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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with T

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
She-Aura T-ara Totally hot & feminine girl band radiating energy Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Short Loins T-Bones T-bone is a steak of beef cut from the short loin  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks T. Rex A funny twist on the name Tyrannosaurus Rex Kirsten Abercrombie
C.H. T.I. His birth name is Clifford Harris. Rachel
Take A Boom Taka Boom How I originally misread the name. Alex
Sing Sing Talk Talk Why not? It's a music group, and they clearly sing John
Stalking Hedz Talking Heads Stalking the one you love is fun... Er... I didn't say that. Heather
Singing Heads Talking Heads They sing (like most music groups), not just speak Russ
Lame Impala Tame Impala If this site had Change a Letter To A Band Name Lance Crackers
Tamela Womann Tamela Mann this artist is female Travis
Taryn Northern Taryn Southern Opposite direction Rachel
Taylor Quick Taylor Swift Both are synonyms for "very fast." Robert
Taylor Miffed Taylor Swift Constant teasing over Kanye incident Robert D. Arndt Jr.
The Tee Party The Tea Party They switched their hobbies from Tea to Golfing DarkJon64
Ted Not-a-Gent Ted Nugent After he said that stuff about Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love on "Rockline" after Kurt died, the name fits. rocknroll
Adulta Marie Teena Marie She was past her teen years when she became famous Quyjibo
The Temptresses The Temprees This is what the name always reminds me of. Sylvia Curruca
The Resistances The Temptations Resist those temptations! Larcen Tyler
Tater Quiz Tesla Anagram of a different metamorphic rock(quartzite) Rhonda Blankenship
Elf Horns Tesla Anagram of a different metamorphic rock (hornfels) Rhonda Blankenship
Singes Tesla Anagram of a different metamorphic rock (gneiss) Rhonda Blankenship
Blamer Tesla Anagram of a different metamorphic rock Rhonda Blankenship
The Machine Gun Elephant Thee Michelle Gun Elephant It makes more sense Jeremy
The Midnighters Thee Midniters Easier to remember, as suggested in the Stupid BN Dano
Theory of a Bedpan Theory of a Deadman Something old people can appreciate. Slaker
Theory Of A Deadpan Theory Of A Deadman Since there's no "Change A Letter" for band names Daphne Hughes
They Aren't Giants They Might Be Giants The venues they play are too small to fit giants All-Starr
They Might Be Jets They Might Be Giants New York's other NFL team Robert
They Might Be Midgets They Might Be Giants Midgets: the vertical opposite of giants. Opie M.
They Might Be 49ers They Might Be Giants San Francisco's other pro-sports team! Danela
John and John They Might Be Giants They are John Flansburgh and John Linnell Circle Man
They're Definitely Giants They Might Be Giants Seriously, you'd think they'd have figured it out. Meg
Three Day Blinds Third Eye Blind An American window-treatment corporation Quyjibo
Third Ear Deaf Third Eye Blind Makes just as much sense as the original band name The Dude
Thomas Bose Thomas Dolby Bose speakers have better sound. Electric Boogeyman
Thompson Triplets Thompson Twins It's a group of 3, even though they're not related Cassandra
The Three Decrees The Three Degrees If we had "Change A Letter" for band names Chelsea Footler
Absolute Zero The Three Degrees How low can you go? Brianna Holden
Three Cat Night Three Dog Night Another common household pet! Red Ruffcorn
Three Dog Day Three Dog Night Day is the opposite of night. Opie M.
