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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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M You know...the one-man band who did "Pop Muzik." As for the name, it makes for a lot of confusion, and you can FORGET about trying to search for it on the Internet; search "M" and you get "Marilyn Manson, Motorhead, Metallica", etc. That's the problem with having a band name that's only one letter long! Jonathan S.
M.I.A. The name actually isn't stupid, but what *is* stupid is that it can actually refer to two different music acts: 1) an American punk rock band that was only active in the 1980's, and 2) a solo British-born female singer who has been active since the mid-2000s. However, the soloist is the more well-known of the two. Skippy
M2M Well I'm not sure if this is very well known, but I was told that M2M in net speak means "man to man" AKA gay sex. That's not the imagery they were looking for, is it? Rebecca
M2M Come on.. M2M? can't we have a *little* originality? And they said they used it because M & M was taken.  Aurora
Machine Gun Kelly Why did this rap artist (who does not have Kelly anywhere in his full name) name himself after a gangster from the Prohibition Era? George
Mad Capsule Markets What kind of capsules do they mean to refer to? Medicine capsules? Space capsules? Time capsules? Or some other capsules? And it is technically ambiguous as to whether the capsules or the markets are mad. But since "mad capsules" makes so little sense for any kind of capsules or any sense of the word "mad", it would make RELATIVELY more sense to assume the markets are being called mad. But are they mad with rage, with bustling activity, or what? That's anyone's guess. And even so, what capsules have their own markets? That might suggest drug capsules most of all, but still the implications of the name would be dubious and silly, however we interpret "mad". Regina Olsen
Madam X I thought this name sounds like an all-girl band, but it's actually a half-male, half-female metal quartet from Detroit. Additionally, the two female members joined Vixen at one time or another. This band did go all-female but ended up going under the rather appropriate name Hell's Belles, not to be confused with the all-female AC/DC tribute band from Seattle, for a short time only. Joey F.
Made Out of Babies What is made out of babies? Why make it out of babies? So many questions JeReMy
Madison Beer This is her actual name, but most people who haven't heard of her but see the name will assume it's an alcoholic beverage. Plus, this performer is underage (and will be until 2020). Chris
Madison Beer This name suggests a brand of alcoholic beverage, but this is actually the name of a teen age female vocalist. JD
Madonna I know that is her first name, but I don't think this Madonna was ever that holy to be using that name as her stage and recording name. Just saying.  Peter
Magazine Not a name I would use for a band. Makes me wonder what they were thinking??? Sammy
Magic Dirt What is the name supposed to signify? No dirt is magic! Amanda Svenson
MAGIC! Ironic that their hit was titled "Rude", because using all caps and an exclamation point in the name is just that. Opie M.
The Magnificent Monta-Gue Most people who hear this name, but haven't seen it in print, will spell it without the dash. Candy Welty
Mahogany Rush There is no way that a "rush" can be made of any piece of wood, let alone mahogany. Old Man Edgar Winter
The Maine It seems to imply that they're from the U.S. state of Maine, but that's not the case. K.N. Pepper
Major Figgas I wish rappers would stop with the intentional misspellings. And "major figures" makes me think of extremely large numbers that have to be written in scientific notation. Marcus van der Meer
Major Harris I'm not kidding; Major was his actual given name. Did his parents want him to join the army and become a general or something? Cassandra
Major Lance Famous for the song "The Monkey Time", his actual given name is Major, too. Magnate
Mallory Knox The name suggests a solo performer, possibly a female, but this act is a band of all males. Cassandra
Malo Malo is a Spanish word with several negative meanings: bad, wicked, naughty, cheap, poor, harmful, and unwell. How repulsive! Candy Welty
A Man Called Adam Same as A Guy Called Gerald... if you are called Adam, why not just say... Adam. Bobo
A Man Called Adam This name is a misnomer in more ways than one. First of all, it's not one guy; it's two people: a man and a woman. Second of all, the guy isn't named Adam. The name Adam is not associated with this duo in any way whatsoever. Sammy
Man Or Astro-man You asking me? I haven't a clue whether you a man or an astroman really. Bobo
Manchester Orchestra The name is doubly misleading: they're not an orchestra and not from Manchester. They're actually an indie rock group from Georgia. Sarah D.
Mannheim Steamroller This name suggests a German metal band, but it's not. Sarah D.
