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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with B

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B.Z.N. (Dutch for Band Without a Name!) If you HAVE a name, why say that you haven't???  Siebe Wynberg
B5 It could be interpreted as either a bingo call number or a position on a battleship grid. Howie Dewin
Baby Bash This sounds like a crime. Are they child abusers? Travis
Baby Bash Sounds like a crime, which someone should be arrested for: harming babies. JD
Baby Boy Da Prince It sounds rather immature. Mr. Critic
Baby's Gang Do they have to change their leader's diapers between numbers? Todd W. Zimmerman
Babylon A.D. The majority of Babylon's history was in the B.C. years, not the A.D. years Rychendroll
Babymetal Another compound word made up of randomly chosen words. It seems to suggest a group of babies (or even toddlers) performing heavy-metal. That doesn't make a whole lotta sense to me. C.J.
Babyraids Japan How would one "babyraid" something, let alone a country? And what the heck does it mean? It doesn't make sense. Phoebe Miller
Babyshambles Ugh!! This name sounds too disgusting and unoriginal. Calvin Amari
Backstreet Boys It sounds like a modernized Tom Sawyer book. Or rummies on a street curb. Vesta84
Backstreet Boys When I hear the term "backstreet", I think of back-alley abortions. Not the best thing to associate with a boy band. Mo
Backstreet Boys Personally I think it sounds way too much like "Buttstreak Boys."  ~*^Girl^*~
Bad Brains Must explain how they came up with a name like this? Ed
Bad Religion To paraphrase Juliette Lewis in "Cape Fear": "You're a bad religion. Bad! Bad! Bad!" theindependentguy
Bad Suns Sounds too repulsive. Was this name inspired by a certain Creedence Clearwater Revival song title or something? Ed
Badfinger I DON'T want to know why it's bad! Ivan
Badfinger All I can think of is that this band named themselves after flipping the bird. That's just plain distasteful. GlamRockNinjaLord
Badly Drawn Boy Sounds more to me like a badly picked name. Mr. Critic
Baldilocks Apparently Goldilocks needed chemo. JeReMy
The Baldwin Brothers This is a Chicago band with no members surnamed Baldwin and none of them are related. Also, they may be confused for actors Alec, Daniel, Billy, and Stephen Baldwin, who are known collectively as the Baldwin brothers because they actually are a set of brothers surnamed Baldwin. JeReMy
The Balloon Farm A farm for balloons? This doesn't make sense! It sounds like they put a couple of random words together. Candy Welty
Bananarama I mean c'mon, its a friggin' banana... rama.... you ever seen a bunch of bananas having a rama? mr. man
The Band Yes, we are completely aware that you are a band, now please come up with a less generic sounding thing to call yourselves! GlamRockNinjaLord
The Band Come on, this is the most cocky, self-indulged name of all. I mean, it's like they're saying, "we're so great, we're not just A band, we're THE Band." Sondra
The Band There are TONS of other bands, than this one. Mr. Critic
The Band Just think about it. We know they are a band but they should come up with a more creative name. Daniel L
A Band Called Pain Seriously, this is the full name of an actual group. First off, why pain? Do they always hurt or something? Secondly, the 'A Band Called' part is just plain redundant; some people might think that Pain is the name of the band, given this. Conversely, if I were a member of this band, I'd feel kinda awkward saying "I play for a band called A Band Called Pain." Mr. Critic
Band Of Horses Sounds like a band that Mr. Ed (the talking horse) would fit in with. Quyjibo
Band of Horses None of them are horses. JeReMy
Band of Susans Not every person in the band is named Susan. Also, the lead singer is a male (and Susan is a female name). Odie Garfield
Bang Camaro Makes me think they want to put a dent in somebody's car! Jonathan S.
