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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with A

Submitted by:
A Given the fact that A and The at the beginning of a band name do not usually count in alphabetizing band names, I submit to you the only way this band can be called A, is if they call themselves "A A", but as they did not, this band shall remain nameless to any smart people. Name
A Since the letter 'A' can also be an indefinite article, this band technically has no name. (Aside from the fact that one-letter names can be problematic.) Mr. Critic
A Why bother competing with M for the world's shortest band name? Chris
A$AP Rocky I don't understand why rappers have to turn their s's in their names into dollar signs. JD
A*Teens If it's a teen, then it is singular, otherwise it's SOME teens. Savage Jigga
A*Teens When ABBA (the world's best group) wouldn't let them use the name "Abba Teens" (I understand them), really, couldn't they come up with something more original? Me And I
A-Ha It's the sound you make when you learn the secret of a magic trick, people! pauhead
A-II-Z They use the roman numeral for 2, which is why many people could assume it's "A-to-Z" without seeing it in print first. What else is stupid about the name is that it starts with the letter 'A' by itself, which some sorting programs could treat as an indefinite article, thereby sorting this band's name under the letter 'I' instead. (That's why I put hyphens, so it would get sorted properly on here.) Stu L. Pigeon
A. Pink Whenever the word "A" is used at the beginning of a name, it gets excluded in alphabetization (which is why I typed a period after the "A"; hopefully this will make a difference when it gets approved), which would leave this band name treated as "Pink"... which has already been taken by an American female pop singer who is very well known. Mister Critic
A.B. Skhy Most people will spell "Skhy" as "Sky" if they hear this name but haven't seen it in print. Also, this name suggests a solo performer, but A.B. Skhy are actually a quartet. Candy Welty
A;Grumh Semicolons as letters? This is getting stupider every minute. Bobo
Abandon Hope What a pessimistic band name! Candy Welty
Abandoned Pools How could abandoned pools perform music? And to whom would ANYTHING abandoned perform? Daisy Pappus
Abba If you say it often enough, it sounds like you're having a fit of some sort. Timwi
Abdoujaparov If they didn't have a song of the same name nobody would know how to pronounce it! Even sillier than the singers old band, Carter USM. Chris
Abigail Williams This name suggests a female performer (a la Pixie Lott), but it's actually an all-male trio. Natalie
AC/DC I guess they swing both ways? Tom
The Academy Is... I love their music, but seriously; the academy is... is WHAT?! It just seems like an unfinished name. Random Madeupperson
The Academy Is... Is what? It's an incomplete sentence. That's like if I just stopped typing right here and... Anne
Acapella This band apparently was so successful it couldn't afford any instruments. Tim
Accidental Suicide Suicide cannot be accidental. Suicide, by definition, is killing yourself purposely! Maybe they should learn what a word means before using it in their band name, instead of creating an oxymoron. Travis
Ace Of Base For a long time I heard of them without seeing the spelling and thought their name meant they were adept at music in the bass range or on some kind of instrument called "bass" because of its low pitch. Then I saw their name in print and found out that it is "Ace Of BASE", not "Ace Of BASS". I've never figured out what that might mean as relating to music. Sounds like it might refer, perhaps, to chemistry or something else instead. But in chemistry, a base is something that exists in contrast to an acid. And the neutralizing or countering reactions between the two are of key importance in regard to either. So it wouldn't make much sense to think in terms of any chemist mastering one outside of the context of the other. Carmen Stokes
Ace Of Base Sounds like a playing card in a rejected suit. C.J.
