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Take a band name, and make an anagram out of it.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 28753 Band Name Anagrams entries on the site.

Cadillac, Seth. originally "The Cadillacs"
Showing a Cadillac car to a guy named Seth?
Joe King
Dine On Iris originally "Donnie Iris"
Some bugs might do this?
Boy George Michael Jackson Mississippi River Banks
Their Chase originally "The Archies"
I Win Pearl originally "April Wine"
Hire Travis E. originally "The Rivieras"
Anna Graham
Had Free Dirt originally "Freddie Hart"
What did you do with it?
There Is Ravi originally "The Rivieras"
Visit Her, Rae. originally "The Rivieras"
Arrive, Chita. originally "Chita Rivera"
Hey, 'Rivera' is an anagram of 'arrive'!
I Hear Rivets originally "The Rivieras"
Such pins don't usually make noise, though
Here's Trivia originally "The Rivieras"
Revisit Rhea originally "The Rivieras"
Revisit Hare originally "The Rivieras"
Seth Rivera I originally "The Rivieras" in, the first
Wayne Pouts originally "Wayne Toups"
Anna Graham
Batted In A Gym originally "Betty Madigan"
Hopefully the gym was LARGE enough
Taint My Badge originally "Betty Madigan"
Thin Samoa originally "Ian Thomas"
A girl-scout cookie.
Misty Rin originally "Ministry"
Rin = former unit of Japanese currency
Jean Goodsprings
We Lob originally "Elbow"
Be careful to avoid tennis elbow!
Lucy Crosland

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