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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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!!! Imagine if you were seeing this name for the first time. Would you think it was pronounced "chk-chk-chk?" Didn't think so. I can just picture somebody calling a radio station and asking: "Hi! Could you play a song by Three Exclamation Points?" Jonathan S.
!!! Yes. That is the name, no lie. Pronounced "chk-chk-chk". Agrimorfee
'Til Tuesday Oh, honestly. You're putting an expiration date on your band? "If ya got any requests, give 'em now, cuz, like, we can only be a group 'til Tuesday." Jonathan S.
*N SYNC Duh any band with little asterisk trying to be cool just isn't  Anna
+44 What are you adding 44 to? I know it's the international dialing code for the United Kingdom, but it just sounds/looks like an incomplete math problem. JeReMy
+44 That's not even a name, that's half a math expression. hamp
+44 That's not a band name! That's an integer! Ryan
+44 Okay, so that's "plus 44." Just what is it that I'm supposed to be adding 44 TO, exactly? Add 44 to the IQ of one of the band members? To their number of hit songs? How many fans they have? Simply absurd. Jonathan S.
...And Oceans If you thought The Academy Is... was a bad name for a group, how about one that only has the SECOND half of a sentence? When I see this, I'm left thinking, "WHAT and oceans?!" Jonathan S.
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead Jeez, the name didn't even fit in the box to submit...lets face it, any band you have to tak a breath inbetween to name is not worth it.  Lord Malidiction
10,000 Maniacs The list of all current and former members of this band adds up to way, way under 10,000. And why would they expect it to be appealing to call themselves maniacs? Dorothy Jansen
10,000 Maniacs No band can possibly have that many members. Maybe they didn't know how to count? Barb Dwyer
1000 Homo DJ's Another name that invites people to poke fun at it, and 1,000 is just too big of a number for a band, anyway. Jonathan S.
1000 Mona Lisas There was only ONE (1) Mona Lisa and she never recorded any music. Peter
10000 Maniacs Are there really 10 thousand? I don't think they will have enough space on stage. Using a high number for quantitative purposes in your band name is too problematic. Sonny
13 Engines (1) Engines are inanimate objects; why name your band after such a thing? (2) There were 4 people in this band, not 13. Chris
1910 Fruitgum Company Sounds like a band that Homer Simpson would listen to after having filmed yet another simpsons episode... mmm... fruitgums. Bobo
The 1975 Using "The" followed by a number (particularly one that could be interpreted as a year) is not a good way to name a band. First of all, this band was formed in the 2010s, and none of its members were around in the year 1975; in fact, none of them were born until the late 1980s. Therefore, I don't see the point in them using this number as their name. Mr. Critic
2gether Another band that uses a punctuation symbol for a letter; this time a plus sign for the letter T (i.e, 2ge+her). Some people might look at that and read it as "tooge plus her", or something like that, which of course is completely nonsensical. Mr. Critic
3 A single-digit number is no good as a band name. Try searching for them and you'll get all groups that have the number three in their name (such as 3 Doors Down, 38 Special, 311, etc.). Did they choose that name only because they were a trio? That's wayyyyy too generic! Mr. Critic
30 Seconds to Mars You're telling me you can get from here (Earth) to Mars in half a minute? Give me a break! Jonathan S.
30 Seconds to Mars Last time it took me 30 seconds to get to Mars was on Mission: Space at Disney World. Travis
3Oh!3 Two numbers with an interjection in between them--It doesn't get much more random than that. Besides, I found the name confusing; when I first heard them on the radio, I thought the name was spelt "303" (numbers only). Jonathan S.
