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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with T

Submitted by:
T'Pau Pronounced TUH-POW, the name is stupid because it's not even a word. What's funny is when hearing the band's name spoken it sounds like a sound effect from a Kung-Fu movie. Cautious Lip
T'Pau I heard this was taken from a Star Trek Vulcan character, but it sounds more like a sound effect from a comic book. Vic George
T-ara It's pronounced "Tiara", but no one's gonna think to spell the name like this if they don't see it in print first. Furthermore, it looks like the name "Tara" hyphenated, which is kinda stupid. Oliver South
T-Bone Don't get me wrong, I think he's a great rapper, but every time I hear about him, I get hungry. JeReMy
T-Pain Does he want people to get headaches or something from listening to his music? Mr. Critic
T. Diddy This is obviously another crappy name; it's a copy of P. Diddy. Why would you change a stupid name into a stupider name? This doesn't make sense. Travis
Ta Mara and The Seen First of all, the way she spells Tamara makes her look snobbish. And secondly, it's obvious that all of the other band members are seen. If they were "Ta Mara And The Unseen", that would be even worse. Saran Rapp
Tabitha's Secret It is a band with no member named Tabitha. So who, if anybody, is the Tabitha referenced in the name? And what's with her having a secret? How does any of that relate to the band or their music? Jane Farnsworth
Taco Makes me wanna make a run to the border. pauhead
Taco Does he have a brother named Burrito? or a sister named Enchilada? Joe
Tai Mai Shu Can the band members not tie their own shoes? That's what this reminds me of! Vesta84
Tai Mai Shu I know it was supposed to be this way, but this name is REALLY creepy.  Mac
Take That Take what? Mads
Take That Sounds like something you would say or hear just before someone you get your head kicked in by some drunken street mugger. JamPot
Taking Back Sunday Why did someone steal Sunday?  Peter
Talk Talk Is that a request? ...a demand? ...what? A Band Name? Then why didn't you call it Sing Sing, or didn't you want to remind people of the prison (where the warden would force you to "talk! talk!" anyway) Da Buck
Talking Heads Sounds like something from a horror movie noskcaJ
Talking Heads Well, duh! Talking comes from the mouth, which is located on a person's head! So naturally, the head does the talking. But doesn't that imply that the band would talk instead of sing (when they perform)? Russ
Tame Impala Is tame an adjective or verb in this case? Belinda Trucklisle
Tami Show This name implies that it's a solo performer, but it's actually a 6-person band with none of them named Tami. Candy Welty
The Tams A tam is a type of military cap, and we all know hats don't sing. Reggie Pillbox
Tangerine Dream Tangerines can't dream. A tangerine is a fruit.  Guest
Taproot Why is this band named after something from inside the ground? What next, a band called Dirt? Shirley Charles Manson
The Tarantulas So they named themselves after big hairy spiders. How ugly! Alyssa Jayne
The Tea Party Mad hatters tea party? Boston Tea Party? or just little girls playing with dolls houses? Chris
Teacher In Space Their first (and thankfully only) album had a picture of the space shuttle Challenger exploding. For sheer hideousness, nothing is worse than this name. Jeffrey Kasten
The Teardrop Explodes If that was to happen I'm surprised we haven't heard about it. Sounds like some terrorist plot. Peter
Tech N9ne If we were to use the normal numbers in place of words system so many people use nowadays, this rapper's name would be Tech Nnineine. It's not, but do you see how dumb that looks? Greg
Tech N9ne Yet another performer (namely, a rap artist) who uses a numeral as a letter. Come on... the numeral 9 is already read as "nine", so this just seems redundant. Jim Raveling
Teddybears (Swedish band) First there was an American vocal group called The Teddy Bears (definite article in front, followed by two main words). Much later, a Swedish alt rock band named itself Teddybears (all one word, no definite article). That band should have realised that a variant of the name was already taken, in order to avoid confusion with the American band. A. Person
The Tee Set When I first heard of them, I thought they were metaphorically calling themselves a set of teacups and saucers. But the name isn't even spelled right for that. Did they name themselves instead after a set of golf tees? (Do golf tees even come in sets?) Tabitha Cartwright
The Tee Set Some people who hear this name but haven't seen it in print will think it is The Tea Set. Candy Welty
Teenage Head For American releases, they changed their name to Teenage Heads. It still sounds obscene. whistledog
Tegan and Sara It sounds like they ripped their name off from Doctor Who. (The show had two characters called Tegan Jovanka and Sarah Jane Smith) Jonathan S.
