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Take a band name, and make an anagram out of it.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 31058 Band Name Anagrams entries on the site.

A Zebra As Viol originally "Izabel Varosa"
Leper Shot Rum originally "Rupert Holmes"
Ten Oils originally "Silento"
Regina Olsen
Silent 'O' originally "Silento"
Regina Olsen
Sot Line originally "Silento"
Regina Olsen
Tonga Sled originally "Gladstone"
Being tropical, Tonga probably has few sleds.
Helena Hoover
O Bold Moose originally "Moose Blood"
Sharon Britt
Hyena Mans All originally "Alannah Myles"
Oh Mum, Moth Examiner originally "Maximum the Hormone"
Bun By Regina N. originally "Bunny Berigan"
Chelsea Dunn
Camper Ink 69 originally "Pink Cream 69"
Alice Spoonerism
Radiance Ember originally "American Breed"
Alice Spoonerism
Calmly Hot Ethyl originally "Molly Hatchet"
Lefty Lucy
Gina Rub Benny originally "Bunny Berigan"
Emmy Kay Butanone
Benny Rub Gina originally "Bunny Berigan"
Emmy Kay Butanone
Bunny Reb Gina originally "Bunny Berigan"
Emmy Kay Butanone
Pinky Lad originally "Pink Lady"
Lefty Lucy
An Admonishment Ra Ad originally "Marina and The Diamonds"
Lefty Lucy
Use Snail Card originally "Luis Cardenas"
Tray Chore originally "Corey Hart"
Emmy Kay Butanone

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