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Blame Hey Jude, but there have been some very long songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics, that are intended for radio play (singles).

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Entries Beginning with M

"Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz," Mr. Bungle Lenght:6:06
"Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz," Mr. Bungle Lenght:6:06
"MacArthur Park," Richard Harris Lenght:7 Minutes, 20 Seconds
This is also known as 'One of the worst songs ever recorded!'
Paul Warren
"MacArthur Park Suite," Donna Summer Lenght:17:40
In 1978 Donna Summer recorded a Disco remake of Richard Harris' 1968 #2 hit, "MacArthur Park" and on the lp, "Live And More" there was a 8 minute 40 second version that was edited for single release (although most radio stations played the lp version). The single went to #1 on Billboard Magazine's HOT 100 charts topping Richard Harris' version. There was also a 12" single version for the Disco dance floor that went to #1 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play charts. The Disco dance floor version incorporated into the "Suite" with "MacArthur Park", Donna Summer's song "One Of A Kind" and Donna Summer's tune with the Brooklyn Dreams, "Heaven Knows" (that went to #2 on Billboard's HOT 100 charts as a single edit). "Heaven Knows" was also featured in the Disco movie, "Thank God, It's Friday". The "MacArthur Park Suite" was sort of a medley with "MacArthur Park", "One Of A Kind" and "Heaven Knows", but Summer and producer Giorgio Morodor also weaved the songs into sort of Disco story anthem.
"Machine Gun," Jimi Hendrix Lenght:12:36
From the Band of Gypsys album.
"Macho City," Steve Miller Band Lenght:16:26
The song took up the entire second side of the 1981 LP, "Circle Of Love".
"Mad Man Moon," Genesis Lenght:7:34
Off of 1976's "A Trick of the Tail"
Mickey D.
"Magdalaine," L.A. Guns Lenght:6:05
"Maggot Brain," Parliment/Funkadelic Lenght:10:18
As the opening song of their album, with a small monolouge in the begining, saying 'I knew I had to rise above it all...or drown in my own sh*t' and having 10 minutes of wall-to-wall guitar playing. This also led George Clinton to make more long-playing songs such as 'Atomic Dog' and 'One Nation Under a Groove' to name a few.
Paul Warren
"Make Me a Believer," Crossfade Lenght:10:10
"Making Love Out of Nothing at All," Air Supply Lenght:5:43
Australian duo's longest song.
Wisnu Aji
"Man in the Green Shirt," Weather Report Lenght:6:29
The melodies in this song sound like the '70s crime/drama theme songs in TV shows and movies. The first track off of 1975's "Tale Spinnin'".
Mickey D.
"The Man Who Would Be King," Iron Maiden Lenght:8:28
"Manolete," Weather Report Lenght:5:58
A little too repetitive towards the end of this song.
Mickey D.
"MARCHROMT30A edit 2b 96," Aphex Twin Lenght:7:19
"Marquee Moon," Television Lenght:9:58 (original), 10:40 (re-issue)
Rumor has it that member Richard Hall was forced to quit the band because he didn't have the skill nessescary to play it, once the song became complex enough
"Matty Groves," Fairport Convention Lenght:8:09
Their version of an old English folk ballad features some fine playing from guitarist Richard Thompson and fiddler Dave Swarbrick in the song's second half.
Todd W. Zimmerman
"Me and Guiliani Down by the School Yard (A True St," !!! Lenght:9:05
"Me and Sarah Jane," Genesis Lenght:6:00
And now I'm standing in the corner!
Mickey D.
"Medley," Wings Lenght:11:24
This Medley song includes "Hold me Tight", "Lazy Dynamite", "Hands of Love", and "Power Cut". And this is possibly the longest Wings song ever recorded.
Paul Warren
"Medley: Hot Stuff/Bad Girls," Donna Summer Lenght:10:09
In 1979 Donna Summer recorded the probably most memorable and best selling Disco album of all time, "Bad Girls" for Casablanca Records. It was a trend setter with several nods in the direction that music was going to take in the 1980's (many consider the album not to be just a Disco album, but also the first true New Wave album with sounds that Dance music would take in the 1980's) . The first two songs on the album were the #1 hit, "Hot Stuff" that clocked in at 5:14 and "Bad Girls" that clocked in at 4:55. On their own both are length tunes and faces some single editing by Top 40 radio, but on the lp they are sung by Donna Summer as one long medley actually becoming a story line, and on most Disco dance floors the songs were played as they appeared on the lp (several radio stations also played the lp version). The total length of the Medley of "Hot Stuff" and "Bad Girls" is 10 minutes 9 seconds.
