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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with C

Submitted by:
Cage the Elephant That's just animal cruelty. dominicmgm
Cake Like T-Bone, I like Cake but the name makes me hungry. Guess that's what happens when a band names itself after a food. JeReMy
Cake Ah man! It makes me hungry! Mmmm! Cake! Gimmie some! hekifier
Cake Makes you think they should only perform at birthday parties. GlamRockNinjaLord
Calm Chaos Well if it isn't two words thrown together that are complete opposites, I'll eat my hat. It just seems pointless to me. Travis
Calm Chaos Even though it's alliterated, it's stupid because it's an oxymoron as chaos isn't calm. A.J.
A Camp I don't know if the A at the start of the name should be read as the indefinite article (pronounced as "uh" and unstressed) or simply as the letter A (pronounced as "ay" and stressed). B1982
Camper Van Beethoven Any band that uses two-thirds of a celebrated composer's name for part of its own name, must be uncreative. Wilrub
Candi This name suggests a solo female performer, but the band is actually a group of three men and one woman (Candy Pennella). Candy Welty
Candlebox A box to store candles? How unoriginal... Ed
Candy Skins No women in the band but it sounds like a female porn name Chris
Cannabis Corpse Not to be confused with previously submitted Cannibal Corpse. How do you make a stupid name worse? Weed reference JeReMy
Canned Heat It is literally impossible for heat to be canned. Jonathan S.
Cannibal Corpse Once someone is a corpse, it can't be a cannibal anymore. In fact, it can't eat anything. Hardrock Harry
Cannons There are no cannons in this band, and none of these musicians have the last name Cannon. At least their music's cool. Sheila Oh
Capital Cities It sounds like they looked at an atlas to name themselves. Opie M.
Captain Beefheart If this was a proposed superhero name, I can see why it would be rejected. Too uncreative. It's no better as a band name. Harry
Captain Beyond It sounds like a superhero. Eddie
Captain Beyond Where are captains Bed & Bath? GlamRockNinjaLord
Captain Sensible Seems like a rejected superhero name? Harry
Cardiacs Not stupid per se, but WAY harsher in hindsight--lead singer Tim Smith was incapacitated by a heart attack in 2008, and was ultimately killed by cardiac arrest in 2020. Ouch... Sejjie
Care Bears On Fire It's not a band name, it's a cult of sadistic four year old pyromaniacs. TheStupidGenius
Carolina Chocolate Drops Sounds more like it should be the name of a candy shop than that of a band. Chris
Carolina Liar There are six members in the band, but only one is actually from a Carolina state. I guess the majority doesn't rule anymore. Doug E. Stale
Caroline's Spine It seems to imply the name of a solo female performer(even if the "spine" part was just part of a stage name), but it's not. It's actually an all-male band, so it's misleading.  Lefty Lucy
Caroline's Spine Although "Caroline" is a lovely name, I seriously doubt that it imparts any special powers such as being able to sing with one's spine. All my education tends to assure me that Caroline has to use her lungs, vocal cords, and mouth to sing just as any other singer does! Jean Goodsprings
The Carpenters Little did Richard know that, when he decided to name the band after himself and his sister, he would need to build a coffin for the latter. (So it is in bad taste. Sue me.)  MOR
The Cars Cars don't sing. If this makes sense as a band name, then maybe they should make a car called a Tenor. Joanna Hawthorne
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine I dunno, it might have a raunchy connotation to it. Mac
Cash Cash Once again, a fine pick from the Department of Redundancies Department. Jonathan S.
