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Whenever I hear a cool phrase somewhere, I like to exclaim "That would make a cool band name". This page is a list of such names.

I can not verify whether these names have been taken yet or not. If your band happens to already use one of these names sorry. If you want to use a name you see here, you'll need to verify it's not already in use.

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Entries Beginning with K, Page 1

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K.I.R.S. It spells Kid In Rappin' Suit.  mr.tyler
k.u.r. k u r - short from 'kulturno umetnichki rabotnici' , which on macedonian means cultural art workers, and the abbreviation itself means penis, slang macedonian. vlado_again
Kain Everybody knows Cain. It's just a misspelling.
Kaiser Soze The name of Kevin Spacey's character in the movie "The Usual Suspects." glitterglue
KakaRikO  What could be better than a band called "KakaRikO"?! I got it from Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and there's a nice village called Kakariko Village. So hey, why not a band? CJX
Kaked Kernel illiteration at its best - clearly a name for some goth-metal tribute band Pete
Kakophonie Kakophonie means random noises.

ed's note: actually it's spelled cacophony...
Kaleidoscope Isn't that cool! It can have so many meanings, and a kaleidoscope changes all the time. It spins and is colorful, which is always a plus. P.S. nobody can take that name, it's mine!! Bonnie
Kaleidoscope Eyes It's in the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by the Beatles, it's like the "Rolling Stones", who took their name from a Bob Marley song. liebz
Kali The Destroyer The name of a Hindu god. I saw it written on the singer Elliot Smith's arm. Would be a good death metal band name. Derek M
Kalmacide You see, there's a band called "Kalmah" that got its name from a Finnish word meaning "to the grave". I knew that "-cide" meant "kill" [thank you, sixth grade English class], so I put together the two parts and formed kind of a "killing death" type of name. Great name for a death metal band, I'd say. Selo
Kamakazee Penguinz 'Cause penguins can't fly! And people who saw it would listen and see what it would be about. PuFin MaN
Kamakwazi Fishpaste Because its original . we like, like to fight, and were brave- likes kamakwazis, and fishpaste added funkie-ness to it.. Kristen Staehler
Kamikaze My friends are forever doing crazy stunts. The slang definition of 'kamikaze' is a reckless person. So I thought it suited for the band we want to make. Anonymous
Kamikazi Kats i was looking for a name and i was looking in the k and it just came to me stevie
Kamikazi Kitten I saw some other moron spell it "Comicozzi" and so I was just thinking about it, and then.. there ya go. Josh
Kampukachuka and the Cookie Country Came from the mispronunciation of a place name combined with a nickname for another place thrown together Jonas Lebowski
Kandace Kardashian A lesser known Kardashian sister Regina Haniger
Kangaroux I love this name. bunga
Kantkiss Neverclean Named for the main character in Harvard Lampoon's "The Hunger Pains", a parody of "The Hunger Games", whose main character is Katniss Everdeen. The name of the latter mentioned heroine is parodied by then name "Kantkiss Neverclean". D. Melody Dole, MD
Kappella It means band in italian! isn't it cool??? Kaygirl22
Kar Lotta Love Insipired by a girl named Carlota, who was really dumb and stupid and crazy. But she always had a lot of love to spread around. Slimer
Karate Kids It is cool because when I used to be a kid that was nine years old my age group was called, "Karate Kids" or, K.K. for short. Joshua
Karen As payback for the 'pharmito' entry, I named this band after our current editor. (Don't get too attached to this Karen, as Nally might take over and delete this and several other of my submissions. ;-))  Indy Gent
Karking Mozzies I was at the school culture day, and there was an Aussie table set up that taught Aussie slang, so it just came to me. "To Kark" is to die, and "Mozzie" is a mosquito. Go figure. Lana
Karl Marx & the Young Hegelians I've thought this would be a cool name for a band since a history of ideas class at university. Of course, some would find the group antithetical. Josh
Karla Kardashian A lesser known Kardashian sister Regina Haniger
Karma I just thought it would be a nice band name if you had a lotus on the CD cover or maybe a good luck cat  E Beihold
Karma Ceuticals A pun on "pharmaceuticals", with "karma" thrown in to give it an aura related to bands who sing songs with "karma" in their names. D. Melody Dole, MD
Karmen Kardashian A lesser known Kardashian sister Regina Haniger
Karmic Pull I'd been doing research on Buddhism and the term just stuck out. Boy Howdy
Karolyn Kardashian A lesser known Kardashian sister Regina Haniger
Karrie Kardashian A lesser known Kardashian sister Regina Haniger
Kaspai Aku Ok...I kinda made up this secret language (aren't I weird?) and this means...ok, fine, "black (or "dark") water". Despite the meaning it wouldn't work for a metal band coz 1) nobody would know what it means, and 2) what metal band wants the name Kaspai Aku? It'd work well for a soul music performer though, all mysterious-like, ya know? Hehe. Trainiac
