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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with L

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L'arc~en~Ciel This name might be hard to spell to people who hear this name but haven't seen it in print, and almost nobody will think there is a tilde in it. Also, the name is French but all the members come from Japan and are Japanese, so it's also misleading. Emma
L'Trimm What is this name supposed to mean? It isn't the name of either woman in this duo. And the spelling would be hard for anyone who hears the name but hasn't seen the spelling. Candy Welty
L7 I know they probably liked that the name more or less looks the same upside-down as it does right-side-up. The trouble is that, as far as I know, L7 DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING. It's not even a position on a Battleship board. Jonathan S.
Lady Antebellum It's a trio, not a single person, which may confuse people since the main singer of this group is female. Jonathan S.
Lady Gaga GaGa can refer to a child's baby language but more often is a synonym for "crazy" or "silly". So Lady Gaga comes off as either Crazy Lady or Silly Lady! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lady GaGa Hello? The name sounds like a porn star in the Teletubbies' world. Rachel
Lamb of God Like "Testament", the name "Lamb of God" could lead one to believe that they are a Christian band rather than the metal band that they really are. (I've heard others claim that they were fooled that this was a Christian band.) Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Lamb of God It's not a christian band (as the name suggests), therefore the name is misleading. Ashley
Lamb Of God As if it isn't bad enough that they're egotistical enough to name themselves after Christ, they also happen to be a DEATH METAL band, so you know they have no use for religion whatsoever (except to poke fun at it.) Why name yourself after The Son Of God if you're against him in first place? Jonathan S.
Lamb of God They name themselves after the Son of Christ, yet they are against Christ. Does this make sense to you? Travis
The Larks The name itself isn't stupid, but the stupid part is that a second group decided to call themselves The Larks and had a hit called "The Jerk" in 1964, three years after another group called The Larks had hit the charts with "It's Unbelievable." Candy Welty
Las Ketchup Condiments are not a good idea for band names. Salt-N-Pepa, Relish, and now this? Come on! Random Madeupperson
Last Crack Running out of drugs? No, sounds more like ass crack. Chris
Laurie London The name suggests a female performer, but Laurie London is a male singer. Could this be a gender-bender name? Candy Welty
Lavender Hill Mob Why does a lavender hill need a mob? Better yet, who cares? CERULEAN
Lawnmower Deth Because they spelled the second word phonetically (i.e., left out the 'a'), no one will spell the name correctly without first seeing it in print. The name is also stupid because it implies getting killed by a lawnmower, which is kinda sad. Makes me wonder what they were thinking.??? Mr. Critic
Lawnmower Deth The thrash metal world's answer to Half Man Half Biscuit just had to have a sillier name I guess Chris
Lazy I wonder if they were too lazy to think up a good name. Mac
Lazy Racer This name is an oxymoron. Racers aren't lazy. Candy Welty
LAZYgunsBRISKY What the heck does this name mean? It sounds more like they just threw random unrelated words together. And the fact that they used ALL-CAPS for two of the three words is rather annoying. Lefty Lucy
LeAnn Rimes We'll forget the stupid spelling, but what exactly does LeAnn rhyme with? Gazza
Leapy Lee Some people who have heard his name but haven't seen it in print might think that it is Lee P. Lee. That's what I first thought it was! Does he leap onstage? Candy Welty
Leather Nun Never knew they made Nun's Habits in Leather... Rychendroll
Lee Oskar Most people will spell his last name as Oscar if they hear it but haven't seen it in print. Candy Welty
The Left Banke Banke isn't a word. Why not Bank? Candy Welty
Leftover Salmon Apparently people have had enough of them, otherwise, why would there be leftovers? Overon
The Lemon Pipers Do they deliver lemon juice by way of pipes? Because lemons certainly can't pipe (as in play any kind of musical pipes). Angelina Laide
The Lemon Pipers Has anybody even attempted to blow into a lemon like it was a musical instrument? Gives a new meaning to "the musical fruit". Yul B. There
The Lemon Pipers  I think they were all stoned when they came up with this one  Billy Florio
Les Humphries Singers My first impression on seeing this band name was that, to convey an aura of "classiness" or something like that they had affixed the French prefix "Les" (meaning "the" [plural]; sounds sort of like the English word "lay" as nearly as the French sound can be rendered into English phonetics) to their name. Then I thought how "Les" (sounding like "less") could be a given name or nickname derived therefrom. Then I realized the band might be named for someone (probably a member thereof) named Les Humphries. That makes the name ambiguous in meaning. So I looked up the band, finding that the second guess above is the correct one. Band member Les Humphries was from England. He started the band in Hamburg, Germany (in a country adjacent to France, no less), than moved back to England after the band disbanded. So the name leaves both its pronunciation and its meaning ambiguous. Liberty Anderson
Less Than Jake Less WHAT than Jake? Jonathan S.
