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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with W

Submitted by:
W.A.S.P. Wonder what it stands for... We Are Stupid People, perhaps? Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
W.A.S.P. The band name is clearly an abbreviation for something. There are about twenty different guesses as to what though, with the band members not confirming any of them. GlamRockNinjaLord
Wa Wa Nee Some people wouldn't be able to spell this name right if they heard it but haven't seen it in print. And what is the name supposed to mean? Candy Welty
The Waitresses I thought it was another all-girls band (like the Go-Gos) until I found out from the liner notes of their compilation album that it was mostly guys and a female vocal. Would've been cooler if it were an all-girl band! Vic George
Wale In print it looks like it should be pronounced WHALE, but when you hear his name it is pronounced WALLY. Some might think that this guy is two different people. JD
Walk Off the Earth Another impossible band can one walk off the earth?? JeReMy
Walk The Moon You can walk a dog, but not the moon. Alice
Wall Of Voodoo A whole wall of Voodoo... wouldn't that just be an interesting site to see? Is it anywhere near the Great Wall of China or was it near the old Berlin Wall? Peter
Wang Chung Ok I know it is Chinese for "perfect pitch" bit it still sounds like a porn star (Hong Kong's answer to John Holmes?) Chris
War Not a particularly violent band, certainly not enough so to explain their name... G
War Does that mean the members fight all the time?! Gimme a break. Control Freak
The War On Drugs This proves that there still is a war on drugs, because the people that named this band must have been on drugs. Frosty The Cat
Was (Not Was) The past tense of the verb "to be" followed by its ungrammatically-correct contradiction in parentheses? Doesn't make any sense if you ask me. nally
The Waterboys It sounds like a band Adam Sandler formed. carly_carlz
The Wave Pictures There are not any photos of waves in the band. Johnny Nguyen
We Are Scientists It's a little goofy because they would presumably have to end a concert by saying to the audience, "We are We Are Scientists!" Jonathan S.
We Are The In Crowd Any band that puts 'We Are' in its name is only trying to be showy. Gus
We Came As Romans As far as I'm aware none of the band members are actually Italian. Jay
We The Kings What do they think they're the "kings" of? Also, this name makes me think of a certain Christmas carol (minus a pair of letters in the middle word). Lindz
We Want War Most people want peace, not war! Candy Welty
The Weakerthans What in the heck is a weakerthan? (Or, what are they weaker than?) Opie M.
Weather Girls There are actually 2 bands with this name; an American duo formed in 1977, and a Japanese idol group formed in 2010. Why didn't the first band sue the second band for using their name? Beverly
Wednesday Don't they perform on the other six days of the week? Candy Welty
Wednesday 13 What about the first 12 Wednesdays? And why that particular day of the week? Andy
The Weeknd Yes, this is the correct spelling of the name, no lie. And it's a soloist. A. Critic
Ween It reminds me too much of trying to get Puppies off of sucking thier mom's teats and getting them to eat dogfood!  anon
Weezer Sounds like the lead singer is sick, doesn't it? Kelly
Weezer Weezer sounds like a nerdy little band, but they are quite cool Innotech
West Indian Girl The name suggests an individual female performer, but this music act is actually a band, with people of both genders. Gigi
Wet Wet Wet Naughty-sounding, naughty-sounding, naughty-sounding! Jonathan S.
Wham! Hmm...never name you band while watching old batman shows. Bang! Wham! Oh!!! Savage Jigga
What Is This Are they referring to themselves? If so, they're a pop-rock trio. If they're referring to something else, then what is it? This name is ambiguous. Candy Welty
Wheatus Sounds like a misspelled breakfast cereal. Wheaties? Chris
Wheatus It sounds like cereal to me. Travis
Wheatus At first when I heard 'Teenage Dirtbag' on the radio I thought the DJ had said...foetus...ewwww . Luja
Wheatus It is actually a misspelled cereal name (Weetus). space bob
Wheezer What the........does everyone in the band have bronchitis or something.... Caitlin O'Connell
When In Rome Sounds like the beginning of a story - along the lines of "This one time, when in Rome..." Rychendroll
White Lion There is more than one band member, so the name should be The White Lions, unless somebody in the band has a white lion as a pet. Opie M.
