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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with R

Submitted by:
Rachel Stamp It's misleading because it clearly implies that it should be the first and last name of a solo female performer. But it's a group instead! And most of its members are not even females. Nice going, people! Mr. Critic
Radioactive Chicken Heads Chicken heads can't sing, especially apart from the rest of the chicken. From before the chickens and their heads parted company, radioactivity would surely never have been a boon to their singing anyway. Lori Sifferan
Radiohead Wow... only if my head was a radio, I just don't know what I would do? TheGuyWithoutAName
Rage Against The Machine It sounds like someone got angry when their computer crashed. Chris
The Raiders In the 70's, Paul Revere & The Raiders officially shortened their name to this. Why do I think it's stupid, you ask? Well, it could be confused with a certain NFL team that was once in L.A. but is now in Oakland. Smelma Pitz
Rainbow Sounds like an all-girl pop group, but in fact, they were one of the first Heavy Metal bands, featuring Ritchie Blackmore and Dio. G
Rainbow It's just so lacking in masculinity for a band that was fronted by Ronnie James Dio, who was a major influence in the development of heavy metal. Jonathan S.
Rainbow the band is ok, but Rainbow?, does George, Jeff, Bungle and Zippy, no about this?? Mark
Rainbow Butt Monkeys I am not lying. There was a band whose name consisted of butt, monkey and rainbow. They later changed their name to Finger Eleven (a name that is more familiar); I guess they got embarrassed. Clea
Rainbow Butt Monkeys Who gives their band such a dumb name? What does it mean anyways? Celeste
The Rainbow ButtMonkeys Finger Eleven was originally called the Rainbow ButtMonkeys- they even put out a CD under that name. They eventually dropped the name and called themselves Finger Eleven. Can you blame them? What person in their right mind wants to be called a "buttmonkey"? Even if they are of the rainbow variety, they still come out of the butt. Joe Song
Rainbow Kitten Surprise What is a rainbow kitten? And is one surprising somebody or BEING surprised? Farlow Maitland
Ram Jam What are they ramming and/or jamming!? o_O Jonathan S.
Rammstein Don't even try to pronounce this, it's not how you think it would be. Joe Kur
Rancid Sounds like something that is spoiled, not good for you, and would be better off in the trash. Rychendroll
Rancid One of those names that's simply too easy to make fun of. "That band stinks!" / "They don't just stink, man - They're Rancid!" SEE? Jonathan S.
Random Not a very easy name to search for. On the other hand, if they *included* the word random in their name (that is, with other words, as a phrase), it wouldn't be so bad. O.J. Chamberlain
Raphael Saadiq For one thing, his real name, Raphael Wiggins, is pronounceable, as opposed to this. For another, one possible pronunciation has a last syllable that sounds like an offensive word! Amanda
The Rapture The name itself isn't actually stupid, but the problem is that the name technically applies to two distinct bands. One is a Finnish death-metal band, simply known as 'Rapture', and the other is an American indie-rock band, officially known as 'The Rapture'. Both bands, on this site, would be sorted as Rapture, thereby creating a performer-name conflict. Larry
Ratt It is supposed to be an acronym for Rock All The Time, but clearly the band members forgot to put the periods after each letter... so the name resembles a certain kind of rodent instead GlamRockNinjaLord
Ratt I don't really know the point of adding an extra letter to the word "rat". It's still the same pronunciation and it doesn't sound much cooler. G
The Ravens This was an obscure 60's band. These days you could confuse them with an NFL team that is currently based in Baltimore. Lightning Rod Blagojevich
Ray Charles His name isn't stupid, but what *is* stupid is that he first hit the charts two years after a group called The Ray Charles Singers (which this Ray Charles had nothing to do with, and which were led by a different person named Ray Charles) first did. In fact, Ray Charles and The Ray Charles Singers had simultaneous hits in 1964, which probably led some people to believe that solo singer Ray Charles also led The Ray Charles Singers. Solo singer Ray Charles should have used a different name, especially since this was only *part* of his real full name (Ray Charles Robinson). Candy Welty
Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs Here's some career advice, Ray: Naming your band after something that people avoid is not a good idea. Orel Hershyster
The Rays Yes I know they were a 1950s doowop group, but these days you might confuse them with the Tampa Bay Rays, a major league baseball franchise that has only been in existence since the late 1990s. Beezy
Re-Flex Why is there a dash in this name? "Reflex" would be just fine. Candy Welty
Ready For The World If they weren't ready for the world, would they be called "Ill-Prepared For The World"? Joe
Reckless Kelly Since Kelly is a first name, mostly for females, this act's name seems to suggest a female soloist. But this act is a band, and all members in its history were male. None of its members, past or present, even had Kelly as a surname, either. Lindz
Reckless Love Sounds like the band members are intentionally trying to get STDs. G
The Record Company It just sounds so generic. Rock Maninoff
Red Hot Chili Peppers Makes us think they are to be eaten. Mads
Red Rider They named themselves after the air rifle used in "A Christmas Story" (which was spelled 'Red Ryder'). Could somebody bust an eardrum listening to their music?  Ugly Betty Rubble
Reel 2 Real It's confusing because it could be spelled many different ways for those who haven't seen the proper spelling. A pair of homophones, with a numeral separating them. The numeral 2 could be interpreted as "to" or "too", not necessarily "two." Smellma Pitts
Reel Big Fish People who haven't seen this name in print or don't know what a fishing reel is will think it's Real Big Fish.  Paul Bear
Refused I guess they refused to be imaginative or creative in thinking up a good name. Cassandra
Rejoice! Why do they have an exclamation point in their name? Do they shout out their songs? Candy Welty
The Rembrandts There is only one Rembrandt. And these guys never painted a picture. The Late John Lennon
The Replacements What or whom are they replacing?? Paul Bear
Republica What's next? 'Democrata'? or 'Democra'? Jonathan S.
