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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with G

Submitted by:
The Gadjits Is this supposed to be a misspelling of Gadgets? If so, these guys did a rather convincing job. As it is, though, it can be misleading for those who hear it without first seeing it in print. Calop
The Game Might be appropriate if it was a band, since many bands use "The (something)" as their names, but it's only one guy! (Namely, a rapper. Shows how far rap artists will go to get attention.) Mr. Critic
Garbage Just hearing the band name, makes me want to clean.....they could have been a little more sanitary while choosing the band name, or maybe that is what the lead singer spent most of her life living in. Fendergurl
Garfunkel And Oates This is not a duo of Art Garfunkel (of Simon & Garfunkel) and John Oates (of Hall & Oates), but instead it's two women who do not have the surnames of Garfunkel or Oates. Candy Welty
Garland Green Half of it is his real name (the surname, that is), but it makes me think of Christmas or other festive holidays. Ted
Gaye Bykers on Acid Good luck getting people to put that "e" at the end of "Gaye". (Were they trying to ripoff Marvin Gaye or something?) This is spelled correctly BTW JeReMy
The Gazette Why would a METAL band want to name themselves after a word for a simply boring newspaper? Erin
General Public They're two guys. I'd say they hardly represent the general public. Jonathan S.
Genesis Some people thought this would be a Christian band at the time, but they're a Progressive-Rock band formed by Peter Gabriel. Paul Warren
Genitorturers They imply that they inflict pain to the genitals. What an ugly thing to do! Candy Welty
Genkaku Allergy What the heck is a genkaku and how would someone be allergic to it? Daniel
George Clinton That was the name of the 4th Vice President of the United States; he served during Thomas Jefferson's second term. Strange that an American funk singer would choose to go by this name as well. (There have also been other famous men known by this name.) Joe
Germans None of the members of this band are German; they're all Canadians. Natalie Benson
The Germs Does that mean if I listen to their music, I will get sick? Alexis P.
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly More instructions, and this time hypothetical ones; wearing a cape does not automatically enable you to fly. And anyway, why do they separate the instructions with full stops? A Stranger
Get Scared Ok, so if your name is Get Scared, do you NOT want people to listen to your music? Riddle me that. Relith Kanima
Get Up Kids It sounds like a really bad syndicated children's TV show from the 1970's. Todd W. Zimmerman
Ghost Bath Is it an actual ghost taking a bath or is it a living mortal taking a bath in ghosts? Either way it's literally impossible. Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Ghost Of The Robot It's just not clever, and it could give some people nightmares. Joe
Ghostface Killah If you're gonna name yourself after the villain from "Scream", at least know how to spell his name. Reggie Pillbox
Ghoti Hook Sounds more like a weapon John Gotti uses than a Christian band. Chrissie
Ghoti Hook What's stupid about it is that they want you to pronounce the first word like "fish." Clearly it looks like it should be pronounced "goaty" instead...I bet 99 out of 100 people would agree. Mr. Critic
Gigolo Aunts An aunt is a female entity, but this group consisted solely of males. Cassandra
Ginger This was a short-lived 1990s Canadian alternative rock band. Yet the name suggests a solo female act using a mononym (which it isn't). Also it could cause confusion with Ginger Baker, a late male English drummer who was a member of the band Cream. Mr. Critic
Ginger Baker's Air Force Who the heck owns their own personal air force? Kate Downton
Ginuwine The spelling might cause one to ask "A red or white wine?". Kerianne Hopkins
Girl in a Coma It seems to suggest a solo female performer, but it's a group instead. But at least they're all ladies. Quyjibo
Girlfriend Another music-act name that suggests an individual, but is a group instead. But at least all the members are female. Calop
Girls Aloud could they not spell "allowed"? or was this to make people think they play loud music mark
Girls Kick Butt This name for a band sounds sexist to me! Paul Warren
Girls Under Glass They are males, not females. Therefore this name is a misnomer. Future Backer
Girlyman Really, would anyone want to be known as a girly man? The music is good, but the band name stinks. It's an Oxymoron. James
Glass Cloud Another concrete example of a "literally impossible" band name. Clouds are composed of water vapor, not glass. Calop
Glass Tiger Glass is way too fragile for the music scene. Rychendroll
Gloria Mundi This name suggests it should be one person (a solo singer), but instead it's a band. Brionna Secret
Gnarls Barkley the lesser known brother of NBA basketball player Charles Barkley, perhaps? hamp
The Go-Go's It's too "Mary Poppins". Otis G.
