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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with K

Submitted by:
K'naan Unpronounceable gibberish in one word. Odd. A Stranger
k.d. lang Another female artist whose initials sound like "Katie". The stupid part is that she doesn't capitalize her name. Really! Polly Darton
K.T. Oslin If you go by initials "K.T.", that sounds too much like "Katie" to make your name unambiguous in sound. Lois Teem
K7 I thought it might be a seven-person band consisting of people whose names all begin with the letter K, but it's nothing of the sort. In fact, it's a solo male singer...whose given name is Louis Sharpe. There's no "K" in that name, so where does it come from? And why the number 7? Did he just randomly pull a letter and a number out of a hat or something? Mr. Critic
Kaiser Chiefs It seems that this band is overly obsessed with soccer since they named themselves after the soccer team the Kaizer Chiefs. Paul Warren
Kajagoogoo It sounds like something a baby would babble. brainstem
Kajagoogoo I almost can't bring myself to say the name, because it's SO stupid! It's like everyone else here has said, it simply sounds like baby talk! Jonathan S.
Kajagoogoo You know, maybe I'd understand this if I were, say, one! pauhead
Kamelot Seems like they spelled Camelot the way it's pronounced. Joe
Kaoma Some people who hear this name but haven't seen it in print will not spell it correctly. Candy Welty
Kapelye As Yiddish for 'the band', I figure this lot are being bigheaded, thinking they're the only band worthy of this name. Bobo
Kara There are actually two known bands with this name. What makes it even worse is that it could suggest a solo female, since Kara is a girls name. Mr. Critic
Kardinal Offishall Another blatant example of intentionally misspelling a pair of words. Are rappers that obsessed with doing that sorta thing? Quyjibo
Karnivool what the hell, seriously, it's like you and your bandmates thought that it would be really cool to misspell carnival? K1mpp4
KaSandra Most people would spell the name as Cassandra if they heard it but haven't seen it in print. But even worse, KaSandra is a man! Candy Welty
Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus It's not a circus and there's nothing orchestral about it. It's a 1960s bubblegum band. And in my opinion, this name is too long for a band name. Candy Welty
Kataklysm Where do some of these bands come up with their names... especially one as corny-sounding as this one?? The spelling might be hard to guess as well, for anyone who doesn't see it in print. Oliver South
Kate Walsh There is a British singer (born in 1983) by this name, but most Americans might confuse her with a U.S. actress (born in 1967), who is not a musician. However, the actress's given first name was Kathleen, and she has a middle name; whereas the Brit singer's given first name was Kate and she doesn't have a middle name. That said, it's hard to differentiate the two women. (If you ask me, the singer should've taken a stage name.) A. Critic
Katfish Most people will spell this name "Catfish" if they hear it but haven't seen it in print. Candy Welty
Kathleen 'Bird' York There's nothing wrong with her first and last name, but what's up with Bird in quote marks? Does she want people to think she has wings or something? That part just baffles me... Mac
Ke$ha What's with the dollar sign in her name? Is she trying to get some street cred? JD
Keep Of Kalessin This is an extreme metal band but, I don't picture extreme metal fans being literate enough to know where this name comes from. GlamRockNinjaLord
Kenny It's a band, not a solo male artist as the name implies (since Kenny is a man's name!). Plus, you might confuse it with Kenny G, Kenny Loggins, and Kenny Rogers (all of whom are solo male musicians). I.P. Frehley
Kentucky Headhunters Brings back memories of Ned Beatty being tied to that tree, squealing like a piggie... Superr
Kicking Harold Why would you want to name a band this? It sounds mean spirited. Julia
Kid N' Play It just makes me think of a saturday morning cartoon  Alien7
Kid Rock Some people might think the name means "rock-n-roll for kids", but that's kinda deceiving, given this guy's musical styles and personality. Cassandra
Kidney Thieves Kidney Thieves?? To whom would that name endear a band? Urrrrgggh! Gail McFarland
Kids in Glass Houses Who the hell came up with this name, a stoned chav? Skullbird11
Kill Hannah Someone named his band after a death wish toward his ex-girlfriend. Scary as well as stupid! Doodah Bobo
Kill Holiday I swear this is a real band name. It seems to have a rather abrasive connotation, and could be interpreted in more ways than one. What were these guys smoking?? Mr. Critic
The Killers The name just seems like it's a lame attempt to seem threatening... if not, then perhaps it's a reference to Jerry Lee Lewis. The Skuz
The Killers What are they killing? And why are they doing so? CJ
The Killers Not an Iron Maiden tribute band...a post-punk revival group, who do not play very violent music... Gil
Killing Heidi Think about it - there's something sick about murdering that little girl in the Swiss Alps! What did she ever do to anyone? And she had that horrible aunt too.  Leigh
Killing Joke When jokes are outlawed, only outlaws can tell jokes. fatboy
Killing Miranda Another repulsive name for a band. They must have sick minds to come up with something like this. Mr. Critic
The Kills 1) It could be mistaken for The Killers, a more well-known alternative band; 2) It's way too repulsive. Mr. Critic
Kim Mitchell Many people will think this should be a female performer, since Kim as a first name usually pertains to girls (it's short for Kimberly), but this performer is a male instead. Larry
King Crimson Exactly what country does this group represent? carly_carlz
King Kobra Many people will spell this name as King Cobra if they don't see it in print, and equate it with a venomous snake. Jeremy
King Missile Given that their only hit is called "Detachable Penis", is it any wonder I keep thinking of the band name as referring to that part of the body? Jonathan S.
