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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with L

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
Lady A Lady Antebellum A real example. They shortened it in 2020 Brionna Secret
A Belle and Two Beaus Lady Antebellum LA is 1 girl + 2 guys, so here are Old South terms Robert D. Arndt Jr.
The Confederates Lady Antebellum Play on the "Antebellum" South and they are a trio Robert D. Arndt Jr.
People Antebellum Lady Antebellum Lady Antebellum is a group, not a solo female act. Editor's Note
Lady Cosmos Lady Gaga Self-proclaimed "Queen of the Universe" Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Mistress GooGoo Lady GaGa Mistress=Lady, and GooGoo and GaGa are baby talk Rachel
Moon Goddess Lady Gaga Split her catsuit in concert while bending over! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lady Goggle Lady Gaga If she wore certain eyewear while performing Bob
Lady Gargoyle Lady Gaga IF she gets the surgical horn implants! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lady Blogger, Lady Tumblr, Lady Twitter Lady Gaga Gaga blogs, tumbles, & tweets more than music!  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lady Pasta Lady Gaga Her weight gain blamed on Dad's Italian cooking! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lady GagMe Lady Gaga She makes people gag! Snozzberries
Lady Non-Grata Lady Gaga After her snub for this year's VMA ceremony Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Gaudy Gaga Lady Gaga For her flashy, garish, loud, & tawdry outfits Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lazy Gaga Lady Gaga Continued weight gain out of control Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Shady Gaga Lady Gaga For all her endless shades (sunglasses) worn Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Missy Grow-up Lady Gaga Talented Megastar, yet she still acts immature Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lady Gala Lady Gaga Her appearance at Gala events supporting charities Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lady Gag-Gag Lady Gaga Self-explanatory. Mitch
Lady Agog Lady Gaga For the excited anticipation she causes Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lady Nah-Nah Lady Gaga For those who don't like her music Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lefty Gaga Lady Gaga Only tattoos on her left side Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lady CaCa Lady GaGa She sings like crap. Percy Fingertips
Lady Lala Lady Gaga She's in her own world (aka La-La Land) Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Crazy Gaga Lady Gaga Her antics... Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lady MooLah Lady Gaga Not only for her income, but her charity giving Brianna Smith
Lusty Germanotta Lady Gaga Her real last name mixed with "lusty"... Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Racy Gaga Lady Gaga Her sexual nature  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lady Blah-Blah Lady Gaga For people who think her lyrics are lame Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lady GodMa Lady Gaga Godmother to Elton John's child Zachary Brianna Smith
Lady Rah-Rah Lady Gaga Reminds me of a demented cheerleader! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lady HaHa Lady Gaga Her ridiculous appearances make us laugh!!! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Reich Rock Laibach For their awesome "Iron Sky" Nazi spoof soundtrack Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Laser Guns Risky LAZYgunsBRISKY Certainly makes much more sense! Marjorie Danvers
Leah Stuns Leah Jung With her beautiful body art Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Leah Sung Leah Jung Her aspiration to become vocalist Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Red Zeppelin Led Zeppelin If amiright had "Change a Letter In A Band Name". Opie M.
Lead Zeppelin Led Zeppelin I used to think they spelt it like the substance Idont Haveaname
Leroy Parnell Lee Roy Parnell A likely misinterpretation of his name Jake Eastbrook
Lemur Lemar What it reminds me of Secret
Lioness Leona Lewis Leona name origin is female for lion (Fr) Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lester Sharpp Lester Flatt Changing to opposite musical sign, misspelled Megan Tereon
Level 1 Level 42 No matter how good they are, they never got that high did they? Auto2112mbe
Stage 42 Level 42 Stage is another video game term for a level. Larcen Tyler
Gameplay Level 42 Gamers have to reach various levels as goals  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
LOL LFO That's what I want to do when I hear LFO's music, I want to laugh out loud because it sucks so bad. Tiffany
UFO LFO Would work well for 'Change a letter in band name' Butch
Wifehouse Lifehouse If any of the band's members are/were married Calvin Amari
Deathhouse Lifehouse If they became a death metal band. Opie M.
