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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with S

Submitted by:
S.W.V. It stands for Sisters With Voices, but none of the members of this group are related as sisters. Heck, I'm not sure if they're related at all. So the "S" part is a misnomer. Calvin Amari
Sad Cafe Two words seemingly picked from a hat. Again. noskcaJ
Sade Sounds unoriginal, and besides, what are her fans are supposed to be called? Sadists? Xie21
Sade It's pronounced Shaw-DAY (No "R" sound, people!) but it being spelled the way it is, most people are bound to pronounce it "Sayd" (a single syllable, rhyming with "maid"). Steve
Safe To Say Safe to say what? It sounds like part of a phrase cut off. It's safe to say this didn't appeal to me too much as a band name. A Stranger
Saigon Kick Instantly makes me picture a really dumb looking energy drink. GlamRockNinjaLord
Saigon Kick  It sounds too much like Hanoi Rocks.  Billy Florio
SAINt JHN It's a blatant misspelling, with very unconventional capitalizations. Mr. Critic
Saint Motel (1) There's no saint named Motel. (2) It seems like another case of randomly choosing two unrelated words. What's the point? K.N. Pepper
Saliva Oh Saliva. You mean that sloshy stuff that is in your mouth? Wow! That certainly doesn't sound like a cool band name to me! Travis
Saliva When someone I knew saw a cd of this band, they were like, "Saliva? What's next, a band called 'Snot'?" and I just said, "Well..."(scroll down a bit!) Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Salt n Pepa Sounds like something I put on my chips or in my soup. Jade
Salt n Pepa  I think the name is Dumb n Dumba  Billy Florio
Salt n' Pepa It doesn't sound right when you see it, and it reminds me of the cat food called "Whiskas". ~The Lizard~
Salvation Army The original name of the band we know today as The Three O'Clock, before the REAL Salvation Army got on their case about using their name for the band. And yet, iTunes has another rock band from 2012 listed with that name which so far only has one EP. The Skuz
Sam Phillips "Sam" is usually a male name or occasionally a nickname for "Samantha". But this performer is neither male nor has the given name "Samantha". Her name is actually "Leslie", so going by "Sam" is gratuitously confusing. To compound the confusion, "Sam Phillips" was the name of a record producer active in producing rock and roll, going back to the 1950s. He seems to be the most famous "Sam Phillips". Trying to look up this contemporary vocalist with that name on wikipedia, I found out the page for the record producer who goes back to the 1950s is the one that automatically comes up from that search. To get to this contemporary singer one has to click on a disambiguation link from that page, making this singer seem obscure relative to the most famous bearer of the name. Tracy Frummond
Sandi Patti I know that's her real name, but it just makes me think of sand in my hamburger patty. Guy
Sarah Where Is My Tea That's more like a question, not a name for a band. Justin
Sarah Where Is My Tea I was like "Are you kidding?" when I first saw this cited as a band name. Things have been said before about the absurdity of questions as band names. Still, this one could "take the cake"! I can't think of any reason whatsoever to relate this question to music, or imagine how it suggests a musical group. Natasha Bly
Satanicpornocultshop Too long; contains a few raunchy words mixed in. H
Saucy Monky No one who hears this indie rock band's name without first seeing it in print is gonna think that the second word is misspelled. Fred
Savage Garden How can a garden be savage? You must have had some fertilizer in there when you watered so it mutated. Travis
Savage Garden Why would a garden be savage? Did they forget to water it or something? Suga' Baby
Savage Grace Yet another name that pertains to two actual bands. One was a progressive band, briefly active in the late 1960s/early 1970s, the other a heavy metal band active for much of the 1980s/early 1990s. Not only that, the name looks like it could pertain to an individual female performer, possibly a rapper. Gebbie Dibson
Saving Abel Don't bother trying to save him. He's dead already. Travis
Say Anything That's not a band name, it's an instruction! Sure, we can all say anything... Mr. Critic
Say We Can Fly It has been noted before that band names that are commands are questionable in general. But this case is especially stupid, as the band seems to be telling its listeners (or SOMEBODY) to tell the band something which is a falsehood (at least if the band is made up of humans). Diana Jasper
