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Blame Hey Jude, but there have been some very long songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics, that are intended for radio play (singles).

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Entries Beginning with S

"Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands," Bob Dylan Lenght:11:19
I'm suprised this one hasn't already been submitted. On the LP versions of Blonde on Blonde, this takes up all of side four. Furthermore, it is the most depressing song I've ever heard (at least that I can recall). 'She's your lover now' would have been a better closing track for that album.
"The Saddest Day," Converge Lenght:7:04
"Satan, Luella and I," HMLTD Lenght:6:29
"Satellite 15... The Final Frontier," Iron Maiden Lenght:8:40
"Save a Prayer," Bon Jovi Lenght:5:57
"Say It All Over Again," Lee DeWyze Lenght:10:00
This is by far the longest track on the upcoming debut album of the most recent American Idol winner, Lee DeWyze. However, this track will only be available on the album if you pre-order the album. The tracks that are available on the album without a pre-order are all considerably shorter.
"Say You Do," Janet Jackson Lenght:6:48 (US album version)
Perhaps rather atypically, the UK album version is more than a minute shorter. An even shorter version, 3:48, also exists
"Scenes from a Voyage," Men as Trees Lenght:12:17
"Scenes From An Italian Restaurant," Billy Joel Lenght:7:35
I dig Billy Joel! A bottle of white...A bottle of red...Perhaps a bottle of rozay instead.
Mickey D.
"Scenic Solitude And Leprosy," Leviathan Lenght:6:45
5th track off their album The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide
"Schism," Tool Lenght:6:49
Begins with the line "I know the pieces fit..."
"Sealand," Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Lenght:7:48
Off of 1981's "Architecture & Morality"
Mickey D.
"Section 43," Country Joe & The Fish Lenght:7:23
Their debut album was played on many San Fransisco Radio Stations and this song was played at the Monterrey Pop Festival.
Paul Warren
"See Dead People," Slaughterhouse Lenght:7:57
"Selkies: The Endless Obsession," Between the Buried and Me Lenght:7:26
"Serenading this Dead Horse," Remembering Never Lenght:15:41
"Sex (I'm A...) (Extended 12" Version)," Berlin Lenght:8:09
Released only as a single. "Geisha" was pronounced "gee-sha" with a hard G in all versions of this song.
Joey F.
"Shadows Of The Valley," Iron Maiden Lenght:7:32
"She's Gone," Steelheart Lenght:6:34
One of several longest songs in slow rock. It was written for their eponymous debut album in 1990. In Indonesia, the song was popular on the rock radio stations. In Cambodia, Preap Sovath has covered the song in the same name but in Khmer in July 8th 2015. In November 2015, the song topped at number one on's "Tracks by Steelheart" with more than 40,000 listeners.
Wisnu Aji
"Sheep," Pink Floyd Lenght:9:46
A creepy story about the dark, pessimistic life of livestock. (At least, at the time.)
Colin Slater
"Shevanel Cut a Flip," Between the Buried and Me Lenght:9:31
"Shine," Todd Rundgren Lenght:8:18
The first two minutes of the song was dark, slow and quiet. The last six minutes was fast, loud and fun!
Mickey D
"Shine A Light," Spiritualized Lenght:7:15
"Shine On You Crazy Diamond," Pink Floyd Lenght:Over 10 minutes
I have never made a point to calculate the specific length of the full song, but on the radio, they play all 5 parts of the song as one medley, so it's pretty long.
"Shine on you Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)," Pink Floyd Lenght:13:40
This is the first half of "Crazy Diamond" which was written for the founding member of Pink Floyd, Syd Barret.
Paul Warren
"Shine on you Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX)," Pink Floyd Lenght:12:31
Although this is one minute shorter than the first half, the second half is the closing for this epic song.
Paul Warren
"Short Side/B*** J** Betty," Too Short Lenght:12:05
"Shout," Tears for Fears Lenght:6:33
Both the band and this song take their names from a form of psychotherapy, part of which entailed "shouting"
"Shout (US Remix)," Tears For Fears Lenght:8:02
Wow that's long.
"Shout Bonus Beats," Tears For Fears Lenght:08:02
This song has the longest running time, 08:02, on the Songs From The Big Chair album with the U.K. Bonus tracks.
"The Show Goes On," Bruce Hornsby & The Range Lenght:7:30
Taken from 1988's "Scenes From The Southside"
Mickey D.
"Siberian Breaks," MGMT Lenght:12:09
"Siberian Khatru," Yes Lenght:8:54
The third and final track off of "Close To The Edge"
Mickey D.
"Sick Puppy," Lemon Demon Lenght:9:40
This song, originally conceived as a bonus track, starts as an instrumental, morphs into very quiet noise, and back into an actual song with lyrics toward the end.