Mansun Where there's a Mansun, there's a Womansun right behind it. Indy Gent
Marcy Playground This name might look like a female band to some people since Marcy is a female name, but this band only has males in it. Natalie
Marilyn Manson This artist is not a woman, nor is he related to Charles Manson (and his REAL surname isn't Manson, either). Yes, I'm aware the artist PICKED this as a pseudonym of sorts, but that doesn't mean it isn't incredibly lame-sounding! Jonathan S.
Marina and the Diamonds This name suggests a group, but it's actually an individual female performer. She apparently derived the name from her surname, Diamandis. That being said, why couldn't she have assembled a band and used the name to make practical sense? Quyjibo
The Mark IV What happened to the Marks I through III? Francis
Maroon 5 They won't say how they came up with it. It's probably because they don't want to admit that maroon is their favourite colour. Can you blame them? Joe Song
Maroon 5 It sounds like a name for a spacecraft. Alana
Marshall Hain Yet another performer name that suggests the first and last name of an individual person but is actually a band instead. Joe
The Marshall Tucker Band None of the members are named Marshall Tucker. Sweet Anne
The Marshall Tucker Band No member of this musical group is named Marshall Tucker. Therefore this name is kindof a misnomer. Greg
Martha and the Muffins Is there any chance the "muffins" they're referring to are the ones between their legs? Personally, I'm okay with that, but a lot of other people wouldn't be, which is probably the point. The Skuz
Martha And The Muffins Contrary to the name, all musicians in this band were human beings. GlamRockNinjaLord
Mary's Danish It has two possible meanings. Does it mean "Mary is Danish" (since "__'s" can be a contraction for "__ is") or is it possessive (i.e., does a certain pastry belong to Mary)? Mr. Critic
Master P There is no point to it. Like 'Nelly' 'Eminem' 'The Black-Eyed Peas' and 'Q-tip'. Billy Killgore
Master P The name didn't sound so stupid until I watched an awards show with my brother who jokingly asked, "If Master P is there, will Master Poop show up too?" That comment just added a really lame element to the name of Master P. Besides, rappers come up with the lamest names.... Andi
Matchbox Twenty Well, I love the band, but what is the name supposed to mean? Is it... 1) The number of match boxes Rob Thomas uses per diem to light their cigarettes? 2) The number on the side of the little toy MatchBox racecar? 3) Instructions for a game show? (Match box 20 to win $[x],000 and a trip for two to Florida!) Cerulean
Matenrou Opera It's not an opera; it's a visual kei metal band. Belinda Trucklisle
Matraca Berg Her first name must cause much confusion as to pronunciation. It is pronounced with the "c" having a "soft c" sound (sounds like "s" in "case"). But in normal English pronunciation, a "soft" sound for "c" occurs only before "e", "i", "y" . Examples are in, "cent", "icing", and "juicy". She was born in Nashville, Tennessee, so no one would expect her name to be of some foreign origin causing a pronunciation so confusing by English pronunciation patterns. For that matter, I suspect most singers with names of foreign origin with such potential for confusion have changed their names or spelling thereof if wishing for careers as English-language singers. Erin Amidon
Max Webster The name suggests a solo male performer, but it's actually a band. This is yet another example of name deception. nally
Maximum The Hormone What the (blank) kind of a name is this?! I can't even figure out what the heck it is supposed to mean; sounds like they just threw random words together. Mr. Critic
Maximum the Hormone Yet another "words-pulled-out-of-a-hat" band name. Daniel
Mayday Parade Sounds like a communist social gathering. carly_carlz
MC 900 Ft Jesus Actually, he's a rapper. But he got his name from a sermon that Oral Roberts preached about.  Paul Warren
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes They must've been rather immature to think up a name like this. Just look at it.  Mr. Critic
