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These are the band names that we feel are just plain stupid. Bands pick the most absurd names, who wants to be known as a member of the "Butthole Surfers"? We only accept entries for this page that make fun of a band name. Just saying a band is lame (no matter how lame they might be) isn't a good reason for entry.

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Entries Beginning with D

Submitted by:
D-12 Sounds like 1) An isotope of an element on the periodic table or 2) A less expensive joint lubricant, like WD-40. Vick M
D-A-D It's the name they weren't allowed to have (Disneyland Affter Dark), just shortened. Mads
D12 It is short for "The Dirty Dozen", but it would be more fitting if it was "The Dirty Half-Dozen" since there are six members. Also, it is a nickname for NBA player Dwight Howard. JeReMy
Dada Sounds like baby talk. Mr. Critic
Daddy Yankee Is his rival Daddy Red Sox?  carly_carlz
Daft Punk These guys aren't punks, they make dance music. Regardless of that, the phrase "daft punk" just looks weird. Glamo
Daft Punk They're not a punk band but they're defintely Daft. Chris
Damn Yankees They're all proud Americans, so, aren't they insulting themselves? Glamo
Damn Yankees Did they really think it was cool putting "damn" in their band name? Would've been better off as an album name. noskcaJ
Dan + Shay Since they say it as "Dan and Shay", most people who don't see it in print first will assume that it's written either with the word "and" or an ampersand, rather than a plus sign (which seems unconventional for representing the word "and"). Liza Lott
Dana International Sounds like a name for a company or organization, not for a soloist singer. Lorraine Thoanjer
Dancer, Prancer And Nervous They had a hit song called "The Happy Reindeer" in 1959. But "Nervous" is not the name of one of Santa's reindeer like the other two names are. Candy Welty
Danger Danger These guys are trying so hard to be tough, they had to say it twice. When they really are a bunch of wussies! Trendkiller138
Danger Danger Redundant redundant. In addition, one of their best-known songs is titled "Bang Bang." Makes me wonder if they repeat everything twice in succession. Cassandra
Danger Mouse How can a little mouse be dangerous? Odie Garfield
Dangerous Toys Choking Hazard: Children under 3 years of age should not play the music. carly_carlz
Daniel Amos It suggests the name of a solo male performer but it's a band and none of the members are named Daniel. This might confuse people since the singers are male. Marina
Daniel Boone It's the name of an American frontiersman who lived from 1734 to 1820. Yet a British singer born Peter Charles Green decided to rename himself after this guy. I think that's stupid. (Stonewall Jackson is another matter because *he* was actually named after the Confederate General, at birth.) Gus
Daniel Lioneye Another deceiving band name; it's not a solo male artist as the name implies. Ed
Danny Wilson Clearly it sounds like it should be one person. But it's a group! Why would a group want to pick a name that consists of a first name and a surname? Mr. Critic
The Dark Shadows It seems as if this band named itself after a TV show. Why would any band do that sorta thing?? Mr. Critic
Dark Tranquility Their sound is anything but tranquil! Reptone
Darker My Love Sounds to me like a guy telling his girlfriend his coffee isn't black enough.. Jonathan S.
Darlene Zschech She might do better to spell her name in such a way that the most of us would have a chance at pronouncing it! Consuela Sanchez
Dash Berlin They're not actually from Berlin. Crafthead
Dashboard Confessional Has anybody really ever made a confessional at their dashboard? And where would the priest be? Peter
Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich It's bad enough they couldn't think of one name to call themselves. But they could have made this one a little shorter.  Richard Head
Dave Matthews Band Zero points for effort. QarnoS
A Day To Remember And which day would that be? Kevin
De La Soul English? Spanish? Spanglish? JeReMy
The Dead Boys If they were dead, they wouldn't be able to perform music. Mr. Critic
Dead By April I guess they don't have a very healthful outlook on life. Mr. Critic
Dead Can Dance No, the dead can't dance. And what would be the name's appeal in any event? Harriet Henderson
Dead Daughters Previous name of the Human League. First of all they're not (physically) dead. Secondly... they're not (genetically) daughters. Bobo
Dead Kennedys Aren't there enough of them yet? Better think of something original! Xie21
Dead Or Alive Isn't it obvious, they are alive? Mads