Acetone I think it's stupid to name a band after an organic chemical compound. K.N. Pepper
Acid Mothers Temple Oh, paleeze! Somebody
Adagio 'Adagio' is part of the name of many musical compositions (mainly classical). So if you try to do a search (like on, for example) for the band called 'Adagio', the few listings of their albums will be buried, drownging in a sea of results referring to composition titles containing 'Adagio'. Doodah Bobo
Adam And The Ants Ants are easily crushed by humans. (And) Adam And The Eves would have been more appropriate a name since they all were dressed in women's clothes and wore make-up. Aninny Mouse
Adelitas Way What in the world is an Adelitas, and what is its way? BillyBobby
Adema It sounds too much like Edema, which is an ailment of the legs. A. Critic
Admiral Twin You're in a band, guys, not the bloody navy! Sheogorath
Admiral Twin This band does not have any twins in it, nor do any of the members have any twin siblings not in the band. Gladys
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force People who hear this name but haven't seen it in print almost certainly won't spell it correctly. Also, it's too long for a band name. Candy Welty
After 7 What happens then? Is that when they are meant to play the music? Haz-Man
After Forever There cannot be anything after forever and any human being intelligent enough to be in a musical group should know this! G
The Afters Don't get me wrong, they are a great band. But, really "The Afters"? JeReMy
Against Me! How could singer(s) be against himself, herself, or themselves? Teresa Christie
Against Me! What an awful name for a band, because you would think this would mean that you would NOT have much audience, since that are Against You! Exclamation point included. Peter
Air Supply What the heck is an air supply? I mean, there's such a thing as a power supply, a water supply, and things like that...but how can one store air to use later? Clucky The Chicken
The Airborne Toxic Event In my opinion, this name is too long for a band name, and it doesn't flow well off the tongue. Also, the name sounds sickening to me. Candy Welty
AKB48 What is the point of randomly inserting letters and numbers in a band name? It looks more like something you'd see on a license plate to me.  Daniel
Al Greene & The Soul Mate's To indicate plural of an ordinary word, you don't use an apostrophe (that indicates possessive!), but that's the way it appears on the record label. Candy Welty
Alabama 3 It's another double-misnomer. They're not from Alabama (or anywhere in the U.S. for that matter--- in fact, they're from the U.K.) and it's not a trio. Mr. Critic
Alabama Shakes A literally impossible name, since a whole state can't shake. And people might confused this with the country band Alabama. Rock Maninoff
Alcatrazz Alcatraz (with only one 'z' at the end) is the name of a famous island (and prison) in the San Francisco Bay; why anyone would take this name, double the last letter, and use it as a band name, I can't understand. Gus
Alesana This name sounds like a girl's name, and hence could suggest a solo female performer, but it's the name of a 6-member post-hardcore band, all men. The name is pronounced "Alice Anna", so virtually no one will spell it correctly if they don't see it in print first. Candy Welty
Alexisonfire It looks ambiguous; should it be read as "Alex Is On Fire" or "Alexis On Fire"? According to the band, the latter is correct...but it would help if they spaced out the words so that it wouldn't provide ambiguity. Mr. Critic
Alice Cooper The witch, he named himself after, had exactly the same name... which means it couldn't be more unoriginal. Mads
Alice Cooper Originally, it was the name of his band (which is kinda stupid in the first place, since it could be the actual first and last name of an individual person). The guy later went on to assume the name for himself, which is peculiar, given that Alice is a female name. Kenny
Alice Donut It's an all-male group, not a solo female act as the name implies. And you thought the name Alice Cooper was confusing when it was originally given to a band and later assumed by the band's frontman! Max
Alice In Chains I bet they chose this name solely for shock value. Who else would name a band after a woman in bondage? Rocky Rhoades
Alice In Chains Oh come Alice needs any more problems..... she already had her own "adventure" in Alice In Wonderland, why does she need to be in chains? Zakery Wood
Alien Ant Farm It sounds like a tourist trap, a farm that raises alien ants. Mac
Alisha's Attic Perhaps that's where the name of this band needed to stay, in Alisha's attic? Peter
Alkaline Trio Alkaline means having to do with chemical compounds that neutralize acids, i.e., have a pH greater than 7. Is that what this group does? Do they work in a chemistry lab when they're not performing? Cassandra
All About Eve It seems to suggest the name of a band with a woman named Eve as the lead singer, but this is an all male band. Brianna N.
All About She Of the three members of this group, only one is female. Are they saying that she's the most important out of them, ignoring the fact that she's outnumbered two to one? (It's also a grammatical abomination; wouldn't it normally be "All About Her"?) Crafthead
All Saints It's apparent that none of these women are saints. Sheryl Crowbar
All Saints By any reckoning of saints, they don't all belong to this band. Mary Ellen Jasper
All That Remains If you're all that remains [of the population], whom are you going to perform for? Jonathan S.
The All-American Rejects You have got to be kidding me. Who puts rejects in their name? Trevor
The Almost "Almost" is not a noun. Cassandra
Alphaville Is that located anywhere near Betatown? Peter
Also Also what? This name sounds incomplete. Candy Welty
Alter Bridge Sounds like what you'd tell someone if you wanted to change the Golden Gate. Jonathan S.
Altered Images Maybe this band needed to alter their name with their images? Peter
Amanda Ghost She was born Amanda Louisa Gosein. She first named her band "Amanda Ghost" and then took on that name for herself. She used that assumed name even as president of Epic Records (2009-2010). As a last name, it is hard to find either much credibility or much appeal in "Ghost". As a singer at least, it might somehow relate to the image she wanted to project. But for a record company executive it sounds even more out of place. Iris Verna
Amazulu Some people will find this name hard to spell if they hear it but haven't seen it in print. Candy Welty
America Naming a band after a continent is both ridiculous and excessive. The same goes for Asia and Europe. Jonathan S.