"Medley: Vertical Invader/T.H./Dr. Honoris Causa," Weather Report Lenght:10:40
Played live on "Side 2" for "I Sing The Body Electric" LP.
Mickey D.
"Memory," Preoccupations Lenght:11:27
"Merry Go Bye Bye," Mr. Bungle Lenght:6:21
"Merry Happy / Little Red," Kate Nash Lenght:13:10
From the album "Made of Bricks" (2007)
"Metridium Field," Giant Squid Lenght:21:09
"MFEO," Jack's Mannequin Lenght:8:01
I couldn't fit the whole title: MFEO: Pt. 1- Made For Each Other, Pt. 2- You Can Breathe
"Mickey," Toni Basil Lenght:5:58
This is the extended special club mix version of "Mickey" which was originally recorded as "Kitty" by Racey. Her version was reaching #1 on Billboard's Pop Chart.
Wisnu Aji
"Midnight Rambler," The Rolling Stones Lenght:6:53
"Mind," System of a Down Lenght:6:16
Their longest
"Money," Pink Floyd Lenght:6:22
One of the most played Pink Floyd songs on the radio, known for the cash register and clinking cash noises.
"Money For Nothing," Dire Straits Lenght:8 minutes 27 seconds
Long Intro. I was surprised not to find this song on your list, it was relatively popular!
"Monster," Steppenwolf Lenght:9:15
Known as "Monster/Suicide/America", this song is a psychedelic point-of-view about America. It still speaks out today!
Paul Warren
"Monster in the Creek," Giant Squid Lenght:7:10
"Moonchild/The Dream/The Illusion," King Crimson Lenght:12:12
Dreamy parts during an extremely long outro. I listen to that when I'm busy doing anything.
Mickey D.
"More Than Words," Extreme Lenght:5:40
"More Than Words" was released in 1991. It reaching #1 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making them one of their biggest hit singles.
Wisnu Aji
"Morphine," Michael Jackson Lenght:6:48
This song, though not as long as some other songs on the list, is like a whole drama itself, with powerful verses and an intense bridge.
"The Most Unwanted Song," Dave Soldier, Komar and Melmaid Lenght:21:58
A song featuring bagpipes, an opera singer rapping, and a children's choir that tells you to shop at Walmart!
"Mountain Jam," The Allman Brothers Band Lenght:33:38
One of the best songs they ever recorded, loosely based on Donovan's "First There Is A Mountain". The song fades out as it is about to begin on their FILLMORE EAST album, but can be heard in full on the EAT A PEACH album. The song has often been considered a staple of their live shows, where the band will "jam" and allow the music to inspire them to play whatever comes to mind. They have been known to bring special guests for "Mountain Jam". There is also a version of the song on their LIVE AT LUDLOW GARAGE 1970 CD that runs close to 44 minutes.
John Book
"Move On (Remix)," Slaughterhouse Lenght:8:08
"Move with Me Slowly," Def Leppard Lenght:6:19
"Musical Box," Genesis Lenght:10:24
Old King Cole was a merry-old soul...
Paul Warren
"The Musical Box," Genesis Lenght:10:24
While Henry Hamilton-Smythe minor (8) was playing croquet with Cynthia Jane De Blaise-William (9), sweet-smiling Cynthia raised her mallet high and gracefully removed Henry's head. Two weeks later, in Henry's nursery, she discovered his treasured musical box. Eagerly she opened it and as "Old King Cole" began to play, a small spirit- figure appeared. Henry had returned - but not for long, for as he stood in the room his body began ageing rapidly, leaving a child's mind inside. A lifetime's desires surged through him. Unfortunately the attempt to persuade Cynthia Jane to fulfill his romantic desire led his nurse to the nursery to investigate the noise. Instinctively Nanny hurled the musical box at the bearded child, destroying both.
Mickey D.
"My Ass Is on Fire," Mr. Bungle Lenght:7:47
"My Ass Is on Fire," Mr. Bungle Lenght:7:47
"My Guitar Lies Bleeding in My Arms," Bon Jovi Lenght:5:41
"My Mind is a Birdcage," Suis La Lune Lenght:7:39
"Mysterious Traveller," Weather Report Lenght:7:21
From their 1974's title album of the same name.
Mickey D.

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