Telepopmusik Never mind the misspelling of music, but why add the tele- prefix in front? What is that supposed to mean? Greg
Television The name makes it virtually impossible to look up any information about this group. Any search you do by their name will bring up a vast number of hits for "Television", in which any that actually pertain to the group will be hopelessly buried.  Gail McFarland
Tenacious D I looked up the term "tenacious d" and I'm sorry but, the term doesn't fit the sound of this band even remotely. Greg
Tenacious D This was used to describe a basketball's defense as I heard it. But for a band??? Logan
The Termites It's ugly to be named after an insect pest that eats wood. Candy Welty
Test Icicles Horrible pun for "testicles". Fifi McFeef
Test Your Reflex Just look at it. Another command being used as a band name. How stupid is that?! Mr. Bump
Testament I used to think this was a Christian band before I learned that it was a thrash-metal band formed in the 80's. (that one joke on "The Simpsons" didn't help, either...) Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Texas They're not from said state, or anywhere in the U.S. for that matter. What's the use in naming your band after a geographic place (city, state, country, etc) that you're not from? Sammy
That Dog I'm just wondering how ugly one of their members could be to warrant this name. Rock Maninoff
The The Really confusing, as someone hearing you say the name of this band, might think you couldn't recall the actual name, or that you were stuttering, or both. Think about it. G
The The From the Department of Redundancies Department  Marc
The The What are you guys? Don't stutter, please. brainstem
The The With the rule that "The" does not count towards alphabetization, this band technically has no name. Jake
The The Really. There was once a band named The The. Who thought up that name? Porky Pig?!? Stockton
Theatre of Tragedy Were they inspired by Romeo & Juliet or something? (This is an actual band from Norway.) Joe
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant What the heck is this name supposed to mean? It just sounds like they picked 3 unrelated words and a girls name at random. And also, why do they use "Thee" instead of "the". "Thee" is an archaic word so it sounds weird in that regard. Daniel
Thee Midniters "The Midnighters" would have been a better name. "Thee" sounds odd because it's an archaic word, and "Midniters" is more commonly spelled "Midnighters." Candy Welty
Thee Prophets "The Prophets" would have been a better name. "Thee Prophets" sounds odd because "thee" is an archaic word. Candy Welty
Them A pronoun is never a good idea for a band name. Confusion could result. Cassandra
Them Crooked Vultures With this band's name, does anyone else get a picture in their head of the old Looney Tunes cartoon of Beaky Buzzard (who resembled more of a vulture)? Peter
Theory of a Deadman What does that theory even mean? Maybe it relates to The Undertaker from WWE. BillyBobby
Therapy? Usually, a question mark at the end of a band name isn't a good idea. Some cleverness might occasionally make such an interrogative name effective. But cleverness is pretty much absent in this case. Here it just makes it sound like the band might be having an identity crisis, and nothing about the name gives that thought any particular humorous or riveting impact. Karen Smith
Therion The band is cool, but the name kinda makes me think of a Pokemon Mac
These Arms Are Snakes Why would anyone admit that his arms are two reptiles? That sounds freaky. Johnny Kumlately
They Eat Their Own they eat their own what? Children? Toenail clippings? Snot boogers? Anyone have an idea...? Radio 1990
They Might Be Giants They might be giants......or they might not be giants........ Annie
They Might Be Giants It isn't hard to tell if they are giants. Are they freakishly tall? If so, they are giants.  Travis
They Might Be Giants They might be giants. Or they might not. What an interesting subject Sarah
They Might Be Giants Are they all exceptionally tall or do they just overestimate their musical talents compared to others? Alderia
They Shoot Horses, Don't They?  This was a title of a popular movie. So why did a band decide to use it as their name? hamp
Thin Lizzy It sounds like an alias for a female singer, but it's a band and all the members are males.  Lefty Lucy
Third Eye Blind What's the use of having a third eye if it's blind? Annie
Thirteen Senses I can only name five senses. What are the other eight? Mr. Critic
Thirty-Odd Foot Of Grunts Russell (Gladiator) Crowe's band. Waaaay too pretentious. Chris Kuan
Thompson Twins An ultimate misnomer. They aren't surnamed Thompson and they aren't twins. And it's not even a duo; it's a group of three unrelated people! Aaron
Three Days Grace Have you ever heard a more Christian-sounding name of a non-Christian band than this one? Crafthead
Three Days Grace Do these people pray for three straight days without stopping? If so, God help them. The Wonderful Wizard Of Odd
Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie It sounds extremely disgusting. Why a band would pick such a revolting name is beyond my comprehension. Quyjibo
Three Dog Night I know it's supposed to be some sort of Southern slang term, but for the rest of us who aren't familiar with it or what it's supposed to mean, the name just looks plain silly. Tom Radigan
Thrice This band either can't count, likes rice, can't spell...or all three. (Would have made sense if there were 3 people in the band.) Qwee
Throwing Muses Can muses be thrown? And even if so, why do it? Thrown muses would if anything be less able and/or willing to help them make good music! :( Samantha Wayland
Tiger Army None of the three members of this Berkeley, California band are either tigers or in any army. Peter
Timi Yuro Most people who hear the first name but haven't seen it in print will spell it Timmy. The spelling of the last name might be hard to guess, too. And Timi Yuro is a woman! Candy Welty
Tinfed Seriously, you live off of tin? Jonathan S.
