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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with P

Submitted by:
P Diddy Did he ever think this all the way through? Because I just keep thinking of Rugrats, and how the babies always mangled their words: "Hey Chuckie, I just did a p-diddy in my daipie!" Panda Rosa
P Money When I first heard it, I thought it was Pee Money. And that just sounds ludicrous. How could anyone pee money? And who would want their name to sound like that? Daphne Hughes
P-Money Some people will think this is a ripoff of P-Diddy. And it does sound rather disgusting, as another submitter has mentioned. John
P-Nut Gallery Most people will spell the first word as Peanut if they hear it but haven't seen it in print. Candy Welty
P. Diddy This so-called "name change" by Puff Daddy is actually real...WHY? All I can think about when I hear the name is the young monkey, Diddy Kong, on "Donkey Kong 2". The Desert of the Real
P. Diddy I'm sick of all these "first name abbreviated to one letter, last name just plain weird" band names (J. Lo sound familiar). I dunno what it is, but this name sounds gay. Seriously. And I have to think that the name change was somewhat related to the whole gun incident... Carrie
Pablo Cruise Another band name that suggests the full name of a solo performer. But none of the members are named Pablo! Tommy
Pacific Gas & Electric Naming a band after a company isn't a good idea. The band might get sued by the company for using the name, or if the band's music, videos, or stage act put a bad impression of the company in people's minds. Candy Welty
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart This name is much too long! Candy Welty
Panic At The Disco I remember the first time I heard of this band. Someone asked me "do you like panic at the disco?" I ACTUALLY thought do I like to panic when I'm at a disco? Such an idiotic name.  Sarah
Panic Channel I don't think I'd want that channel on my cable TV lineup. Mac
Panic! At The Disco I know they don't use the exclamation point anymore, but when they DID, it was just plain awkward. No one puts an exclamation mark in the middle of a sentence or name!!! Jonathan S.
Papa Roach Call the exterminators! Princess Chic
The Paper Scissors They're calling themselves the Paper Scissors. Scissors are supposed to cut paper, but can't if they're made of paper! Did they make this name just to confuse us!? Well, they do a better job at that than selling their albums! hekifier
Paramore It sounds like something out of an Edgar Allan Poe story or something. flipside
Paramore Sounds like a name for an estate by some muckety-muck family on a TV soap opera. Bernard
Parliament The Parliament is the the group that rules the British government, but these guys are all Americans. That's probably why they had to add "Funkadelic" to their name (they even changed it to that name eventually). Reggie Pillbox
The Partridge Family I've never seen a partridge, let alone a family of those birds, sing or play musical instruments. Peter
Passenger This name would suggest that this is a group using a singular form of their name. But instead, it's just a male singer. How confusing is that? Frank Hotdog
Passion Pit Passion can be fine, but does it belong in a pit? The second word could give the impression that their music is "the pits"! Selena Stopmez
Passpo It kind of looks like they were going to spell it "Passport" but they forgot to type in the last two letters. Chris Chendo
Paul Lekakis Just say his name out loud. Tell me it doesn't sound like a vulgar phrase. Jonathan S.
Peach Union Are they a union made out of peaches? Are they a union for peaches? I guess we'll never know. hamp
Peanut Butter Conspiracy It sounds like Skippy, Jif and Peter Pan were all in on the Kennedy assassination. Opie M.
Pearl Harbor And The Explosions Hopefully some relatives of people who were killed in the Pearl Harbor attack told the band just how tacky and horrible this name was. Jeffrey Kasten
Pearl Jam Great band, and they supposedly named it after one of the guy's grandma's homemade jam. So why not *Pearl's* Jam? Does someone have a speech impediment? Kelly Norman
Pearl Jam Picture some Jam-like substance that's the same color a pearl would be, what does that remind you of?...yeah, gross. Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Pearl Jam When was the last time you saw a pearl, jam? Mike
Pee Shy Sounds like someone who can't urinate in a public restroom. Are they admitting to having that problem? Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Pee Shy I swear this is a real band name. Why'd they have to pick a name that sounds so disgusting??! Walt
The Penguins Guess they can only play in the arctic? Rich
The Peppermint Rainbow Rainbows are intangible things and have no flavor. Sonia Rinzaimayor
The Peppermint Trolley Company No trolley is made of peppermint. And why would a trolley company be in the music business? Candy Welty
Pepsi and Shirlie I'm surprised the PepsiCo corporation didn't sue this group. (This was a British duo active mainly in the second half of the 1980s in its native UK.) Mac
