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Whenever I hear a cool phrase somewhere, I like to exclaim "That would make a cool band name". This page is a list of such names.

I can not verify whether these names have been taken yet or not. If your band happens to already use one of these names sorry. If you want to use a name you see here, you'll need to verify it's not already in use.

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Entries Beginning with X, Page 1

Submitted by:
X Double N I have 2 other friends, the last letters in our names are X, N, and N. but also, theres this 4th member who's name ends in E, so we say she is silent in the front. (e) X Double N Kaitlin
X marks the spot it would be a cool punk/folk/gangster/country/disco band jimbo
X Squared I think it's cool because everyone is looking for X in the band name or stuff like that. And I added Squared because it makes it sound cool. Plus the name in total makes sense from math. ultimate_bassist
The X,Y,Zeros  JustMeAgainstTheWorld101
X-it friend of mine thought it would be a cool name for a band- I think it kinda suck- maybe fitting for a boy band or a teen type band.  splitz chick
X-Laphones A boy was asking me what instument i play in my band (vocals actually) and he said "What, it is the xylaphone or something" so I said to my friend (also in the band) "X-Laphone would be kind of cool for our bands name, like xylaphone but without the 'y'!" Liz
X-medicine i was watching some stand-up comedy show some day, and that dude was talking about that medicine companies are trying to make you believe it is a good medicine by putting an X in the name... thought it was a cool band name but my bandmembers didn't agree Floris
X-Prep The doctors used to prescribe this liquid solution over the counter before colon surgery or exams. It tasted like what 5-Hour Energy tastes like, only with prunes. Not potable at all. Mr. Oblivious
X-Rated A friend of mine was telling me how she had to get a lot of X-rays when she was a kid, then turned and called out to her mother, "Hey Mom, remember how we said that if I had to get another X-ray, I'd glow in the dark?" Her mom looked up, rather confused, and said, "What?? X-rated glow-in-the-dark??" Medication-High Jesteress Among Royalty
X-Ray and The Lead Aprons If the technician doesn't make you wear a lead apron before an x-ray, then you could be D.O.A. science
X-RAYS Just went to the doctor. NICKI
X-tra Medium Just like extra large, but medium. Jellybean
X.O.X You know, from girls from high school who used to write xox or xoxo when they signed your yearbook... Keith Bro.
Xanadu In Euro class, we talked about how the European explorers were searching for Xanadu, a place of great wealth in Africa. I just remembered that its a pretty sweet name. josh
xander I think my name is very unique and it came to me not as my real name but a nick name, short for Alexander. xander
Xander Berkeley A relatively unknown actor, who shows up in a lot of movies, never in any important role. (Editor: Fans of "24" strongly disagree.) GlamRockNinjaLord
Xander Harris The only male member of Buffy's Scoobies to make it through the entire series. Buffy Fan
Xavier, The Has-been Worcester Knight Based on a misheard version of lyrics in "Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming" Richard Wetfuss
Xenia Bulb Peckerwoods They could be a group of ex gardeners that used to plant xenia bulbs over at Peckerwood Cemetary every year.  badboybear
Xenocide I just made it on my own. I combined cool words and phrases to create this name. It's like you're in purgatory or what. It doesn't make any sense at all. [Ed.'s note: And neither does your explanation, but I'll put up the name anyway.] billy
Xenon Nightlights Idk I'm scared of the dark so I have this bright a** nightlight and I just thought of it Jared
Xenophobia It comes from Greek. It translates to something like fear of strangers. I think it would be a good name for maybe a punk rock band or dance techno/synthpop band. It kind of gives an air of alienation and isolation. Something I think lots of people are feeling nowadays. And, it just sounds cool! Ed
Xenoxx I was playing a game called "Age Of Mythology", and there's this guy called Xenos. Then I thought of my nickname being Fenixx, and somehow Xenoxx came into my mind. I like it because it's original. No one could steal it, and it also is the 2nd largest lan-party in Norway, without one of the 'X's though. Fenixx
Xeon 12 This name is amazing, It just popped up in my head as I was thinkng of girls. Then I thought, thats a great band name! I mean, nothing beats it! ACe
Xhilaration It's the brand of jeans I'm wearing right now, and it brings a sense of superiority. Jahna
Xi This is the fourteenth letter in the Greek alphabet. hamp
Xibalba This is a sweet name. It means the gates to Hell. It's pronounced like this (su-ball-bu). I found this in a movie about Satan I was watching. Andy
XiNN I was trying to think of cool band names like 'Sin'. So I thought to make sin look and sound cooler and spell it like XiNN. Rebecca Manning
Xion Like Zion but with an 'x'. Christian band. Maybe.  Too Cool for School
Xiphos Forr Xipheu is Latin for 'sword', and 'forr' is kind of like four. So it's basically 'the four swords.' Good for a band with a bunch of guitars or something...? Kyle
Xizor and the Faleenettes Xizor (pronounced SHEE-zor) is the Grand Prince of the Faleen in Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Peter (the Reader)
XJ-0461 According to the beginning of 2009 video game Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, the character Clank's "real name" was revealed to be "XJ-0461". JeReMy
Xodom 666 One day, I wrote a a letter to my girlfriend. I don't want her to know the sender. So instead of my name, I wrote "xodom 666". I think it will be cool like a band's name. adil nasri
Xperience I was looking at the other band names that start with an X, and I thought:I can do better than that. And it came to me. It's cool because it's spelled wrong like other rock bands nowadays and it has an odd ring to it. Mike
XRX sounds like XXX but in a diferent tone  Gv
Xsite Named after the newest best porn dotcom, this band features Dixie Normus, backed up by Jack Mehoph, and Ivana F**alot.  Mugg Nuttin
Xtra Large i'm listening to blink 182 and they just said the line "we left a scar sized extra large"... obviously I have no life...or it could be it's 1:30 am and there is nothing to do.... =)  Mable
Xtranaut I was trying to think of a YouTube user name. This just randomly poped into my head. I thought it sounded cool, but i didn't use it. Jay Luke
XXX All Girl Hardcore Thrash least I hope it will be! G
XXX Compound I think it's cool cuz it has 2 different meanings...It can mean you're a straight edge band..or that you really like porno. Leaf-High
Xylem This is aweosme band name for science freaks like me and my friends. coolmaster
Xylophoney A play on xylophone, only it's imposters that can't play a note on this instrument.  MOR
Xylph Xylph is a messed up version of Sylph, which could be a girl rock/goth band. Slyph stands for 1 : an elemental being in the theory of Paracelsus that inhabits air 2 : a slender graceful woman or girl  Gine D
Xyster Pronounced (Zister).. It is a surgical tool used for removing meat from bone. It was my old band name, but we never went anywhere. The highlite of our music career was rocking the high school talent show. Pedro
XYZ Stands for Examine Your Zipper, something male fans of rock bands have trouble doing, especially with their dates. Peter Pumpkineater
XYZZY A popular secret from one of the first video games, "Colossal Cave Adventure" for MS-DOS Will Griffith

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