Let's Active It doesn't work at all as a complete sentence or a coherent phrase. What makes them think it would work as a band name? Todd W. Zimmerman
Lethal There are 2 heavy metal bands with this name: An American band formed in 1982, and an Argentine band formed in 1988. How come the second band didn't know that their name was already taken? Lefty Lucy
Lethal Bizzle What does "bizzle" even mean? Emmy Kay Butanone
Level 42 Is this how far they got on a certain video game? If so, I wonder which game it was?? Elizabeth
Li'l Kim Why just Li'l Kim? Why not Obsc'ne Kim? Or Logom'niac Kim? How aboud Li'l Obsc'ne Logom'niac Kim? Laura
Life Of Agony They must've had a really bad childhood or something. Jon
Life of Agony can't be that bad when you're a bunch of sexy rockboys... anushead
Lifehouse What IS a Lifehouse? Is it where dead people put the living??? Does it warn people in the dark who have no life? (Like a lighthouse?)  Cerulean
Lifehouse Sounds like a hospital or a redneck mental institute. Emily
Lighthouse Family They're not a family of lighthouses (which would be silly), and their surname is not Lighthouse. Cassandra
The Lightning Seeds This name makes no sense. Lightning doesn't produce seeds, and it doesn't come from seeds. Candy Welty
Lights This name sounds like it should be a band, but it's really the stage name of one person. (Plus it could get confused with a certain song by Journey.) Sarah
Lights Over Paris They are from Los Angeles, not Paris. Unless this band somehow has ties to France, I don't see the point in them using Paris in their name. Lefty Lucy
Lil Pump Sounds like a shoe that a very short lady might wear. Harlow Goobley
Lil Romeo/Lil Bow Wow as opposed to....Big Ol' Romeo and Big Ol' Bow Wow? WAS there even another guy with that name? cuz I can see no other reason they'd just say they were the younger version it is. Mac
Lil' Bow Wow I'd only name myself that if I was the son of one of the members of new-wave band Bow Wow Wow or of Snoop Dogg. This guy, however, is none of the above. Stockton
Limp Bizkit Sounds like the band members did one of those "take a letter, put it in the hat, pull out a bunch of random letters and we'll get a word" things. G
Limp Bizkit If your singer has the charisma of a not-so-tasty-looking, mass-produced and rather passive cookie, this is the name of choice for your band! Fred Smith
Limp Bizkit Think about it. A limp biscuit? What kind of band name is that?! Rebecca
Limp Bizkit That "Hey, let's spell it like it sounds!" thing is so over used, not to mention just plain annoying. And what exactly is a 'Bizkit' anyway? If that is reference to an erection-challenged penis, are they admitting to having that problem? I just don't get it! roxy
Limp Bizkit Just read it! It sounds like they're trying to explain their E.D. problem in a subtle, inconspicuous way. NO band name, let alone any name, should have the word 'limp' in it. Can we say 'too much information'? Alan
Lindsey Buckingham This performer is a guy, but I thought Lindsey was normally a girl's name. Ken
Linkin Park Why do they use Russian letters (those reversed 'N's) in the name 'Linkin'? Pronounced correctly, their name would be 'Licky Park'! Auditor
Linkin Park They aren't stupid, but the name just makes me think of Lincoln Logs, spelled incorrectly. Linkin Log Cabin! Ha! S.T.G.