The Cast of Cheers It seems to imply something related to the TV show "Cheers", but that's not the case. Johnny Nguyen
A Cat Born In An Oven Isn't A Cake I can waste my breath doing more useful things than saying this name, like exercise. Not only that, but a complete sentence, as this is, should NOT be used as a band name, no matter how long or short it is. JeReMy
Cat Mother & The All Night News Boys It's too long for a band name. (Too many words.) Candy Welty
Cathedral A cathedral is a religious building. But the band using this name is a heavy metal band; this name does not sound appropriate for such a group, sorry. Cory
Catherine Wheel It seems to suggest a solo female performer in first-and-last-name format, but this is a band, and all of its members are male. Gus
Cats Can Fly A cat can't fly whatsoever, which makes their name flat out stupid. sundog
Cattle Decapitation To be fair, the names "Abattoir" and "Slaughterhouse" were taken. Joel Martinez
Cause And Effect It implies that the group is a duo, with one member named Cause and another member named Effect. But that's not the case. Thomas Foolery
The Cave Singers Geez. How old are these people?! Qwee
Cazz It sounds like it could the name of a group, but it's actually a solo performer whose real name is Robert Lewis. This name might be hard to spell if it is heard but not seen in print. And what does Cazz mean, anyway? Candy Welty
Cece Peniston I know it's her actual name (although Cece is short for Cecelia), but many people could misinterpret it as C.C. Peniston and wonder what the C's stand for (if they don't see it in print first). Joe
Cee-lo Green Not only did he name himself after a dice game, but his last name is "Calloway" not "Green", which makes it even worse. JeReMy
Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch It sounds like they're a swarm of bees. Since bees sting, I'd get away from them as fast as I could! Candy Welty
Cellarful Of Noise Not an inviting name for a band, to imply that their music is noise. Melanie Bianca Green
The Cellos None of the members of this group play a cello or any other musical instrument when they perform; they are a vocal group only. Candy Welty
Celtic Woman Since "Woman" is singular, it would sound like the name of one solo singer. But in fact, "Celtic Woman" is a quintet (group of five) lead singers (all women), some of whom do solos on certain specific songs, plus several instrumental accompanists (which include both men and women). Sam Bucus the elder
The Chainsmokers It's a very dirty and disgusting habit. Mr. Critic
Chalk Circle The name itself isn't really stupid per se, but the problem is that there are TWO bands with this name. Chris
Chamillionaire  Is he a chameleon or a millionaire? He doesn't have proof that he is either one. Reggie Pillbox It's stupid, because web addresses are not very good names to use for a band. Did they just pick a random word and add ".com" to the end of it? And if they had a website, would it be called ""?  Frieda Evans
Charles Wright And The Watts 103rd Street... ...Rhythm Band. This name is much too long for a band name--too long to fit in the "Band Name" space on the submission form! Candy Welty
Charlie First of all, it suggests a solo performer, but it was a band...and if that's not bad enough, they originally called themselves Charlie Cuckoo, which *also* seems like it could refer to an individual. But what's worse about this name is that there are plenty of performers out there (mostly solo artists) with Charlie in their name, such as Charlie Parker, Charlie Daniels, and if you try to search for this band on a particular site, it'll be complicated. Evan Shortoria
Charlie Dore This name suggests a male performer, but Charlie Dore is a woman. Also, some people might spell "Dore" as "Door" if they hear the name without seeing it in print. Candy Welty
Chasing Victory Have you caught it yet? Travis
Cheap Girls Another band like Barenaked Ladies and Queens Of The Stone Age with a name that implies female members, but is composed of all males. Jonathan S.
Cheap Trick How much did the trick cost? Travis
Cheese Monkeys from Planet Nine I SWEAR THIS IS REAL!! All I know about them is that one of the former members was Daniel Biro, the bassist for Hawk Nelson JeReMy
The Chemical Brothers Once again, a double misnomer. They're not related as brothers, and neither one has Chemical as a surname. Gus
Cheri This name suggest a solo female performer, but actually it's the name of a female duo with neither woman named Cheri. Candy Welty
The Cherry People No people are cherry-flavored, nor are any people made of cherries or cherry wood. Olivia Tame
Cherry Poppin' Daddies Incest is best! If you can't keep it in your pants, keep it in the family! Talk about EWWWW!!!! Becky
The Chi-Lites This name sounds like "The Shy Lights"--and that's what I first thought the name was! But then later, I heard a DJ spell out the name. I couldn't have spelled the name right without hearing or seeing the spelling. Candy Welty
Chicago Poodle This is a Jpop band, so why they use a certain American city in their name is beyond my comprehension. Unless they somehow have ties to the "Windy City," I don't see the point. Mr. Critic
Chickenfoot Boring animal + boring part of the body = dumb band name. G
Chicks The new name for "The Dixie Chicks," who wanted to get the "Dixie" out of their name due to the long-standing association of the word with the Confederate States of America, and the Ku Klux Klan. Sure, I get that, but that name is way too generic. The Skuz
