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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with N

Submitted by:
N II U A 90's one-hit-wonder R&B band. The name is supposed to be a play on "into you" (with the roman numeral for two), but some people could look at this name and not realize that fact, and hence pronounce it something like "Nee-oo", even though it has spaces in it. No wonder these guys didn't go far. Ed
N'Sync How can they be in sync when they WHINE so dang much?? ~*^Girl^*~
N.E.R.D. It might make most people (nerd-rock fans notwithstanding) want to not listen to the band. hamburger456
Nada Surf "Nada" means "nothing" in Spanish, so how does nothing surf? Jonathan S.
The Naked And Famous The name implies to me like this band performs their shows without any clothes on, making them famous for doing so. Doesn't sound very appealing! Mac
The Naked Brothers Band It sound more like a group of strippers than a kid's band, and the band actually falls into the latter category. kasumi
The Naked Brothers Band First of all, they're not naked. Second, only two of them are brothers. Third, there's a GIRL in the band. A girl can certainly NOT be called a brother. Fourth....eeeeeeeeeeeeew!!!!! Mister Critic
Nana Grizol Another name that seems to suggest a solo performer in first-last name form, but is really a band. Quyjibo
Nashville Pussy 1. Despite the name, they're NOT from Nashville; they're from Atlanta. 2. I seriously doubt the RIAA would approve of a band whose name contains a dirty word. (Imagine how many eyebrows that would raise if they won a Grammy!?) Chowder
Nashville Pussy Look at the name. Need I say more? Star Rqr
Nashville Teens They were not from Nashville, and they did not even play country music; they were a beat/rock group from England. Robert Jon Brown
Natalia Kills 'Kills' isn't her real last name, but it still seems to present a rather dangerous message. Why she came up with it is beyond my comprehension. Mr. Critic
The National The National what? National Bank? National Hebrew? National League? The name is too vague. Frank Hotdog
Nazareth This is not a religious band! GlamRockNinjaLord
Needtobreathe Need to insert spaces. I'm sorry, but just throwing three (or more) words together like this is just tacky. Mr. Critic
Nelly It's a dude, for Pete's sake! Well, there was this baseball player named Nellie Fox and it was a dude. At least Nelly Furtado, another recording artist, is female. crazydon
Nelly The elephant packed her bags and ran away to the circus. That's what the name makes me think of. YASMR
Nelly It makes me think of Little house on the Prairie. That mean little daughter of the Olsens. B
Nelly It sounds like he's a horse on a ranch Annie
Nelly I thought it was a girl at first. And I kept wondering. Then I saw the video for "Country Grammer" (which I thought was a country song) and then I realized that Nelly was a guy. It scared me. CrazyBandie
Nena It's confusing, since it was the name given to the German band of "99 Luftballoons" fame, but before then, lead singer Gabrielle Kerner also had the name; it was a nickname she'd had since childhood. She even kept the name for herself after the band broke up. So the confusion stands as to whether the name should refer to the whole band (which had people of both genders) or just the lead vocalist (a woman). Vic George II
Nena Is it the female lead vocal or the band? Vic George
Neon Trees Trees aren't made of gas. If they were, they would be much lighter, and wouldn't be solid! (unless it's a neon sign of a tree) BillyBobby
Neutral Milk Hotel They were a great, experimental, inventive band, so why'd they have to pick a name with such boring connotations? That'd be like calling Sonic Youth something like Wallpaper. Cat
Never Heard Of It When I was looking up the lyrics for their song "The Taco Song," I thought that the person who posted the lyrics didn't know who the performer was! Turns out that it was actually the name of the band! Rachel
Nevershoutnever It sounds like it should be a name of a band, but it's actually the name of a single person!  Rachel
New Bomb Turks It just seems too repulsive IMO. Ed
New Fast Automatic Daffodils They were cool but God knows where they got the name from. Johnny D
New Radicals Please! They're about as radical as the friggin' Osmonds! I can think of Disney Channel singers who are more radical than these guys! The Skuz
Newcleus With this unusual spelling, people would probably spell the name incorrectly if they heard it but haven't seen it. Maybe by spelling it Newcleus, these guys are implying that they're a new band. They were new back in 1984 when they had the hit "Jam On It", but they're quite old now! Candy Welty
Next Next is next. Who's on first? Cel-Chan
Next Is it now? Or before? Or after? Oh, wait. It's next. I think. Billy F.
