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If two existing groups combined members, what could they call their new resulting group.

A real example: "L.A. Guns" and "Hollywood Roses" combined to form "Guns 'n' Roses". I'm asking for fake examples, but if you have a real one, mention it's real in your comment and submit it anyways.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 7247 If Groups Combined, Their Names Might Be... entries on the site.

Patti Drew Carey
Patti Drew combined with Drew Carey
Submitted By: K.N. Pepper
Grand Theft Busta
Submitted By: Nathan
Green Dayvid Bowie
Green Day combined with David Bowie
Submitted By: Russ
Adelitas Milky Way Chance
Submitted By: Megan Tereon
KJ-52 combined with B-52's
Both band names contain the number 52 right after a hyphen, so it seems appropriate to combine them. KBJ is an architectural firm based in Jacksonville Florida. Coincidentally, the first performer is also from the state of Florida, and the B-52s were formed in the state of Georgia, which borders Florida, so it all makes sense.
Submitted By: Joe
Kings of Leon Jackson
Submitted By: Pete Worst
Aleon Jackson
Combining two unrelated male singers with the same last name and first names that could be combined in their own right.
Submitted By: Pete Worst
Nelly Furtad-Yo
Nelly Furtado combined with Ne-Yo
Submitted By: K.N. Pepper
Fountains of Wayne Brady
Submitted By: Gus
Pink Mink
Pink combined with Mink
Submitted By: Paula Bland
Crystal Water Castles
Submitted By: Sheila Oh
Ray Charles Sims
Submitted By: Paula Bland
Jonathan King Harvest
Submitted By: Gail McFarland
Naomi Juddson Spence
Submitted By: Hector
Simply Red Tide
Simply Red combined with Red Tide
Red Tide was a thrash metal band, mainly active in the 90's and early 2000's. They didn't have much success.
Submitted By: Hector
John Prince
John Prine combined with Prince
How I initially misread the first performer's name. Also, if we had add-letter for performer names, this would be a perfect example!
Submitted By: Orville Beddenrocker
Acetone of Base
Ace of Base combined with Acetone
Would change the pronunciation of the initial 'A' (giving it a short-vowel sound).
Submitted By: Joe
Silver Spoon
The Sylvers combined with Spoon
Submitted By: Reggie Pillbox
Aileen Queen
Aileen Quinn combined with Queen
Get it - "a lean queen"! (Aileen Quinn played the title role in the 1982 film version of "Annie.")
Submitted By: Joe
The Jonas Blue Brothers
Submitted By: Larry

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