The Residents They all wear eyeball helmets for heads. Who'd want to sell a home to these freaks? Peter Dick
The Reverend Horton Heat 1)This man is obviously not a man of the cloth. 2)Wasn't Horton the elephant of Dr. Suess fame? 3)And what kind of heat is he packing?  Jesus Saves
The Revolting Cocks Really?!?!?! I don't even wanna know. JeReMy
Riders of the Purple Sage There are three different known bands by this name, all of which were active during or near the mid 20th century. How could the other two not realize the name had already been taken? Mr. Critic
Right Said Fred Huh? hmm...let's just listen to the next three words in the conversation next to us ???? How about Left Said Wilma? Harry
Righteous Brothers They aren't brothers (nor are they even related to each other) and neither one has 'Righteous' as a surname. Donnie
Rilo Kiley This name has no meaning whatsoever. Whoever thought of it must have been on ecstacy. Opie M.
Riot Too easily confusable with Quiet Riot. GlamRockNinjaLord
Rise Against I only think it's dumb because it's an incomplete sentence: "Rise against" . . Rise against WHAT?!! Jonathan S.
Rob Thomas Look, I know it's his actual name...but I can't help but think: Why would anyone want to steal money from some guy named Thomas? Jonn
Rob Zombie If a zombie walked up to me and said "hi, my name is Rob", I would laugh. Greg
Rob Zombie It's just awkward to have a regular first name combined with a made-up last name. And, really, who wants to go around telling people, "Hello, my name is Robert Zombie"? Jonathan S.
Rob Zombie Sounds like bad advice. Don't expect much cash. dmz
Robin S. I know it's her first name and last initial, but this is a bit problematic. Why, you ask? Because there was once a band called The Robins, popular during the 1940s and 50s; and this site, by default, sorts performer names without punctuation and drops the leading word "The", so a performer-name conflict is created between Robin S. and The Robins (as both are sorted as "robins"). Therefore, this singer should have realized there was a band called The Robins before deciding to record under her first name and last initial. nally
Rock And Roll Double Bubble Trading Card Co. Of... ...Philadephia-19141. It's much too long for a band name. Candy Welty
The Rock Flowers Flowers aren't made of rock. And this band isn't a rock band. They're a pop and soul vocal trio. Candy Welty
The Rock*A*Teens It looks awkward (in a sense) with those astericks separating the words. Yet that's how they punctuated it. Maybe they did that because Rock-A-Teens (with the traditional hyphens) was already taken? Even so, it can cause conflict. Mac
The Rock-A-Teens Many people who hear this name but haven't seen it in print will not guess that there are dashes in it. Some might think the name is Rocket Teens. Candy Welty
Rocket From the Crypt Are rockets typically launched from crypts? Wouldn't "Missle From the Silo" have sounded better? Or couldn't they have used it? The name sounds like some sort of lame reference to sex. Tom Radigan
Romeo Void A 5 member band from the 80s that had a couple of minor hits. Like Blondie they were one woman and four men, with the woman being the lead singer. Is it supposed to be a person, or a thing, or some kind of condition? I have no idea. I've tried to figure out what it's supposed to mean but it just doesn't make any sense. That's what happens when you try too hard to come up with a "cool" band name I guess. Edward
Romeo's Daughter The name implies a solo performer, specifically a female. But it's actually the name of a 3-person band. Candy Welty
The Ron-Dels This band might be confused with another band called The Rondels. Both bands had hit songs in the 1960s. Candy Welty
Rosabel This name suggests a first name for a solo performer, but it's actually a male duo. Bryan
Rose Royce I always thought it sounded too much like Rolls Royce, which is the name of a European car manufacturer. The fact that this band had a hit song called "Car Wash" sorta emphasizes that point. Cassandra
Rotting Christ Can someone say "trying too hard to be edgy"? Danny Hates Dubstep
Roxanne This name suggests it's a solo female performer, but it's actually a group of four men (and no women). Candy Welty
Roxy Music Excuse me, but what kind of music is roxy music? Is it music played with rocks?!! Rock Maninoff
Royce da 5'9'' Is it really important to indicate his height in his moniker? And I think people have gone way too far with "da". Mr. Critic
Rubber City Rebels Does it mean the city or the rebels are rubber? Either way, it makes no sense. No cities are rubber and neither are any rebels. Wendy Torrance
Rubber Rodeo Rodeos aren't made of rubber! And this rock band is from Rhode Island, far from the rodeos. Candy Welty
The Rubinoos Nobody knows what a rubinoo is. It looked like they were going to name it "The Rubinos", but accidentally press the "o" key twice. Richard Head
Rufus Isn't it just downright weird (not to mention invasion of privacy, if you ask me) to give a band a name of a person that NO ONE in the band has!? Chowder
Run Kid Run It sounds like another direct command, possibly inspired by a certain line from the movie Forrest Gump. Why a band would choose this for a name, I just don't understand. Cassandra
Rush When you rush things, they end result is normally less than desired. If they just slowed down and took their time.... Rychendroll
Rusted Root It is literally impossible for a root to become rusted. It needs water, so technically, water would not rust it. Travis

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