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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 1567 New Band Names entries on the site.

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
FAT Machine Florence And The Machine FAT is an acrostic of first three words in name. Corinne Auterlehr
Hummin' Radio Human Radio A radio can hum, but that won't make it human Sylvia Curruca
Regal Life Real Life If this site had "Add a letter" for band names.. Wendy Torrance
Avenue 500 Avenue D For those who think the D is a roman numeral. Joe
Nay Nay Nays Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Nay' is the opposite of 'yeah'. Rock Maninoff
Louise E-anna Flo Rida Yet another state wordplay. Reggie Pillbox
The Temptresses The Temprees This is what the name always reminds me of. Sylvia Curruca
The Five Empresses The Five Emprees This is what the name always reminds me of. Sylvia Curruca
Billie Eyelash Billie Eilish Her eyes are her major feature. Sheila Oh
G.E.Z. G-Eazy How some people could mistranscribe his name Joe
Trans-Liberian Orchestra Trans-Siberian Orchestra Not as far travelled Corinne Auterlehr
Ian Dreary  Ian Dury  His monotone voice Steve
Ani Motion Animotion Ani = a thick-billed black bird in cuckoo family Mercedes Morgan
Ozark Mountain Dared Evils Ozark Mountain Daredevils If there were a "Space Change" for band names... Corinne Auterlehr
Steroid Lab Stereolab Drug reference makes name more intriguing. Hayley Spalding
May Gray (a weather condition) Macy Gray If we had letter-remove for performers. C.J.
Edward Flatte And The Magnetic Tens Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros  Opposite of sharp with 'e'; 10 member band  Lance Crackers
Camille Losebush Camille Winbush The opposite. Just for fun. Joe
The Diffi-Cult The Cult A lot of their songs are hard to understand. Joe
You And Me At Six You Me At Six Makes it grammatically better. Mac

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