America They're cockneys. Is that good enough? Bobo
American Authors One time my cousin told her musically illiterate friend that the American Authors are coming to her town. Her friend said, is it going to be at the library? The name isn't stupid, but misleading. Sweet Anne
American Authors Sounds like writers of books, rather than singers. Janice Ferrell
Amorphous Androgynous  Another name The Future Sound of London went under. So what is it... a 'shapeless hermaphrodite'? These guys are cool but I think they really need to think of better names karnov
An Cafe The indefinite article "an" is only supposed to precede words that begin with a vowel sound; this includes words that start with a silent consonant such as "honor" and "hour". The word Cafe starts with a consonant which is NOT silent, therefore "an" should NOT precede it. Mac
Anal Cunt Come on. Does this really need any explanation? Adam
Anal Cunt This band wanted to have the most offensive band name ever. They had to censor their name because those two words were offensive. Why name your band after a slang term of genetalia? Paul Warren
And An A What is this name supposed to mean? Are they spelling some word that has had one or more letters already given, like "Give me an S and an E and an A and that spells "sea"? Do they have a big letter A on stage with them when they perform? Or maybe they prominently feature A notes in their songs? Candy Welty
And One "And One" is a basketball clothing company (written AND1) or a basketball term used when a player makes a shot while being fouled, then makes the resulting free throw, used interchangeably with the more specific "three-point play", "old school three", and "four-point play" (the last if the shot is worth three points). It shouldn't be a band name. JeReMy
And One And one of what? What and one? This phrase is incomplete on both ends, since the word "and", a conjunction, needs something on both sides. Tommy
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead I would be terrified to see this band. It sounds like they kill everyone who comes to their concerts! That Guy Over There
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe Another firm of accountants. No wait, sounds more like a law firm. Chris
Andre 3000 Sounds like some exercise equipment you'd see on an infomercial.  JD
Angel Witch The beings this band formed their name from are exact opposites! GlamRockNinjaLord
Angelo The name suggests a solo male perfomer since Angelo is a male's name, but it's a band, and none of the members are named Angelo (They are all Japanese and have Japanese names). Astrid
The Angels Actually, the name itself is not stupid... but what IS stupid is that it could refer to two *different* bands: 1) a 60s "girl group" from the US, and 2) an Australian rock band formed in the early 70s. So the second group is probably clueless (for lack of a better word) for not realizing that the name had already been taken. Editor
Angels And Airwaves And how exactly would someone know if angels did take to the airwaves? And do they really need to do so? Peter
Angelspit I highly doubt angels actually possess saliva. Jonathan S.
Angie Aparo Angie is traditionally a girl's name...but this person is a guy! Mr. Critic
The Anglo-Persians The members of this American dance band, which recorded tunes such as "Toytown Admiral" in 1930, are from neither England nor Persia. The band's name appears to have come from a rug manufacturer. Larry
Animotion Not a real word -- what does it mean? Plus, it sounds too much like "An Emotion". Trina Lufkin
Animotion But what emotion is it? Happiness? Sadness? Anger? Rychendroll
Another Bad Creation Makes me afraid to ask what their last creation was. united
Another Level Another Level of what? A video game? A building? Sounds very vague.  Steve
The Answer What was the question? Quyjibo
The Answer If by taking this name they mean they believe their music is "the answer" to life's problems, then I'd say they're a little misled. Jonathan S.
Anthrax If you don't know what it is, it somehow seems quite goofy. GlamRockNinjaLord
Anvil I'll assume this band name is a joke, as an anvil is a heavy metal object and this group is a Heavy Metal band, but even still you have to admit it's a lot less interesting than Spinal Tap. GlamRockNinjaLord
Apocalyptica Sounds like a lame rip-off of Metallica. Jonathan S.
