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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with F

Submitted by:
f(x) In Geekdom, this is the short tech term for Effects as in SPFX for Special Effects! Not at all fitting for a 5 girl group of Korean Hotties! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
f(x) It's a mathematical symbol, used as typical function notation, typically read as "F of X". I don't think it works very well as a name for a music group. Mr. Critic
F*** The Facts Yet another Canadian band that has the F word in the name. Besides, what facts are we to f-word anyway?. JD
F****d Up They really named a Canadian band this. They had to be f****d up to think up the name. Opie M.
The F-Ups Were they really this bad to come up with this name? At least they didn't use the actual cussword. Gus
Fabolous I guess it is a long-running trend for rappers to intentionally misspell words, including their own rap names. Calvin Amari
Fabulous Disaster Isn't this name an oxymoron? Disasters aren't supposed to be fabulous. Astrid
Face To Face It's not so bad that a number of different SONGS have this name as their titles (which happens all the time; I'm not complaining there), but two known groups share the name: (1) a new-wave band based in Boston, active mostly in the 1980s; and (2) a punk-rock band from California, active since the early 1990s. Why do bands not realize when a name has already been taken?? It can provide too much ambiguity at times. Keira Dayley
Face To Face The name sounds more like a talk show than a rock band. Paul Bunions
Fair Control It either sounds like a trade regulation ("We need Fair Control on imports to protect our jobs") or security at a carnival ("Fair Control, there's a drunk heckling the fortune teller") Todd W. Zimmerman
Faith Band It looks like it could be the first and last name of a solo female act, but this is a group, and none of them are females. Why couldn't they tack on "The" in front so that it would look less ambiguous? Ben Dover
Faith Hope & Charity First of all, it lacks a comma, just like the name Faith Hope And Charity. Secondly, you could confuse this band with the aforementioned one (as one band uses an ampersand, while the other band spells out the word "and"). So it's pretty hard to distinguish these bands by just hearing their names but not seeing them in print. Cassandra
Faith Hope and Charity It appears to suggest a female trio, or maybe a female duo (since there is no comma between Faith and Hope). Actually, this 1970s band was a trio of two women and one man. Candy Welty
Faith No More No more faith in what? No more faith in anything? Is this a command? Are we to have no more faith in them? brainstem
Faithless Literally it'd mean they don't believe anything. Mads
Fake? When I saw this band name, I thought it was just as the name implied! Turns out, it's an actual group. Why would they give themselves such a name, and put a question mark after it?! Do they want people to think they're not a real band or something? Anonymous Informant
Fall Out Boy The name implies an individual male performer, but it's a band (MORE than one person). And why "fall out"? They must've had warped minds. Kareem Abdul-Montana
Fall Out Boy Um... hello? What are they falling out of? A window? A car? Why don't they just put their seat belt on!!! katelyn
Falling In Reverse This would be a great entry for 'Literally Impossible' band names, because it describes something that cannot be done. Falling in reverse would defy gravity, which is not physically possible. Sorry! Thomas
Family Force 5 Really? Just...really? It's almost like they're the Jonas Brothers, but with two extra members. TheStupidGenius
Far East Movement They sound like a group of activists, not a band. BillyBobby
The Far Out Son Of Lung One of the other names that Future Sound of London Published music under. I did not know that the Lungs had sons and why is that son so 'Far Out'? karnov
Fashawn Many people could interpret it as a misspelling of the word "fashion". Russ
Faster Pussycat It sounds either very naughty or like none of the band members could remember the word "cheetah". GlamRockNinjaLord
Faster Pussycat "Faster Cheetah", or even just shortening it to "Faster Cat" I could see, but "PUSSYCAT??!" That just sounds so sissyfied. Not what I'd pick for a rock band, let alone a hair-metal band. (which is what they were.) Jonathan S.