The Dead Pop Stars None of the five members of this band are literally dead (as of 2017). And if they really were, they wouldn't be singing or playing any music. And also, they are not even a pop music band, they are actually a punk rock band, so it's misleading in a couple ways. Frieda Evans
Dead Sara That's not very nice. I'm sure girls named Sara might find this offensive. Alex
Dead Sara She couldn't sing if she were dead. Kirsten Abercrombie
Dead Serious They imply that their band and music are not any fun. Candy Welty
The Dead Weather Weather isn't really a living thing, per se. So attributing "dead" to it makes no sense. Harry
Deadlift Lolita First of all, I was unfamiliar with the word "deadlift", so I looked it up in trying to make sense of this band name. I found that it refers to a kind of weight lifting. That ties in with how the members of this duo are also bodybuilders. I also found out that they are a Japanese band in the process of looking things up. Since they gave themselves an English name, the must be trying to market themselves to Anglophone listeners (possibly among others). That makes it not entirely relevant for anyone to say that if I knew more about Japanese culture I might understand how their name might be more appealing to their native culture. The name strikes me as not too appealing because of the obscurity of the word "deadlift". Those unfamiliar with the word might envision a dead body being lifted, or a zombie lifting somebody or something. Such would likely be a distraction from making their music appealing. Furthermore for musicians to name their band for something else they are noted for, something so far removed from their music, might be a distraction and not the best way to encourage appreciation for their music. Karen Smith
The Deadly Nightshade Perhaps this name is appropriate for a death metal band, but The Deadly Nightshade was a disco band from the 1970s. Candy Welty
Deadmau5 It looks like it should be read as "dead maw five"; using a numeral 5 for an 'S' is just plain stupid. Marina
Deadmau5 Why couldn't this guy have just called himself Deadmaus? Why do you need a 5 as opposed to an s, I mean yeah, numbers stand for letters in some band names, but I don't see the point in this particular instance. It improves nothing. GlamRockNinjaLord
Deadsy It sounds really silly and it's not even a word. Jonathan S.
Deana Carter Her first name is pronounced like "Deena", although the spelling would tend tend to make someone say her name like "Dee-Anna". That must have caused a lot of confusion, especially when she was first getting started as a singer. Erin Amidon
Dear And The Headlights Instead of "deer in the headlights". Who thought this was a good idea? JeReMy
Death The fact that there's a band called Death makes me cry. Honestly, how uncreative can you get? ZeRo
Death It's such a depressing thing to call a musical group. Glamo
Death Sure, they're a black metal group, but they could have at least come up with something a little more unique. Jonathan S.
Death Cab for Cutie It sounds like a name for a death metal band, but that's not what kind of band this is. Frisky
Death Cab For Cutie What the bleed is a death cab? (a coffin perhaps?) And why is it "for cutie?" . . . You're not getting a casket for your girlfriend are you? Jonathan S.
Death From Above 1979 Yes this is real! First off, above what? Plus, if death really came from "above," then wouldn't the person notice it? Second off, they weren't formed in 1979. Not even close! They formed in 2001, for pete's sake! nosckaJ
Death In Vegas It just sounds way too unappealing and repulsive. Any band that puts "Death" in its name must be very desperate or something. Cassandra
DeBarge Sounds like de boat that hauls de trash! Jonathan S.
Deee-Lite What's with the three E's in succession? Do they want people to say that syllable for longer than one full second; i.e., to ostentatiously emphasize it or something? Pat Mahiney
Deep Banana Blackout Another "words-puled-out-of-a-hat" band. noskcaJ
Def Leppard You should never use the word "def" in a band name. Some people might listen to your music and wish they were deaf. Travis
Default It is like they used some type of generator and before they typed something in it read "Default". They figured that would be good enough. Travis
Deftones It sounds as though they're saying that everyone in this band is tone-deaf. Sorry, not good. Joe Joe
Deftones Deftones, Tone-Deaf. I don't know, I was reluctant to hear these guys. I was scared they couldn't sing. It's like welfare and saying 'fare-well' to your belongings... Dan
Deftones How can you differentiate between tones if you're deaf? Jonathan S.
