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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with E

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Eagle Eye Cherry Cherries don't have any kind of eyes, eagle or otherwise. Lucille Ball Sized Hail
Eagle Eye Cherry Shows how far some people will go..... Cherries... yuck!!! Suga' Baby
Eagle-Eye Cherry Look, I know it's his real name, but what kind of parent would give their son a name like Eagle-Eye?! What were they smoking? And it doesn't sound good with Cherry, I'm sorry. Ed
Eagles It would fit better today, because most of the band members are bald. united
Eagles of Death Metal Their name is a double misnomer because they're not an Eagles tribute band and they don't play death metal. B1982
Eagulls It may seem clever to combine the names of two kinds of birds, but when spoken, it sounds too much like the name of a more popular band, the Eagles. JD
Earth Opera It's a psychedelic rock group, not an opera. Keira Farnell
East 17 It's not really stupid, but some people might assume that this band took its name from a highway sign, which is incorrect; as they're not even American anyway. Skippy
Eats Everything Sounds like an incomplete sentence; something should come before it. (This is an actual one-man band, by the way.) Maude
EBN-OZN More random letters that don't seem to mean anything. Maybe they should learn the alphabet. Opie M.
Echo & The Bunnymen No one in the band calls himself Echo. And what the hell are Bunnymen? That kinda gives me nightmares... kilojoule
Echo and the Bunnymen I always thought it sounded like the name of a kids show. Carol
Echo and the Bunnymen They are an ok band but couldn't they think of a better name? I mean...Bunnymen? What the hell? That's as lame as lame can be Pion
Echobelly Makes it sound like their singer's stomach is empty. XD Jonathan S.
Eddie from Ohio This is a misnomer in more ways than one. First off, it suggests a solo male performer from the state of Ohio. But it's a band. However, one of its members is named Eddie. Secondly, they're not from Ohio; they're from Virginia. Cassandra
Eden's Crush Are we to assume that some freak named Eden has a crush on these five girls? Unicorn II
Eden's Crush Eden's Crush...reminiscent of Destiny's Child, perhaps? You can't just add new words to the format of another band's name and expect it to work! Unicorn
Edison Lighthouse Another group with a name that suggest that it is an individual singer (since Edison can be a man's first name). Iris Verna
Edna's Goldfish Sounds like the name of a pet store that primarily sells fish, and run by someone named Edna. But they are people (like all band members are!), not fishes. Gertrude
Edward Bear It's confusing because it looks like it should be an individual's first and last name, but it's a group instead. Just like 'Danny Wilson.' Mr. Critic
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros The 'Magnetic Zeros' part is what's peculiar about this name. 'Nuff said. Mr. Critic
Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros There's no one in the band named Edward Sharpe. And shouldn't he be a solo act, since zero is nothing? Bob N. Weave
Eek-a-mouse It sounds like something you say when you see a mouse! Nick
Eiffel 65 Was there supposed to be something about the Eiffel Tower in 1965 that they found significant? Or did they just find a picture of the tower from that year, they happened to like somewhere? The Skuz
Eiffel 65 First problem: It was created from a computer program. Note to all struggling musicians - NEVER use computers to come up with a band name. Second problem: The Eiffel Tower in in France, they come from Italy. Note - try to be accurate about where you are from. Third problem: 65?? What, there are 65 Eiffel Towers now? 65 people climbing up it? Whenever it makes sense, I'll let you know Haz-Man
Elastica Another name that sounds like a Metallica rip-off. Todd W. Zimmerman
Electric Angels This was an obscure Hair Metal group, not a Korean girl pop group, which is what the name immediately made me think of. Joe
The Electric Indian Yet another name that suggests the performer might be one person, but is a band instead. Also, why electric? Evan Shortoria
Electric Light Orchestra Is it supposed to refer to an orchestra of electric lights (which I assume is the intended meaning), or a light (opposite of heavy) orchestra that's electric? Mr. Bump
The Electric Prunes Prunes don't depend on electricity. Candy Welty
Electric Prunes Think I'd just tell 'em, "Thank you but my fiber supplement is doing me just fine!" Tiffany Carriker
Elf Ummm, this is way not an awesome enough band name for any band fronted by the late, great Ronnie James Dio! Gla