Scandal 'Us What is it the sudden rage crappy pop "bands" (and I use the term loosly) and using an apostrophe in the title? This is by far the worst offender. QarnoS
Scary Pool Party This name sounds like it should be a group, but it's just one person (Alejandro Aranda). Katt
Scissor Sisters None of the members are related as sisters, and none of them have Scissor as a surname. Therefore this name is a misnomer in more ways than one. Joe
Scissor Sisters It could be a name for a family-owned hair salon! carly_carlz
Scissor Sisters Only one of them is a girl - and she isn't even the sister of any other band member! A Stranger
Scissor Sisters It sounds like the name of a girl's primary school needlework club Jason
Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies What is a cheetah wheelie? Is it a motorcycle stunt done while being chased by a cheetah? Don Snotts
Screaming Blue Messiahs Fire-and-brimstone evangelical Smurfs? Vic George
Screaming Females It suggests an all female band, but it's a trio with 2 men and only 1 woman. Therefore this name is misleading. Winter Pepper
Screaming Trees Trees cannot scream. They are living things, but they are plants, not animals. Mr. Critic
Screaming Trees Is this the sound made by forests when lumberjacks are around? Rychendroll
Se7en 1) It looks stupid with the numeral 7 being used as a letter; that said, it should be read as "Sesevenen". 2) It's recursive anyway; spelling out the number and replacing the middle letter with the number itself. What's the point in that? 3) It refers to not one, not two, but THREE different musical acts (An American female soul singer, a Korean male hip-hop singer, and a male rapper with the band Brokencyde)! Three strikes, you're out! Mr. Critic
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her Seagulls can't scream. I know there are lots of absurd band names, but this one really seems to "take the cake". I can't understand how they came up with a silly name like this, or what it is really supposed to mean. Landon
Secondhand Serenade Now, not that I have anything against this guy... but that's just it. He's ONE guy. When everyone else walks around using their own two names, he has to pick the longest two words he can think of to create an alias that beats him in size. I don't get it. Alex
Secret Secret Dino Club Sounds like some crappy kid's show, and why do they have to say "secret" twice? Jonathan S.
The Secretions Dude... That's gross... Too much information, period. Sin Sharee Insanity
See You Next Tuesday So no one listens to these guys the other 6 days of the week? carly_carlz
The Selecter Yes, this is the actual spelling of the band's name. But most people who haven't heard of this band will likely spell it as Selector. Joe
Sensational Alex Harvey Band But WHY? What was he smoking? Bobo
Sepultura It sounds like a flower...which would have been okay...had they not been a death metal band! Mac
Set Your Goals I guess coming up with a good band name wasn't one of their goals. Maya
Seven Mary Three What's the point of inserting a girl's name between two random spelled-out numbers? Mr. X
Sex Pistols Nobody understands what the name is...they all think it's a joke's not, but I never heard anybody get the meaning right. G
Shaggy Come on! Cut Scooby some slack! Billy F.
Shaggy Sickening thought. Please don't get me explaining. Bobo
Shaggy Doesn't Scooby Doo have any rights? Princess Chic
Shakespear's Sister oh for god's sake. It was stupid before. Then they had to take the "e" off. Maybe learn to spell? Sarah
Shakin' Stevens No one has a first name of "Shakin'." (It's one person, btw.) Mr. Critic
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Dap is a technique of fly fishing. Can a fishing technique have royalty? Rapunzel Gladstone
She & Him It's grammatically inconsistent. 'She' is a subjective-case pronoun; 'him' is an objective-case pronoun. Hector
She & Him It's just that it's grammatically incorrect and there are enough ways they could have avoided that. (also, She & Him is the same band as She And Him, sorry for that.) GlamRockNinjaLord
She Wants Revenge Identify who "she" is, could you? Alan of Seville
The Sherbs I'm glad they changed their name to Sherbet. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known what a sherb meant. Rock Maninoff
Shinedown I get the sneaking suspicion Chris Cornell [Audioslave, Soundgarden] had something to do with this...! Kuutamo
Shor Patrol Most people will think that the first word is "Shore" if they hear the name but haven't seen it in print. Candy Welty
Shorty Long Isn't this an oxymoron, in a sense? I mean, short and long are opposites in terms of length, are they not? Quyjibo
Shout Out Louds "Shout out loud" isn't a noun (thing). It can only be a phrase. Jonathan S.