Child Pornography This is a real band on Bandcamp. If I downloaded their music, would I get arrested? Tommy
Childish Gambino It sounds like a spoiled six-year-old brat playing mobster. Todd W. Zimmerman
Children Of Bodom These are grown men calling themselves children. Good luck pulling that off. Most children don't have facial hair. Travis
Chocolate Watch Band Too similar to Strawberry Alarm Clock (though I'm not sure which band came first). Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Chocolate Watch Band Yep, 60s again.... Catchy, but stupid. Maybe Hershey would like to try this one. Dano
The Choir It is WAY too generic a name, as there are many choirs on Earth. Carolyn Morgenstern
Chris Clark There are two known solo performers with this name, and they're of opposite gender. The male is an electronic instrumentalist from the UK, and the female is an American blues/jazz singer. Why couldn't one and/or the other use a middle initial to differentiate themselves? Lindz
Chris Young There are two famous pro baseball players by this name (one an outfielder, the other a pitcher) well as an American country music singer. Not that there's anything truly wrong with that, but for three famous men to have the same first and last name, that does provide quite the ambiguity. At least there's no other famous musician with this name as of yet. Cassandra
Christine and the Queens  The name clearly suggests it should be a band but it's just 1 person and her name isn't Christine nor is she a queen.  A-Lean
Chumbawamba It sounds like something with native americans. It rhymes. But what does it mean?! Mike Florio
Chumbawamba Sounds like a drunk person interpreting baby talk. GlamRockNinjaLord
Chumbawamba Just picture a native amazon rain forest tribe chanting it at a sacrifice ritual and you'll see what I mean. Mac
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Exclamation points in names are always stupid. JeReMy
The Church It might be fitting for a band that performs religious-oriented music, since a church is a place of worship and prayer, but not an alt-rock band (which is what this group is). Cassandra
Cinderella Why would you name a heavy metal band after a girlie children's movie? Screaming Mutt
Cinderella Like with Queen etc, this is an all male band with a WAY too feminine-sounding name. GlamRockNinjaLord
Circa Survive What is this, another pair of randomly-picked-words-from-a-hat? Mr. Critic
Circle Of Dead Children You don't need to look hard to see why this is stupid. Jon Harrison
Circle Takes The Square Isn't that what the host on "Hollywood Squares" says whenever the contestant at the "O" podium correctly agrees or disagrees with the panelist's response? A. Critic
Circus They're not a circus; they're a rock band. Candy Welty
Citizen Fish What country recognizes any fish as citizens? Finland, maybe? No, it would have to be Finsea. Kayla Stewart
City Boy This name suggests a solo performer, but it's actually the name of a six-member rock band. Candy Welty
Clam Abuse Thou shalt not abuse clams. Oliver South
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah That's not a name, THAT'S INSTRUCTIONS. Couldn't they have made the sensible choice most bands do and just name themselves for some sort of noun? Jonathan S.
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah What do think they're doing with this name? Is this some attempt to compare themselves to Stevie Wonder in the early days of his career? The Skuz
Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah No! You do it! I don't want to! Stop bossing me around! Travis
Class Actress The name suggests a pseudonym for a solo female act, since an actress is a female entity. However, it started out as a trio, with only one female and two males. Eventually the males both departed, leaving the act as a one-woman band. But the fact that this music act contained two guys made the name a misnomer in terms of both number and gender. Mr. Critic
Classics IV Most people who hear this name, but haven't seen it in print, will think it is "Classics Four" or "Classics 4." Few people would guess that there's a Roman numeral in the name. Candy Welty
Climie Fisher It makes me think of: Slimy fish, er... Chris
The Clique This band might be confused with an earlier band called The Cliques. Also, the name would be hard to spell for many people who hear it but haven't seen the spelling. Candy Welty
Clooney Another manufactured girl pop band obviously named after George Clooney, with the assumption that they're all fans who swoon over him. Yes, the song "Shine Like You Mean It" is catchy enough, even if it's a little too pop for a lot of people. But since the song has very little exposure outside of background music for kids shows, it's kind of creepy for a pop group of the 2010s made up of girls probably under 25 whose music is aimed at girls under 14 to go ga-ga over a guy in his 50s. The Skuz
Cobra Starship A starship filled with cobras going to space. Why? Incest Boy
Cobra Starship It seems kinda sick. In addition, I'm a wee bit surprised that the members of Starship (a band previously known as Jefferson Starship, and originally known as Jefferson Airplane) haven't sued this band for seemingly ripping off their name. Cassandra
Coconut Records It sounds more like a record label than a band name, and it's only one person! Great cute songs though. carly_carlz
Coffinberry There is no such berry (to my knowledge), and it doesn't sound very tasty. Jonathan S.