Fatboy Slim Makes no sense, because what you're saying this guy is fat...and slim? Mr. Clever Name
Fatboy Slim Well he's neither fat or slim, the only thing thats right is "boy" but I guess calling your band "Boy" would be even worse Mushi
Fatboy Slim Fat Boy. Slim....Confused. atomicfireball
Father John Misty He is not an ordained priest, nor has he ever been one. Nat
Fear Are they trying to scare people away from their concerts? GlamRockNinjaLord
Feminnem No, it's not the real Mrs. Slim Shady; they're a Croatian female pop trio. And they're not a hip-hop act, either. Todd W. Zimmerman
Fergie Might not sound so stupid if the 'G' were pronounced like a 'J'. It looks like it should be pronounced that way IMO. A. Person
Fergie If she wants to go far as a solo artist, I think she should change her name (or better yet, use her real name). "FUR-ghee" sounds rather lame, nerdy and dumb. I mean her music is good, but the way she says that name? Mr. Critic
The Fidelity's There should not be an apostrophe in this name, but that's the way it appears on the record label. Candy Welty
FIDLAR Now all they need is an album called "On The Rooph". Jonathan S.
Fine Young Cannibals To me, this does NOT sound like a name for an 80's pop group; this sounds more like one for a metal band. Jonathan S.
Finger Eleven One only has ten fingers. Dongquan
Finger Eleven A normal person doesn't have 11 fingers. Mr. Critic
Finger Eleven Makes me think that someone in this band wished they had an extra digit on one hand. Creepy!! Evan Shortoria
Firefall They practically named the band after something that doesn't exist, as opposed to a waterfall that does. I once thought it was named "Fireball", and they probably should have named it that. John Phillips Screwdriver
Firesign Theater Reminds me too much of Sesame Street. Hello, this is Alistair Cookie, reporting from the Monsterpiece Theater. Ah, fond memories of Sesame Street there. Bobo
Firesign Theater It sounds like that cheesy movie theater on the corner in the scummiest part of town that was built in 1902, is crumbling and shows porn flicks and 1970's disney movies. Cel-Chan
The Firm The name itself isn't actually stupid, but the problem is that there are THREE bands that have this name... a hip-hop group briefly active in the 90's; a novelty band briefly active in the 80's; and a British rock supergroup formed in the 80's. Even though the British supergroup is the most well-known of these three, the other two groups should be aware that the name was already taken, therefore no one will get confused. Rachel
The Firm Because the name The Hard wouldn't have fit them well??!! Master Jack Nicholson
First Aid Kit Because it sounds like a group of nurses.  Lynnetta Lore
Fishbone Sounds like something the cat dragged in! Chris
The Five Blobs They're people, not blobs. Candy Welty
Five Finger Death Punch It's kind of redundant. I mean, ordinarily a punch WOULD involve five fingers. It's not like people would expect the fist delivering the punch to have only four fingers or anything. Jonathan S.
Five For Fighting I initially thought it was a quintet whose members were all in favor of battles (hence the name), but it turns out it's only a one-man band, and the term has to do with something totally different. Mac
Five For Fighting 1) It's not even a band, it's just one person. 2) His fake name doesn't even pertain to the sappy songs he writes and performs.  American Drool
The Fixx In the 80s, misspelled names were quite common. The members wonder, "What's the extra X for?" Tommy
The Flaming Lips It would be extremely painful for any musicians to perform if they really had flaming lips. GlamRockNinjaLord
Flaming Lips I saw them in concert and I was disappointed when the singer didn't light his face on fire! Mitch
Flaming Mussolinis This band had quite some exposure in their native California in 1987-1988. They had a hit with the catchy "A Different Kind of Love". But look at the band name. Why would these guys want to name themselves after "il Duce" = "il Dousch" , the first fascist dictator, who was a very violent, oppressive and evil man? Loony Hound Dogg
Flesh For Lulu Not sure how they came up with this name, but I doubt that it has anything to do with 60s-70s Scottish singer-actress Lulu. Lauren
Flesh For Lulu The band saw 60s pop star Lulu eating a burger. I think most of us see something completely different... noskcaJ
Flip Cartridge It's one person (Billy Meshel). He recorded under the name Flip Cartridge in 1966, when tape cartridges were popular. Some cartridges had to be flipped over by hand to play the other side. But I doubt that anyone would name their child Flip Cartridge! Candy Welty
Flobots It should be the name of a 1980s cartoon. That would be a lot cooler than having it as a band name. Gee
Flogging Molly I don't know who Molly is, or why she likes flogging, but it's her life. Rychendroll
Flogging Molly I thought beating women went out with horse-drawn buggies--and what did Molly ever do to you?! Jonathan S.
