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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 2356 Band Name Origin entries on the site.

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Lukas Graham The name suggests a solo performer. But it's not. It's just a band. And the lead singer is not called Lukas Graham, but Lukas Forchhammer. (**Editor's note: PLEASE do not use smartquote apostrophes when submitting. Use neutral quotation marks only. One way to do this is to submit from a PC, not a phone.) BrilliantJ8
Planet P Project There is no such planet as Planet P. And Pluto has been deplanetized so the band's name can't refer to it. Rock Maninoff
We Came As Romans As far as I'm aware none of the band members are actually Italian. Jay
Sponge Cola Is that a rejected name for a kind of soda? Chris
Mallory Knox The name suggests a solo performer, possibly a female, but this act is a band of all males. Cassandra
Halifax Halifax is a city in Nova Scotia, Canada, but this band is American. (However, two of the members played in a hockey tournament there in the early 2000s, which is supposedly why they gave their band this name. Still, I think it's silly for an American band to name itself after a major city from outside the U.S.) K.N. Pepper
Scary Pool Party This name sounds like it should be a group, but it's just one person (Alejandro Aranda). Katt
Lizzo Her real name doesn't even have a form of Elizabeth in it. Did she name herself because thought she was Queen Elizabeth or Liz Taylor? Sheila Oh
Hanoi Rocks Hanoi doesn't rock. It's a Communist city. And besides, none of their members are Vietnamese. Rock Maninoff
The Unlikely Candidates  In what election are these people running for? Opie M.
Suddenly, Tammy! This is an actual indie band. A phrase like this doesn't seem right as a band name. Plus, none of its members are even named Tammy. Mr. Critic
Suicidal Tendencies  A tendency is not a human and can't sing. You wouldn't yell something like, "Look at that poor, stupid tendency!" Rock Maninoff
The Supremes Before the famous 1960's girl group from Motown, there was a 1950's R&B group from New Orleans with the same name. (The earlier one wasn't nearly as well known, however.) Robert Jon Brown
Pee Shy Sounds like someone who can't urinate in a public restroom. Are they admitting to having that problem? Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Cage the Elephant That's just animal cruelty. dominicmgm
The Tams A tam is a type of military cap, and we all know hats don't sing. Reggie Pillbox
The Pretenders Before the well-known New Wave band started in the late 1970s, there was a R&B band with the same name in the 1960's. Robert J Brown
The Verve Pipe It just sounds as if two random words were put together. Even if there is a such thing as a verve pipe, it still doesn't make sense. Lance Crackers
Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart It's kinda long, plus it sounds unappealing in several ways. Dr. Critic
Juice Wrld It sounds like the name of a group, but it's just one person instead. Kii

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