Elliott Brood It appears to be a first and last name of a solo male performer, but it's a band. Cotton Lorraine
Elton John Real name Reginald Kenneth Dwight. But don't you think it would sound better as John Elton (since John is a common first name and Elton sounds more like a last name)? Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Elvis Ate My Baby Jeez -- As much of an idol as Elvis was and is, no allegations about him are likely to escape our attention. So if he was ever even hinted to have the least inclination to eat babies, I think we would have heard. But I've never heard any such thing mentioned! Karen Smith
Eminem He's a really funny guy, but... I think he named himself after a certain candy that melts in your mouth and not in your hand. Chris Smith
Eminem Alright, if he's going to be so profane with what he says, why does he name himself after a candy that a 5 year old would beg for? I mean really! "mommy, I want Eminem" "now honey, you've had enough sugar" "no mommy, I want to hear about caniballs"... I mean REALLY... he was asking for it! Vesta84
The Emperor's The plural of "emperor" is not supposed to have an apostrophe in it! But that's the way it appears on the record label. Candy Welty
The Enemy What a ridiculous thing to call your band! (Worse, there is more than one known band with this name.) Ralph
Engelbert Humperdinck Real name Jerry Dawcey. Who the hell changes their name from Jerry to Engelbert? lord667
Enuff Znuff Trying to be cool by spelling it how it sounds is GEST PLANE DUM. The name was appropriate, however. After I listened to their music one time, that phrase was the first thing that came to my mind. Mr. Vidocq
Eric Carmen Sounds too much like Eric Cartman, even though this guy was musically active LONG before "South Park" was even created. Hank
Ernie K-Doe People who hear his name but haven't seen it in print will probably think it is Ernie K. Doe. Who would guess that there's a dash in it? Candy Welty
The Escape Club What are they escaping from (or trying to escape from)? Megan
Escape the Fate Much like 'Falling in Reverse', this is another one of those 'Literally Impossible' band names; a fate is by definition something that is going to happen to you, so there's no way to escape one. Danny Hates Dubstep
Europe This is a Swedish band. One country does not make an entire continent.  Bjorn Free
Eve 6 Letters and numbers! LETTERS AND NUMBERS! ARGH! Minette
Eve 6 What happened to the other 5 Eves? It does seem a bit worrying after a while Haz-Man
Everly Brothers Nice try, guys. I mean, I'm a fan of your music, and stuff, and have most of your songs, but try an original name. Just for me... please. Bobo
Every Mothers' Son This band has sons of just a few mothers, not of every mother who has sons. Also, not every mother has sons; some have daughters only. Candy Welty
Every Time I Die You must be a cat. Damn cats with their silly nine lives. Travis
Every Time I Die One dies only once, and that wouldn't contribute to a good band name anyway. Karen Smith
EveryMother'sNightmare Another supposedly threatening-sounding 1980s heavy metal band whose big hit was a lame "power ballad." Yeah, my mom is really scared of you people, as much as she's scared of "The Wizard of Oz." The Skuz
Everything It's too broad of a term. Mr. X
Everything But The Girl Seems rather sexist, don't you think? Skippy
Everything But The Girl The first time I saw it I started crying because I laughed so much. I bet you're doing the same right now, how could you look at a name like that and not laugh at it. Emily
Everything Is Everything That's too obvious! Candy Welty
Everything, Everything A band name consisting of the same word twice in succession is tacky enough, but what's worse in this case is that there's already a band called Everything (just that word, once). (By the way, this band's name doesn't actually contain a comma, but I put it there anyway in case the name shows up on two lines after it gets approved, and I don't want it to look misleading in that regard.) Pete & Repete
The Exies Sounds like someone trying to come up with a cutesy colective name for ex-husbands/wives. Jonathan S.
Exist Trace Yet another one of those Japanese bands with a name that sounds like they picked two random words out of a hat. Daniel
Eye Alaska Yeah, just randomly select a part of the body and a U.S. state, and put the words together; that's real creative. (Sarcasm intended.) Justin
Eye Alaska They're not really from Alaska, actually from Orange County (in California).  Brionna Secret
Ezra Vine It suggests the first and last name of a solo male performer, but this music act is actually a band. Mr. Critic

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