Gob Gob is what farmers do on the sidewalk ! (nothing against farmers) Lydia
God Is An Astronaut Doesn't make sense... unless they were praying in space when they thought of this name (which is probably unlikely, but ya never know). Mr. Critic
Godsmack It's not a good idea to smack God, you morons. The Man
Gone Seriously, there was a band with this name. They obviously had to be *somewhere* in order to perform, right? And with such an unimaginative name, it's no surprise that they didn't last too long. Cassandra
Gone All Stars Gone was the name of a record label that existed from 1957 to 1962. This band features their star performers. People unfamiliar with the label at that time probably wondered where the band had gone. I guess it doesn't matter anymore, since the band truly *is* gone now. Candy Welty
Goo Goo Dolls Is this not a band of males? I am a guy and I certainly wouldn't want to be referred to as a member of the "Goo-Goo Dolls". What were they thinking, choosing a name like this? Travis
Goo Goo Dolls It sounds like an all- or mostly-girls band, but they're all guys. What GUY wants to be known as a GOO GOO DOLL?!?!? Jonathan S.
Goo Goo Dolls It just sounds so immature. Leigh-Ann
Goo Goo Dolls Sounds like a name that a baby would think of. hehateme
Goo-Goo Dolls Hell, THEY even admit it. pauhead
Good Charlotte First off, why is Charlotte good? And are you talking about a person, or the North Carolina city? Richard O'Shea
Good Grief People say "Good grief!" to mean they're frustrated or upset about something. I wouldn't want to listen to a band that's frustrated or upset. A second meaning could be that there is some sort of grief that is good. But grief is not good! Candy Welty
Good Old War Wars are not good. Who on earth thought up this name??? Alex
Goose Creek Symphony It's not a symphony; it's a country-rock band. Candy Welty
Gorillaz None of them are any sort of primate, let alone gorillas. A Stranger
Gorillaz Were they trying to be cool by using "-z" to form the plural? Sorry, but many people, including myself, don't think that's cool. That Guy Over There
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci The most successful group without a top 40 hit. No-one, not even in the band, knows what the name means. Let's start with Gorky. It's probably a name; it is showing posession and there is no similar word in the dictionary. Zygotic could refer to Zygote (the last word in the dictionary), a firtilized egg cell. Mynci could be Mycellium, the threads making up the black bit of a mushroom. Although I have all this evidence a question needs to be asked. Why? Jakko Wakko
Gov't Mule Makes it sound like the government is hiring people to smuggle drugs. I could be afraid that any of its members might end up like poor Lucy In "Maria Full Of Grace". Tabitha Cartwright
Grandaddy For some reason I half expect them to smell of pee... Chris
Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five Is he a grandmaster because he doesn't get himself arrested? The five must be furious because they aren't quite as good as GF and always get caught. Johnny D
Grandpa Jones It's kind of a misnomer since he never actually had any grandchildren. Harlo Gubli
Gravity Kills Let me alert the authorites, guys. John Phillips Screwdriver
Gravy Train!!!! You've got to be a seriously juvenile group to include four exclamation points in your name. Jonathan S.
Grayson Hugh It seems backwards to me. I mean, Hugh is commonly a first name, and Grayson seems like it should be a last name. But this is his actual name, in proper order. Cassandra
Great Garlic Girls Eating garlic produces bad breath. So why would any girl want to be known as a garlic girl? It's not flattering and not great. Candy Welty
Green Apple Quick Step I swear I did not make that up! (Look on the "I Know What You Did Last Summer" soundtrack if you don't believe me.) If I have to give a specific reason for this being a dumb name, fine, here's three: It's totally random; it doesn't make the least bit of sense; and it sounds like some out-of-date dance move. Jonathan S.
Green Day Days don't have colors, nor can they sing. Tim Panuchus
Green Day Perhaps they meant to call themselves Gray Day (but didn't want to be sued by Madness)? Mark
Green Day What does a green day look like? Blueriver
The Group With No Name Were they so desperate that they couldn't come up with a true name? Joe
The Guess Who OK, gimme a hint. John
The Guess Who  I don't know, who? It is hard to talk about a song they sung, it doesn't sound right when you say: The Guess Who sung American Women Billy Florio
Gunhill Road I wouldn't want to live on a street with a name like that! Bob
Guniw Tools What the heck is a "Guniw tool" and what would it be used for? And how do you pronounce it anyway? Chris Chendo
Gunplay Typical for a rapper to choose a name that glorifies violence.  JD
Guns N Roses Come on, did any one ever hear Axle Rose's voice, can it get any higher? How can a band like that pull of a name like Guns and Roses? They should be just Roses! Floyde the stondent
Guy It's three guys, not one. Also, there's no one named Guy in this band. Candy Welty
Gwen Stacy It makes one think of a female solo singer when it's a group of men. And they named it after Spiderman's first girlfriend. They should stop reading comic books. Rock Maninoff
Gym Class Heroes Did they do really well in P.E. class or something? Cassandra

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