Meat Beat Manifesto One of the only times the band is really good but not the name, but they picked THE name that I'm too embarrassed to recommend to others. The Desert of the Real
Meat Beat Manifesto Reminds me of the Unabomber Amerikashka
The Meatmen Do they work in a butcher shop or something? I doubt it. Evan Shortoria
Meek Mill Why would anyone go around saying they are meek? Is this guy a 98 pound weakling and proud of it? JD
Meese Apparently it's the surname of the two founding members, but it seems like it could be a plural of "moose" (analogous to "geese" being the plural of "goose"). Liza Lott
Meg Mac It sounds like a McDonald's burger that is bigger than the Big Mac. (Mega-Mac?) Polly Darton
Megadeth It could be interpreted as "Megadeath", which sounds rather unappealing for a band name. Cal
Megadeth I've seen this misspelled SO many times in record stores, it's not even funny... GlamRockNinjaLord
Megan Thee Stallion Her name looks weird in more ways than one. "Thee" is an archaic word and she isn't a stallion. Sarah
The Members What are they members of? This is too vague a name. Quyjibo
The Men It's WAYYY too generic of a name. LOTS of bands consist solely of adult males. Perhaps these guys just couldn't think of a creative name for their band, so they used something systematic instead? Alex
Men At Work  I guess they had to tell us that singing was their job. Yeah, maybe we did need some clarification on that.  Billy Florio
Men Without Hats Can't they just wear hats? It's not gonna kill 'em or anything. Stockton
Men, Women & Children There are no women or children in this band! Tommy
The Mendoza Line When you name your band after the alternate name for a .200 batting average (which is horrible), standards are low. JeReMy
Menswear The stupidity roots from the pronunciation. Is it "Men's wear" or "Men swear"? Tommy
Menswear So what is it supposed to be? Men Swear or Men's Wear? Since there's no space, it can be ambiguously interpreted. Mac
Mercyme What the hell is a Mercyme? Is it is like a mermaid, or merman, or something like that? hamp
Metal Church I thought this was an actual religious sect that worships heavy metal music. It's not and that kind of sucks... GlamRockNinjaLord
Metallica Would you call a rap group "The Rappers"? Or a new wave band "The New Wave"? If they hadn't set the standard for heavy metal as we know it, it just would've been a big joke. tinyhak
Methods of Mayhem It's an okay name, but what's with getting the name from an album of sound effects? Somebody's gotta lay offa the dope... killer_roach
Mew They have cats at their live shows? How adorable! carly_carlz
Mew Just what we need. A band named after a Pokemon. Jonathan S.
MGMT It's the abbreviation of "management", but they haven't even managed anything. And it could easily be confused with MGM Movie Studios. (Not Yet) Pope Francis II
Mi-Sex It seems to have a rather raunchy connotation to it. (This band was from New Zealand and active in the late 70's and early 80's, btw.) Harry
Mica Paris Since her first name (actually nickname) is pronounced "Meesha," most people who hear it but haven't seen it in print will not know it is spelled Mica, which normally has a completely different pronunciation. Her real first name is Michelle, so she should have used either that name or a nickname with a spelling that is easy to guess from the pronunciation. Candy Welty
Michael Learns To Rock Well, he already LEARNED to rock. Justin
Michelle Shocked I don't think anyone truly has a surname of Shocked. Mr. Critic
Michelle Shocked It is thoroughly ambiguous. Is Michelle herself shocked (as in stunned), or did she shock some other(s)? Furthermore, is the shock in question electrical, psychological, physiological, or what? Karen Smith
Mighty Clouds Of Joy Clouds can't sing. If we had a section for "Literally Impossible" band names, this would be perfect. Kate Downton
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Why the two "mighty's"? Wasn't one enough? Plus, I understand there are other bands with "tones" at the end, but my question is, just what is a "BOSS-tone" supposed to sound like? Jonathan S.