Kataclysm! This word mean "The worst kind of disaster" (I spelled it with a "k" because it looks cooler that way) Connor Vietzke
KataKlysmic PenguinZ This is such a kool name kause it has K's instead of C' offence C's SUCK! KataclysmGuy
Katharsis It is the height of emotional release- what our band is about! It rocks and is totally meaningful and reflective of me. [Ed.'s note: As well as mispelled.] Zarif Rasul
Kathleen Turner Overdrive From "High Fidelity". Combination of the actress and Bachman Turner Overdrive. Zer0
Katpee If Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games were a real-life celebrity couple, Katpee is one of the possible couple names the tabloids would come up with. This may have been intentional, but it definitely a great band name. JeReMy
Katz Out of Hell A Jewish Christian Band. Was thinking Bats out of Hell...Katz (Jewish) out of Hell... Vince
Kaupakai Braintrust Named after a tribe of savages that was almost outsmarted by the castaways on 'Gilligan's Island'. princejellyfish
KaWaii KiTt3n'z  Me and my 5 friends are performing as a street band called KaWaii (tokyo) KiTt3n'z We're not well known but people love to stop by and watch us outside a restruant and the owners of the restruant don't mind since they don't have to pay us to play and it attrects more customors (Which the owner welcomely enjoys), we came up with Kawaii kittens since kittens are after all.. kawaii (Unless they're nasty little ones that scratch you at first sight >_<)  Dana Lee
Kawon Bar Kawon is an anagram of wonka wonka bar
Kay Carr & the Yugo Girls I was just thinking about how I can't fit into small cars when I thought of this. Plus, I like the "Yugo Girl" pun. Tejayes
Kayfabe "Kayfabe" is an old carny term meaning "fake" so many bands' "unique sounds and looks" (e.g. Backstreet/N'Sync/etc.) are obvius ripoffs of other successful bands, why not be honest? Truth in advertising and all... Syntania
Kazuo It's a character off the Japanese gorefest - "Battle Royale" Kazuo is the one that joins the game of death purely for fun. And he is the man. Full name, Kazuo Kiriyama. Kiriyama could be one too, but it's not as good...  Lee
Kecilia Kardashian A lesser known Kardashian sister Regina Haniger
Keep Your Day Job KYDJ. Sounds Like a Radio Station. But people are always saying. Keep your day job as a back up Lucky
The Keitloas Keitloa is a local South African name for a black rhinoceros, particularly of the local variety whose back horn tends to be longer than the front one. D. Melody Dole, MD
Keleste Kardashian A lesser known Kardashian sister Regina Haniger
Kenneth and the Frequencies If Dan Rather fronts a band, this clearly would be the right name for it. RevengeFromMars YouTube
Kenny-Time Ken is my youth group leader's name, and whenever we have a rumble, we call it 'Kenny-Time', coz he's the one who often initiates it. Two-Faced Goblin
The Kent Dorffman Experience This could be the band name if Kent "Flounder" Dorffman (National Lampoon's Animal House) joined The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Trigger
Kentucky Thunder me and the guys were thinking of a name for our band and wanted it to be something with thunder in it, like thunderclap or rolling thunder ,but one of us suddenly just threw the word Kentucky in and it stuck. corey dedmon
Kermit's Fingers "What's green and smells of pork?" Could be either a three peice or a five piece band depending on..... Shane
Kerosene Bubble Bath i don't know, i heard something about drowning in kerosene in some song and hey Kerosene Bubble Bath sounds cool Calvin
Ketchup With The Thymes It's a pun on the phrase "catch up with the times". Nicole Velocin
Kettsu Frisk It sounds Japanese, the title is incomprehensible, cash in on the soon-to-be-fading U.S. Anime craze now! Cel-Chan
The Kevin Lunt Conspiracy This guy Kevin Lunt always wins TV phone in competitions. Ricko
Khaos Kitten I think this is a cool name and the first Cd would be called "The First Litter of Darkness" i thought of it while trying to remember a Band i like. Jeremy Garren
Khelsea Kardashian A lesser known Kardashian sister Regina Haniger
Khristina Kardashian A lesser known Kardashian sister Regina Haniger
Kick me! Well, everytime I listen to the band Garbage,I think of Shirley Manson, and she reminds me of someone that would say "kick me!" or something like that. Chokex
"Kick Me" Note I just saw a guy with one and I thought it was funny and it would make a cool band name. Ricky
KickBoxingWannabes its such a great name cause who doesn't wish they could kickbox?its just so cool, and we're just a bunch of wannabes who are too unmotivated to actually learn michelle
Kickflip This one just came to me. Sounds grunge/punk-ish SamVK
Kickflip Master well i was going thru the site when i saw funkmaster so i have this shirt that said kickflip master so i think its a good band name angel good or bad
Kicking Judas One of our guitarists came up with this one...don't know where he got the idea. Rob
