My Own. After about one minute of silence following the song Another Wold a piano/keyboard duet comes in. It is officially called Being On My Own. It takes it's name from the last line of the song Business 'It's a hard business being on my own.'
"Belgium," Bowling For Soup
On their album "Drunk Enough to Dance", track 20 is "Other Girls". After that song ends, there's a minute or two of silence, then another song starts, apparently named "Belgium". It's about a long-distance relationship. You can Google the lyrics.
RevengeFromMars YouTube
"Between the 1 and the 9," Patti Rothberg
After "It's Alright," you'll hear six tracks of silence, the first five for five seconds, the last for four seconds, and then finally the title track itself.
The Skuz
"Big Yellow Taxi," Counting Crows
After the last track on 'Hard Candy', there's a short silence, and the hidden track "Big Yellow Taxi" comes on. It's stupid how the secret track on the album is their most famous single, it's like Mika hiding "Grace Kelly" or Rihanna hiding "Umbrella"..........
rock music
This song is at the end of 'Off the Deep End' and after 10 minutes of silence, you will hear utter nonsense that may scare you.
Paul Warren
"Blah Blah Blah," The Cardigans
At the very end of "Blah Blah Blah", teen actress Melissa Joan Hart (as Sabrina the Teenage Witch) unravels her family's mystery by adding a hidden Easter Egg to the CD.
Brandon Reina
The cd plays for a 1:30 before this song comes on. You think the cd is over but it's not...this song is hilarious and amazing!
About 1 and a half minutes after Famous Last Words, a piano starts and then Gerard starts singing a song called blood
It's on the Black Paramore cd and if you go to number 14 and go 1:30 into it, Gerard will start singing.
"bonus track," Dead Milkmen
Follows Track 14 on Metaphysical Graffiti. It's a 6:33 meandering, silly story about life on a maggot farm and a fishing trip.
"Bubblehead," Feeder
From the band's 1999 album "Yesterday Went Too Soon"; it starts around five minutes after the end of the last track, "Paperfaces".

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