Shout Out Out Out Out Way too many Outs in their name. JD
Showaddywaddy It sounds like a wacky made-up word in a cartoon, not a name for a pop group. What is it supposed to mean anyway? Chris Chendo
Shudder To Think Sounds like a roofing company for Mensa members. rockon
Shudder To Think Exactly. I shudder to think how they came up with this name! It seems rather unimaginative. Hugh Jim Bessile
Shwayze Sounds like a drunk person slurring Patrick Swayze's last name. Jonathan S.
Sick Of It All It looks like they were sick of trying to think of good band names and named their band this instead. Chester Jores
Sick Puppies Someone needs to call the Humane Society, or the PETA. Ed
Sick Puppies It sounds really "sissyfied" for a punk-rock band, and, you might find the name annoying if you're a dog person. (Hey, I said "might.") Jonathan S.
The Silencers Duh! Would lead one to believe one couldn't hear any music they might make. I could be reluctant to buy any CD of theirs, suspecting it could be a practical joke. Ruby Spinel
Simon Dupree and the Big Sound It's a misleading name, simply because no one in the band is named Simon Dupree (as implied). That being said, how they came up with this name is beyond my comprehension. Mr. Critic
Simple Plan How simple was the plan for coming up with this crappy name? Travis
Sir Mix-a-Lot This rapper, whose name is Anthony Ray, hails from Seattle, Washington, not from Britain, so I doubt that Queen Elizabeth II ever knighted him ...but if she had, she wouldn't have given him the name Mix-a-lot. Peter
Sister Hazel It's not a group of sisters surnamed Hazel, and the members aren't even women. So it's deceiving in at least two regards. Cassandra
Sister Hazel That sounds like a nun's name.  carly_carlz
Sister Sledge Since "Sister" is singular, the name suggests a solo singer. But actually Sister Sledge is a quartet. Daisy Pappus
Sisters Of Mercy Might not be a stupid name if it were a group of females, since a sister is a female entity. But none of the members are female; they're all guys. Furthermore, none of them are related in any way, shape or form. Cassandra
The Six Teens featuring Trudy Williams Not all of them were teenagers at the time of their hit "Arrow Of Love" in 1957. Candy Welty
Sixpence None the Richer Okay, are they really so bad they can't even make money from their albums?  ~*^Girl^*~
Skid Row Why would a group of guys trying to get successful name their band this? It's like bad luck... GlamRockNinjaLord
Skid Row It makes me think of skid mark. And that's not exactly what I want to think about. Travis
Skillet As opposed to frying pan, pot, or wok? carly_carlz
Skinny Molly This is an all-male rock band, not an alias for a female singer as the name suggests. Winter Pepper
Skinny Puppy Call the Humane Society. They're starvin' my babies. punker
Skinny Puppy Sounds underfed. Call PETA! Rychendroll
Skrewdriver Most people would spell the band name as Screwdriver if they don't see it in print first. Mr. Critic
Skrillex This guy's stage name sounds like a horrible disease, but to my knowledge was entirely made up by him! GlamRockNinjaLord
Skunk Anansie We all know that a skunk is an animal that emits a foul odor. So why include it in a band name? As for the Anansie part, that must have an obscure origin. Liza Lott
Skylark Hadn't groups named after birds or cars been done to death by the times these guys were active? Lance Crackers
Skyy Most people will spell this name "Sky" if they hear it but haven't seen it in print. Also, this band might be confused with another band, named Sky. Candy Welty
Slade The definition of the word "slade" is the sole of a plow. Why would anyone in the 1970s, when all the cool band names were unused, want to name a band something weird like that? GlamRockNinjaLord
The Slades Some people might confuse this band with Slade (the singular of this name), even though this band was actually around long before Slade was even formed. Ceejay
Slaughter Two bands have this name: A Canadian Thrash Metal band and an American Glam Metal Band. Two completely opposite-genre groups have the same name! That is why it is stupid. GlamRockNinjaLord
Sleater-Kinney None of these girls were named Sleater or Kinney, so what's the point in naming them this? Opie M.