Nickelback I think it's a stupid name for a band, because you don't have a back that is nickel. Amanda
Nickelback Sounds like a) a less important position on a football team, or b) a special kind of cash refund Mac
Nigga This singer from Panama changed his name to Flex when he moved to America. And he isn't even black! Joer
Nightmare Of You It most definitely seems like an insult. Mitch
Nightrage You could confuse this band with the 80's rock band Night Ranger. Cassandra
Nikki D Her real name is Nichelle Strong. Where the heck does the 'D' come from? Cassandra
Nina Sky It's a group, not a solo female act as the name implies. Bob
Nine Days Given they're known for just one hit ("Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)"), I'd say that's about how long their fame lasted. Jonathan S.
Nine Inch Nails Methinks it's awkward because the name is plural, but it has just one member (Trent Reznor). Jonathan S.
Nine Inch Nails They could sell their cds at a hardware store AND get away with it. Mac
Nine Inch Nails One of the most makes-you-wanna-throw-up names in history! Think about it, a guy walking around with Nine Inch Nails! Makes my stomach turn, sorry. Rob
Ninety Pound Wuss Why is the wuss ninety pounds? Why is he a wuss? This is like the most random band name ever. Ryan
Ninja Sex Party Oh, please. Yet another repulsive name. What on earth is up with such atrocious names being chosen by bands?!?! Quyjibo
Nirvana It sounds like some expensive wine or clothing store. Maybe it's the name of an estate in Georgia. Do you have a clue??? Princess Chic
Nirvana There was already a band named Nirvana which was formed in the 60's and Curt Kobain must have been too stoned to think of using another name for his band. Paul Warren
The Nite-Liters Most people who hear this name but haven't seen it in print will spell it The Night Lighters. And almost no one will guess there's a dash in it. Candy Welty
Nitzer Ebb It sounds like gibberish that a mentally-deficient person would say. Jonathan S.
No Doubt No doubt about what...? Mads
No Good Did the members of this band - a hip hop trio - really think that of themselves?? Steve
No Mercy The name itself actually isn't stupid, but what IS stupid is that two different bands took the name. It could refer to a thrash-metal band that was active during the 80's and 90's, or a techno-pop group that was active in the latter part of the 90's. Melissa
No One Think about it. The name implies nobody in this band...but if the band contains no people, then it wouldn't even be a band! Why call your band No One if there is someone in it?! Mr. Critic
No Use For A Name This is very clearly a major contradiction. GlamRockNinjaLord
No Use For A Name Self-explanatory. If your band has a name, why say that it doesn't have any use for one? nally
Noah and the Whale If you've read the Bible, you'll know that it's JONAH and the whale, not Noah. Layne
Noble "Thin Man" Watts & His Rhythm Sparks It's too long for a band name. Candy Welty
Nobodyknows Nobody knows what? And why'd they have to run the two words together?? Daniel
Nomeansno Another name in which band forgets to include spaces. It can be confusing at first glance. Mr. Critic
Norma Jean The name itself actually isn't stupid per se, but this is yet another name that is used by TWO music acts. One is a female country music singer (solo artist) who was at her peak during the 1960's; the other is an all-male metalcore band that formed in the late 1990's. The band should have realized that the name was already taken. Pete & Repete
Norma Jean The name suggests a solo female performer, but it's a band of men. Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
The Normals Yet another name that pertains to two different bands. (One was an early punk band from New Orleans that didn't go far; the other was a Christian band named after its home city: Normal, Illinois.) What complicates matters further is that there was also a one-man band called The Normal (singular of this name), active briefly in the late 1970s. Confused yet? Cassandra
Not By Choice Did someone or something compel them to become singers or to record? If not, what quality or act have they taken on not by choice? Daisy Pappus
Nothingface Can you imagine a more nonsensical name than this? It seems to imply a face composed of nothing at all...which doesn't make a whole lotta sense if you think about it. Cassandra
Nu Shooz Ummmm new shoes. is that it? Anyway another misspelled band. kevin
The Nu Tornados People would probably spell the first word of their name as "New" if they didn't know the true spelling. Also, "Tornados" is more commonly spelled "Tornadoes." If they're implying that they're new, this was way back in 1958 when they had the hit "Philadelphia U.S.A." - but they've aged greatly since then! Candy Welty
The Number 12 Looks Like You Uh, no, it most certainly does not. Seriously, what moron thought THIS name was a good idea? Jonathan S.
Nutmeg Reminds me of the holidays. Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
The Nutty Squirrels They're people, not squirrels. Candy Welty

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