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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 1892 Band Name Origin entries on the site.

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She & Him It's just that it's grammatically incorrect and there are enough ways they could have avoided that. (also, She & Him is the same band as She And Him, sorry for that.) GlamRockNinjaLord
Blind Guardian I wouldn't trust a blind person to guard anything! GlamRockNinjaLord
Megadeth I've seen this misspelled SO many times in record stores, it's not even funny... GlamRockNinjaLord
Buckethead Sounds like a prank you'd play on the dumb kid in school. GlamRockNinjaLord
Slow This Canadian punk band is anything but slow. James Ramone
Childish Gambino It sounds like a spoiled six-year-old brat playing mobster. Todd W. Zimmerman
Phantogram It sounds like a telegram sent by comic book hero the Phantom. Peter Paul Mounds
Madison Beer This is her actual name, but most people who haven't heard of her but see the name will assume it's an alcoholic beverage. Plus, this performer is underage (and will be until 2020). Chris
Slaughter Two bands have this name: A Canadian Thrash Metal band and an American Glam Metal Band. Two completely opposite-genre groups have the same name! That is why it is stupid. GlamRockNinjaLord
Foo Fighters Dave Grohl, this band's founder, says that it is the dumbest possible band name. Therefore, he admits his own band's name is a stupid one.  GlamRockNinjaLord
Damn Yankees They're all proud Americans, so, aren't they insulting themselves? GlamRockNinjaLord
Sleez Beez If you are going to have a cheesy-sounding band name, at least use proper grammar! GlamRockNinjaLord
Zeds Dead Whatever happened to using an apostrophe? Crafthead
Abandoned Pools How could abandoned pools perform music? And to whom would ANYTHING abandoned perform? Daisy Pappus
Odin This was an obscure Hair Metal band in the 1980s. Their lyrics were not Norse-based. Basically, they took a cool name and stuck it on a band that just didn't fit... GlamRockNinjaLord
The Moldy Peaches Peaches are a delicious fruit when just the right ripeness. Trouble is, they go quickly from being too hard to starting to rot. One tries to catch them when they are just right. But it can only be a disappointment when they start to go bad, often molding. There's nothing positively appealing in such a disappointment that could make it an attractive band name! Jacqui O'Day
Milky Chance Oh, look, it's random word combination syndrome again! GlamRockNinjaLord
InMe Just makes me think of tapeworms or something else freaky like that. Crafthead
Au5 Sounds too much like a deadmau5 rip-off. Crafthead
X Is this a real band? I can't find out from That's because although this site has links to a band named "X", and clicking on such a link on would ordinarily bring up the artist summary for the band in question. But all the links for "X" that I've clicked on on this site just bring up the "X" section of the index to artist summaries. That section DOES include a listing for "X", but that link only brings right back the "X" section of the index. Searching for the band on search engines that search the whole internet must be at least as problematic. R. Jeanine O'Succinate

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