Deicide Means death of god...but sounds more like a chemical cleaner sold on an informercial Lord Malidiction
Del Amitri There's nobody by that name in the band, not that anyone would admit to being someone named Del Amitri. He'd be too embarrassed. Nigel Shave Cream
The Del Fuegos Mixing English ("The") and Spanish ("Del," "Fuegos") is bad enough, but the Spanish part has a grammatical problem: mixing a singular article with a plural noun. Cassandra
The Del Fuegos Another band with a combination of English and Spanish words in its name, like Los Lonely Boys and Los Pop Tops. Why not use all English or all Spanish words? Candy Welty
The Demensions They misspelled "dimensions" and the name reminds me of "demented". Candy Welty
Department S Two reasons why I think this name is stupid. (1) What happened to departments 'A' through 'R'? (2) If there's ever a band called The Departments, it would create a sorting conflict with this band's name. Little Old Lady Hu
The Derek Trucks Band A band is composed of musicians, not motor vehicles. Melissa Conway
Desiigner When I first saw this name, I thought it was a typo. Turns out, that's exactly how this performer (a male soloist) spells his rap name. Why'd he have to double the 'i'? Joe
Destiny's Child It may not be that big of a deal, but it's just so annoying that it's Destiny's Child, not Destiny's Children since there's three of them. I bet Beyonce likes to think of herself as the chid. Hitman
Dethklok Sounds like "Death Clock," which, even if spelled correctly, would be a name of vague meaning, and questionable poignancy and cuteness. As a misspelling, it merits all the usual questioning about the relevance and cuteness of misspelling words in band names. Henrietta Caroleen Ellenboro
Deuce If you're going to pick a single word as your band name, pick one that doesn't sound so close to "douche". Jonathan S.
Device There were two bands of this name. One was a 1980s pop rock trio that had prolific songwriter Holly Knight on keyboards and vocals, the other a 2010s industrial metal outfit. So sad, both "devices" ceased to function musically when they couldn't continue. Joey F.
Devo You have to explain what it stands for and then explain what the thing it stands for even is! Think about it.. G
Dexy's Midnight Runners It sounds like a band of hitmen. And Dexy is such a pimp name. Kitten
Dexy's Midnight Runners Who the (blank) is Dexy? And why are they running at midnight--unless perhaps they're criminals? Jonathan S.
Diamond Rio The name isn't stupid, but what *is* stupid is that they named themselves Diamond Rio nine years after a band called Diamond Reo (but pronounced the same as Diamond Rio) had a hit called "Ain't That Peculiar." Diamond Rio should have chosen a different name to avoid phonetic ambiguity. Candy Welty
Diana Ross And The Supremes & The Temptations Two great groups who combined to record some songs such as "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me." But the combined name is too long. Candy Welty
Diane Renay Who's gonna think to spell her name like this if they don't see it in print? Moreover, her original name was Renee Diane Kushner, with the "ra-NAY" name spelled the common way, so why did she have to go and complicate the spelling...and use it as a pseudo-last name? Did she not like it or something? Mr. Critic
Diarrhea Planet One of the worst band names ever. I'd sure hate to be on a planet where everyone has the runs. JD
Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles This is not a joke, there really is a band with this name. I have heard a few of their songs, and found the name more amusing than their music. I don't know what they were thinking when they picked this name, but I can't stop laughing when I hear it. Piccolo Kane
Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles Someone once told me, if I were to put two random words together, there is a 5% chance of it sounding awesome and a 95% chance of it being a rock band, but even I wouldn't have ever thought this up. Kestral
The Dickies I can't even read their band name without laughing. They're naming themselves after a bunch of penises? hekifier
The Dicks Maybe they should have thought about this one first. Travis
Dicky Doo and the Dont's For starters, this name is just begging to be heavily mocked for the first word alone, to say nothing of the jokes that would include the "doo" part of the equation. Second, why would you want to be known as a "don't?" Wouldn't you rather be called something more positive? Jonathan S.
Dido It sounds like a dinosaur! Princess Chic
Dido Ok, it's a good name for her & her style of music, but I always thought it sounded too much like a female sex toy. montivedeo
Dido Well what happens if you put a L in it? madeline
Dido Makes me think my band has a better name, because at least ours makes sense. The word 'Dido' means the same. That's kinda strange  S.T.G.
Dido I don't know why she took her name from women carved out of stone from Greek Mythology. I don't remember the exact story, but I don't think there was any significance. Billy Florio
Die Fantastischen Vier Yes, it's German. BUT, it translates as 'The Fantastic Four'. Bookworm7896
Die Toten Hosen It translates as 'The dead trousers'. Bookworm7896
Die Trying They must not have been very smart to come up with a name like this. Maybe their minds "died" in trying to think of a good name? Mr. Critic
Digable Planets just what makes them "digable?" Kind of a dumb choice for an adjective. Jonathan S.
Dino There was once a male singer who used this as his performing name. What's stupid about it, you might ask? Well, it could easily get confused with Dean Martin, who was frequently nicknamed "Dino." Random Madeupperson
Dinosaur Jr. A little Tyrannosaurus Rex running around in a T-shirt, jeans and a propeller hat? NAH! I keep thinking of some kind of kids' meal. "Try our delicious Dino-Burger! And for kids, there's the Dinosaur Jr.!" Jonathan S.
The Dirty Heads Whether they're talking about their actual heads or anatomy further south, I wouldn't want to think about EITHER being dirty. That's just gross. Jonathan S.
