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Whenever I hear a cool phrase somewhere, I like to exclaim "That would make a cool band name". This page is a list of such names.

I can not verify whether these names have been taken yet or not. If your band happens to already use one of these names sorry. If you want to use a name you see here, you'll need to verify it's not already in use.

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Latest Entries

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Thylacine It's an extinct animal from Australia that looks a lot like a wolf, but it's not.  Brionna Secret
Sequinox It's a portmanteau word combining "sequin" with "equinox". Or it might be perceived as "Sequin Ox". If the latter interpretation is pursued, several members might wear sequins, and one or more might wear ox horns. D. Melody Dole, MD
Peanut Ranunculus In a group I'm in, someone once mentioned liking Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Another member responded "Peanut Ranunculus" because Ranunculus is the scientific name for buttercup (the flower). Regina Haniger
Thunder & Rain I just posted this last night on my Facebook referring to the weather we were having right then. A cousin of mine made a comment about it being a good band name. And I have to agree it would be a great name for any kind of rock or pop band. Edward
Fresh Elabra I once heard someone say, in response to hearing the word 'candelabra', "You won't want to eat candelabra anymore once you've tasted fresh elabra." D. Melody Dole, MD
Croatoan The word that was carved into a tree at Roanoke. Would be pretty cool for a metal or indie band Sarah
G.A.D.I. It can stand for whatever you want. I have no idea how i came up with it, but it sounds cool. Narwhal bacon
Zombie IV It's a film reviewed by the Cinema snob and I like it because it sounds so stupid. I mean it doesn't even sound like it would be a real movie lol chad
Five Volts Out A power bank I use for charging my phone has that printed on it. Jonathan S.
My Core Mediation Mycoremediation refers to use of fungi for purposes of cleaning up environmental contaminates. Breaking the word up into three words like in the entry submitted makes for a string of more common words that might not leave the original word recognizable but, I thought, might make for a cool band name. D. Melody Dole, MD
The Planemos US Scientist Alan Stern is a critic of the definitions of "planet " and "dwarf planet" put forth in 2006. He advocates a "broader category" of planet than that definition allows, and his supporters have coined the term "planemo" for a planet in his preferred broader sense. D. Melody Dole, MD
Meer It's really mere. chootha
Holey Moley The phrase 'holy moly' is used as an exclamation to express surprise or astonishment. It sounds cool because it has the word 'mole' in it. And moles live underground in holes.  The Mole
The Eructing Volcanos Name sugests "erupting volcanos", but "eruct" actually means to belch. Guess maybe volcanoes do sort of belch in a way. Name might suit a raucous or loud band. Nicole Velocin
Kudu Voodoo Kudu is a kind of antelope, and it rhymes with "Voodoo". H. Tim Smith
Pride Of Dandelions Wordplay on the fact that lions live in "prides", and the word dandelion can sound like a kind of lion. Eva Cave
Screwicide A variation on Suicide Terror Reid
Weast East? I thought you said weast! Riachu
Chief Burky A spoonerism of "Beef jerky" Florrus
Menstrual Monster A friend of mine once said this, I think it’s pretty funny  Mark

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