Music Worth a Shot Tiger Joanie Scott She was just a teen when she recorded her songs  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Singer You Are Not! Tiger Joanie Scott It's Joan Koplan from "Small Town Security"! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Timbuk 4 Timbuk 3 They had at most 4 members, but never were a trio. Steven
The Original 7ven The Time Real example, effective Sept. 2011; not sure why Gus
Seiko Social Club Timex Social Club Seiko is also a brand of watches Isac
Casio Social Club Timex Social Club Casio is another brand of watch Leslie Christmasbrook
Armitron Social Club Timex Social Club Armitron is another brand of watches Isac
Invicta Social Club Timex Social Club Yes, another watch company Ian McIan
Rolex Social Club Timex Social Club Another watch company that ends with 'x' Reggie Pillbox
Tin Banging Tin Machine That's how they sound! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
The Tong Tongs The Ting Tings They can cook as well. Dongquan
Tall Tim Tiny Tim He was 6 feet tall. I'd hardly call that tiny! Cassandra
Teal Sea TLC It kind of sounds like that Brionna Secret
Tom Towelettes Tom Kaulitz What nearly deaf people might think his name is. Rachel
Richard Petty and The Heartbrakers Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Who knows? Maybe NASCAR will buy up the band and insert "The King" on the microphone stand.  Countryhick
Tommy NuTone Tommy Tutone NuTone: a brand of bathroom fan or range hood Isac
Tone Lock Tone Loc Used to think it meant voice locked into one tone! Sophia Borden
Tone Bloke Tone Loc What he might be if he visited Australia. Bob
Toni Tarragon Toni Basil Tarragon is also a seasoning Isac
Toni Oregano Toni Basil Another spice that can be used on pizza. Mel
Toni Sage Toni Basil Sage is also a seasoning Isac
Toni Marjoram Toni Basil Marjoram sounds somewhat like a girl's name Isac
Tony Miami & Dusk Tony Orlando & Dawn Another Florida city plus the opposite of "dawn". Francis A. Sissy
Bony Orlando & Ten Dawn Tony Orlando & Dawn To tie a yellow ribbon 'round the ole oak tree Mickey D.
Tony, Orlando and Don Tony Orlando and Dawn I misheard - I thought they were 3 showmen! Triskelian
Tony Poor Project Tony Rich Project He ended up being a one hit wonder. Judith
Tony Blair Witch Project Tony Rich Project Before-and-after combo of celebrity and film title Orville Greenenbacher
Cryptic Rebellion Tool I know it's not similar to Tool. It fits better. Chazm
Stool Tool Because their new album sounds like more like sitting down than headbangin' The Scion of the Storms
Wrench Tool They are a tyt band, but they should be more descriptive. Pick a tool that can hurt some one. S.T.G.
Turtle Tortoise Tortoises are (in a way) related to turtles. Pete Worst
Totally Cool Total Coelo A name that UK and US *could* agree on for them. Reptone
Dorothy Toto The dog needs his owner! Larcen Tyler
Toy Manatee Toy Matinee Makes more sense (manatee is a physical entity) Lucinda Blair
Trace Atkins Trace Adkins If there were "Change a letter" for artist names Valerie Cameron
Tracy Adkins Trace Adkins If there were "Change a letter" for artist names Valerie Cameron
Plane Train Express Music made from the plane. Dongquan
Trans-Liberian Orchestra Trans-Siberian Orchestra Not as far travelled Corinne Auterlehr
Transvestite Siberian Orchestra Trans-Siberian Orchestra A transvestite rock orchestra sounds EPIC. Rachel
Interpreter Translator Also a term for a person who translates spoken wds C.J.
24 Triple Eight When you triple the number 8, you get 24. Math Whiz
Trickster Trixter Sounds less like a breakfast cereal. GlamRockNinjaLord
Tupac No More Tupac Shakur He's deceased Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Black Elvis Tupac Shakur Claims of him being alive and seen worldwide Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Turkey Richards Turley Richards It's how I've misread his name up until now. Fiona Pear
Twenty One Plots Twenty One Pilots If this site had Remove A Letter of band names Lucinda Blair
Twenty-One Engineers Twenty-One Pilots Operators of trains as opposed to planes Rock Maninoff
Twisted Blister Twisted Sister It is how your ears feel when listening to them! tomario
Twisted Mister Twisted Sister Dee Snider as a GUY in drag!!! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Sissy Twister Twisted Sister Since they look like girls in make-up, this is too apt. rocknroll fan
Blistered Pisser Twisted Sister It's FUNNIER and even easier to remember. Punster
0.6096 Meters Two Feet Metric conversion from two feet Valerie Cameron
24 Inches Two Feet Equivalent measure Ed
Two Nice Girls And Three That Aren't Nice Two Nice Girls Why else would a quintet of girls be so named? Valerie Cameron

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