Perfume The name itself isn't stupid, but what is stupid is that there are 2 bands with this name, a British band only active in the 1990s, and a Japanese girl group active since the 2000s. Why didn't the second band realize the name was already taken? Future Backer
The Perishers Does the name explain why I'd never heard of them? Heather Brockwell
Pest 5000 Any band with a number at the end of their name qualifies as stupid I think ChuckyG
Peter Bjorn and John Wouldn't be a stupid name if commas were written after the names Peter and Bjorn. That way it wouldn't entail that it was a duo, with one member named Peter Bjorn, and the other named John. Cassandra
Ph.D. Do the members of this band really all have doctorate degrees? Somehow I doubt it. Gus
Phantogram It sounds like a telegram sent by comic book hero the Phantom. Peter Paul Mounds
The Pharcyde It's pronounced "Far Side", so many people will interpret it that way if they don't see this group's name spelled out. Was the group trying to be clever or something? Richard
Phish In computer slang, phishing is an email scam resulting in identity crisis, so they might as well called themselves "The Computer Hackers". carly_carlz
Phish Isn't that a bit self-explanitory? I mean, even if they DID spell it "fish" isn't that still a bit odd?  Susan
Phoids Makes me think of 'roids (as in hemorrhoids) ChuckyG
The Piano Guys Not every member of this band plays the piano. (In fact, only one member does.) Sarah
The Pietasters Sounds like a job at a bakery or something of that nature. Max
The Pietasters Why would you want to be in a band named after a British slang term for "fat people"? JeReMy
Pig Destroyer That sounds WAY too repulsive. Why do such a thing?? Mr. Critic
Pink What's stupid about it is the fact that she uses an exclamation mark for the "i", so it looks like "P factorial N.K." Mr. Critic
Pink Cream 69 First of all, why pink cream? Is there some fetishism involved? Secondly, did they just randomly pull the number 69 out of a hat? Dano
Pink Floyd So Floyd is pink? You've made your point. Anything else we should know? Travis
Pink Floyd It sounds like a euphemism for... a CERTAIN body part. Tom 'The Deke' Ammon
Pink Lady Since "Lady" is singular, one might think is the name of an individual female singer. But this is a duo instead. Phoebe
Pink Lady First of all, there's 2 ladies here and they are Japanese so their skin color wouldn't be 'pink' but more like 'yellowish'.  Pacific Pirate
Pink Spiders Sounds like a band David Bowie would be in. carly_carlz
Pink Spiders Another band name that could clearly be categorized as "Literally Impossible." Mr. Critic
Pixies There were two bands called the Pixies, an obscure 1960's girl group and a 1980's and later alternative band. (The alternative band is the more well known of the two, however.) Robert Jon Brown
The Pixies Sounds like a name for a girl-pop group, but this is really an Indie Rock act, best known for "Here Comes Your Man". GlamRockNinjaLord
Placebo So they're named after a faux pill. That's really exciting. What happens if I listen to them, do I go into a medically induced coma? carly_carlz
Plain White T's You know you are running out of options when you name your band after t-shirts. Travis
Planet Funk There is no such planet. Gus
Planet P Project There is no such planet as Planet P. And Pluto has been deplanetized so the band's name can't refer to it. Rock Maninoff
The Planet Smashers What kind of sicko freak would want to smash a planet? Who would think of such a name?! Ed
Platinum Weird Another band name that seems to be composed of two randomly chosen, unrelated words. Ralph
Poi Dog Pondering Poi is a Hawaiian delicacy. So does adding a pondering dog to it make it taste better? Ivan The Inept
Poison Does that mean the band and/or its music is supposed to be hazardous? U. Guest It
Poison Planet This name sounds ugly to me because it implies a hazardous or deadly place. Candy Welty
The Police These three look more like "The Criminals" than "The Police". dude
Pond Yet another fledgling attempt at an ecology-related band name. "Cinders" is a cool song, though. The Skuz
Ponderosa Twins + One This name implies that the band consists of one set of twins plus one other person. But actually the band has *two* sets of twins plus another person. No one in the band is named Ponderosa. Also, some people who hear this name but haven't seen it in print will think it has the word "Plus" rather than a plus sign. Candy Welty
Poni-Tails Most people who hear this name but haven't seen it in print will spell it Ponytails or Pony Tails. And hardly anyone will guess that there's a dash in the name. Candy Welty
Pooh Shiesty Simply the worst name for a rapper EVER, it sounds like something a toddler who just discovered swear words would say. I can't even say it with a straight face. Sejica
Pop Will Eat Itself If I actually SEE that happen than I will believe it. Sarah
Pop Will Eat Itself Who the heck wants to see that? rat
The Poppy Family No one in this band is surnamed Poppy. Candy Welty
Porn I SWEAR I AM NOT KIDDING. According to YouTube's Audioswap menu, there really is a band just called Porn - how ridiculously uncreative. Not to mention that some smut filters will block virtually any page regarding this band just because of the name. Jonathan S.