Kicking The Oxygen Habit I think this name says a lot. It says we are running out of air to breathe. It diss-es the older generation for ruining our environment. It could also be used by a band that chain smokes. Since bands also play to smoky clubs, it works there, as well. A name with many side meanings. A band name like this will have your audience really guessing. hippi chic
Kickline Like a punch line, only better. G
The Kicks I came up with it when I started becoming crazy for shoes. Danny Lippman
Kid Cajun and The Mississippi Delta Marauders I was trying to come up with a band with the word Marauders in it, and this is it. Because Marauder sounds so rock and roll. This band would be a little different in that they would play zydeco-flavored rock music. Really catchy bouncy fun danceable kind of music. I wasn't planning on it sounding so southern, but I like how it sounds. its really very cool. Ed
Kid Innocence this name just sounds cool. we got it while doing this mock trial in history class. we had some kids on trial and some teachers. the kids were all proven innocent. so there you have it spank me
Kid's Eat Free Saw this sign at a restaurant and thought it would be a cool band name. Simon
The Kidiots For that band that likes to act childishly stupid. I am the viod
Kidney Stone As in kidney stone disease The Boy
Kids Chasing Kars One day me and my friends were out side watching about 6 little kids chase cars down are street and that's how we came up with KiDs ChAsiNg KaRs Matt
The Kids Who Made It When I was a kid, we would always talk about how we made it. We were lucky, making it out of the slums. Hew G. Rection
Kiki Vandeweghe A relatively obscure 1980s-1990s basketball player with a last name that's hard to say when you read it. JeReMy
KikK asS Well. you kno how we all luv kick ass rock n roll. well, here u hav it. p.s JUST CHOOSE THE GOD DAMN NAME FFS Lol Hayley x
Kikusui Japanese for "floating crysanthemums", and the name of a kamikaze operation conducted toward the end of the Pacific War. However, I imagine that the foreign branding aspect is enough to catch people's attention.  CC
Kilbourne High Kind of Irish-sounding. It's in a Flogging Molly song Emily
The Kilimanjaro Consequence was watching Beakmans World mutt
Kill Below The Belt What would be more metal then taking hitting below the belt a step further? Tim
Kill Claudio Its a line taken from Shakesperes Henry V . I think its a really cool name for a band. Toni
Kill The Archangel My friend and I were blaming a boring Saint's Day celebration for my lack of concentration. I said, "Yeah! Kill the archangel!" I realized it sounded cool. Also it's supposed to be impossible to do. Nel
Kill the Gazelles Gazelles are dumb Joe
Kill The Past well first off it sounds cool. secondly its like a moral in the title of the name. id by a CD of thsi group because the name sounds cool BiGdUdE111
Kill-Doe The maiden name of former U.S. Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn (spelled K-I-L-L-D-O-W). It brings up bad memories of Bambi's mother. Lance Crackers
Killbox Thought of it. Gary S.
Killed By A Demon Sheep A really weird joke my best friend made when he was playing the video game Oblivion. There were a ton of dead bodies and in the middle of them was a live sheep and it just kept staring at my friends character... G
Killed By A Fleeing Enemy I was playing that arcade game "Dig-Dug", and I had disposed of all but 1 enemy. Now, bear in mind the last enemy always tries to flee, so I accidentally got in its path while chasing it and got killed. I thought, "I've just been killed by a fleeing enemy! Wait a minute ...that kind of oxymoron would be perfect for a band name!" Someone you've heard from before
Killed by Death It was the name of a fictional band in this old computer game I had called Rock Manager. I would call my band that if I had one. shaniqua
KilledOnImpact Me and my friend were looking for funny street names in a street directory and on the back there was an advertisment for speeding kills or whatever. I think KilledOnImpact would be a band that was either so good it rocked you or so bad your eardrums start to bleed. Larna
The Killer Butterflys they killed my grandfather  sarah
killer dungbeetle haha well i just thought this would be a cool band name cause one day me and my friend BAM were sitting in my kitchen at like 3 in the morning making paper airlplanes and she makes this f***ed up one and goes....look, i shall call it....killer dungbeetle and im like thats a cool band name so there u go! KNOX
Killer Likes Candy The name of a song by I Am Ghost, which I thought would make for an awesome band name. Lacey
The Killer Penguins Well, it would be awesome if those cute cuddly little penguins you grew up admiring suddenly comes from behind with a knife. Good for maybe a ska/funk band Charlie
The Killer Puppets I just think it sounds so innocent as the puppets and then put killer in front of it and it's all evil. My friend and I came up with it when we were watching the movie Saw and the "Jigsaw" puppet rolls into the room where Amanda is and is riding a tricycle. I just think it is hilarious. tbuck61391
Killer Rabbit From "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" mike lydic

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