Cold One of the reasons it's stupid is that the name is so generic that it's almost impossible to find their self-titled debut album on I've tried many different submissions (Cold self-titled, Cold Scooter Ward, etc.) and none of them got me the right one. Your best bet is to type in one of their other albums and go to the "people who bought this also bought" section. Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Cold For a psuedo-heavy metal band, the name doesn't sound scary at all. A lot of pepole like the cold, especially skiers, snowboarders, fans of the Christmas season, and snow-plow geeks. And I thought "The Killers" was a lame name for a band. The Skuz
Cold War Kids These guys aren't even old enough to remember the Cold War. Opie M.
Coldplay It's just two random words put together Natasha
Color Me Badd "Badd" isn't even a color. John Phillips Screwdriver
Color Me Badd They were trying to sound tough by calling themselves "bad" but were so bad they added a second D. Novaheart
Colorblind James Experience Can't be much of an experience if they're colorblind. Jonathan S.
Colorless Green Ideas What? If the ideas are green, then they're not colorless. (So that's an oxymoron.) And another thing, how could ideas be colored anyway! This is bothering me a little too much. hekifier
Colt Ford Sounds like an old-style car...or a gun. Reptone
Come Another band with a name that's supposed to sound offensive to uptight squares (obviously referring to ejaculation), but in reality is just flat-out lame. The Skuz
Common This is the rapper, not band. He created a common media elsewhere...... Muhammad Firza
Company B Doesn't quite fit in with the image of those who sang "Fascinated" in the late 1980s. Makes me think of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy". Vic George
Concrete Blonde Sounds like just another name with two random unrelated words thrown together. Gebbie Dibson
Contraband This early 90s rock supergroup tried to be a literal "counter-band" in the grunge era, only to flop in the end. Joey F.
Cooper Brothers Only two of the band members have the surname Cooper and are related as brothers. Candy Welty
The Cooper Temple Clause Sounds like a hybrid of Alice Cooper, Stone Temple Pilots and Tim Allen in "The Santa Clause". And those don't seem to go together well. Whatever My Name Is
The Cooters Yes, this is an actual band. What the heck is a cooter? Calop
Copyright I like the band, however, it makes you wonder if they can ever do covers. They could've been spawned by the record companies against Napster. You can't sing their songs ever, or you'll be slapped with a lawsuit. KangaMan
The Coral Most people who hear this name without first seeing it in print might assume it's The Choral, which would make sense because the word "choral" has everything to do with music. But this band must've had other ideas. Rodney
Corky and the Juice Pigs Nobody in the band is called Corky, and there is no such thing as a "juice pig". Kath
Counting Crows Hmmm. Nothing to do here but smoke my joint and count all these crows in my yard. Hey, I got it! Let's call our manager dude....... Christopher Dumas
Cowboy Junkies Cool band, but really, do you know how big a needle you need to shoot up a cowboy! And damn, those spurs leave awful track marks! Capricornus
Cowboy Mouth The name sounds like a gum disease common in the American Southwest. Todd W. Zimmerman
The Coyote Sisters They aren't coyotes, they aren't sisters, and only one of them is actually surnamed Coyote! Candy Welty
Crack The Sky This name is an impossibility. The sky can't be cracked by anyone. Candy Welty
Crash Test Dummies First of all, they must've been pretty dumb to come up with that name. Secondly, their most popular hit song is called "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm". How dumb is that? Joe
Crash Vegas This band name is literally impossible. Las Vegas cannot be crashed. JohnHowarth
Crashdiet European Glam Metal Revival group. As with Black Stone Cherry, it just looks like the band members randomly put words together so they could have a name and then got too lazy to bother changing it. Glenn
Crazy Lixx Another one of those band names based on a supposition that misspellings of words are a lot cooler than they actually are. In this case, if they'd used the standard spelling ("licks"), what would "Crazy Licks" even mean? So there's a further reason (besides spelling) to find this name stupid. Tim Panuchus
Crazy Town I really want to believe that they named themselves after one of Velocity Girl's better known songs, but I should know better than to be so optimistic. The Skuz
Crazy Town The band must have been really stuck for names if they chose that. Mushi
Crazy Town Sounds like it could be the name of a mental institution, or it could be something you say to someone who says something weird: "Aw Come on! You must be in crazy town!" Logan
Crazy town/O-Town/My Town what the hell is with towns/ WHO CARES ABOUT TOWNS. Obviously the pop industry is obssesed with them Rachel C.
