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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with V

Submitted by:
V Factory So, what gets made in a "V" Factory, if it isn't instances of the letter 'V' itself? (That would be plain boring. You might as well have factories for each of the other 25 letters as well!) Evan Shortoria
V*Enna What the heck is this supposed to mean? It suggests "Vienna", but what, if anything is their connection to that city? And as what is billed as a "Christian band," how strange that they employ an asterisk in a manner often used to indicate that a letter has been blocked out of a word inclined to be deemed "offensive"! Dorothy Jansen
The Vaginals Why would a band want to be known as this? It seems to have some sexual connotation. Maya
Vampire Weekend Sounds like a Twilight Convention if you ask me. Chandra
Vanilla Ice Sick. think about it, I mean, putting one of those tiny little bottles of vanilla extract in the freezer for a while, then taking it out on a hot day and throwing it into your pepsi to make it colder...gross! Mac
Vanity 6 The number 6 in the name presents a misnomer since this band was a trio, not a sextet as implied. They didn't have any additional members in the history of the band, either. C.J.
Vanity Fare Many people who hear this name but haven't seen it in print will spell it Vanity Fair, since there's a magazine called Vanity Fair. Candy Welty
The Vaselines "Vaselines" is never used with a "s" at the end. You wouldn't say, "Honey, my lips are chapped. Could you buy me some Vaselines?"  Rick Rold
The Vaselines Naming a band for a lubricant? Not so slick an idea as they must have thought! Teresa Christie
The Vegetables/The Farriss_Brothers For many years, my favorite band was INXS. When they first started out, back in 1977, they performed under the above names. The reason the name The Farriss Brothers was stupid was because only three of them were actually brothers, so it was not totally accurate. There are two reasons that The Vegetables was stupid. First, it didn't show very much imagination. Second, if you went to one of their concerts when the band was playing as The Vegetables, what would you expect to see: people dressed as carrots, potatoes, celery, and other vegetables? To make matters worse, INXS during that time had the nerve to write a stupid song called "We Are The Vegetables"!  Donna W
The Vejtables Most people who hear this name but haven't seen it in print will spell it The Vegetables. Also, this band might be confused with a band called The Vegetables. Candy Welty
Velocity Girl The name suggests a solo female act, but it's a band, with members of both genders. saltalamacchie
Velvet Acid Christ If the name came from just a random juxtaposition of words, it would be obscure and unenlightening enough. Still, such an assumption would be about the best possible spin that could be put on the name in this case. Other possibilities are all downhill from there. It would seem likely that the "Acid" in the name is an allusion to the infamous drug "LSD". And juxtaposing that with Christ's name was probably done for pure shock value, and as such is more shock value than any band name really needs, and no doubt makes the name repellent to many who encounter it. Rita Warmidge
Velvet Revolver Fabric + Gun = One Crappy Weapon! Travis
Velvet Revolver I like their music, but, come on...a gun made out of cloth?? I can't imagine that being too reliable of a weapon. (Or maybe the name is meant in the same context as Limp Bizkit...You know, reffering to a certain part of the body? If that's the case, then it's disturbing!) Jonathan S.
Velvet Underground If the underground was truly made out of the fabric of velvet wouldn't it make it more likely we'd have more earthquakes, landslides and quicksand then it is in reality?  Peter
The Ventures Maybe they'll pan out in the long run, then again, maybe they'll be a big mistake... Rychendroll
The Veronicas This duo's name would make more sense if one (or better yet, both) of them was named Veronica. But neither one of them are. Peter R.
Versailles They are from Japan, not France (where the city of Versailles is located). Winter Pepper
Vertical Horizon Come on now, everyone knows that vertical is the opposite of horizontal. The word "horizontal" means "like the horizon", so this band name is an Oxymoron. xyz
The Verve Pipe It just sounds as if two random words were put together. Even if there is a such thing as a verve pipe, it still doesn't make sense. Lance Crackers
The View At least they're British, so they may not be aware of the annoying connotations of those words together in that order in America. JeReMy
The View Yes, there is a band with this name. Anytime it's mentioned, people will think of a certain U.S. daytime TV talk show and not a Scottish band. Mr. Critic
The Vines Vines do not sing, of course. Rock Maninoff
Violent Femmes This sounds like a bunch of uppity girls getting ready for a catfight. But this group is all men. Rychendroll
Vitamin C Do I really need to say why this is stupid? Maybe she had a cold the day she accepted this one. Donovan
Vivian Campbell Ummm...this guitarist is a straight man, not a woman, or a cross dresser; however, I have never seen another man with the first name Vivian! (Even though the name is more common for females than for males) Gary
Vixen Singular noun + multiple members = bad idea. Jonathan S.
VIXX Insertion of the letter "o" in the middle would make the name of a drug which was discontinued in 2004. That's what this name reminds me of. Smellma Pitts
The Voice Box This name sounds as if a voice box (or larynx) from a human throat is singing all by itself, without a person present! Candy Welty
Voivod What the heck does it even mean? Did they just make up this nonsense word? Ed
Volbeat You thought Mew was a stupid name? Here's another band that shares its name with a Pokemon, and they're more famous! BillyBobby
Volcano What's stupid about it is that it pertains to two musical acts. One was a supergroup, formed by members of various alternative bands. The other is a Chicago-based art rock group, which doesn't capitalize the name, but puts an exclamation mark on the end. Lindz
The Volume's The plural of "volume" is not supposed to have an apostrophe in it! But that's how the name is spelled on the record label. Candy Welty
Vomit Remnants I saw an anagram of its name posted om amiright, and I thought someone MUST be joking in implying that there really is such a band. But I looked it up and sure enough, there is a Japanese death metal band with just that name! The best I can say for them is that I hope they don't know English well enough to know what their name means. What can I say about the name beyond what it speaks for itself? Just trust me, if something is too gross for me, it is just TOO GROSS! Terror Reid
The Von Bondies What the heck is a Von Bondy? I wouldn't wanna be a member of THIS band... Rick Atoni
Voo Voo The spelling of this name might be hard to guess. And what does it mean? Candy Welty
Vulgar Boatmen The name makes you think of a foul-mouthed punk band, but they're really a slow progressive rock band. Whatever floats your boat! Oprah Taylor

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