The Mighty RAW What is so mighty about raw meat? Even the phrase "Mighty Raw" sounds like it belongs in a WWE tournament, not making Power Rangers music! On the other hand, shouldn't that be very telling about their mentality level? BulldozerBegins
Miike Snow When I first saw this name, I thought it was a typographical error. Turns out, it's the actual spelling of this music act's name. Also, it looks like it could be the name of a solo male performer, but it's a group. Another doubly-deceiving band name! nally
Mike + The Mechanics Most people who hear this name but haven't seen it in print will think there is an ampersand or the word "and" instead of a plus sign. The plus sign in this name stands for "and." Candy Welty
Mike Will Made It Yet another grammatically awkward name. And this time it's a solo rap artist. What does this indicate? Tim
Milk and Cookies Who formed this band? A bunch of grandmas? Or toddlers? Or both? carly_carlz
Milky Chance The US Dairy Association must have paid the band a huge sum to name their band this.  The ABC Kid
Milky Chance Oh, look, it's random word combination syndrome again! GlamRockNinjaLord
The Miller Stain Limit One member was J Miller. Where did he and Terry Sawchuk come up with a stain limit? Was it a detergent? Cade McNown
Millions Like Us It is totally ambiguous. Does it mean to refer to millions of others that they are claiming are similar to themselves? Or does it mean they are bragging about millions supposedly being fond of them? Harriet Henderson
Milo Greene The name implies a solo singer, but it is actually a group of four singers and a percussionist. Tommy
Mind.In.A.Box What I find stupid about this name is that they use periods between the words. What on earth for?? Gus
Mindless Behavior Is that what they exhibit? They need to grow up. Fred
Mindless Self Indulgence They are also referred to as Mindless. So I guess you would have to be mindless to think of a name like this. Travis
Mindless Self Indulgence Sounds like they are more concerned with enjoying themselves than giving their fans a good show - I guess they indulge themselves mindlessly when on stage Rychendroll
The Miniature Men Does this mean that they play tiny instruments and sing with tiny voices? No, actually these men are all of normal size. Candy Welty
Minnesota This band wasn't from the U.S.; in fact they were from Germany. Unless they somehow have ties to the state of Minnesota, I don't see the point in them using this name. (They covered 4-Non-Blondes' "What's Up" shortly after it was a big hit.) Gus
Mirror of Dead Faces Think about the band name. Doesn't it sound rather creepy and repulsive? hekifier
The Misfits If the music doesn't keep us out of mainstream society, maybe the name will. Rychendroll
The Misfits What ever happened to dignity and self respect in today's bands? Are you ever going to hear them at a concert, and shout to the crowd "We're proud to be The Misfits!" hekifier
Missing Persons If they're missing, why are they singing? Francis A. Sissy
Mission Of Burma Am I the only one who notices this is Broken English? From a group of solely English-speaking musicians, no less! G
MisterWives Sounds kinda like an oxymoron, gender-wise. Quyjibo
Moby Is his last name supposed to be Dick (since he's a descendant of Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick)? Greg G.
Moby Grape One of those "fruit" bands from the sixties. I think it was really Herman Melville's first novel. Dano
The Mock Turtles Their name is misleading because they aren't a Turtles tribute band. B1982
Modest Mouse I seriously doubt that mice have a kind of mentality capable of manifesting either modesty or arrogance or any related attitudes. Natalie Merchant's Millpond
Modjo Whenever I see this band it reminds me of that monkey off the powerpuff girls. Lisa
Moe. Yes, that is the proper way to put this band name in print according to the band members, none of whom happen to have the name Moe! GlamRockNinjaLord
moe. The two main reasons why it's stupid are 1) They don't capitalize it; 2) They write it with a period at the end (Why?). Also, it makes me think of the Three Stooges. Mr. Critic
The Moffats Makes me think of milk and cows... Mac
Mojave 3 This country/folk band is named after a desert in Southwestern United States, there are more than three members, and they're British. They were only named Mojave 3 because three members were from the dream pop band Slowdive. Eric Kelvin
Mokenstef I know it came from the band members' first names, but to me it sounds more like a German beer. 59Eagle
The Moldy Peaches Peaches are a delicious fruit when just the right ripeness. Trouble is, they go quickly from being too hard to starting to rot. One tries to catch them when they are just right. But it can only be a disappointment when they start to go bad, often molding. There's nothing positively appealing in such a disappointment that could make it an attractive band name! Jacqui O'Day
Molly Hatchet It sounds like the name of a female singer but it's a band with only male members.  Charlotte
Molly Hatchet The name suggests a solo performer, but it's a band. And none of its members are named Molly. Some bands will do anything to get attention, I guess... Cassandra
The Monkees The correct spelling is 'monkeys,' not 'monkees.' And during the 60's, when the band formed, it was not common to misspell names. jonny
Monkey Junk I assume they named themselves after primate sex organs. And you thought Rainbow Butt Monkeys was stupid.  JD
Monkey Swallows The Universe Sounds like a really bad play on Jimmy Eats World. Rachel
The Monotones Their name suggests that their music has just one tone. But their music has melodies, so it certainly has more than one tone! Candy Welty
Monster Magnet Would you dare put this magnet on your fridge? Red Ruffcorn
Monty Python I know this a British comedy group. But it still confounds me as to why they would name it after a snake.  Brit Boxx
The Moody Blues If you are already blue, you won't be moody Rychendroll
Moose Blood This name leaves me at a loss to imagine how it might have positive appeal as a band name. Could it have something to do with the fact that the band is British, and the word "moose" might still be a relative novelty in their home country? The largest member of the deer family, Alces alces, although panarctic in distribution, has historically been called moose mainly in North America. In British English it has historically been mainly called elk. Karen Smith
Morningwood How is the wood any different in the morning then it is at night? Travis
Mother Love Bone That's just wrong on so many levels. Rock Maninoff
Motley Crue An American band that thinks it's Scandinavian. How tacky is that? Chris
Mott The Hoople This would be a good name for an imaginary friend of Willy Wonka's, however, as a band name it sort of freaks me out. GlamRockNinjaLord
Mott The Hoople What the hell is a hoople, anyway? ronnie james
Mott The Hoople What the hell does that even mean anyway, think if someone came up to you and said "Hi I am Mott The Hoople" I would tell them that they need serious help. hamp
Mott The Hoople It sounds like either a "fad" kid's toy or a character from Sesame Street. Jonathan S.