Bang Camaro They do not smash up old cars during their live shows, so, this is a very misleading name. GlamRockNinjaLord
Bang Camaro Sounds like someone's asking for their Chevy sports car to be hit. Not a band name I would recommend, sorry. Mr. Critic
The Bangles First, it can be easily confused with a sucky NFL football team from Cincinnati. Second, they wear every type of jewelry except a bangle.  girly girl
Barbie and the Kens I'm surprised the Mattel corporation didn't sue this band. Calop
Barcode Brothers They aren't brothers and Barcode isn't their last names. Mads
Barefoot Jerry It looks like an alias for a solo male performer since Jerry is a man's name, but this is a band instead. Future Backer
Barenaked Ladies They're not even women. And the thought of them barenaked, (shivers). Stockton
Barry Blue His real name is Barry Green, so why did he change the color? Just to have an alliterative name? Barry Green would be just fine as a band name. Candy Welty
Basehead Look, Ump! Darryl Strawberry's snorting third base. blaque
Basshunter What action does this name indicate? Hunting bass like as a type of fish? or is he hunting every Bass as in not a Tenor or Soprano or Alto or Baritone in Choir? Zakery Wood
Bat For Lashes It sounds like a charity that plays baseball for the blind (or for longer eyelashes).  Peter Cottonball
Battle of Mice Have you ever seen rodents battle? (And I ain't talkin' about the cartoons, where anything can happen; I'm talkin' about real life.) I haven't. Pat Mahiney
Bay City Rollers Apparently they stuck a pin in a map and it turned out to be Bay City. Come on! These guys were from Scotland! Purple
BBMak 1) Sounds like an extra value meal at McDonalds. 2) Sounds like MY name, which I find very offensive Mac
Beardfish I can't help but picture something grotesque when I see this name. Liza Lott
Beastie Boys It wouldn't be, except the "B" in Beastie (which is actually an acronym) is supposed to STAND for "Boys." They're using it twice, thus the name is redundant. Jonathan S.
Beatallica Sounds like another lame name ripoff of Metallica. In fact, they seem to have ripped off Metallica's logo! Mr. Critic
Belle & Sebastian It implies that this act is a duo, but this is a group of more than 2 people, and none of them are named Belle or Sebastian. Therefore it's a misnomer in more ways than one. Kate
Belle & Sebastian What you get when you combine characters from two Disney films, Beauty & The Beast and The Little Mermaid. Not sure how they make sense together. Vic George
Belle Epoque People might think this is a solo performer, but actually it's a female trio. Candy Welty
Ben Folds Five Why couldn't he have just recruited two more members? I respect the fact that he didn't like the sound of 'Ben Folds Three', but he could've just had a couple more members so the name would reflect how many people there were. At least the Dave Clark Five was a quintet... Mr. Critic
Ben Folds Five Wouldn't be so stupid if there were 5 people in the band. Maybe he failed math..... Cerulean
Bennie K It looks like it should be a solo person, but instead it's a female duo. Rhonda Hindle
Berlin Several bands have named themselves after major cities (particularly, their home city, such as Boston and Chicago). However, this band is not from Germany; in fact, all its members are American. So unless they somehow have ties to the capital city of Germany, I don't see the point. Susan
Better Than Ezra How the hell do they know they are better than Ezra? And what are they better at anyway? And why hasn't Ezra sued them for slander! George
Betty Davis No, not the actress Bette Davis, but a soul/rock singer that was briefly married to Miles Davis. Magnate
Bettye Swann Best known for the song "Make Me Yours", most people would have thought it was spelled Betty Swan. (Bettye is a seemingly unconventional spelling.) Magnate
Between The Buried And Me Oh come on! Mr. Critic
Bhundu Boys May be cool in Zimbabwe, but to me it sounds like - boys of the bhundu tribes - (actually it means 'bush' or 'jungle') Pranav Jawale
Big & Rich Name sounds purely like bragging, making it a band that would hardly be expected to much respect its fans, Fans could well feel passed off as insignificant peons by the band name. Tiffy
Big & Rich Everyone knows that "rich" as a word means having a lot of money, but it can also be a man's name. That would imply that this band is a duo, with one of the members being named Rich and the other named Big (which is probably not true, but people could look at it and misinterpret it like so!). Joe
Big Data  There is no little data, so there's point in naming the opposite. Odie Garfield
Big Dismal Seems rather pessimistic and unimaginative, IMHO. Gus
Big Head Todd and the Monsters So what do the band members say: "Hi, I'm bob, I'm a monster."  superhero blue
Big Time Rush Sounds like Rush doing an album of Peter Gabriel covers. noskcaJ
Big Trouble This all-female band did encounter big trouble after their only hit single in America, "Crazy World," thus they parted ways long after it. What a waste indeed! Joey F.
