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Take a band name, and make an anagram out of it.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 27227 Band Name Anagrams entries on the site.

I Slew Rudy originally "Rudy Lewis"
Geez! WHO slew Rudy? Maybe Lurid Wes Y.?
Caroline Vale
Lurid Wes Y. originally "Rudy Lewis"
Caroline Vale
Math Ended originally "Method Man"
As in a math class, perhaps
We Will Tie originally "Wet Willie"
Dorothy Jansen
Math Demon originally "Method Man"
As in, a really challenging word problem?
Ol' Lace, Otto originally "Total Coelo"
Carolyn Morgenstern
Ol' Ace Lotto originally "Total Coelo"
Carolyn Morgenstern
Carry Pie originally "Ray Price"
I Hose Flue originally "Lifehouse"
When it gets too hot?
Left Nachos originally "The Falcons"
Trash Dice originally "Crashdiet"
Lisa Rose
Trashed CI originally "Crashdiet"
The 101st band named 'Trashed'?
Lisa Rose
Vera Lets originally "Everlast"
Vera lets what happen?
Lisa Rose
Wrong Beat originally "Bongwater"
Somebody's perception of their music?
Lisa Rose
Wagon Bert originally "Bongwater"
Like someone named Bert, well-known for his wagon
Lisa Rose
Use 'On' For A Name originally "No Use For A Name"
Oliver South
Use 'No' For A Name originally "No Use For A Name"
Better than saying you have no use for a name...
Oliver South
Sand A Fur originally "Nada Surf"
Kind of an odd thing to do?
U. Guest It
Surf, Dana originally "Nada Surf"
Telling someone named Dana to surf (ie, a command)
U. Guest It
Drawn Any Men originally "Randy Newman"

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