Sleeping With Sirens How painful! Davie
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum It sounds more appropriate as the name of a wildlife facility where primates can rest, rather than a name for a band. Timmy O. Toole
Sleeze Beez Oh, pleeze pleez! You'd probably think they were a rap or hip hop group, given the intentional misspelling, but they're a Dutch heavy metal group. Even so, it is just plain ridiculous for so many bands to misspell their names, especially like this. Mr. Critic
Sleigh Bells They do not play Christmas music. Wouldn't most people associate sleigh bells with Christmas? Lance Crackers
Slipknot Reminds me of Boy Scouts Chris
Sloppy Seconds What did they do, just throw two unrelated random words together? Lame! Mr. Bump
Slow This Canadian punk band is anything but slow. James Ramone
Sly Fox Why do I feel that this would be the name of an AOL stalker and not the name of a band? pauhead
Smash Mouth Does the singer want me to use my brass-knuckled fist on his mouth? Is he lipping off, spoiling for a fight, wanting to get punched or what? Fish Moo Yankee
Smash Mouth Are they implying that they want us to hurt them? ~Vickle-Pickle~
Smash Mouth Well, what do they do, punch people in the jaw while they sing? It makes no sense TJdude825
Smash Mouth Really. It sounds like something a caveman would say after hitting his mouth on something. "Hey, Ugh, What happened?" "Me smash mouth!" See? Think about this people. What kind of stupid name is that? Morgan
Smash Mouth  Why would you name your band smash mouth unless your songs are so bad you expect to get smashed in the mouth?! Chance Gollnick
Smashing Pumpkins Sounds like a good Halloween prank. Go across town and smash everyone's pumpkins. Whatever. hekifier
Smashing Pumpkins It's unique, but it sounds too silly for a mainstream (non-comedic) rock band. Jonathan S.
Smile Empty Soul I'd be careful who I'd tell this to. Mr. Critic
The Smithereens What kind of a band would want to be known as a word that means tiny pieces (after something, usually fragile, has been broken)? Brian
The Smiths When I first heard about this band, I thought they were all surnamed Smith. WRONG! None of them are. (Instead it refers to something completely different.) Bob
The Smoke Ring Smoke rings don't last very long. Just like the popularity of this band who had just one hit song ("No Not Much") in 1969. Candy Welty
Smoking Popes This is a real band name, no lie. It just sounds sick and blasphymous. What were these guys thinking, and how could they have gotten away with such a repulsive name? Mr. Critic
Snap! Snap!, Krackle!, Pop!, the elves for Rice Krispes. Suga' Baby
Sneaker Pimps Did the members of this band have a tennis shoe fetish? Odie Garfield
Snoop Dogg He says his mom used to call him that or something because of Snoopy from Peanuts, what? Yea, you are a bad ass aren't you. (Editor's note: Please note that it is NEVER correct to write "used to" without the 'd'.) heather
Snot Seriously, THINK ABOUT IT. Yellow, germ-infested slime that your body is supposed to get rid of. That doesn't sound like a cool band name to me. Jonathan S.
Snow Patrol It sounds like the kind of cheesy name a music group from the 80's would've had, not a contemporary band from today! Besides, when I hear, "Snow Patrol", the mental picture I get is some guys riding around in a beat-up truck in a snowstorm. Jonathan S.