Tinfoil Titans A pretty terrible attempt at the metal spin on a name. Jade G
The Ting Tings Not only is it the same word repeated (like The the) but the word 'ting' just sounds immature and annoying on its own. Yeaa
Tinie Tempah 1. Anyone who heard the name but not seen it in print would think it was "Tiny Temper". 2. Another rapper delibrately misspelling the words in his name, how original!  Steve
TinTin There is a rather boring cartoon named TinTin. Evidently THEY thought it was a stupid band name, because they sued Stephen Duffy for using it. Or maybe they thought it was a cool band name, but didn't want it implied that their cartoon was cool by association. Maybe he should have tried CopperCopper, but would've probably been sued by the police(the cops, not the band). LeeSa
Tiny Tim Might be appropriate if he were, say, less than 4 feet tall. But he was 6' 1"! Furthermore, his actual first name wasn't even Tim (or Timothy); it was Herbert. Cassandra
Toad The Wet Sprocket I noticed that these words can't go together in a sentence. Toad is a noun, wet is an adjective and sprocket is a noun. A proper sentence would be verb, adjective then noun. Just to add some technicality to this. Travis
Toad the Wet Sprocket Sounds like an infectious disease Sumanto
Toadies Oh, PLEASE. You'd really like to be known as someone's wormy servants? Jonathan S.
The Toadies Some say if you lick their CD, you'll get high. J.C.
Toast This is the most boring single word band name I've ever seen. G
Today's People It's too obvious and unimaginative. Candy Welty
Today's Tomorrow It's an oxymoron. Chowder
Together Together? whos together? Bada bing Mike
Toilet Boys Oh pa-lease! They must've had sick minds or something to come up with this name. A Stranger
Tokio Hotel They are German, so I can see why TOKYO is misspelled. I'm also sure there's more than one hotel in TOKYO because TOKYO is one of the most populated cities in the world. So sayonara to these guys. More like Auf Wiedersehn. carly_carlz
Tom Glazer And The Do-Re-Mi Children's Chorus It's too long for a band name. Candy Welty
Tom Waits It's his real name (actually, Tom is short for Thomas, but that's beside the point), but it could also be a complete sentence! Kelly
Tommy Tutone I'm sure many people, including myself, originally thought this was a solo male artist. Turns out, it was actually an all-male group, whose lead singer was the only member named Tommy. And no, he did not use 'Tutone' for a pseudo-last name after the band broke up. Cassandra
Tones And I It suggests a group, with more than one person, and the leader trying to be vain. But it's actually a one-woman band. Lindz
Tones on Tail Sounds like trying to fart in tune Chris
Tones On Tail This name makes absolutely no sense at all. I mean, if a dog had tones on a tail, it would look ridiculous. Anonymous Joe
Tony Toni Tone Stupid, stoopid, stewpid. Francis A. Sissy
Tony! Toni! Tone! What's with the three different names all pronounced "toe-knee"? And what's with the exclamation marks after each one? (Needless to say, they eventually dropped the exclamations, but still...) Mr. Critic
Too Short What's stupid about it is that he writes the S like a dollar sign (i.e, Too $hort). WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH PUNCTUATION AS LETTERS?! So I always read that as "Too hort dollars." Mr. Critic
Tool Apparently, you have to be one to join the band. J.C.