The White Stripes Were they out of the red stripes? Rocky Rhodes
White Town You like sounding racist, don't you? Jonathan S.
The Whitest Boy Alive Seems to suggest an individual male performer, but it's a band instead. Stu L. Pigeon
The Who Even though this band has stood the test of time, its name can still cause a bit of confusion, especially if you don't use 'The' at the beginning. Cassandra
The Who Did an owl think up that name or something? BB Krak
The Who I can picture someone asking another person "What is your favourite band?". The other person says "The Who", and then other one says "The Who?" and it goes on and on... Maggie Olsen
The Who Stupid people think it's funny, when they hear the band name, to repeat, "The WHO?" hahaha... Mason Perez
Whole Wheat Bread You can get one serving of whole grains just by listening to them! carly_carlz
The Why Store What does a why store sell? Apparently, not very many albums. fatboy
Wide Mouth Mason Why does Mason have a wide mouth? Well, just think about it. Nuff said. Vick M
Will-I-Am Using punctuation to separate the syllables in his name is kinda tacky. What if some performer named William decides to record under his first name only? Then there'd be a performer name conflict. Cassandra
The Will-O-Bees Almost no one who hears this name but hasn't seen it in print will spell it correctly, especially since it has dashes in it. Candy Welty
William Orbit Orbit is not his real last name, but maybe he dreamt of a career in space exploration before deciding on music? C.J.
Wilson Phillips Before hearing any of their songs, I thought this was a male R&B singer, so it was a little jarring to see three women. I probably confused them with Wilson Pickett, but that's still far too easy a mistake to make. Cat
Wilson Phillips Sounds like a firm of accountants Chris
Wing It's too easy to confuse her with Paul McCartney's band Wings. Though she did cover some Beatle songs. Tommy
The Wing And A Prayer Fife & Drum Corps It's too long for a band name. Candy Welty
Winger Someone want to explain to me what "winger" means? Sounds like a special batarang The Dark Knight would have hidden somewhere odd for emergencies only. GlamRockNinjaLord
Wishbone Ash Sounds like a drug. Drugs are bad. This band is very good. GlamRockNinjaLord
Within Temptation Since when does temptation have an inside? Harry Palms
Wizzard No one's gonna think to spell this band's name with two Z's, simply because the word "wizard" only has one. Bob
Wizzard I don't get why there is an extra Z in this band's name. It still sounds the same when you hear it out loud. GlamRockNinjaLord
Woah! Heal Boy, We'll Get There Soon... I couldn't even fit the whole band name in the box.... (Woah! Heal Boy, We'll Get There Soon, What's Your Hurry???) In my opinion that's too much of a long name for a band, is that why their not selling any albums??? If they plan on getting anywhere, they're not in a hurry. Zakery Wood
Wolfmother None of this Australian band's members are either wolves or mothers. And if they were, would they get it on with Wolffather? Peter
The World Class Wreckin Cru This name doesn't look "world class" to me, since there's no apostrophe at the end of "wreckin", and "crew" is misspelled. And what exactly does this band wreck? Songs? Candy Welty
The World Ends With You, it most certainly does not. Seriously, what moron thought this was a good idea for a band name? Mr. Critic
The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Their full name is, The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. I wish 'em luck getting their name on a marquee. Jonathan S.
Worm Quartet It's not a four-person ensemble, nor are there any worms in it. Plus, the name sounds rather disgusting. Chris
The Wrens It's another one of those names that pertains to more than one known music group. Mr. Critic
Wu Tang Clan I bet they just named the band that so they could get the word "tang" on the marquee. Reggie Pillbox

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