"Silence and I," Alan Parsons Project Lenght:7:20
One of APP's best songs, 'Silence and I' has an extended instrumental middle section featuring a big orchestral sound.
Robert Ballinger
"Silent Lucidity," Queensryche Lenght:5:45
"Silent Lucidity" is track #8 on the album, "Empire" (1990). It reaching #9 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making them their biggest hit single.
Wisnu Aji
"Silver Bird," UFO Lenght:6:54
The first track off of 1971 album "UFO 2: Flying"
Mickey D.
"Silver Tightrope," Armageddon Lenght:8:24
"Silverf*ck," Smashing Pumpkins Lenght:8:42
Clever Name
"Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst," Kendrick Lamar Lenght:12:03
"A Sinking Ship Full of Optimists," Transistor Transistor Lenght:13:06
"Sinnerman," Nina Simone Lenght:10:20
"Sins of the Now," Andrew Huang Lenght:7:11
"Sins of the Now," Andrew Huang Lenght:7:11
"Sir Psycho Sexy," Red Hot Chili Peppers Lenght:8:15
From Blood Sugar Sex Magik. The ending of the song runs on for quite a while.
RevengeFromMars YouTube
"Sister Ray," Velvet Underground Lenght:19 minutes and 31 seconds
A great song by a great band. This is one of my favorite songs by the Velvet Underground.
Wade Brock
"Sister Ray," The Velvet Underground Lenght:17:30
I can't even believe it!
"Six," Chimaira Lenght:9:44
"Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence," Dream Theater Lenght:42:04
The second disc of the Dream Theater album "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" contains one huge song, which is divided into eight parts. Each part is its own track.
"Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Live)," Dream Theater Lenght:41:22
maggot army
"Sky Pilot," Eric Burdon and the Animals Lenght:7 Minutes, 29 Seconds
This is supposedly the longest Anti-War Song that was ever released. Only on Classic Rock stations you can hear the extended version.
Paul Warren
"Sleepwalking Past Hope," HIM Lenght:10:05
Ten minutes of pure godliness. There aren't even that many lyrics, the song is all music!
"Slide Show," Travis Lenght:10:31
Clever Name
"Slow Ride," Foghat Lenght:8:14 (LP version)
The album version of this song is 8 minutes and 14 seconds long. The album version gradually gets faster in tempo and towards the end, the song plays really fast! The single version, which is only 3 minutes and 56 seconds long, and fades off while the band sings "Slow ride, easy, slow ride, sleazy."
"Slowly Growing Deaf," Mr. Bungle Lenght:7:01
"Slurpy Slurpy Sleep Sleep," Biffy Clyro Lenght:6:09
I love the outbreak of rock at the end. I really do.
Clever Name
"Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana Lenght:5:01
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" is track #1 on the album, "Nevermind" (1991). It reaching #6 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making them their biggest hit single to date.
Wisnu Aji
"Smiling Faces Sometimes," The Temptations Lenght:12:43
"So Into You," Atlanta Rhythm Section Lenght:6:42
"So in to You" was released in 1977. It reaching #7 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making them their biggest hit single to date. A version, lasting at 6 minutes and 42 seconds, was released in 1996. Remember that although Wikipedia wrote an article about this song as "So in to You", many listeners posted it on this site as "So into You".
Wisnu Aji
"So Many Roads," Neal Morse Lenght:28:43
Joe Pearson
"The Soft Parade," The Doors Lenght:8:40
Title track from the 1969 album.
"Soldiers of the Wasteland," Dragonforce Lenght:9:46
I'm really surprised no one mentioned this. It's Dragonforce's, the UK's "Extreme Powermetal" band, longest song, at a whopping nine minutes forty-five seconds. Very good singing, very good guitars. Just an overall killer track.
Nunuvell Mephais
"The Solution," Yes Lenght:23:47
The main song concludes at 5:24, followed by 2 minutes of silence, then is followed by the "hidden track", "The Source", which is about 16 minutes of ambient birdsong and waves crashing, interspersed with lyrics from the other songs on the album.
Joe Pearson
"Soma," Smashing Pumpkins Lenght:6:38
Clever Name
"Something in the Way," Nirvana Lenght:20:35
The basic song is 3:52, followed by 10 minutes of silence, then into a hidden track "Endless Nameless".
Joe Pearson
"Song 4 - Live," Babymetal Lenght:6:00
Clever Name
"Song For Shelter," Fatboy Slim Lenght:11:26
A very long house workout with at least 4 minutes of the song a repeating deep synth and nothing else.
"Song of Myself," Nightwish Lenght:13:37
The second half of this song is dialogue, but I think it counts anyways.
"Song of the Marching Children," Earth & Fire Lenght:18:24
Dutch band. They were big in Europe, though not so in U.K and U.S.A. Wonder why, especially their first 5 albums. Bit experimental but also great hits.