Kings of Leon There is no country called Leon. BillyBobby
The Kingston Trio They're neither from Kingston, ON nor from Kingston, Jamaica - but rather from Palo Alto, CA. Panini
Kitchens Of Distinction Can a band name get any tackier than this? Seems like yet another name composed of randomly chosen words. Fuller
Kittie Look at the band... yeah, it's all female, but they don't exactly give that "sweet, wholesome" image that the name suggest, after all, they're Goths... killer_roach
KIX It's a breakfast cereal, for cryin out loud! Mike Aaron
KJ-52 Most people are likely to look at this name and pronounce the numerical part "fifty-two", interpreting it as a full number, rather than "five-two" (the digits one at a time, which is how the artist himself established it). Also it could be interpreted as a four-card hand (king, jack, five, two). Quyjibo
The Klansmen Why would a band choose a name related to the KKK?!!? Tommy
Klaxons Nobody knows what a klaxon is. Lance Crackers
Klaxons None of the members play a klaxon or any other type of horn. Guy
Klique Most people will not spell this name correctly if they hear it but haven't seen it in print. And this band might be confused with a band called The Clique. Candy Welty
Klymaxx People who hear this name but haven't seen it in print will probably spell it Climax. Candy Welty
Klymaxx The spelling is atrocious and while their big hit 'I Miss You' is a good song, there was also an elevator Muzak pop band in the 70's called Climax with their hit 'Precious and Few'. Then there's the Climax Blues Band from the UK and they scored some good hits in their own right. Are you confused yet?  Johnny Kant Spell
The Knack Clearly, they did not have "the knack", as they did not have very many hits! GlamRockNinjaLord
The Knocks Phonetically, it could be too easily mistaken as 'The Knox', since it has exactly the same pronunciation. Joe
Kokomo It might be appropriate as the name of a group, but it's just one person (Jimmy Wisner). Candy Welty
KONGOS People who hear the name but haven't seen it in print are likely to spell it 'Congos'. Jonathan S.
The Konks Obvoiusly, it looks and sounds like they're trying (badly) to rip off of Ray Davies' band The Kinks. Jonathan S.
The Konks Sounds like some cheesy sound effect a clown would use when he gets hit by a baseball. Logan
The Kooks Makes it sound like the band members have mental issues. GlamRockNinjaLord
Korn Too corny....... Gengar308
Korn Now all they need is album called "On the Kobb". Chuck Fensch
Korn Like not Badfinger but bad toe? Chris
Korn Why couldn't they call themselves Karrots. It would've gotten more attention. Korn is just a short term for Porn. And I don't see a munky or head in the band. S.T.G.
Kottonmouth Kings Kottonmouth is not a monarchy. Plus, why misspell it? Erica Tetralix
Kraftwerk This name is the proper German spelling, but people in English-speaking countries who hear the name but haven't seen it in print will probably think it is Craftwork or Craft Work.  Candy Welty
Kuf-Linx The might be confused with another band called The Cuff Links. Also, almost no one will spell this name correctly if they hear it but haven't seen it in print. Candy Welty

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