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Blame Hey Jude, but there have been some very long songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics, that are intended for radio play (singles).

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Entries Beginning with L

"L.A. Woman," The Doors Lenght:7:49
Title track from the 1971 album.
"La Sagrada Familia," Alan Parsons Project Lenght:8:47
All the songs on this album are fairly long, but this one is the longest. It is was inspired by the unfinished Barcelona cathedral designed by architect Antonio Gaudi.
Robert Ballinger
"La Villa Strangiato," Rush Lenght:9:37
"The Lady Lies," Genesis Lenght:6:04
Second to final "Follow You Follow Me" track off of 1978's "...And Then There Were Three..." lp.
Mickey D.
"The Lamia," Genesis Lenght:6:57
Off of 1974's "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"
Mickey D.
"The Last Baron," Mastodon Lenght:13:00
"Last Days On Earth," Tears For Fears Lenght:5:41
This is even longer than "Who Killed Tangerine?"?
"Last Night," Chris de Burgh Lenght:6:07
"Last Night" is track #1 on the album, "Into the Light" (1986). It was the album's longest song. Remember that he was more known for his song, "The Lady in Red", also featured on that album.
Wisnu Aji
"Lay Your Hands on Me," Bon Jovi Lenght:6:00
"Layla," Derek And The Dominos Lenght:7:07
A little less than 4 minutes of that is instrumental that doesn't sound like the same song.
"Leave," R.E.M. Lenght:7:17
Longest song on "New Adventures In Hi-Fi".
Brian Kelly
"Legend of a Child Girl Linda," Donovan Lenght:6:50
Probably Donovan's longest song ever.
Paul Warren
"Let It Rock," Bon Jovi Lenght:5:25
"Liberation," Chicago Lenght:14:36
The last track on Chicago's debut album may be the longest on this list. Several of the songs on this album checked in at more than 5:00 in length.
Robert Ballinger
"Lie to Me ," Bon Jovi Lenght:5:34
"The Life Auction," Strawbs Lenght:6:52
"Life Goes On," Firehouse Lenght:10:24
"Life's Been Good," Joe Walsh Lenght:8:04
Luckily, it's also a funny song.
Brian Kelly
"Light As The Breeze," Billy Joel Lenght:6:13
Available on Greatest Hits Vol. III, The Complete Greatest Hits [Box Set], and My Lives [Box Set]
Mickey D.
"A Light In The Black," Rainbow Lenght:Around 8 Minutes
The closing track on the band's second album.
"Light My Fire," The Doors Lenght:7:46
It does have lyrics, enough perhaps to make an average-length pop song, but a long instrumental interlude stretches it to be a rival of 'Hey, Jude' for length.
Jane Farnsworth
"The Lightning Strike," Snow Patrol Lenght:16:17
"Like A Rolling Stone," Bob Dylan Lenght:6:13
"Like a Rolling Stone" is track #1 on the album, "Highway 61 Revisited" (1965). It reaching #2 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making him one of his biggest hit singles.
Wisnu Aji
"Like A Rolling Stone - Live At Royal Albert Hall," Bob Dylan Lenght:8:25
Clever Name
"Listen to Your Heart," Roxette Lenght:5:28
"Listen to Your Heart" was released in 1988. It reaching #1 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making them one of their biggest hit singles. Note that this song is track #12 on the 12-inch vinyl version of the album, "Look Sharp!", released in the same year. While the CD version of "Look Sharp!", this song is track #13. Also, a short version, 14 seconds shorter than the album version, available with the part of the line, "listen to your heart", sung more than the album version of this song, which was that part in the album version is fade-out earlier and the orchestra sound can be heard till the end of this song, which was also ended with fade-out.
Wisnu Aji
"A Little Change Could Go a Long Ways," City of Caterpillar Lenght:9:39
"Little Johnny Jewel (Parts 1 & 2)," Television Lenght:7:09
"A Little Piece of Heaven," Avenged Sevenfold Lenght:8:01
A song about love. Love, that is, for a girl. A girl that gets stabbed. And then has her corpse used as a sex toy. And reanimates as a pissed off zombie. And stabs her boyfriend. And has a feeding frenzy of a wedding.
"Live at the BBC (Transcription)," Ozric Tentacles Lenght:53 minutes and 12 seconds
A very long improvisational jam by the kings of "space rock".