So This name sounds incomplete. Candy Welty
Soft Ballet Their music is anything but soft! Belinda Trucklisle
Soft Cell If you go to jail, is the cell SOFT? No, it isn't. I mean really, you can't expect the name to be intellectual if it's an eighties band...drugs were very popular then. Number Six
Software I've written enough computer software as it is to be sick to the bone of that word. Bobo
The Soggy Bottom Boys Every time I hear the name it first makes me think of kids who soiled their pants. For ME such a thought has never become completely free of painful childhood memories of how harsh my mother could be toward me if I ever got MY bottom in such a soggy condition! Fiona Montrose
Somethin' Smith & The Redheads Sheesh! Way to emphasize how bad you truly are at coming up with names for a band by choosing a name that exposes such a fact. I can come up with better names for bands than that, and I'm not even in a band. The Skuz
Somethin' Smith & The Redheads I doubt that anyone has Somethin' as their first name! Candy Welty
Something Happens Yeah, what is it that happens? And when? And as the result of what action? Cassandra
Son Of Dork Formed by a former member of the band Busted. They had one hit with "Ticket Outta Loserville" in about 2005. Let's be honest, is being the son of a dork something to brag about? I don't think so.  Steve
Son Volt Is there also a Daughter Ohm or Cousin Mega Hertz? J.C.
Son Volt Yet another band name that seems like it selected two random words, regardless of meaning. Mac
Sonia Dada I was very disappointed that this was a name of a band and not the Latina I was hoping for. Rip Jeans
Sonia Dada It clearly suggests a full name for a solo female act, but it's a band... and none of its members are even female! Mr. Critic
Sonny Knight Sounds just like "Sunny Night". Wonder if that is intentional. If so, it is an oxymoron, as nights aren't sunny. If that is meant to be cute, the cuteness is hardly worth the confusion that will accompany it as to how to spell his name, and to whether this is a soloist or a group. (Editor's note: it's a solo male singer.) Ashley Michelle McGowan
Sons Of Champlin The band's leader, Bill Champlin, is the only member of the band who is the son of people named Champlin (Bill's parents). Candy Welty
Soophie Nun Squad What the heck is this supposed to mean?! Is this just another name with randomly picked words that don't necessarily go well together? Joe
Soul Asylum Why would anyone put a soul in an asylum? What would the significance of that be anyway? Peter
Soul Coughing No-one's soul can cough, and even if it could, what would be the significance of it? Jonathan S.
Soul Decision What the heck is their soul deciding? Mason Perez
The Soul Rapists These guys were on World's Dumbest (faceplanting fan at their show) but still, how do you rape a soul? It's disturbing and impossible JeReMy
Soulja Boy Was he trying to be cute by misspelling the title of a Shirelles song? I'm sorry, but that's just plain uncool. Cassandra
Soulja Boy Seriously, lern 2 spel. And you aren't street or cool either. p00v
Soulsister This name suggests an individual female performer, but the band is actually a male duo. Candy Welty
Soundgarden How the hell can someone grow sound? I guess that implies that the members are farmers, right? hekifier
Soundgarden How the hell do you grow sound anyway? Mr. Critic
The Sounds Of Sunshine Does sunshine even make any sounds (naturally speaking)? Jed
Soup Dragons A dragon made of soup? doesn't sound to scary to me... or maybe it exhales soup instead of fire, in which case, send it to the Soup Kitchen Rychendroll
South FM Sounds like a radio station branding name, rather than a band. Gino
Southern Culture On The Skids Anyone who wishes to call their group a name which takes more than one breath to say gets the stupidity vote from me. Bobo
Spandau Ballet Spandau was a prison that held Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess. After his suicide in 1987 the prison was demolished to prevent it from becoming a neo-Nazi shrine. "Spandau Ballet" - does that sound like a "Nazi rock" band name? Philadelphia Soul
Spandau Ballet Sissy Nazis? Or just pretentious saddos?  Chris
Spank Spank It's repetitive and sounds like they're punishing someone. Candy Welty
The Specials They're just as special as the other thousands of bands in this world! Is there some narcissism going on here? hekifier
Spice Girls Their music isn't so spicy, and they look like pre-school nursery girls... Mattias Johansson
Spice Girls So, they think they're hot and spicy. They're not hot really. By the way, how come they all have the last name "spice"? It's kinda creepy. So are they. Stockton
Spinners I hope their audiences didn't get too dizzy and/or sick watching them spinning all over the place. Peter
Spiral Starecase This 1960s band--known for the hit "More Today Than Yesterday"--deliberately misspelled the second word of their name. So most people who have heard the name but not seen it in print will spell it properly: Spiral Staircase. Candy Welty
Spiritualized It sounds like a Christian band when it's really a British dream pop band. What makes it worse is that the lead singer's name is J. Spaceman. Rock Maninoff
Splendora Any person who in their right mind thinks that The mischief of Pandora (opening the 'forbidden' box, and unleashing dreadful things upon the world to all people) is splendid, and marries the 2 words together is a really sick person, as well as suicidal. Wise Black Owl
Splodgenessabounds What, if anything, does it mean? And it is hard to remember. If it were my favorite band, I doubt I'd want to admit that. Amber Penn
Spock's Beard Neither Dr. Benjamin Spock or Star Trek's Mr. Spock had beards, and facial hair doesn't sing itself. Mr. Oblivious
Sponge Cola Is that a rejected name for a kind of soda? Chris
Spooky Tooth No tooth ever said "Boo!" to me. Opie M.