Big Wreck Guess they got into (or witnessed) an automobile accident? Oliver South
Bikini Kill It's just plain stupid. Not to mention literally impossible, since articles of clothing are not living things. So they can't be killed. Mr. Critic
Bill Haley and His Comets Comets cannot sing or play musical instruments Sarah D.
Bill Murray's Prostate First of all...ewww. Second, did they think this was cool?!?! Lindsey
Billy Gillman It sounds like he's some 75 year old man who is a hillBILLY Princess Chic
Billy Satellite This name suggests a solo performer, but this music act is actually a rock quartet. Candy Welty
Billy Talent I thought it was a solo male performer at first (since Billy is a man's first name). But it's a band instead! Why do bands have to be deceiving like this? Chrystal
Biota What is this supposed to mean anyways? ChuckyG
Birdlegs & Pauline And Their Versatility Birds This name is too long for a band name, and the band doesn't have any birds in it. Candy Welty
Birds of Tokyo They are from Australia, not Japan. Beverly Dreiles
The Birthday Massacre I'm sorry, but this just sounds unimaginative and repulsive. P
Black Lace Sounds more like a metal band than a children's band. Dominicmgm
Black Oak Arkansas For some reason, this sounds like it would be a Speed Metal band to me. G
Black Sabbath It sounds like they're darkening a holy day. brainstem
Black Sabbath Just look at the initials...seriously, I wouldn't want to name my awesome metal something that can be referred to as...yeah... GlamRockNinjaLord
Black Stone Cherry Sounds like a trio of random words, with no meaning. GlamRockNinjaLord
The Black Velvets This name sounds like a bunch of women in dark makeup and velvet dresses. But this is an all-male band and they don't wear velvet. Ludwig Chris
The Blackbyrds Most people will spell the name "Blackbirds" if they hear it but haven't seen it in print. Candy Welty
Blanket Of Secrecy If it's such a secret, why are they singing it to everybody? Oprah Winbag
Blenderhead Makes me wonder where this group's minds were when they thought up this name...? Cassandra
Blind Guardian I wouldn't trust a blind person to guard anything! GlamRockNinjaLord
Blind Melon  I guess this goes along with a deaf cantaloupe and a crippled apple? Billy Florio
Blink 182 As in Blink 182 times to understand our music? RVB
Bloc Party After the Cold War ended, we're naming bands after the Soviet Bloc nations. That's just wrong. Ryan S. Hope
Blonde Redhead This name is an oxymoron; you can't be a redhead and blonde at the same time. The Mole
Blood Red Shoes Disgusting...need I say more? Liza Lott
Blood, Sweat and Beers It sounds too much like a Blood, Sweat and Tears tribute band (which they aren't). noskcaJ
Bloontz It's not a word. And many people wouldn't be able to spell the name right if they heard it but haven't seen it in print. I first thought it was Balloons! Candy Welty
Blossom Toes What in the world are blossom toes?! Flowers don't grow out of your feet! Candy Welty
The Blow Monkeys What kind of sicko freak would blow monkeys?  Chris
Blue October Due to Halloween, October's colors are orange and black. Also, due to fall, they can be any color of a falling leaf. Blue is not associated with October in any form. Travis
Blue Oyster Cult How d'ya imagine a Blue Oyster? Or a Blue Cult? Why cult? It remembers me of a snob restaurant at the shore... their music is good, but that name... SnakeHipsBoy
The Blues Magoos My guess when they named this band, this 60's Bronx group either was on drugs or had a bad T.V. reception when watching "Mr. Magoo". oldschool
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band Nothing wrong with Bob Seger's name, but it must have been awfully difficult for Bob Seger to train some Silver Bullets to play instruments and be his back-up band since Silver Bullets have no legs or faces or brains or hands. Peter
Body Count Come on now; no band should have to be likened to a crime scene. O.J. Chamberlain
BodyRockers They capitalize the first 'r' in "rockers" despite not leaving a space between "body" and "rockers". How tacky! Spraychel Spray
Bolt Thrower Someone kept in detention for messing around in a metalwork class? Chris
Bone Thugs n Harmony Bone - yep, good, tough word. Thugs - again, very tough word. So far so good. Harmony - the singing thugs? I've never heard of any of those (certainly not ones who sing like Bone really do). Haz-Man