Wade Brock
"Living for the City," Stevie Wonder Lenght:7:21
Pretty much every station I've heard play this song fades it at about 3:30, before a spoken interlude featuring a very radio-unfriendly word.
"Living in Another World," Talk Talk Lenght:6:58
"Loch Ness," Judas Priest Lenght:13:28
This song is continued off of a previous song on the same album (Eulogy) but the song on its own as listed is a 13 and a half minute epic.
"Lochness," Judas Priest Lenght:13:29
"Lonesome Crow," Scorpions Lenght:13:31
From the eponymous 1972 debut album
Joey F.
"Long Train Runnin'," The Doobie Brothers Lenght:5:31
"Long Train Runnin'" is track #2 on the album, "The Captain & Me" (1973). It reaching #8 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making them one of their biggest hit singles. Note that the version that lasting at 5 minutes and 31 seconds is the full guitar mix version of this song where the original recording mixed with dance beat.
Wisnu Aji
"Long-Haired Lady," Paul McCartney Lenght:5:54
From McCartney's Second Solo Album "Ram"
Paul Warren
"Longplayer," Miscellaneous Lenght:1,000 years
It's can even look it up. The song started playing on the internet in the year 2000, and will continue playing until the year 2999.
"Looking For Someone," Genesis Lenght:7:07
First track off of 1970's "Trespass"
Mickey D.
"Losing My Edge," LCD Soundsystem Lenght:7:51
"Lost To Ask," Girls Kick Butt Lenght:30:20
Super long song with a long chorus, verses, and other things and a long intro and outro.
"Love Bites," Def Leppard Lenght:5:46
"Love for You," Joe Budden Lenght:6:20
"Love for You," Joe Budden Lenght:6:20
"Love Is a Fist," Mr. Bungle Lenght:6:00
"Love Is a Fist," Mr. Bungle Lenght:6:00
"Love Machine," The Miracles Lenght:6:52
The album version of this song, with parts 1 and 2, is 6 minutes and 52 seconds long. The single version is only 2 minutes and 55 seconds long. On some pressings of the 7" version, Part 1 appears on one side and Part 2 appears on the other side. The album version of the song also appeared in a 7" version, b/w "The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage." The cover of "Love Machine" performed by Wham! is 3 minutes and 22 seconds long.
Jennifer Hate Hewitt
"Love Me Just A Little (Sometime)," Atlanta Rhythm Section Lenght:6:06
This was probably the longest ARS song ever recorded. The outro is long and boring, and I might add, depressing, as they play the same chords over and over and over again.
"Love Over Gold," Dire Straits Lenght:6:16
"Love over Gold" is the title track for the 1982 album Love over Gold by the blues rock band Dire Straits. The song is the closest song to reveal any blues characteristics on a relatively progressive album; it is also jazz-tinged in that it prominently features a vibraphone part played by Mike Mainieri.
Mickey D.
"Love To Love You, Baby ," Donna Summer Lenght:36:36
Some of the recordings of Donna Summer's 1975 smash hit (her first in the U.S.), "Love To Love You, Baby" clocked one for the record books, over 36 minutes long. Definitely for the Disco dance floor, with Donna repeating her infamous moans that sounded like she was making love.
"Love You to Death," Type O Negative Lenght:7:09
"Love, I'm Good," Joe Budden Lenght:7:59
"Lover," Taylor Swift Lenght:5:39
"Lover" is track #3 on the album, "Lover" (2019). It reaching #10 on Billboard's Pop Chart some days ago. Note that the version that lasting at 5 minutes and 39 seconds is the piano and vocal version of this song.
Wisnu Aji
"Lover Why," Century Lenght:5:59
Their biggest hit single. Featured on their debut studio album, "...And Soul It Goes".
Wisnu Aji
"Lovestoned (I Think She Knows)," Justin Timberlake Lenght:7:24
"LoveStoned / I Think She Knows Interlude," Justin Timberlake Lenght:7:24
Clever Name
"Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys," Traffic Lenght:11:31
Made around the time FM radio wasn't all corporate controlled and the stations wanted to play these extremely lengthy songs .
Ray Pissed
"Lucretia My Reflection (12" Version)," The Sisters of Mercy Lenght:9:52
"Lusitanos," Weather Report Lenght:7:25
Second track off of 1975's "Tale Spinnin'" LP
Mickey D.

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