Spoon They're naming a band after an eating utensil! And they wonder why they're not successful? hekifier
Spoon Spoon is a folk rock band from Austin, Texas. And this probably wouldn't be a stupid name if it wasn't for the fact that there was already a band called The Spoons that was formed in Canada in 1979.  Frosty The Cat
Squirrel Nut Zippers Most guys don't like the words "Nut" and "Zipper" in the same phrase. dmz
Squirrel Nut Zippers Reminds me of Happy Tree Friends Logan
Squirrel Nut Zippers I mean seriously that just sounds painful, not to mention doing that, to squirrels. #1 Nsync Fan
Squirrel Nut Zippers The band is good, but I couldn't remember the name of it to purchase the CD because the name is too strange. Renee
SR-71 I know it's actually a super-sonic jet engine; but it sounds like just a random melange of letters and numbers. Dave Harrison
SR71 When you look at the name, you actually have to LOOK at it first to see if it spells anything, then after you realize it doesn't you are left with wondering what exactly it means... it reminds me of an identification card for an elderly person. Darah Wraine
The Stabilizers Just what does their music stabilize? What does any music stabilize, for that matter? Francine Harper
Stacey Q Her real last name is Swain, which last time I checked, doesn't start with a 'Q' or even contain that letter. Harlow Goobley
Staind Is misspelling really necessary for ninety percent of Nu-Metal bands? GlamRockNinjaLord
Staind Are their arch rivals detergent? Annie
Staind Look at the name damnit. It just don't look right. S.T.G.
Staind Why can't they just get detergent? Kwasi
The Stalin This was a real punk rock band active in 1980. Why would anyone want to name their band after a Soviet dictator responsible for the deaths of millions? Daniel
The Staple Singers Their last name is Staples, not Staple. Also, many people get confused as to what the actual band name is. Candy Welty
Starz These days you might confuse them with a premium cable TV channel. And they're not even a rap or hip-hop group, as many such groups seem to think it's cool to form plurals with the letter "z". Cassandra
Starz Almost everyone will spell this name as Stars if they hear it but haven't seen it in print. Candy Welty
Static-X Did they get this name from a fabric softener or a can of store-brand Cling-Free? Rocky Rhodes
The Statler Brothers No one in this band is surnamed Statler, and only two of the four members are related as brothers. Candy Welty
Steel Dragon This is actually a fictional band featuring real musicians (in the movie "Rock Star" (2001)), but it's a literally-impossible name in more ways than one. Quyjibo
Steel Panther Reminds me too much of that one Mark Wahlberg movie... GlamRockNinjaLord
Steel River Rivers aren't made of steel! A more sensible interpretation of the name might be a river flowing by a steel mill, perhaps being polluted by it. Not a pretty thought. Candy Welty
Stellar Kart They are a great band but this name makes no sense. JeReMy
Stellastarr It seems to suggest a solo female act, with the first-and-last names run together, but it's an indie rock band and only one of its members is female (but her name is not Stella). K.N. Pepper
Steps Well... I said to my friend, I listened to Steps, and she says "You Must have had a boring time. How many times did they creak?" NayNay
Sticky Name frequently used by Jamaican percussionist Uzziah Thompson. The name evokes images of someone covered with glue and Post-It notes. Todd W. Zimmerman
Stiff Little Fingers We don't need to know about an arthiritis condition. That shouldn't be part of a band name IMHO. Max
Still Remains Okay, so the still remains. But the BIG question remains unanswered: Are they still making moonshine there? Stan E. Cox-Hyde
Stone Sour This could easily get mixed up as 'Stoned Sour' which could lead to some controversy. Travis
Stone Sour I know it's a kind of cocktail, it's just that it sounds like a caveman or somebody talking about the taste of a rock. "Ooh! Stone Sour! Me pucker lips." Jonathan S.