FloRida Why has he named himself after a state? Why not Al Aska, then at least he'd have a male first name instead of an abbreviation for Florence! Ann Thracks
Florida Georgia Line State lines can't sing or make any kind of music! Daphne Fairhope
Flybanger C'mon man, a FLY? Isn't it enough that ya pulled its wings off? Chrystal
Flying Burrito Brothers It's a group of all men but they're not brothers, so the name is misleading. Sweet Anne
The Flying Burrito Brothers OK, help me here.... Dano
The Flying Lizards Are there such things as flying lizards? I dunno.. hamp
Flyleaf Sounds like a leaf with a zipper.  Nude Yogi Bear
Flyleaf You've got a leaf in your fly?! Isn't the main singer (of this band) a girl? This gets my vote for silliest-sounding band name ever. Jonathan S.
The Flys Ordinarily, I wouldn't care that the name is misspelt. However, when I heard the name on the radio, I assumed it had the normal spelling ("flies"), so when I searched it on Google and NOTHING came up [band-wise, I mean], I naturally got frustrated. I only found out the "correct" spelling by accident while looking at a radio station's playlist! In short, don't make a band name that's going to cause that much confusion. Jonathan S.
Foamy Ed It suggests a solo performer, possibly even a male rapper... but it turns out to be an all-female band instead. So it's yet another misleading name! Quyjibo
Foetus It's just too disgusting! Even worse are some of the nicknames they went under, such as "You've Got Foetus On Your Breath" and "Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel." noskcaJ
Foghat The name has no apparent non-random origin except as a spoonerism of "Hog Fat"! Daisy Pappus
Foghat Fog is gaseous, not solid, so it's literally impossible even try to make anything out of it, including a hat. Jonathan S.
Foghat I would love to have a hat made out of fog, although it would be quite useless. Travis
Foo Fighters What the heck is "foo" and how does it get fought? Calop
Foo Fighters Dave Grohl, this band's founder, says that it is the dumbest possible band name. Therefore, he admits his own band's name is a stupid one.  GlamRockNinjaLord
Foo Fighters Should have been Kung-Foo Fighters but their budget was too low to waste character space! Dan Abnormal
Fool's Garden Who's the fool and what has his/her garden to do with this? (They later dropped the apostrophe from their name, giving it a different meaning, which could be interpreted as stupid in itself.) mads.
The Fools It's FOOLish for a band to have that name. Candy Welty
Forever The Sickest Kids Sick? Forever? Did these guys simply pull out words from a random word generator or what? Sick As A Dog
Foster The People Fans might believe this band was named after Jodie Foster. Richard Head
Fountains Of Wayne Fountains cannot sing or play instruments because they are just statues that stand and spout water. Watching fountains for hours is not entertainment. Sonny Pro Bono
The Four Voices This name is too obvious. Candy Welty
Fox the Fox From the Department of Redundancy Department ... Todd W. Zimmerman
Foxboro Hot Tubs It sounds more like a company that would sell/manufacture jacuzzis or related merchandise. Logan
Foxes The name suggests a group because it's plural, but it's the name of a solo female vocalist. JD
Framing Hanley I dug up on the internet information that "Hanley" refers to Ashley Hanley, who died while she was engaged to one of the band's members. The band all considered her a good friend, so the story goes, and wished to honor her, so they named the band what they did in their attempt to so honor her. But how is the name supposed to honor anybody? Sounds like they are referring to framing somebody for some crime. Sounds like about as dubious a way to "honor" anybody as we could imagine! They came up with a name that would seem to fit a grungy or dark-named band, hardly leading anyone to believe that they intended to honor anybody through the name. Karen Smith
Francesqa The name suggests a solo female performer, but it's actually a four-piece group consisting of all males. Additionally, no one's gonna think to spell it this way if they hear it without first seeing it in print. Jonathan S.
Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 This sounds like Ed Wood's take on "Some Like It Hot". Plus it's too long for a band name. TheJediGuitarist
Frankie Goes To Hollywood It would sound better as a title on a movie about someone, named Frankie, who goes to Hollywood. Mads
Franky Lee The name suggests a solo performer, but it's actually a Swedish rock band. Evan Shortoria
The Fratellis Sounds like some Italian mob family. "Hey, Luigi! 'Dere's somebody who needs to get whacked!" Jonathan S.
Freaky Age Not a good attention-getter if you ask me. They must've had wacky minds to come up with a name like this. Max E. Padd
Fred Locks Rhymes with "dreadlocks". And he's a reggae singer. It's a spectacularly failed attempt at cleverness. Todd W. Zimmerman
Free Soda Yes, many people would probably like some free soda, but only at some special event or something of that nature. Doesn't work so well as a name for a band. Timmy O'Toole
Freelance Whales For starters, none of them are whales. And why are whales "freelance"? It makes no sense. Iceblossom
Freezepop A kid's dessert treat...that's the best you could think of? Jonathan S.
Frickin' A You're not likely to make any 'brownie points' with parents if you include a crudity in your band's name. Jonathan S.
Friends I'm sure the people in this band are friends with each other...but a good percentage of the public might assume that this band probably named itself after a certain hit TV sitcom that ran for 10 years. Calop
Frizzle Sizzle It sounds like a hair salon whose hairstyles are at least 20 years out of date. Todd W. Zimmerman
Front 242 Yet another name with a number at the end. Makes me wonder what happened to the first 241 fronts. Dr. Radium
Frou Frou Another name that sounds like a dog. repeat their name and it sounds like a dog barking: "Rouf Rouf!" Logan
Frou Frou I never quite understood this band name. I mean, it sounds kinda dumb...but I'm sure it means something, altho I can't imagine what. Mr. Critic
Frozen Ghost It sounds like something the ice cream man gives to children on Halloween. Todd W. Zimmerman
Fuel It's too boring a band name and the lead singer said there was no deep meaning behind it. Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Full Blown Rose Well, duh. I mean, it's not like you can have a flower that's half-rose and half-something-else. The only kind of rose you could have IS a "full blown" rose. Jonathan S.
Fun Yeah, I'm sure they are fun, but the name is too simplistic. If they want to sell CDs, they should change it to something synonymous like Hyperactivity or Frivolity. Lance Crackers
Fun-Loving Criminals Puts a new perspective on thieves and robbers. But really, why name a group Fun-Loving Criminals? It is especially funny that there most famous single is titled, "Scooby Snacks." Just awesome. Darby Hen
fun. I have no problem with the word "Fun" as a band name, but I do have a problem with them not capitalizing the first letter AND using a period at the end, as most band names ARE traditionally capitalized (since they are often treated as proper nouns/names), and most of them don't end with punctuation. Newt Gingpoor
Funky Communication Committee It's too long for a band name--ten syllables! Candy Welty
Furious George First of all, the name implies a solo male artist (possibly a rapper) named George, but instead it's a band. Secondly, it seems they took the name of a classic children's book and altered the initial letter. Not a good name choice for any music act, sorry. Mr. Critic

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