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown Yes, this is seriously the name. It's far too long to get any songs on the radio and it sounds like it should be a Seth McFarlane cartoon. GlamRockNinjaLord
Crazy World of Arthur Brown It sounds more like a TV show or book than a band. Sweet Anne
Creamy This was the name of a surprisingly good Danish girl group active from around 1999 to 2003. But think about it...two teenagers performing under the name "Creamy". It only gets more unsettling when you consider that one of the members had a child the year of their last performance. Mo
Crooked X It just they probably just put two random things together, not realizing that technically, a crooked x is a plus sign and that naming your group after a plus sign, is really weird, but I do like the band. G
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young Hey, here's the most famous of the bands with a "law firm" type name. Tom Radigan
Crossfade Isn't a cross fade a type of movie effect? It sounds like a better name for a movie studio than a band. BillyBobby
The Cryan' Shames If someone hears this name without seeing it in print first, they're likely to assume that it's spelled The Cryin' Shames. Liza Lott
Crystal Castles The name is terrible, and the music is even worse. It's not anything you'd associate with crystals or castles.  Rocky Mountain Hy
Crystal Method I bought "crystal method" thinking I would try to lose weight listening to it. I didn't. I did however loose lots of sleep and thus, my job. I got hooked on it after a couple of uses, and it gave me unsightly blemishes! Mitch
The Crüxshadows This is described as a "dark synth pop band", and also as taking its themes from mythology, especially Greek and Egyptian. It also is described as contemplating, through those themes, questions about God and being. But how does that relate to the name? The word "Crüx" looks like the Latin word for "cross", but with the umlaut / dieresis over the "u" gratuitously added. The Latin word for "cross" is simply "crux". In checking whether "Crüx" might have some other origin, I found that google translators "detects" the word "Crüx" as Azerbaijani and translates it merely as "Crux" when translation into English is requested, but also does the same if translation into Latin is requested. I suspect this is most likely a fluke and that the band didn't intend to incorporate any Azerbaijani word into their name. More likely they were just adding a dieresis / umlaut to their name just to look cute / exotic where the mark doesn't really mean anything, as with bands like Blue Öyster Cult and Queensrÿche. Such gratuitous use of marks added to letters is hardly one of the best things that ever happened to band name spellings, and it was a gimmick getting kind of old by the time The Crüxshadows came along. So baring the remote chance of some hidden Azerbaijani root in their name (which very few of their listeners would recognize anyway), they are merely perpuating a gimmick of dubious merit in band names. Rachel Stedman
The Cult You might mistake them with BLUE OYSTER Cult. Both bands are really good anyway. Kronus
Cults There was already a band called The Cult. People might think Cults is a offshoot band (in other words, a sequel) of The Cult. Opie M.
CunninLynguists Because it involves several tortuous puns. Sam Wiseman
Curren$y Yet another rapper who uses a dollar sign in his name. I guess these rappers are really obsessed with money. JD
Curve Grading on one for naming bands, I'd give this band an F- for creative effort. newsound
Cute Is What We Aim For Dumb on two levels. First, the name is somewhat long-winded (that's SIX words, mind you!); second, they're a heavy metal band. Yeah, they were being sarcastic when they chose the name, but their so-called joke is lost on me; neither they nor any other metal band ever "aim for cute", so the name isn't even plausible. Jonathan S.
Cutting Crew Just like Scissor Sisters, it would work better as a hair dressing salon as opposed to a band name. It would also be a name better fit for a lumberjack business. Steve
Cutting Crew Think about this for a sec, here. Do they, like, like to cut things or something? THAT could lead to serious problems... Bye-Gon Jinx the Master
Cycle Sluts From Hell Yes, there was a heavy metal group with that name. What were they thinking? Why would a band want to be known with such a disgusting name?! Mr. Critic
Cycle V Is this supposed to pronounced Cycle Vee or Cycle Five? I ask because the group came the same time as the dog food Cycle I, II, III, and IV.  Phil McCracken
Cymbals Eat Guitars Just how is that supposed to work? Cymbals have no way of devouring anything. Plus, even if they could, do two cymbals come together to form a mouth, or does one cymbal turn into a little Pac-Man?  Jonathan S.

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