Stone Temple Pilots A "pilot" can also refer to a first episode of a TV series. So assuming there WAS a show called "Stone Temple"...usually, (but not always) there is only one pilot episode of a TV series. Anyway, musicians, who are people, cannot be television episodes. Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Stone Temple Pilots Sounds like something from Indiana Jones. A Stranger
Stone Temple Pilots The Stone Temple part makes sense. But where do pilots come into this?  Travis
Stone Temple Pilots  What the hell is a Stone temple Pilot? Are there Stone Church pilots? Billy Florio
The Stooges The name reminds me of The Three Stooges, the comedy trio that used a lot of slapstick humor. But this band made serious music, not funny stuff. Candy Welty
Story of the Year That sounds better as a newspaper headline than as a band name BillyBobby
Stranger Than Fiction There are actually about four or five bands with this name. One of them was Elliot Smith's old high school band, and another is a bunch of Cowboy Junkies wannabes from Toronto. Those two are decent bands, but with nearly a half a dozen bands with the same name, it lacks originality. The Skuz
The Stranglers It gives me a dirty image. hekifier
Stratovarius Hmmm...must've sounded really cool when you were 15...The joke wears out tho', doesn't it? Kurva Bicha
Strawberry Alarm Clock It's just plain stupid. It's one of those band names from the 1960's when people were dropping acid and said, "This is cool." crazydon
Strawberry Alarm Clock It makes me think of: an alarm clock made from strawberries or looks like a strawberry, or even might taste like a strawbeery. lonefeather
Strawberry Alarm Clock Kinda makes me think that they watched "A Clockwork Orange" too many times. Gilmer
Strawberry Song Orchestra The word "Strawberry" in this band's name suggests that they play girly pop music, but it's actually the complete opposite. Patricia
Streek Most people will spell the name as Streak if they hear it but haven't seen it in print. Candy Welty
Streetlight Manifesto Yet another name that seems to be composed of two randomly chosen words. Quyjibo
The Streets A plural name starting with "the" sounds like a band name, but this one is actually a stage name of one single person. B1982
The Streets Roadways can't perform music. Lorraine Thoanjer
String Cheese Incident I love the images this brings to mind... Rachel
Stroke 9 You expect me to believe somebody is going to keep track of how many times he strokes a guitar? And just what is so important about that NINTH stroke, anyway? Jonathan S.
The Strokes I think some of us know what "stroking" is, right? Clarence Carter and Billy Squier told us all about it. Do these 21st NYC sensations like to dance with themselves that often? Please use a name that doesn't relate to the music
The Strokes Were these guys into swimming or rowing? Abdul Blade
Stupid It is too easy to take literally  Chris
The Stupids This is pretty self-explanatory. This is a real band, I swear! Chris
Suddenly, Tammy! This is an actual indie band. A phrase like this doesn't seem right as a band name. Plus, none of its members are even named Tammy. Mr. Critic
Sugar Jones Many people might think this is an individual performer, since Jones is a very common surname, but this act is a band. So this is yet another band that gives itself a name that could easily be mistaken as one for a soloist! Cassandra
Sugar Jones What does it mean? How did they come up with it? Why did they choose it out of so many probable options? If there are this many questions, the name is wrong and the band should go away. Miss Amanda
Sugar Ray Not that I don't like the band but, does "Ray" like "sugar"?  Suga' Baby
Suicidal Tendencies  A tendency is not a human and can't sing. You wouldn't yell something like, "Look at that poor, stupid tendency!" Rock Maninoff
Suite Caroline It's pronounced just like "Sweet Caroline", the title of a Neil Diamond song, therefore it is phonetically confusing. Quyjibo
Sun City Girls They are males, not females, and they are not from anywhere named Sun City. Daniel
The Sundays I don't understand why they had to name their band after a day of the week. Quyjibo
The Sundays Can anyone remember a generic name like that?  Cerulean
Sunflower Bean Sunflowers give seeds, not beans. Star City Punk
Sunna It sounds like one of those electric tanning machines that people have in their basements. FELIX*
SunnO))) It's pronounced "sun" but almost no one is going to think it's spelled this way if they hear it first but don't see it in print. Some people might think it is pronounced "sun-o" instead, and using parenthesis in a band name is just plain stupid. Sarah D.