Martin Vrijmoed
"A Sonnet to Both Ugly and Murderous," Pg. 99 Lenght:10:54
"Soul Sucking Jerk - Reject," Beck Lenght:6:09
Clever Name
"Sound Chaser," Yes Lenght:9:25
Track two off of "Relayer" CD
Mickey D.
"The Sound Of Failure," Flaming Lips Lenght:7:18
Clever Name
"Sound of Silver," LCD Soundsystem Lenght:7:07
"Soundscape," Pink Floyd Lenght:24+ minutes
It's a "performance art piece" like "Alan's Psychedlic Breakfast" but this one is BETTER. It features sounds of nature like chirping birds, singing frogs, along with a lawn mower and more. It's only on the cassette version of their 1995 live album "Pulse".
Crazee Diamond
"The South Sound," British Sea Power Lenght:11:32
Clever Name
"Southbound Pachyderm," Primus Lenght:6:22
"Sow Some Lonesome Corner So Many Flowers Bloom," A Silver Mt. Zion Lenght:16:27
"Space Truckin'," Deep Purple Lenght:20:02
After thirty-six years, 'Made In Japan' is still the yardstick for live hard rock/heavy metal albums. The first four and a half minutes of this track stomp all over the studio version... and then it devolves into a quarter- hour of incoherent instrumental noodling. You have to be pretty stoned to listen to this one all the way through; kinda makes me wonder where their heads were at when they performed it.
Kieran From Nevada
"Speak to the Wild," Thurston Moore Lenght:8:30
"Spearing The Sunfish," British Sea Power Lenght:11:42
Clever Name
"Spirit of Eden - Track 1," Talk Talk Lenght:23:11
The epic/beautiful album Spirit of Eden, original UK CD copies have the first 3 tracks into one long track at 23:11. This doesn't put many people off though really because the album is meant to be played coherently.
Spirit of Eden
"Spoonful," Cream Lenght:16:47
From their goobye tour special edition
Martin Vrijmoed
"Squonk," Genesis Lenght:6:27
Come out you little pipsqueak and fight like a man!
Mickey D.
"Stagnation," Genesis Lenght:8:50
I want a drink! I want a drink!
Mickey D.
"Star Storm," UFO Lenght:18:54
The long and second track off of 1971 album "UFO 2: Flying"
Mickey D.
"Star Trip," Congress of Wonders Lenght:11:52
I name these characters from the song...Captain Kwirk. Mister Smock. Lieutenant Hunkie. Lieutenant Limey. Lieutenant Eubangdere. Chaplan. Maggie McApron...and many more! The song was released circa 1971 from the "Revolting" album.
Mickey D.
"Starblind," Iron Maiden Lenght:7:48
"Stardust We Are," The Flower Kings Lenght:25:03
"Stariway To Heaven," Led Zeppelin Lenght:8:02
Cutting this song down would have destroyed it.
Brian Kelly
"Starla," Smashing Pumpkins Lenght:11:01
Clever Name
"Starla - 2011 Mix," Smashing Pumpkins Lenght:11:01
Clever Name
"Starless," King Crimson Lenght:12:15
Bass Dork
"Stars," Hear 'n Aid Lenght:7:11
"Starship Trooper," Yes Lenght:9:25
This is the length of the original version. Live and "Keys of Ascension" versions are significantly longer
"Starship Trooper," Yes Lenght:9:25
This song consists of three parts: Life Seeker, Disillusion and Würm, the latter having no vocals.
"Static," Godspeed You! Black Emperor Lenght:22:36
"Static," Godspeed You! Black Emperor Lenght:22:36
"Station to Station," David Bowie Lenght:10:18
Clever Name
"Station to Station," David Bowie Lenght:10:14
The opening track of his masterpiece album of the same name.
"Steam Engine," My Morning Jacket Lenght:7:26
"Still Got the Blues (For You)," Gary Moore Lenght:6:12
"Still Got the Blues (For You)" is track #4 on the album, "Still Got the Blues" (1990). It reaching #97 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making him his biggest hit single and also his only song that featured on the Top Hot 100 of Billboard's Pop Chart. Remember that he was a member of Thin Lizzy although for a while. Thin Lizzy was a band that also featuring Phil Lynott.
Wisnu Aji
"Stinkfoot," Frank Zappa Lenght:6:40
Clever Name
"Stop," The James Gang Lenght:12:04
Joe Walsh plays multiple guitars and piano on this classic rocker.
"Stop," James Gang Lenght:12:05
You have a lot of James Gangs. This is the one formed in 1966. For a while even Joe Walsh played in it. Who? Joe Walsh from the Eagles. The Eagles?.......Nevermind.....