Bonerama I'm not joking this is a real band, a jazz band with alot of trombones, but you think they could have picked a worse name? hamp
Bonnie Guitar Why'd she have to name herself after a musical instrument? Just because she plays it? A LOT of performers play the guitar. Why couldn't she have stuck with her real surname? Mr. Critic
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band Without the Bonzo and Dah Band, they'd just be Dog Doo. He-he! Wonder what portion of listeners are amused by a band name with Dog Doo in the middle?  Karen Smith
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band  It's like they just randomly pulled words out of a hat, and added the word 'band' to it. hamp
Boogie Pimps Sounds a bit childish and a bit sickish at the same time. Ty
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Just look at it. It looks immature, like baby talk. Did some little kid think up this name? Dede Megadudu
Boom Boom Satellites Sounds like a childish way of describing multiple spacecraft colliding or exploding. Jonathan S.
Bootsauce What the hell is bootsauce anyway? Is it like foot sweat or something? hamp
The Bouncing Souls Can a soul actually bounce? I think this would be another band name to classify as "Literally impossible." Mr. Critic
Bow Wow Wow Sit, Ubu, sit...good dog! (Rowf!) That's what it makes me think of. Vic George
Bowling For Soup I'm sure it's supposed to mean "putting soup in bowls", but to me it sounds more like the sport of bowling, with soup involved. Jessica
Box of Frogs To think that the band formerly known as the Yardbirds were reduced to this! Greg G.
Boy Sets Fire Arrest that boy for arson. JeReMy
The Boys Yes, it was a group of boys. But there are PLENTY of groups out there consisting entirely of young males. Furthermore, as they grow up, they become men! Mr. Critic
Boys Don't Cry This is totally untrue. In fact, boys cry (in pain) whenever they hear the band's only hit "I Wanna Be A Cowboy". Opie M.
Boys Like Girls Most boys do, but what about that five to ten percent of boys who like other boys, eh? Conversely, five to ten percent of girls like other girls. To say that boys like girls is overgeneralizing. Diddims
Boys Like Girls I can't figure out if they are saying they are fond of girls, or are similar to girls. (IOW, is "like" a verb or a preposition here?) Russ
Boys Like Girls Well, of COURSE boys like girls. A lot of boys like girls. Yippee. Why walk around giving people that information??? Mr. Critic
Boysetsfire Yeah, and bandforgetstoincludespaces. Jonathan S.
Boyz II Men You wouldn't expect rap artists to spell correctly, but this is a regular R & B band. What's their excuse? Chris Kuan
Boyzone Up until now, I've always misread it as Beyonce! Then tonight I realized -- she DOESN'T spell her name with a "z", does she? So I looked closer, and discovered it isn't Beyonce at all! Billy Reuben
Boyzone Sounds like a gay club (or worse) Chris
Brad Sucks I think it's stupid for him to use "Sucks" as a pseudo-last name. Either people would think he's insulting himself, or it's what others might think of him. Talk about repulsive! Mr. Critic
Brainstorm What's stupid about it is that it could refer to two different bands: an American R&B band from the 70's, or a German heavy metal band that was formed long after that. The German band must have been unaware that the name was already taken. Jeffrey
Bran Van 3000 The band is great, but their name sounds like an extra-strength laxative..."Buy new Bran Van 3000--guaranteed to move you..." Natasha
Brand New Something can be 'brand new' for only a short time. Not a good name to keep long-term. Travis
Brand Nubian I looked up "nubian" on Wikipedia. The entry said that it was a group of people from northern Sudan and southern Egypt, which is pointless since the members of this group are Americans. Reggie Pillbox
Bread Were they eating bread when they were choosing what to name their band?  Paul Warren
The Breakfast Club This confused the heck out of me when their only hit song "Right On Track" came out in 1987. I heard this band came out before the movie did in 1984, but why go out in 1987 with this name...? Vic George
Breaking Benjamin It sounds like someone is trying to break poor Benjamin in half. I heard this name and I wanted to do that too. Travis
Breaking Benjamin Shattering some poor guy's bones isn't my idea of a cool band name. Jonathan S.