Toploader Yes, it's how I load a CD into my CD Player. Doesn't work well as a band name. Justin
Toploader I know it's a spliff but it still sounds like a 1970's washing machine (or a Betamax VCR) Chris
Totally Confused Would you want to listen to a band that's confused? I wouldn't! Candy Welty
Toto We're not in Kansas (or Africa) anymore. Chris Kuan
Toy Dolls I've never seen any real Toy Dolls sing or play musical instruments. Peter
Traffic Must have been a lot of it in whatever recording studio this band was in. Vic George
Trapt They spelled 'trapped' wrong. Just because you spell 'slept' or other past-tense words with a T doesn't mean you spell all past-tense words with a T (particularly those with 'p' preceding it). BillyBobby
Trash Boat This is a real band in the UK. According to Urban Dictionary, a "trash boat" is a "An undesirable person or object that is unwanted and rejected." It's also the title of an episode of Cartoon Network's Regular Show where one of the characters changed his name from "Rigby" to "Trash Boat". So, it's a term for an undesirable, unwanted person, that's also an episode of a relatively popular TV show. That's should making Googling your band very easy. *sarcasm* JeReMy
Travis Travis is a man's name, so 9 out of 10 people who've never heard of this group before, would probably think it's a solo male artist. But this music act is a group... of all men, none of whom are even named Travis. Cheese
Travis Porter It clearly suggests a solo male performer, but this is a three-man rap group! And none of them are named Travis, nor are any of them surnamed Porter. David Sari
Treaty Of Paris How can a treaty perform music?? Natalie Stonecipher
Treble Charger This is about as original as Bass Booster...  Derek
Treble Charger 1) it sounds like an instrument whose battery can be charged before you can use it 2) it makes ya think they like guns...... ~Vickle-Pickle~
Tree63 Can you imagine going into a park where even all the trees are numbered? Vic George
Tree63 It reminds me of the AOL screen name of some idiot who thinks "Hey, I'm being really deep here." or is on acid. In fact, I seriously think all these stupid band names with numbers at the end originated as AOL screen names, most of which were randomly generated by AOL upon the discovery that your desired name is taken. Band6784832928188912 is probably next. Cel-Chan
Treponem Pal I don't know what it means (the band is French) but the combination of a (maybe only British) brand of dog food with the medieval practice of trepanning (drilling holes in the skull) is just too wierd to think about!  Chris
Tribe Called Quest I don't think any tribe would actually have been given a name of Quest, either by themselves or any social scientist. Peter
Trick Daddy Unless he's David Copperfield, I don't understand. Junior
Trinere Many folks who see this name for the first time will have a hard time pronouncing it; conversely, anyone who hears the name without first seeing it in print may have a hard time spelling it. A. Stranger
Trio It's wayyyy too systematic. If another member had joined, would they have been known as Quartet? Or, if one member left the group, would they be known as Duo? On the other hand, they could've been more creative and added something to it, as there is a band called Kingston Trio. Mac
Tripping Daisy A daisy ate a funny mushroom and is tripping?  Skip
Trixter Do you want to get sued by Kellogg's? Gavin
Truth Hurts 1) The truth does NOT hurt; maybe it hurts for certain people to admit it. 2) The name implies that it should be a band, but it's only one person. Maybe it's *supposed* to be a one-person group? Mr. Critic
The Tubes It's just dumb and unimaginative. Like are we talking tubes of toothpaste or lipstick or what? LOL. Edward
Tuff Darts Tuff is a porous volcanic rock, hence probably not a material from which darts could be made. Fiona Montrose
Tupac Shakur Look, I know it was his real name, but it sounds to me like a lesser known Jewish festival maynardjames
Turn Off the Stars It's not possible to turn off the stars. If we had a "Literally Impossible Band Names" section on this site, it would fit there! Lacey
TV On The Radio Some people don't even want TV on TV these days. Now they have to put it on radio, too??!! Don Snotts
TV/TV They're basically saying "TV or TV," which doesn't make sense. Now, if it was TV/Radio, it wouldn't sound quite so awkward. Jonathan S.
Twenty One Pilots There are only two of them and they're not pilots. Rock Maninoff
Twenty One Pilots How can they be called Twenty One Pilots when there's only two of them? JD
Twenty One Pilots There are 2 people in the band, not 21 Sweet Anne
Twisted Sister A sister is only 1 person and it's a female. This is a group--of more than one person--and they're all guys. Just like the group Queen. joe
Twiztid Another instance of intentionally misspelling a word for use as a band name. They must've been pretty "twisted" to come up with this Adam
Two Nice Girls This is a quintet, so why "TWO Nice Girls"? Or do they mean three of them aren't nice?? Valerie Cameron
Ty Dolla $ign Yet another rapper with a dollar sign in his name and this time it's spelled out, the way rappers spell of course with the dollar sign in place of an S. The name seems clever but it really isn't. JD
Tyler, The Creator Is this artist "playing god"? Victoria Abbot

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