Linkin Park Actually, the band name isn't stupid but it is a cheap band name . The band decided on "Linkin Park" so they would be next to "Limp Bizkit" in record stores and in other places. This cheap because they are gaining popularity and album sells through being next to an already successful band. Nick
Linkin Park It reminds me of a mix between Lincoln Logs & Tinker Toys. Put them together and you have one "contrabulous fabtraption!" Cerulean
Linus' Blanket Blankets cannot sing or play musical instruments. Justin
Lipps, Inc. They sound like they use synthesizers instead of lips for vocals... and why the incorrect spelling of "Lips"? Rychendroll
Liquid Gold They wouldn't be able record anything. Gold has such a high melting point (over 1900 degrees Fahrenheit / 1050 degrees Celsius) that liquid gold would burn up the microphone. Alicia Sturdivant
Liquid People People are solid, not liquid (although our bodies do have blood and other liquids in them). Candy Welty
Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam Why do they have to use Lisa's name twice in succession? That sorta implies that there's two members named Lisa in this band (which has never been the case). To me, that's stupid stupid. Mr. Critic
Lita Ford Only needs a number and it sounds like a car Chris
Little Ann There were two soul singers with the name "Little Ann"; one who mostly did duets with the bluesman Tarheel Slim, and the other a Detroit singer who is most famous for the song "Deep Shadows". Robert Jon Brown
The Little Bits Little bits of what? Music? Candy Welty
Little Boots Might not be so stupid if it were a band name, since it's a plural (but then again, opinions could differ), but this is a solo female performer. Gus
Little Girls The name suggests an all-female band, but none of the members are actually female. They're all guys! Therefore the name is a misnomer. Greg
Little Sister This name implies that it's one person, but it's actually a female trio. And they're all adults, so they aren't little. Candy Welty
The Little Willies They're all adults, so they aren't little. And none of the five members of this band are named Willie. Candy Welty
The Little Willies Are they all admitting they have small junk? Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Little Women This band consists of four men (and no women). Candy Welty
Live When I search for them on Napster, it just gives me mp3s of bands that are playing live. How much does that suck?? PhoenixPyre
Live Think about it. The announcer says "Ladies and gentlemen! Live tonight from the United States of America it's LIVE!". As in WHO is live? Live Live? Would their live album be called LIVE Live? So confusing! I've heard similar jokes about concerning the Who's name but they are called "THE Who", not just "Who". Naming your band "Live" makes things even worse. It was confusing to me when I first heard them on the radio. Dumb, dumb, dumb. The Seer
Living With Eating Disorders When I first saw the name in print, I mistook it for "Living With Eating Dinosaurs"! That could make almost as much sense as the actual name. In fact, my mistaken version is more interesting and intriguing, and less morbid. I was really disappointed when I noticed what the name actually is! Lauren Overstreet
Living With Eating Disorders Yes. This is a real band. Why would they call themselves that? Are any of the members possibly on the feeding tube? hekifier
Lizzo Her real name doesn't even have a form of Elizabeth in it. Did she name herself because thought she was Queen Elizabeth or Liz Taylor? Sheila Oh
LMFAO It's a popular internet acronym. But now a band has picked it up for use as their name, which I think is ridiculous, especially since the "F" stands for something naughty. Nice going, guys! Mr. Critic
LMNT It looks like a lame attempt to refer to the acronym for "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." The Skuz
LMNT It's supposed to be "element" without the letter E's, but some people might look at this name and think that the letters L, M, N, and T should each stand for the members' names. But that's not the case. Cassandra
Lola Ray Another band name that sounds/looks like it could clearly be an individual performer, since it consists of a first name and a last name. But it's not... it's a group. (More than 1 person!) Also, Lola is a girls name, but all the members are male, so it doesn't make sense in that regard either! Mouse
Lollipop Lust Kill Oh come on, what the heck is that supposed to mean? To me it seems like they just randomly threw three unrelated words together. Dobbs
The Lonely Island It's a trio, so no member is "lonely". carly_carlz
Loose Nuts Who would want to admit to being loose nuts? It sounds gross. Rocky Rhodes
The Lords Of Acid What this named after a cult that worships Rolaids? electric
Los Indios Tabajaras This band had a few hits in English-speaking countries in the 1960s. But people who don't know Spanish probably will not spell this name correctly if they hear it but haven't seen it in print. Candy Welty
Los Lonely Boys English or Spanish, please. brainstem
Los Pop Tops Another band with Spanish and English words in their name, like Los Lonely Boys. Why not all Spanish or all English? Candy Welty
Lost Hands Found Fingers This name sounds really ugly and creepy to me. I envision someone losing their hands by having them cut off, then finding their fingers after they had been cut off of the hands! Candy Welty
The Lotus Eaters I don't think the lotus flower is edible, except by bugs. And this band's members are people, not bugs or creepycrawlers. Westley
Louis XIV Never name a band after a historical figure, especially a French king! hamp
Louise Attaque This name looks like it's an individual person but it's a band. Radiance
Love And Rockets Two things that don't go together...unless you have a passion for space exploration or something like that. Why do so many bands have to randomly pick a pair of unrelated items to use for their names? Hank E. Panky
Love And Theft Originally a country singing trio, one guy left the group and they are now a duo. What, did they just pick a couple of words out of the dictionary at random? I don't understand how they came up with this name. Theft is an action (stealing stuff) and love is an emotion. I really don't see what one has to do with the other. Edward
Love Equals Death Nice job at luring people away from those annoying love songs! I think this group over-did it just a bit! hekifier
The Love Hammers If it were just "The Hammers," I wouldn't have much of a problem with it, but "LOVE Hammers?!" Sounds to me like another penile reference! Jonathan S.
