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Band Name Wordplay

Different ways to look at the names of bands and song titles.

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Dec 7

This competition is OPEN TO EVERYONE! NEWBIES WELCOME! Come and join in a classic Amiright parody contest! Very fun! Check it out here at the link! (Comments & Parodies)

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If Groups Combined, Their Names Might Be... -> Latest Entries

Imaginary Johnny Cash
Submitted By: Cotton Lorraine
Twisted Little Sister
Submitted By: Russ

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Duets That Haven't Been Performed Yet -> Latest Entries

"I Love Her Mind Games"
"I Love Her Mind," The Bellamy Brothers
"Mind Games," John Lennon
Submitted By: Edward
"I Feel The Magic Touch"
"I Feel The Magic," Belinda Carlisle
"The Magic Touch," The Platters
Submitted By: Edward

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Cool Band Names (we invented) -> Latest Entries

Diarrhea Of A Madman
A scary thought!
Submitted By: Hardrock Henry
Wiggle Wampum
Perhaps a remnant of an otherwise long-faded memory floats around in the depths of my mind and occasionally surfaces. The memory might be of a real song that I can't remember enough of to possibly identify it. All that I can remember was that a line of the song sort of struck me as "The wiggle wampum goes where the wiggle wampum goes."
Submitted By: Regina Haniger

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Band Name Anagrams -> Latest Entries

Lurid Sea Cans originally Luis Cardenas - Submitted By: Joy Stick
Lurid Sea Scan originally Luis Cardenas - Submitted By: Joy Stick

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Band Name Aliteration -> Latest Entries

Billy Boy On Poison - - Submitted By: e
Mad Capsule Markets - - Submitted By: e

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How to Pronounce a Band Name -> Latest Entries

Gito Gito Hustler pronounced as Ghee-toh Ghee-toh Hussler - Submitted By: Lefty Lucy
Franz Liszt pronounced as Fraunz List - Submitted By: Danny Partridge In A Pear Tree

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Names as a Word Bank -> Latest Entries

Goigoi is still though formed from Gito Gito Hustler - Submitted By: De
Pam's germs formed from Mrs. Green Apple - Submitted By: Alice Spoonerism

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Band Name Spoonerisms -> Latest Entries

BLAZYgunsRISKY originally LAZYgunsBRISKY - Submitted By: Roxanne Drake
Slow Neaves originally No Sleeves - Submitted By: Winter Pepper

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Products Bands Should Endorse Based on Their Name -> Latest Entries

Ariana Grande should endorse "Starbucks" - Submitted By: xxHotheartXx
Lolita No.18 should endorse "Lolita dresses" - Submitted By: Mari

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New Band Names -> Latest Entries

Strawberry Sand Dollar a better name for Chocolate Starfish
Submitted By: Lucy Crosland
Marcy Prayground a better name for Marcy Playground
Submitted By: Chris

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Music Performer Nicknames -> Latest Entries

Rocky Burnette is also called: The Son of Rock and Roll
His first album had that name
Submitted By: Christian
Ted Nugent is also called: Uncle Ted
Submitted By: Christian

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Other Name Resources -> Latest Entries

Origins -> Latest

Machine Gun Kelly
He wanted to name himself after a gangster from the Prohibitation Era because it sounded cool.
Submitted By: TJ

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Pseudonyms -> Latest

Machine Gun Kelly
used to be: Richard Colson Baker
Submitted By: Regina

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Offspring -> Latest

born to: Beck
Submitted By: Lexi

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