Sunny Day Real Estate It's obvious that these guys don't sell houses, and there is no connection between real estate and music. Obi Lame Kenobi
Sunseth Midnight They can't spell "sunset", and they even know that sunset isn't in the midnight MorMas Rage
Super Furry Animals My first thought was, "You've got to be kidding." It sounds like some lame Saturday-morning kids' cartoon series. Jonathan S.
Super Junky Monkey Well that's just lame. Super Junky Monkey. How can a monkey be super, yet junky? The only way it could have been worse is if they tried to rhyme monkey with funky. That just would have been sad. Travis
Superchic[K] Ok, first of all there's like 2 "chicks" in the band, second of all they must both be feminazis. Finally, whats the deal with the brackets? jif_a_rif
Supreme Clientele The only clientele these washed-up rappers might be is the welfare agency' s. Marcus van der Meer
The Supremes Before the famous 1960's girl group from Motown, there was a 1950's R&B group from New Orleans with the same name. (The earlier one wasn't nearly as well known, however.) Robert Jon Brown
Survivor It's surprising, they didn't survive the 80's. Tony Orlando
Survivor  For now on when their name is mentioned, people will think of a certain "Reality" TV show. Billy Florio
Sweet Sensation The name itself isn't really stupid, but the stupid part is that a second band took this name after the first Sweet Sensation band had hit the charts with a #14 song called "Sad Sweet Dreamer" in 1975. The second Sweet Sensation band - a female trio - had a #1 hit called "If Wishes Came True" in 1990, and several other hits. Candy Welty
Sweet Thunder What could be sweet about thunder?? Jennifer Howard
Swift It's ultra-confusing. 1) There is a band simply known as "Swift." 2) There's another band known as "The Swift" (a contemporary-christian group). 3) These days, you could confuse either one with Taylor Swift, a solo female singer (who is probably NOT related to any of the members of either aforementioned band). Robert
Swift For those of you who are familiar with D-12, you should know that he also uses the pseudonym, "Swifty McVay", which is a little more interesting than just plain ol' "Swift". Especially since the other guys in D-12 thought up cool "second" names... Martin
Switchfoot Sounds like what a person who had to stand on one foot all day would do. Vic George
The Swolly Wolly Hula Bula Humble Bumble Band  I'm SERIOUS! i did NOT make that up. but just imagine if their song was on the radio and someone called in to ask who it was by. the poor fans... and besides, its not even a name. it just rhymes. those arent even words. and it sounds like a saturday morning cartoon show. Mac
Sygnals Most people who hear this name but haven't seen it in print will spell it Signals. Candy Welty
Sylvia The name itself isn't stupid, but what *is* stupid is that a second singer, Sylvia Kirby Allen, decided to use only her first name after there had been another Sylvia, namely Sylvia Vanderpool, who did so and recorded a million-seller called "Pillow Talk." The second Sylvia had a million-seller called "Nobody." Candy Welty
System Of A Down Sounds as if they're saying the system has failed...In that case, why not call the band System Failure? GlamRockNinjaLord
System of a Down What the hell is "a Down"? Must be something really complicated if it needs a whole system! Plus, I can't help thinking of the name as "Syndrome of a Down", like Down Syndrome, and if I were in a band, I would make sure our name didn't so easily call to mind mental retardation! Kath

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