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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 1184 New Band Names entries on the site.

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
The Three Tops The Four Tops Their lead singer, Levi Stubbs, has died Isac
The Strolling Bones The Rolling Stones Well they ARE getting a lot older Samuel Crabtree
Barenaked Laddies Barenaked Ladies They're all guys! Francine Harper
Take A Boom Taka Boom How I originally misread the name. Alex
Yusuf Islam Cat Stevens Real example. It is his name as a Muslim. Alan the Ottoman
Archipelago Arpeggio I always used to confuse those two words. Margaret (less massive than my name backwards)
Joy Davidson Joy Division I mistook the original band name as this one. Archie C.
The Bland Perry The Band Perry A funny thought to any who think their music bland Natalie Merchant's Millpond
The Banned Perry The Band Perry A pun on original name, with potential humor Carla Jorgensen
Skeeti Poleeti Scritti Politti What I THOUGHT their name was. How embarrassing! Woody Willoughby
NickelSodium NiNa These elements have the respective chem. symbols. Orville Greenenbacher
Urban Dunce Squad Urban Dance Squad Funny spoof of name by changing-a-letter Melanie Bianca Green
Pinchers Of Loaf Archers Of Loaf So surprised this wasn't posted already! Candace Troy Powers
Symbols Eat Guitars Cymbals Eat Guitars Same sound, different meaning; still nonsensical! Bethany Byrd
Bearing Straight Bering Strait Same sound, different meaning Bethany Byrd
5 Seconds of Slumber 5 Seconds of Summer A moment of slumber might be as short as 5 seconds Anita Corning
Urban Dance Squid Urban Dance Squad The idea of a squid dancing anywhere is funny. Anita Corning
C.C. Peniston Cece Peniston Many people mistakenly assume this is the spelling Alex
A*Dults A*Teens They're likely adults now Archie C.
Slay Bells Sleigh Bells Same sound, different meaning Tiffany Furlong

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