Love Spit Love The words "spit" and "love" do not go together; it sounds rather disgusting. Mr. Critic
lovelytheband No capital letters, words scrunched together, the narcissistic title. There's nothing right with this name.  Rock Maninoff
The Lovers The name itself isn't stupid, but what *is* stupid is that a second band decided to call themselves The Lovers after there had already been a band called The Lovers who had a hit song "Darling It's Wonderful" in 1957. The second Lovers band had a hit called "Discomania" in 1977. Candy Welty
The Lovin' Spoonful No band could fit into a spoon! Francine Harper
Low Cut Connie This name suggests a solo female performer, but it's a band, which actually consists of four men (and no women). Candy Welty
Lubricated Goat Have you ever tried to lubricate a goat? It's just not possible with today's lubrication technology. As such it is impossible that a goat could have ever been lubricated in the past. Unless Australia have pre-lubed goats, of course. Mr Mud
Lucero Another name that pertains to TWO musical acts. One is a solo female Mexican singer (who is also a telenovela star and primarily sings in Spanish); the other is an all-male country band from Memphis, Tennessee. Since the soloist entered the music scene first (albeit in her native country), the band should have realized that the name was already taken. C.J.
Lucky Boys Confusion It seems to suggest the meaning one would get if "Boys" had an apostrophe in it -- either "Boy's" (singular) or "Boys'" (plural). If it is meant to suggest that, then it is ambiguous as to singular versus plural, by having no apostrophe. If it is really meant to signify "Boys", without an apostrophe and therefore non-possessive, it is just a random juxtaposition of "Lucky Boys" and "Confusion", not very meaningful. But, meant to be possessive to not, it is a vague suggestion at best or any connection between a boy or boys and confusion, whether his or their confusion, or any other confusion or confusion in general. It could just leave us wondering what could be lucky about confusion, even if we're left with such a tangible impression as that of any implied connection. Laurie Cassid
Lucy Pearl The name appears to be a full (first-and-last) name a solo female performer, but it's not. It's actually a mostly-male band. How they came up with a name like this is beyond my comprehension. nally
Lucy Pearl It clearly suggests the name of a solo female performer but it's a band and most of the members are males. There is only one female and her name isn't Lucy. I wonder how they came up with the name... Frisky
Ludacris The rappers are just about copying each other now. This name JUST DOES NOT WORK! I know many rappers misspell, say, their stage names deliberately but this is not right! Why couldn't he replace the 'a' with an 'i' (so that it spells the "Ludi"(crous) bit correctly) and add a 'h' to the "Chris" bit? A Stranger
Ludacris/Mystikal/Outkast Since when did misspelling a word become a rap trend? The Desert of the Real
Lukas Graham The name suggests a solo performer. But it's not. It's just a band. And the lead singer is not called Lukas Graham, but Lukas Forchhammer. (**Editor's note: PLEASE do not use smartquote apostrophes when submitting. Use neutral quotation marks only. One way to do this is to submit from a PC, not a phone.) BrilliantJ8
Luna Sea It's pronounced exactly like the word "lunacy", making me wonder if this was a play on that word. That being said, some people may assume that the name is Lunacy if they don't see it in print first. Stu L. Pigeon
Luniz It's pronounced "loonies", which makes me wonder why they didn't spell it appropriately. But what do you expect from rap groups anyway? Also, the name makes me think of certain classic cartoons. John
Lush Why name a band something that people will confuse with a mediocre group like Rush? That's probably why they broke up. shehateme
The Ly-Dells Almost no one who hears this name but hasn't seen it in print will spell it correctly, especially since it has a dash in it. Candy Welty
Lyme & Cybelle Nearly all people who hear this name but haven't seen it in print will not spell it correctly. Candy Welty
Lynyrd Skynyrd Who can pronounce it anyway? Emma

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