4 By Four Yes, this is exactly how they write the name. Because they are inconsistent with how they write the number four, anyone who hears of this band without first seeing the name in print is bound to assume it's either "4 by 4" or "4x4". Mr. Critic
4 Man Trio This is the "jumbo shrimp" of band names. Trios are three people, so a four man trio is impossible. JeReMy
4 Non-Blondes It is generally better to name bands for what they are than for what they're not. Lori Sifferan
4 Non-Blondes What the hell is wrong with being blonde, may I ask? Besides, not being blonde doesn't make your music any better, sorry to say. Cel-Chan
4 Non-Blondes Totally ambiguous! They might as well have called themselves "4 People Who Aren't Wearing Black Sweatshirts." And why are they so intent on pointing out that they're not blonde? Jonathan S.
4 Non-Blondes Just because they're redheads or burnets doesn't mean they have to choose that name. Stockton
The 4 Of Us None of the four people in this band could come up with a better name than this? What a lack of imagination! Candy Welty
4 P.M. The vocal group that covered "Sukiyaki" in the mid-90s. I know that the P.M. stands for Positive Music in this case (they want it to mean "for positive music", which I do think is a nice thing, don't get me wrong), but most people will look it and think "4:00 in the afternoon," assuming that the group took its name from an hour of the day. I just think that's silly. Kid
4-3-1 Naming the band after random numbers makes me think these guys are so dumb, that they don't even know how to count backwards. Reggie Pillbox
The 40-Watt Banana Bananas don't use electricity! And it's silly to liken yourself to a banana. Candy Welty
48 May It seems to suggest the 48th day of May, but no month has even close to that many days. Quyjibo
5 Seconds of Summer Sounds like a poor attempt at a pun on the movie "500 Days of Summer." The Skuz
5 Seconds of Summer Is the name of this boy band a suggestion about how long their popularity will last? JD
The "5" Royales Why is the number 5 in quotes? They're a quintet, so The 5 Royales would have been just fine. Candy Welty
54 Nude Honeys I doubt they'd all fit on stage. Would they get arrested for public nudity? Tommy
The 5678's It wouldn't be, except "5678" (pronounced five-six-seven-eight) isn't really a noun to begin with. Jonathan S.
59 Times The Pain They must be really painful. And why the number 59? Liza Lott
5ive Numbers *AS* letters! Grr! Perhaps that should read "sieve", which is what lots of non-fans would want to do to them. Chris Kuan
666 What kind of clowns want to be that blatantly satanic? A lot of people will be scared off just by their name! Jonathan S.
69 Boyz This name could be misconstrued as stupid because it seems to imply that this group has 69 members (in which case they would likely not all fit on the stage!). But that's not the case. In fact, the number 69 supposedly refers to the year 1969, which is apparently the birth year of all four members of this band (which would make sense, given that they debuted in 1994; in that case they would've all been 25 at the time). Ed
6ix9ine What the hell is up with replacing the first letter in a word for a number with the numeral itself? That's what this guy did. It looks like it should be pronounced "six-ix nine-ine", which leads to phonetic ambiguity with "6, 6, 9, 9." Mr. Critic
7 Year Bitch Seriously, there's a group with this name. Why would someone want to incorporate the word "bitch" into their name? I know it traditionally means "female dog", but lately it has come to be a derogatory reference for a spiteful or overbearing woman, and many people would interpret this name in an offensive manner. Mr. Critic
The 88 The combined total of all members of this group, past and present, adds up to way under 88. So the name is misleading in that regard. Mr. Critic
95 South You can't get much lazier than taking a name from a sign on the interstate. Jonathan S.
98 Degrees OK, I get what they're trying to say...98 degrees is body temperature when truncated (that is, removal of the fractional part)...but did it ever dawn on them that it is really 98.6? Silvia
9nine Yet another band name from the department of redundancy department. They want you to pronounce it as "nine", but they have both the numeral AND the spelled-out number form, together. Why couldn't they have just chosen one or the other? It clearly looks more like "nine nine." Furthermore, this group does not have nine people in it. Mr. Critic
? and the Mysterians Rudy Martinez went even further by calling himself 'Question Mark' and claiming he was also an Alien. Paul Warren

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