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Whenever I hear a cool phrase somewhere, I like to exclaim "That would make a cool band name". This page is a list of such names.

I can not verify whether these names have been taken yet or not. If your band happens to already use one of these names sorry. If you want to use a name you see here, you'll need to verify it's not already in use.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 10494 Cool Band Names entries on the site.

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My Name Is Kentucky Fried Chicken A Family Feud Fast Money answer. Q: A name given to a boy.A: Kentucky Fried Chicken) Frosty The Cat
Duh-Duhn It sounds like someone trying to "sing" an instrumental or a riff. Lance Crackers
Dingleberries For The Pickin' It sounds gross, but if your don't think about the "dingleberries" part, it sounds cool. Nerdy Joe
Tigers With Tooth Decay I was thinking what dental disease a wild animal might have. Jackdaw Kennedy
Whiskey Dick we've all experienced it Brick House
Lobster Chicken Someone's misheard line from Al Stewart's song "Year Of The Cat". It's weird. Farrah Fawcett-Minors
Five Wax Jimmy I've watched a skit by Jimmy Fallon about him singing Barbara Ann to his wax figures, when those wax figures started to sing back to him. Well I just think it's pretty darn good for a band name Gordie
The Pseudomorphs Sometimes a mineral within a confined space in a rock is altered over time into a different mineral. Sometimes the confined space forces the new mineral to take on a geometrical shape reflecting the old mineral's crystal structure rather then the new mineral's own crystal structure. Such a mineral specimen so shaped for a previous mineral's structure is called a pseudomorph. Yesterday I was thinking how The Pseudomorphs might make a good band name, mainly because it just sounds neat. But it could also metaphorically say something about the band's history. Toni Minot
Rosebud On Wry With Mustard An old Saturday Night Live sketch spoofing Citizen Kane, with the actors are trying to find out what the title words mean. Lance Crackers
Ketchup With The Thymes It's a pun on the phrase "catch up with the times". Nicole Velocin
Vaginese Takeout My brother came up with this while we were coming up with funny band name ideas and he saw a Chinese takeout menu. JeReMy
Nat King Coleslaw Everyone has heard of Nat King Cole, and everyone knows about coleslaw, so why not have a mashup? Matt
Technicolor Weather I saw this was the name of an episode of the TV series Strangest Weather On Earth. And I thought, that would make a great band name. I can't decide what style of music they'd play though. Edward
The Principals Of Lust You mean there's actually a school of lust?! Open Mike Knight
Robot Fly Botflies are a kind of flies that lay their eggs under the skin of animals (sometimes including humans), and then their larvae become internal parasites therein. This name carbines "Robot" and "botfly". Waldo D. Law
Siri On The Rag Cellphones can have PMS, too. Sheila Oh
Popcorn The Baptist Animal I was at a natural history museum, and near where I was, a group of kids were looking at some mounted animals on display there. I overheard one kid say what sounded for all the world like "Popcorn, the Baptist animal". Naturally, such a randomly whimsical stringing together of words made me curious as to what he might actually have said. I thought I probably would never find out. But after that group of kids moved on I saw what exhibit they had been near when the baffling exclamation was made. The exhibit included a pronghorn, an animal of western North America, sometimes inaccurately called "antelope" (true antelopes being strictly native to the "old world"). Pronghorns are known for ability to run at extreme speeds. Then it suddenly occurred to me that the kid probably has said "Pronghorn, the fastest animal". On the way home I suddenly thought, Ah, my mishearing of that could make a good Cool Band Names submission! Often the beauty of misheard lyrics and ideas from other mishearings is that they give us phrases so random-appearing and cliche-free that one simply couldn't possibly contrive them. Without the mishearing, I doubt that anyone could ever just sit down and dream up a phrase so chaotically off-the-wall. Furthermore, as a potential band name, a phrase like this would be virtually certain to not be already taken. D. Melody Dole, MD
Acoustipranx Name for an acoustic band whose schtick is to do parodies of songs. K2studio
Transhuman Explosion Found in a forum thread making fun of those crazy people that think technology will advance incredibly quickly for some reason or another. Kyle
Nuclear Fetus Awhile back I was in class with friends and we were talking about our favorite bands. I brought up Nuclear Assault and my friend brought up Dying Fetus then out of nowhere this kid near us just blurted out Nuclear Fetus. Lmao!! MAS

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