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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 1424 New Band Names entries on the site.

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
Strawberry Sand Dollar Chocolate Starfish Still another flavor and echinoderm Lucy Crosland
Marcy Prayground Marcy Playground If we had "Change a Letter" for band names... Chris
Chocolate Moonfish Chocolate Starfish A different heavenly body Howard U. Duing
Stink Lady Pink Lady For those who don't like their music Lefty Lucy
Blackberry Song Orchestra Strawberry Song Orchestra It fits in with their outfits and theme more. Lefty Lucy
Vanilla Starfish Chocolate Starfish A different flavor Cotton Lorraine
Vanilla Sea Cucumber Chocolate Starfish A different flavor and different echinoderm Lucy Crosland
Cherry Pit Eagle Eagle Eye Cherry Opposite incongruous mix of cherry and eagle Lucy Crosland
The Ideas of March The Ides of March What I first read the name as Cotton Lorraine
Fragrance Perfume Means almost the same thing. Lefty Lucy
Laser Guns Risky LAZYgunsBRISKY Certainly makes much more sense! Marjorie Danvers
Doubt Depression And Pandering Faith Hope And Charity Opposites for the pessamist. Erin Gobraugh
Cold Cold Freeze Hot Hot Heat Total opposites Paul Bear
Birthday Massage Birthday Massacre What I mistook the name for at first Diana Jasper
Nightbreak Daybreak The opposite of daybreak? Lefty Lucy
Sadstone Gladstone A different emotion for its name Nina
Austin Lounge Wizards Austin Lounge Lizards Wizards might make better music than lizards. Harriet Henderson
Swan River Symphony Goose Creek Symphony Makes the first two parts bigger Emmy Kay Butanone
Cowmeat Marksteak Pigmeat Markham A different animal with its associated meat Quyjibo
The Dead Rock Stars The Dead Pop Stars They play rock music, not pop music. Frieda Evans

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