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Blame Hey Jude, but there have been some very long songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics, that are intended for radio play (singles).

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Entries Beginning with W

"W.O.L.D.," Harry Chapin Lenght:23:56
"Wake Up," Rage Against the Machine Lenght:6:36
"Walking on Sunshine," Katrina and the Waves Lenght:5:37
"Walking on Sunshine" is track #5 on the album, "Walking on Sunshine" (1983). It reaching #9 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making them their biggest hit single to date. It later programmed by many remixers. The most well known version is a version that lasting at 5 minutes and 37 seconds.
Wisnu Aji
"Wanna B Ur Lovr," Weird Al Yankovic Lenght:6:14
I was amazed when I found out that this song from Poodle Hat was that lengthy. It doesn't feel long at all! - On a side note, Al described the musical style on this one as him "trying to sound like Beck trying to sound like Prince."
Jonathan S.
"Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'," Michael Jackson Lenght:6:03
This is the longest song from Michael Jackson's smash hit (still the best selling album of all time) album from 1982, "Thriller". It also has the distinction of being the only song from "Thriller" to become a hit (a top five hit in the late summer of 1983, with much help from radio dj's) without an accompanying music video. It also is a hit because of it's cross-over dance elements, with hints throughout of reggae, African dance pop (the last line is from "Soul Makossa" a 1973 hit from Cameroonian saxophonist Manu Dibango), country line dance and just good old fashioned American rock and soul dance and disco. It was written by Mark Anthony Neal.
"War Pigs," Black Sabbath Lenght:7:58
Just found this out yesterday.
"Washed Away," Arrested Development Lenght:6:23
Hi editor, have a good day :)
Clever Name
"Watcher of the Skies," Genesis Lenght:7:23
It was intentionally melodramatic to conjure up an impression of incredible size. It was an extraordinary sound. On the old Mellotron Mark 2 there were these two chords that sounded really good on that instrument. There are some chords you can't play on that instrument because they'd be so out of tune. These chords created an incredible atmosphere. That's why it's just an incredible intro number. It never sounded so good on the later Mellotron."[2] The two chords in question are Bmaj7/F# and C#/F#.[3]. The long keyboard introduction crossfades into the main ensemble section, which features a prominent single-note staccato pattern in a 6/4 time signature (reminiscent of the 5/4 rhythmic pattern from "Mars" in Gustav Holst's The Planets suite) played over a pattern of sustained organ chords.
Mickey D.
"Waterfall," Weather Report Lenght:6:20
Off of their 1971's self-titled debut album
Mickey D.
"The Way You Are," Tears For Fears Lenght:7:43
This is probably the longest running song on The Hurting I have ever heard.
"We AIn't Fessin' (Double Quotes)," Deep Puddle Dynamics Lenght:7:35
"We Are The World," USA For Africa Lenght:7:07
Well there were chances to make it to live our lives.
Mickey D.
"We Don't Belong," Ratt Lenght:6:11
"We Have Seen Your Glory (John 1)," Twila Paris Lenght:6 minutes, 20 seconds
This is the next-to-last track on her live CD, "He Is Exalted." It talks about the birth of Christ and is an adaption of the opening verses of the Gospel according to St. John.
Edward Genereux
"Weather Station/Modern Plumbing," Thompson Twins Lenght:6:58
Thompson Twins's early works. One of the bonus tracks was used in 1981's "A Product of...Participation" CD.
Mickey D.
"Welcome to the Black Parade," My Chemical Romance Lenght:5:11
"Welcome to the Black Parade" is track #5 on the album, "The Black Parade" (2006). It reaching #9 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making them their biggest hit single and also their only Top 10 single.
Wisnu Aji
"Welcome To The Machine," Pink Floyd Lenght:7:38
A song that's a commentary of the music industry. Known for its heavy use of sound effects and synthesizers
"Welcome To The Pleasuredome," Frankie Goes To Hollywood Lenght:13:39
I'm amazed its not here yet, this the full album vesion, the radio edit was only about 6 mins
The Man
"Whaling Stories," Procol Harum Lenght:7:06
This song perfectly orchestrated with Trower's guitar later was orchestrated with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra a year later.
