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Blame Hey Jude, but there have been some very long songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics, that are intended for radio play (singles).

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Entries Beginning with G

"Garden Of Dreams ," The Flower Kings Lenght:59:57
"Gates of Delerium," Yes Lenght:21:55
Track one off of "Relayer" CD.
Mickey D.
"The Gates of Delirium," Yes Lenght:21:55
From their album "Relayer"
RevengeFromMars YouTube
"Genius In France," "Weird Al" Yankovic Lenght:8:56
"Get 'em Out By Friday," Genesis Lenght:8:36
Third track off of 1972's "Foxtrot"
Mickey D.
"Get Innocuous!," LCD Soundsystem Lenght:7:11
"Get Ready," Rare Earth Lenght:21:30
The album version was released in two edited versions on 7 inch vinyl: a 3:14 version which reached #3 on Billboard and an extended version of 7:07 for FM radio play.
"Get Ready," Rare Earth Lenght:21:30
Thankfully it was edited for radio! I think a lot of people would get bored listening to a 21-minute live jam session!
"Get What You Deserve," Spiritualized Lenght:6:46
Clever Name
"Ghost Love Score," Nightwish Lenght:10:00
Longest song they made. Also, throughout the song they keep genre-switching. Symphonic Metal to New Age to Metal to New Age to Symphonic Metal.
"Gibraltar," Weather Report Lenght:8:16
The third track off of 1976's "Black Market"
Mickey D.
"Giorgo By Moroder," Daft Punk Lenght:9:04
Clever Name
"Give Me Love," Ed Sheeran Lenght:8:46
Clever name
"Gods of War," Def Leppard Lenght:6:37
"Going Home," The Rolling Stones Lenght:11:12
Back in the 60's, it was a big deal even to go beyond the Three minute mark. So The Stones wanted to prove themselves, creating a 10 minute+ Jam session. This was the inspiration for The Doors' Song, "The End".
Dhiz Kanichioko
"Good As Gold," Tiga Lenght:7:40
Parts of the song have the question "Who's in control" asked several times.
"Good Girl/Carrots," Panda Bear Lenght:12:43
"Good Morning Azarashi," Merzbow Lenght:14:06
"Goodbye Desolate Railyard," A Silver Mt. Zion Lenght:14:25
"Goodnight Saigon," Billy Joel Lenght:7:21
A song about the Vietnam War, begins with crickets and helicopter sounds
"Got To Give It Up," Marvin Gaye Lenght:11:52
The full-length version, with parts 1 and 2, is 11 minutes and 52 seconds long. The single version, with just part 1, is 4 minutes and 12 seconds long.
"The Grand Wazoo," Frank Zappa Lenght:13:18
Clever Name
"The Great Nothing," Spock's Beard Lenght:27:01
Joe Pearson
"Green Eyed Lady," Sugarloaf Lenght:6:48
Has intense organ chords
"Green Grass and High Tides," The Outlaw's Lenght:9:47
"Green Grass and High Tides," Outlaws Lenght:9:49
"Green Grass and High Tides," The Outlaw's Lenght:9:47
"Gumball Watterson," Calvin Wilkerson Lenght:18:52
Off his studio album, The Day is Done.
Grenda Grendinator
"Gung Ho," Patti Smith Lenght:11:42
Yes, Even Patti Smith had some long songs.
Martin Vrijmoed

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