Mr. Big Name suggests a solo male performer (possibly a rapper), but it's an acoustic rock band instead. Cassandra
Mr. Bungle Awesome band, but it sounds like it could be the name of a character on a kids show (Mr. Bungle's Neighborhood or something). Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Mr. Children It would be weird to walk up to some guy and they'd say "Hey, my name's Mr. Children!"  Mitsuki
Mr. Little Jeans First of all, the lead singer is a girl. Second, there's only one person..the girl. Third...are her jeans that little? Erin-May
Mr. Mister Sounds like a character from Sesame Street! Charles Chester
Mr. Mister  It seems like the same concept for Major Major's character in Catch-22, I'd hate to be the Mrs. Mister  Billy Florio
Mr. Moccasin This name suggests a solo performer, but the band is actually an indie-rock quartet. Candy Welty
Mr. Muthaf***in' eXquire How do you expect mainstream success with an awful name like this? Of course, he's a rapper with a foul mouth. JD
The Mr. T Experience Mr. T isn't in the band! I couldn't have said it better myself. noskcaJ
Mrs. Green Apple This name suggests an alias for a female performer, but it's actually a band which consists of 4 men and 1 woman(Ayaka Yamanaka). Chris Chendo
Mudvayne When I hear this name I think of some person with mud in their veins instead of blood, ooh! so scary Logan
The Muffs The name makes me think of a bunch of preppie girls in crested blazers playing light-hearted jangle pop at the country club. Good thing they play nothing like that. The Skuz
Mungo Jerry The name suggests a solo performer (since Jerry is a common first name), but actually it's a 4-man band. Candy Welty
Murder By Death Another submission from the Department of Redundancies. hekifier
Murderdolls That's not a very nice thing to do. Andy
The Murmaids Most people who hear this name but haven't seen it in print will spell it The Mermaids. Candy Welty
Museum Mouth Seems like yet another pair of randomly chosen words. Why do bands do this sort of thing?? It makes no sense! Mr. Critic
Mushroomhead Mushroom = slang for penis. Head = also slang for penis. This name simply DOES NOT make for a good mental picture. Jonathan S.
The Music It's way too obvious and unimaginative. Cassandra
The Music Makers It's way too obvious. All bands make music! Candy Welty
Mustard Plug Just what in sam hill is that? The cap you put on a squeeze bottle of mustard? Jonathan S.
Mute Math When is math muted? Did they have TV Teachers? Paul Warren
MxPx What's with the x's? Is this some kind of cover up, or is it because their music is x-tra lame. Actually, it's an abbreviation for Magnified Plaid, that name is stupid too. Marvin
My Baby Wants to Eat Your Pussy Do you mean a cat or a certain part of the female anatomy? Either way, it's just 18 varieties of disgusting. carly_carlz
My Bloody Valentine Its name is the same as a gory slasher film in the 80's. That should give you a clue. newave
My Chemical Romance I guess they really like science! What kinda chemical are they in love with? I also say that they think they're much more *emoer* deeper than us because they moan about loooove, vampires and death. Wow. Rip
My Darkest Days I don't think days can be measured on a scale of light. BillyBobby
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Any band that name a band after a sect of joy killers can't be right in the head. Rocky
My Morning Jacket Why would anyone need different coats for different times of day? A Stranger

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