Porno for Pyros So do they set the woman on fire before they have sex with her? Zac
Portishead It sounds like somebody getting high sniffing the john. Tom Turkey
Portugal. The Man You form a band and that's the best you can come up with? And yes the band name is really spelled with the period. I don't care what their reasons are for coming up with it, it's really stupid. Edward
Post Malone Who would name their kid Post? It would better fit an NBA player. Lance Crackers
The Postal Service Isn't this a violation of copyright laws, since there is already an actual Postal Service? Opie M.
Powderfinger Makes it sound like they mean finger MADE OF powder. Or is this just some lame euphemism for a cocaine addict? Jonathan S.
Powderfinger I don't care if they *are* the most popular band in Australia, it sounds like "Pull My Finger"! Chris Kuan
Powerman 5000 This sounds like some robot vacuum off an annoying infomercial. "Buy the Powerman 5000 today!" I hope he does a good job at least. Travis
Powerman 5000 hmm....sounds like something they'd advertise on an infomercial. Kat
Powerman 5000 It sounds like a Power Rangers rip-off toy you'd see at the dollar store. Cel-Chan
Prairie Oyster Do you know what a prairie oyster IS?? It's gopher 'jones. 'Nuff said. Maybelline
Prefab Sprout Number one rule of band names: Never give your band a stupid name. Number two rule of band names: Never give your band a name which could be ridiculed in any way at all. Bobo
Presidents Of The United States Of America Do you think any of the members of this band could be wise enough to actually hold the office? Mr. Critic
Presidents Of The United States Of America I'm all for using long names to get attention, but try something original. Greg G.
The Pretenders It seems to imply that they don't really make music and are just faking it. But that's not the case. Calvin Amari
The Pretenders Before the well-known New Wave band started in the late 1970s, there was a R&B band with the same name in the 1960's. Robert J Brown
Pretty Boy Floyd Sounds like a Pink Floyd cover band, but in reality, is a rather obscure Glam Metal group. GlamRockNinjaLord
Priestess Exact same problem as Queen and Twisted Sister: the name of a single female for a group of all males (and these ones don't look very effeminate). Jonathan S.
Primitive Radio Gods There's nothing particularly "primitive" about them, and that's not even mentioning the level of blasphemy associated with calling yourselves gods. Sejica
Procol Harum The name is actually bastardized Latin for "Beyond these Things"!...Or their Manager's cat. But I wouldn't name my band after a cat! Paul Warren
Professional Murder Music Yet another way-too-repulsive name for a band.

**Reminder: This section is only for actual performer names. Lately there have been many incoming submissions with very wacky names that likely don't pertain to actual bands; googling them produces no results, and they don't even appear on; therefore they've been rejected. So PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY MORE MADE-UP PERFORMER NAMES TO THIS SECTION. Thank you for your cooperation.
 Editor's Note
Professor Green Does this guy actually teach in a college? Somehow I doubt it. Bob
Project 86 It's lame putting randomly-chosen numbers in band names. What happened to Projects 1 through 85? Travis
The Propellerheads Does this refer to something like those silly propeller hats kids used to wear? Vic George
Prozzak When will they understand that taking an everyday household object, changing the spelling, and using it as a band name is NOT creative at ALL?? I have a hard time deciding what sounds more queer anyway-- the name or the music. (wait...what music??) Mac
Pseudo Echo What is this? A fake-o Echo and the Bunnymen? GuyWithNoName
The Psychonauts I'm not 100% what a psychonaut is but I always think of the bizarre 2005 video game whenever I hear anything involving the term...not this British electronic band JeReMy
Public Image Ltd. This is not a company or an organization nor it was doing business. Johnny Nguyen
Puddle of Mudd Think about it. It's just some mud on the ground. Does this sound like a band name to you? In a lame attempt to be cool, they put two D's at the end of mud. Nice try for creativity. Travis
Puddle of Mudd Mudd is a solid. Should be Puddle of Muddy Water! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Puff Daddy Sounds like a sexualized version of Peter, Paul, and Mary's title character from their song "Puff The Magic Dragon". I'm glad Puff didn't go all the way and add "The Magic" to the middle of his name. Vic George
Puff Daddy I'm sure it's not the intended idea, but the word "puff" in these people's names invoke images of creampuffs, powderpuffs, and the like. Tom Radigan
Punchline Is this supposed to be a joke? Well, it's not that funny. hekifier
Pussy Pirates Umm...this is disgusting and sexual! This is terrible and some may find it offensive! Try to use your brain when choosing a band name! Travis
Pussy Riot Another sickening-sounding band name. The word pussy traditionally means "cat", but lately it has come to mean something much more vulgar. I wouldn't want a band with this kind of name! Mac
Pussy Riot Sounds like the name of an Adult Entertainment film studio like Evil Angel, X-treme, or Vivid  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
The Pussycat Dolls So what are they, cats or dolls? Or some logic-defying amalgam? Jack
Python Lee Jackson This name suggests a solo performer, but actually it's the name of a rock band with 5 members. Candy Welty

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