Martin Vrijmoed
"The Story of the Hare who Lost his Spectacles," Jethro Tull Lenght:23:30
Colin Slater
"Stranger Than Fiction," Split Enz Lenght:6.57 (on the Mental Notes album)
"Stranglehold," Ted Nugent Lenght:11:12
Probably not everybody's favorite guitarist.
Martin Vrijmoed
"Street Hassle," Lou Reed Lenght:11:00
"Street Player," Chicago Lenght:9:10
This song was later used in The Bucketheads "The Bomb".
Paul Warren
"Streets," Avenged Sevenfold Lenght:7:07
"Strength Of The World," Avenged Sevenfold Lenght:9:14
"Strictly Genteel (The Finale)," Frank Zappa Lenght:11:22
From the soundtrack of 200 Motels
Clever Name
"Stuka - Two Lone Swordsmen Mix," Primal Scream Lenght:10:14
Clever Name
"Suite: Judy Blue Eyes," Crosby, Stills, And Nash Lenght:7:28 (album version)
This was the version that was sung at the Woodstock Festival. It was written for Stephen Stills' ex-girlfriend: singer-songwriter Judy Collins, and based on events which led to their future break-up.
Graham Cracker Nash
"Summertime Rolls," Jane's Addiction Lenght:6:18
The second-longest song off of the album "Nothing's Shocking".
Rock Maninoff
"Summit," Giant Squid Lenght:6:39
"Sun King Medley," The Beatles Lenght:Around 8 minutes
Played on the radio once and only once, that I know of...the last 4 or 5 songs on the album Abbey Road, with no break.
"Sunglasses at Night," Corey Hart Lenght:5:20
His biggest hit single (reaching #7 on Billboard's Pop Chart although he was not a one-hit wonder artist). Featured on his studio album, "First Offense". An edited version of this song was 3 minutes and 58 seconds.
Wisnu Aji
"Super Bowl Shuffle," Chicago Bears Super Bowl Team Lenght:Around 10 minutes
Absolute crap! Everyone on the team gets up to the mike one x one, chants/raps a line while a single note on an electric organ or a synth is REPEATEDLY played. Choruses are chanted by the entire team and some more rap-chanting comes from other players sequentially. This whole song is ONE LONG BANAL DRAG and man it really sucks whale butt. The good it ever did was that proceeds went to charities, so this hunk o' junk made gold status - selling over half a million copies. However this record stunk soooooo bad, it's a sure bet many people threw this single away in File 13 (trash can). Hey at least some money was raised for a good cause.
I Luv Da Bears Anyway
"Superwoman (Where were you when I needed you)," Stevie Wonder Lenght:8:07
This was the first song that was top-40 during Stevie Wonder's second phase in Motown when he performed all the songs by himself.
Paul Warren
"Supper's Ready," Genesis Lenght:22:58
Nearly 23 minutes in length, the song is divided into seven sections. A number of musical and lyrical themes do re-appear throughout. The melody of the verse in section 1 ("Lover's Leap") reappears as a flute melody between sections 2 and 3. The melody of the chorus in section 1 reappears with new lyrics in the coda to section 6. And the song that comprises the majority of the section 2 ("The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man") reappears briefly in instrumental form at the beginning of section 6, and then returns to form the body of section 7 ("As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs (Aching Men's Feet)"), with new lyrics. One commentator regarded the structure of "Supper's Ready" as a variation of sonata form—a musicological analysis by Nors Josephson proposes that "section 7 may be viewed as a Lisztian, symphonic apotheosis" of the "cyclical fanfares that originated in section 2."[2] On the other hand, the individual components of "Supper's Ready" are much closer to traditional rock songs than they are to classical pieces, even if they contain elements of both. As with many progressive rock pieces, the song undergoes multiple changes in time signature, key signature, Leitmotif, instrumentation, and mood.
Mickey D.
"Supper's Ready," Genesis Lenght:over 23 minutes
it's from the early 70s when Peter Gabriel was the singer. The band did perform this song live and Gabriel the costume king of art rock would dress as a flower (one lyrical line says "A flower?").
I Saw Genesis in 1992!
"Supper's Ready," Genesis Lenght:23:00
This was on Genesis' second-album Foxtrot.
Paul Warren
"Surucucu," Weather Report Lenght:7:42
Played live on "Side 2" for "I Sing The Body Electric" LP
Mickey D.
"Sweet Bird Of Youth," The Flaming Lips Lenght:24:00:00
This track was sent to people from a hard drive enclosed in a gummy fetus. Just to show you how weird The Flaming Lips are.
"Sweet Child o' Mine," Guns N' Roses Lenght:5:55
"Sweet Child o' Mine" was released in 1988. It reaching #1 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making them one of their biggest hit singles.
Wisnu Aji

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