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Blame Hey Jude, but there have been some very long songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics, that are intended for radio play (singles).

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Entries Beginning with H

"Halloween," Helloween Lenght:13:19
"Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks," Pantera Lenght:7:01
"Hard to Say I'm Sorry," Chicago Lenght:5:08
"Hard to Say I'm Sorry" is track #5 on their thirteenth studio album released in 1982. It reaching #1 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making them one of their biggest hit singles. Note that the version that lasting at 5 minutes and 8 seconds is the album version of this song, which was a medley with "Get Away".
Wisnu Aji
"Harvest of Souls," IQ Lenght:24:30
Joe Pearson
"Havona," Weather Report Lenght:6:01
The final track off of 1977's "Heavy Weather"
Mickey D.
"Haywire," Don Felder Lenght:5:09
"Haywire" is track #3 on the album, "Airborne" (1983). It was the album's longest song.
Wisnu Aji
"Hazard," Richard Marx Lenght:5:17
"Hazard" is track #5 on the album, "Rush Street" (1991). It reaching #9 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making him one of his biggest hit singles. However, he was more known for his slow-styled song, "Right Here Waiting", sometimes known as "I Will Be Right Here Waiting for You" or "Waiting for You" due to the song's lyrics.
Wisnu Aji
"Hazard Profile Part 1," Soft Machine Lenght:9:18
"He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot," Grandaddy Lenght:8:53
Seems like several songs seamlessly melded together.
"Head On/Pill," King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Lenght:15:59
Clever Name
"Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!! - METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR," Babymetal Lenght:7:16
Clever Name
"Headed for a Heartbreak," Winger Lenght:5:13
One of their biggest hit singles along with "Seventeen", "Miles Away", etc.
Wisnu Aji
"Headin' For The Top Now," Spiritualized Lenght:8:22
Clever Name
"Heart of the Sunrise," Yes Lenght:10:34
The last track off of "Fragile."
Mickey D.
"The Heat Is On," Glenn Frey Lenght:6:04
"The Heat Is On" is track #6 on the album, "Beverly Hills Cop: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack" (1984). It reaching #2 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making him one of his biggest hit singles and also the biggest hit singles for an Eagles member. Note that the version that lasting at 6 minutes and 4 seconds is the extended version of this song, modified the song's music and longer than the original album version of this song.
Wisnu Aji
"Heksebrann," Kvelertak Lenght:9:05
"Help, I’m A Rock," The Mothers Of Invention Lenght:8:37
On some releases it’s split into two tracks (that includes the Spotify version) but I’m talking about the releases where they keep this as one track
Clever Name
"Hemispheres," Rush Lenght:19 minutes and 7 seconds
A great song and album. Rush is one of those bands I have always liked, I don't play them much, but when I do it is a good thing.
Wade Brock
"Her Ghost in the Fog," Cradle of Filth Lenght:6:24
This song is on the album "Midian."
"Herandnu," Weather Report Lenght:6:36
The final track off of 1976's "Black Market"
Mickey D.
"Here Be Dragons," Tribulation Lenght:7:27
"Heroes," David Bowie Lenght:6:07
"Heroes" is track #3 on the album, "Heroes" (1977). It was the longest song from this album. Although his version failed to reaching Billboard's Pop Chart, a version by The Wallflowers can be reaching #26 but on Billboard's Pop Airplay Chart not Billboard's Pop Chart.
Wisnu Aji
"Heroin," Velvet Underground Lenght:7:12
A pretty long song for the days when most songs were a little more than 3 minutes.
Robert Ballinger
"Heroin," Lou Reed Lenght:13:03
To be found on the Rock 'n' Roll Animal Album
Martin Vrijmoed
"Hey God," Bon Jovi Lenght:6:10
"Hey Jane," Spiritualized Lenght:8:54
Clever Name
"Hey Jude," Beatles Lenght:7:05
The best known long pop song, and perhaps the first to break the 7 minute mark and still hit number one at a time when a three minute single was still considered the standard.
"Hey Jude," Beatles Lenght:7:21
Many peoples and listeners believe that this is the longest coda ever in the world before beated by "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd and "Layla" by Derek and the Dominos. That coda is best known for the "na na na na" hook that repeatedly many times. The hook is first sung at 3:10 mark, next to fade out to silence at 7:16 mark, and ends at 7:21 mark. Other peoples also believe that the coda is a bridge from boring to more entertain.
Wisnu Aji
"High to Death," Car Seat Headrest Lenght:7:39
"Hocus Pocus," Focus Lenght:6:41
A shorter version (a little over 3 minutes) is what's normally used on the radio. This song is best known for all its yodelling
"Holding On," Steve Winwood Lenght:6:15
This was the second track from Winwood's "Roll With It" album.
"Home," LCD Soundsystem Lenght:7:53
"Home By The Sea," Genesis Lenght:11:21
The first and the second ones put together in one track.
Mickey D.
"Home Coming," Green Day Lenght:9:19
I don't care how good of a song is, it should not go past 6 or 5 minuets. plus, this song is so boring, it would bore a person to death.
Amanda Day
"Homecoming," Green Day Lenght:9:17
Green Day's second longest song from the album American Idiot
Michael M
"Hooked On Love," Grand Funk Railroad Lenght:7:10
The second longest song off of Grand Funk's "Closer To Home" album, released in 1970.
Rock Maninoff
"The Hopeless Opus," Of Montreal Lenght:17:56
Full title being "The Hopeless Opus or the Great Battle of the Unfriendly Ridiculous". Lyrics are only in the later half. Dont know if indie pop counts.
"Horizon," Jon and Vangelis Lenght:22:53
Joe Pearson
"The Horrible Fanfare / Landslide / Exoskeleton," Beck Lenght:10:36
Clever Name
"Hotel California," The Eagles Lenght:7:12
You can come in, but you can't get out
"The Hourglass," Savatage Lenght:8:05
The final track on 'The Wake of Magellan.' As with so many of their of their albums, this album is about redemption.
Robert Ballinger
"How Do You Sleep?," LCD Soundsystem Lenght:9:12
"How Many More Times," Led Zeppelin Lenght:8:29
Said to be 3 minutes on the album so radios would play it (=
"Hummer," Smashing Pumpkins Lenght:6:56
Clever Name
"Hurricane," Bob Dylan Lenght:8:33
This is actually about a story of Rubin Carter who was accused of murder at a bar in 1966.
Paul Warren

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