Bow Wow Lil Bow Wow Real example; dropped 'Lil' when he got older Guy
Lil' Mo With A Gimpy Leg Lil' Mo A ''Home Alone 2'' reference. Tony The Tiger Woods
Soggy Cookie Limp Bizkit Limp = Soggy, and Bizkit (biscuit) = Cookie. 2:49 AM
Shrimp Basket Limp Bizkit It would undoubtedly attract seafood fanatics. Buzz
Limp Biscuit Limp Bizkit Their music is like one... Zombie Girl
Soggy Bizkit Limp Bizkit Why the hell not? It's practically the same thing. Krista
Limp Triscuit Limp Bizkit Ok its not that i dont like Limp Bizkit but i was with my friends once and we were eating Triscuits and she dropped one in her pop and it got soggy and it was like 4 AM and she goes "Look its a Limp Triscuit!"  Meagen
The Hot Dog Flavored Water Band Limp Bizkit People may think that their new name sounds tastier! Devin
Limp Business Limp Bizkit That's what they're doing Your Mom
1337 81ZK17 Limp Bizkit What would Limp be like if Durst was a hacker? He'd be 1337, j0! killer_roach
Gimp Bigits Limp Bizkit Their lyrics are both lame and racist. Plus they don't know how to spell. independent
Pimp Trizkit Limp Bizkit Cuz they are pimps and stale like crackers becky
Lindsay Low-Hand Lindsay Lohan An appropriate description/sounds like actual name Harlow Goobley
Lindsay Drive-ban Lindsay Lohan Her recent driving offenses Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lindsay Felon Lindsay Lohan When is she not in trouble with the Law? Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Porsche Demon Lindsay Lohan Blows probation with lie about car accident Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Stinkin Park Linkin Park People who hate their music might think this way. The Dude
Krap Niknil Linkin Park Spelling the name backward gives a hidden message! Mac
Parkin Link Linkin Park it just sounds cool Francesca
Blinkin' Dark Linkin Park Their music is Dark, man Mazotti
Lionel Itchy Lionel Richie Because his music makes my knuckles itch! Scratchy
Lionel Rich-Tea Lionel Richie For all you good old british folk who are well acquainted with this time-old biscuit (The Rich Tea), this will be mildly amusing, I'm certain. Anyone for cucumber sandwiches??? Mae
Liquid Paper Liquid People Also known as whiteout! Marty
Liquor People Liquid People Would describe some real people more aptly. Alicia Sturdivant
Lovely Angel Lisa Whelchel Sings Christian Pop very well Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Elysia Lisa Whelchel Latin word for heaven, as in Lisa's angel voice Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lisa's Gospel Lisa Whelchel If she dedicated herself to Christian music Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Snotty Rich Girl Lisa Whelchel Due to her role as Blair Warner on "Facts of Life" Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Little Weasel Lisa Whelchel If she kept her Blair persona and sang pop music Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Holy Vessel Lisa Whelchel A devout Christian who puts God above all else Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lita Bentley Lita Ford Ford is American car, but Lita was born in England A. Person
Little Feet Little Feat If they were a kids group! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Little Boys Little Girls This band consists of males, not females. Gus
Little the 1009th Little Mix If we interpret his last name as a Roman numeral Lucinda Blair
Dead Live Are they still playing? Opie M.
Living With Eating Dinosaurs Living With Eating Disorders How I initially misread the name. Funny! Lauren Overstreet
LMNO LMNT Since O (not T) comes after N; keeps the sequence Archie C.
Lame Mutant Ninja Turtles LMNT What some people might think it stands for David Sari
Good Lord! Lorde Her singing is atrocious  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Los Loony Boys Los Lonely Boys just because it sounds cool Random Madeupperson
Lost Lonely Boys Los Lonely Boys If we had 'Add Letter' for band names, this'd work Orville Beddenrocker
The Garza Brothers Los Lonely Boys That's what they are: Henry, Jojo, and Ringo Garza Sol Diablo
Los Chicos Solitarios Los Lonely Boys This way the name is consistently in Spanish. Tiffany
Lophostropheus Lostprophets A dinosaur whose name theirs always reminds me of Chelsea Turtle
Foundprophets Lostprophets We should clearly find them somewhere Michael Millward
Haterboy Loverboy If these guys hated each other Opie M.
Lovergirl Loverboy A boy needs his girl! Larcen Tyler
Lover?!! Oh, Brother! Loverboy Has anyone ever seen a loverboy in Canada (where the band is from)? united
Linus Diamond Lucy Pearl Different Peanuts character; different gem Future Backer
Ludichris Ludacris Maintains original spellings of ludicrous & Chris. Mr. Critic
Ridikulis Ludacris Ludicrous=Ridiculous, duh! Rachel
Lunacy Luna Sea What the name probably intends to suggest Roxanne Drake
Luni Tunz Luniz This rap act would pay tribute to classic cartoons The Unfunny Man
Wino Lush Another slang term for the noun lush. John Phillips Screwdriver
Drunkard Lush That's what a lush is (as a noun). Leo Cook

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