Breathe The name is a verb. What if there was a band call "Gasp" or "Choke"? Morty
Breathe Carolina What, were they trying to use CPR on someone named Carolina? If so, that's not a very good inspiration for a band name. Gus
The Breeders I keep thinking of the cheesy horror movie of the same name. Jonathan S.
Brian Johnson Stupid because TWO different musicians have this name. The first was the lead singer of AC/DC, the second was a contestant on the tv show The Voice. The second Brian Johnson probably should have used a stage name if he wanted to make it easier for his fans to search for him on websites. Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Brian Jonestown Massacre Combining a mass suicide and a former member of the Rolling Stones, really? Also, they were on World's Dumbest JeReMy
Bring Me The Horizon Several band names that are commands have been criticized on the site before. Here is another command used as a band name, and this time a particularly impossible one to fulfill. As one goes toward the horizon, the horizon continually recedes away. Thus no one can go TO the horizon, let alone bring it to anyone else! Consuela Sanchez
Britny Fox It suggests a name for a solo female performer, but this act is actually an all-male band that plays heavy-metal music. Candy Welty
Broken Social Scene A scene cannot be broken, social or otherwise. Lance Crackers
Brokencyde Sounds like something you would use to clean soap scum with. carly_carlz
Broods A brood is a small group of children. If you have more than one group, they become broods. However, there are only two members of this band, and neither of them are children. Professor Oblivion
Brooklyn Bridge Bridges can't sing! Adrienne Schnell
Bros This name rhymes with "cross," so people might misspell the name as "Bross" if they hear it but haven't seen it in print. Candy Welty
Bros It looks like it could be read as short for 'brothers' (i.e., pronounced "broze"), but they want you to pronounce it as "bross" instead. But on the plus side, it is a duo of brothers (twins, in fact). Mr. Critic
The Brothers Four These guys are not related. Candy Welty
Brown Bannister Former producer of Amy Grant's albums and a talented Christian songwriter himself. Unfortunately, his name makes me think of someone sliding naked down the hand rail of a staircase. Christopher
Bruce Channel Sorry, my cable company doesn't have that station. Orville Beddenrocker
Bubba Sparxxx Seriously. Whose last name is Sparxxx? Are you from, like, Neptune or something? Even if it isn't "Bubba's" last name, what kind of a band name is Bubba Sparxxx? Qwee
Buckcherry Seems like they clearly spoonerized Chuck Berry's name to come up with theirs. Nice try. Mr. Critic
Buckethead Sounds like a prank you'd play on the dumb kid in school. GlamRockNinjaLord
The Bucketheads They must've been REALLY stupid themselves to think up this name. No wonder they didn't last very long on the music scene. Cassandra
Budgie Most un-metal sounding name for a metal band ever! GlamRockNinjaLord
Buffalo Daughter Yet another band name that seems to consist of two randomly chosen words. Gus
The Buggles Sounds like a kid's show Vic George
The Buggles Sounds like a parody on The Beatles. Mads
Building 429 What about the other 428 buildings? Questions like that can arise whenever a band seems to use a randomly-chosen number in their name. Cassandra
Building Better Bombs This name suggests a group of terrorists, not a band. Candy Welty
Bulimia Banquet Is an explanation really needed? Sounds like they would eat and then barf. To whom would THAT endear a band? People sometimes give ME grief for finding too much humor in poopooing or diarrhea, but even I draw the line on things coming back out the wrong end, especially if it is bulimia. Yuck! Karen Smith
Bullet For My Valentine Let me guess; Since "My Bloody Valentine" was already taken, they wanted a name that makes you think of that innovative and legendary noise rock band. The Skuz
Bullet For My Valentine Perhaps they mean it literally, but I still keep thinking of it as a sexual euphimism. Jonathan S.