Apoptygma Berzerk This name makes absolutely no sense. An apoptygma is a part of an ancient Greek chiton. So...It's an ancient Greek dress going on a killing spree.  Noblerot
April March Two months that occur in reverse order. Mr. Critic
Arab You are naming yourself after a race, what the hell? That's like if I changed my name to Caucasian, you know, because I'm white. hamp
Arab Strap Sounds like a dirty little toy that a high school girl could use to pleasure herself. hekifier
Archers of Loaf Does this mean you shoot bow and arrow at loaf? Travis
The Archies Needless to say, the name makes me think of Archie comic books. Even if that was the intention, they could have come up with a better name. (Or does everyone in the band have the family name Archie?) Thomas Radigan
Architecture In Helsinki They're not from the capital of Finland, as the name implies. And why architecture? Do they have some obssession with it or something? Mr. Critic
Arctic Monkeys This is slightly self explanitory. I'm not sure if they know this but you can't find many monkeys in the arctic regions...that's where it's cold. Travis
Arctic Monkeys That's just cruel for the poor monkeys, dontcha think? Someonebored
Area 7 I take it that Area 51 is taken, but 7??? Is there another alien crash landing that we don't know about - and that the CIA doesn't want us to? It doesn't sound too bad for a ska band though. Haz-Man
Armed and Hammered It's like "armed and dangerous" and "Arm & Hammer" at the same time JeReMy
Arsonists Get All The Girls Arsonists don't get girls, they get big guys named Bubba in prison. JeReMy
Artist I kid you not, these guys picked a completely unsearchable name. Tommy
The Artist Formerly Known As Prince 'nuff said. Chris Kuan
As I Lay Dying As I Lay Dying... what happened? A Stranger
As I Lay Dying Like any band that thinks they're so much deeper than us mere mortals because their skin is talcum powder white and their hair is dyed jet black, just pick the harrowing part out of a morose sentence. Anything connected with death. Ooooh, how deep. (/sarcasm) Other bands in this category: ...And You Shall Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Dead 'Til Friday, and Murder By Death. ShawnGBR
Ashley 1st What does it mean? Does it mean Ashley is a parent of Ashley 2nd? Does it mean Ashley is/was a Monarch, the first by that name in a given sequence of rulers? Does it mean "Make Ashley your first priority"? Or does Ashley open for other bands or performers? So ambiguous a name! Leaves us scratching our heads! Penny Olivia Tyler
Asia It's a bunch of white, British guys. I shouldn't have to explain any more. GlamRockNinjaLord
Asia Not a single member is from Asia. They're all British. Does that make any sense?  Paul Bear
Asking Alexandria Asking her what? This seems incomplete. Ludwig Chris
Ass Ponys Sounds like the title of a gay porn flick. the man
Ass Ponys The word "ass" in the band name is bad enough, but words that end with the letter "y" when preceded by a consonant, typically change the "y" to "ie" when forming the plural. Joe Siebert
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour You would think that the band is just called The Asteroids and that they actually have a concert tour. But that's their whole name. It figures that they're Danish. Paul Bunions
At The Drive-In Drive-in movie theaters are few and far between these days, if they even exist at all. And what happened at the drive-in anyway? Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Atari Teenage Riot Sounds like a bunch of kids got together to protest against Sony and Nintendo. "Down with the PS3! Up with the 2600!" Jonathan S.
Athena Cage Trying to put a Greek goddess in a cage would be a BAD idea! Francine Harper
Atomic Kitten Makes me think of the PowerPuff girls. Little kittens blasting into space. red_mozzie
Atomic Kitten Damn it! I knew that building a power plant by Hello Kitty's pad was a bad idea Jimbo
Atreyu This sounds like Betray You. I'm not sure if this is what they were aiming for but that's what it sounds like. Like there song 'Blow' suggests, this name 'blows' as well. Travis
Attack! Attack! (or) Attack Attack! I mean they're two different bands.... one has one exclamation point and the other has's like it's cool repeating a word for a band name. Hey yeah, my band name is Approach! Approach! Not so cool if you ask me. Zakery Wood
Au5 Sounds too much like a deadmau5 rip-off. Crafthead
Audible What an unimaginative name! All bands are audible, not just this one. Candy Welty
Audioslave Great band, but the name makes them sound like they are puppets for the record company. Ned Riley
The Audition I guess they failed it. Maya
Audrey Arno And The Hazy Osterwald Sextet It's way too long for a band name. Candy Welty
August Burns Red Seriously, what does "August Burns Red" even mean? I love their music, but they basically came up with the title just to have a band name. Although...some people rumor that the singer's ex-girlfriend (named August) burned her dog (named Red) alive.  Joy
Aunt Sally It's misleading because it clearly suggests the name of an individual female performer, but it's a band instead, and none of the members are named Sally. This is deceiving since the lead singer is female. Ludwig Chris
Avenged Sevenfold I don't know who is avenging who, and for what reason? It sounds too mysterious. BillyBobby
Average White Band Look at them. Five men. Three are white, two are black. Average - maybe. "White"? - not quite! Look again. Two of them ain't white. Icy Red
Ayumikurikamaki It looks like they threw several words together, and it looks messy since they don't capitalize them or separate them with spaces. Lefty Lucy
Aztec Camera None of the members are of Aztec heritage. Sarah
Aztec Camera New wave, indie pop Scottish band that was together in the 1980s. The name is just nonsense. It seems like they just took two random words and put them together. If there's any meaning to the name I can't figure it out. It's dumb and weird. One word is an Indian tribe from the area of what is now Mexico and the other word is a machine for making photographs. Why on earth would you put those together in a band name?! Edward

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