Paul Warren
"What Would You Have Me Do?," Local H Lenght:25:15
Technically, the song only lasts for 15 minutes, with the last 10 being random street noises, but even then it's still a long track.
"Whatever Wakes McCool," Primitive Radio Gods Lenght:6:35
No lyrics in the song.
Mickey D.
"When It's Love," Van Halen Lenght:5:36
"When It's Love" is track #2 on the album, "OU812" (1988). It reaching #5 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making them one of their biggest hit singles.
Wisnu Aji
"When The Levee Breaks," Led Zeppelin Lenght:7:10
"When The Levee Breaks," A Perfect Circle Lenght:5:55
"When The Music's Over," The Doors Lenght:11:02
Alive, she cried.
Mickey D.
"When the Water Breaks," Liquid Tension Experiment Lenght:16:57
"When the Wild Wind Blows," Iron Maiden Lenght:10:59
"When They Come," Devendra Banhart Lenght:6:00
Devendra Banhart has an unusual number of short songs, but this is one of his longer songs. (Ironically, his "Long Song" is only 2:26)
"When Will This End?," KoRn Lenght:14:24
Nice choice of a name.
"Where Do We Go," Joe Budden Lenght:7:11
"Where Does She Go?," Fair Herald Lenght:7:30
"Whipping Post (Live)," The Allman Brothers Band Lenght:23:03
While the version on their debut album was around seven minutes, they went further in concert when they were able to extend it to over 20 minutes.
John Book
"White Lightning," Def Leppard Lenght:7:03
"White Mountain," Genesis Lenght:6:45
Second track off of 1970's "Trespass"
Mickey D.
"Who Are You?," The Who Lenght:6:16 (album version)
Most of the song is the chorus of "Who are, who are, who are?"
British Bullcrap
"Who Killed Tangerine," Tears For Fears Lenght:5:33
This song is sort of nonsensical and takes too long for me to explain about. "Who killed Tangerine the prettiest girl I've ever seen."
"Whoever Said Gambling's For Suckers," Cameron Avery Lenght:8:01
"Whtie Feathers," L'Arc-en-Ciel Lenght:7:56
"Whtie Feathers," L'Arc-en-Ciel Lenght:7:56
"Why Am I So Tired - Live In Studio Demo," Smashing Pumpkins Lenght:15:13
Clever Name
"Will," Weather Report Lenght:6:22
Fifth track off of "Sweetnighter" LP in 1973.
Mickey D.
"Will You Be There," Michael Jackson Lenght:7:40
This must have been his longest released song.
"Willie The Pimp," Frank Zappa Lenght:9:23
Clever Name
"Wind of Change," Scorpions Lenght:5:08
"Wind of Change" is track #4 on the album, "Crazy World" (1990). It reaching #4 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making them their biggest hit single to date. Note that the version that lasting at 5 minutes and 8 seconds is the re-recorded version of this song, featured on their album, "Comeblack".
Wisnu Aji
"Wish You Were Here," Pink Floyd Lenght:5:40
Featured on their studio album, "Wish You Were Here".
Wisnu Aji
"The Woman Who Loves You," Split Enz Lenght:6:49
Also known as the spoon solo song.
"Women," Def Leppard Lenght:5:41
"Won't Get Fooled Again," The Who Lenght:8:33
The song is from their fifth studio album, Who's Next.
Red Alien
"Won't Get Fooled Again," The Who Lenght:8:32
"Working Man," Rush Lenght:7:12
While not intended as a single, it is the strongest song from Rush's first and self-titled album. The song and album received heavy airplay from DJ Donna Halper on WMMS-FM in Cleveland, an "album oriented radio" station, giving Rush some greatly needed exposure south of the border.
P Smith
"Wrapped Around Your Finger," The Police Lenght:5:13
"Wrapped Around Your Finger" is track #9 on the album, "Synchronicity" (1983). It reaching #8 on Billboard's Pop Chart. The song, "Every Breath You Take", is also featured on "Synchronicity".
Wisnu Aji
"Wrapped Around Your Finger," The Police Lenght:5:13
"Wrapped Around Your Finger" is track #9 on the album, "Synchronicity" (1983). It reaching #8 on Billboard's Pop Chart. The song, "Every Breath You Take", is also featured on "Synchronicity".
Wisnu Aji
"The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," Gordon Lightfoot Lenght:7:02
Perhaps the longest song ever recorded by a Canadian artist. Obviously the longest recorded by Lightfoot. And the covers of this song are even longer. The longest was an 8:45 version by Rheostatics.
John Phillips Screwdriver
"Wun'erful Wun'erful," Stan Freburg Lenght:7:14
This spoof of the Lawrence Welk Show as well as his music also has a cameo with Daws Butler (The voice of Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound).
Paul Warren

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