Bullet For My Valentine Why would you even have a valentine if you just wanted to shoot her? Sounds to me like a love-lorn psychopath! hekifier
Bullet For My Valentine Maybe Cupid traded in his bow and arrow for a shotgun? carly_carlz
Bullet for My Valentine Don't take a bullet for your valentine. They were just going to collect your present then dump you anyway. Travis
The Bullitts The name sounds like it should be a band, but it's really one person instead. Joe Cool
Bump Of Chicken Where shall I start? How much/what is a 'bump' of chicken. Can I get a 'bump' portion of chicken breast or a 300g slice of chicken 'bump'? PJ
Bunny Walters This performer was a person, not a rabbit. Quyjibo
Burning Brides This name sounds sexist, and mean. It is not only pure evil lighting a bride on fire, but it is also arson. Think about this before choosing a band name. Travis
Burning Death Machine Against theNeo-NazisofSweden For such a long-winded name, this was a short-lived band in Saginaw, MI. Only one of the members was Swedish in any way, and what exactly is up with the Neo-Nazi reference in their name? Last I checked, "Burning Death Machine" without the adjective phrase wasn't taken. Supposedly, the band picked the name knowing full well it was absurd, because they didn't know how long they'd even be together as a band anyway. BulldozerBegins
Burning Sofa #10 So, where are sofas 1 through 9? JeReMy
Bury Your Dead ... Well DUH!! what else would I do with my dead? Andrew
The BusBoys Many people who see this name without first seeing it in print will assume that the main part is two words -- Bus Boys -- rather than run together, with both B's capitalised. Liza Lott
Bush Naming your band after a typical shrub is kind of dull, and more importantly, I can't look at, or hear, the name without thinking of George W. Bush (or his daddy, for that matter). Jonathan S.
Busta Rhymes There was actually a football player for the Oklahoma Sooners named Buster Rhymes. I'm surprised that 1) it hasn't confused more Oklahoman people and 2) that Buster Rhymes hasn't sued this guy. Aaron
Busta Rhymes Okay, so what does "Busta" rhyme with? Kitt
Butt Trumpet A band named after a fart. Now come on! Has someone been eating too much of the musical fruit or something? Star Warrior
Butt Trumpet who wants to have brass up their ass? Not I!  Harry
Butt Trumpet So, they're implying that their music sounds like flatulence? p00v
Butterfly Boucher It sounds like it should be a group name, but it's really one person instead. In fact, it's the actual first name and last name of a female soloist. Daniel
The Butterscotch Caboose Oh Come On! Don't even get me started on why it's stupid. To make it simple, a caboose can't be made out of Butterscotch. Perhaps it's a caboose loaded with butterscotch? Either way, it seems nonsensical. Rich
Butthole Surfers If anything has a butthole big enough to surf, I'd be afraid of falling in! Yikes:( Karen Smith
Butthole Surfers I'd stay away from them, for fear they might give me hemorrhoids! Tiffany Furlong
Butthole Surfers I don't know a lot of surfers that are jerks. Maybe these guys are surfers that aren't really nice or well-liked that formed a rock band. carly_carlz
Butthole Surfers I really didn't need to know about your sex life. FireWoman
Butthole Surfers You say, "Hey Dad! Can I have to go see a cool band?" He asks, "What concert are you going to go see?" At that point you can forget getting the money, let alone the approval to go to the show. "And don't repeat that disgusting band name in front of your mother!" Mitch
Butthole Surfers Oh, c'mon! cherrytree
Butthole Surfers I do not believe you can surf in a butthole. Or, well, I can't anyway. Shido
Butthole Surfers It sounds like some 4 year old's attempt at raw toilet humour, which doesn't please anyone who isn't, well, a four year old. TullyGirl

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