The Dirty Mac What the heck is that supposed to mean? Did their frontman just walk by a bowl of macaroni and dirt and then instantly think of "Dirty Mac?" Geez. nosckaJ
Dirty Vegas As opposed to a clean Vegas? Da Do Ron Ron Reagan
Disco Tex & The Sex-O-Lettes Some people who hear this name but haven't seen it in print might think that "Disco Tex" is "Discotheques." Also, it would be hard for many people to guess the spelling of "Sex-O-Lettes, " especially since it has dashes in it. Candy Welty
Dismember this band's goal to break up? If that's the case, why bother to even form the band in the first place? Maude
Disturbed It's also what I think they were when they came up with the name Bye-Gon Jinx
Disturbed Were these guys from a mental institution? Glenn Rousseau
Dixie Chicks Baby chicks in Dixie cups. How stupid is that? Tim
Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Just like Thin Lizzy, this is an male band, not a pseudonym for a female singer. Chris Chendo
DJ Bobo A clown maybe? Someone you have to laugh about if only the music were not so colorless... Swisscheese
Django Reinhardt&The Quintet of The Hot Club of... My gosh, the full name (Django Reinhardt and the Quintet of The Hot Club of France) doesn't even fit in the submission box! Why do you need a name you can't even say in one breath? Jonathan S.
DMX What does it stand for? Apparently something really stupid if he has to abbreviate it. Pion
Doc Walker Again, another band using a name that could easily be mistaken as the first and last name of an individual performer. Mr. Bump
Does It Offend You, Yeah? How would we be offended if you didn't say anything to us? carly_carlz
Dog Fashion Disco Mental picture: A bunch of poodles, chihuahuas and such prancing around in L. L. Bean under a mirror ball . . . Okay, just what the bloody heck is this name supposed to mean?!?! Jonathan S.
DogEatDog These guys would definetely win at any battle of the bands competition! Their band name really bites!  Devin
Dogs Die In Hot Cars Here's a band name that is not only inhumane, but also too obvious. Orel Hershyster
Dollar Might not be a stupid name if this group were from the US or Canada, since the dollar is the currency of those countries. But they are from the UK instead. baa
Dollie de Luxe This name might look like the name of a female singer (possibly French), but it's actually a female Norwegian duo, and neither of the 2 members are named Dollie. Chris Chendo
Dollie DeLuxe The name either sounds like a 50's burlesque dancer, or a very expensive item at FAO Schwarz. Todd W. Zimmerman
Donkey Punch Why does someone want to name a band after a sexual act? dxman
The Doobie Brothers It's a double misnomer. None of them are surnamed Doobie, and none of them are related, not even as brothers. Mr. Critic
The Doobie Brothers It sounds like they named themselves after boogers or something. Joseph
Dope I wonder what would happen if someone came into a music store and asked the guy behind the counter, "Hey, ya got any Dope?" Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Dope I understand that's the actual surname of the two brothers in the group. However, 'dope' is not only an insulting term, but the name of a drug that impairs your mental faculties. Not what I'd pick for my band! Jonathan S.
Doping Panda Seriously...what is it with these Japanese-based rock bands coming up with names that randomly pick two unrelated words?? Quyjibo
Doris Duke Both the name of a tobacco heiress and a soul singer of the 1960's and 1970's. That said, some people might think of the heiress and not the singer when they hear this name. Robert Brown
Double Too bad they couldn't 'double' their number of hits after "Captain of Her Heart". iceman
Doucette It sounds like it might work as the name of a group, but it's just one person (Jerry Doucette). Candy Welty
Dr. Dre If Dr. Dre went to college and got his Ph.D. would he become Dr. Dr. Dre? Suga' Baby
Dr. Feelgood And The Interns It's not a group. It's just one person (Willie Perryman) and he's not a doctor. Candy Welty
Dr. Octagon Does anyone know of any physician whose surname is a geometric shape? I certainly don't. Mr. Critic
Dr. West's Medicine Show And Junk Band No one in this band is surnamed West, and the name is too long for a band name. Candy Welty
The Dream Academy A school to prepare for the Dream War? Opie M.
Dream Theater The only way to see their work is to fall asleep? Opie M.
Dredg I give a special award to anyone who says this name correctly the FIRST time, without squinting at it and trying to silently mouth out all the possible pronounciations. Mac
The Drew-Vels This name would be hard to spell for many people who hear it but haven't seen the spelling. Who would guess that there's a dash in the name? Candy Welty
Drist Does it even mean anything? Jonathan S.
Dropkick Murphys This punk rock band name sounds like a pro wrestling name! They were probably known to dropkick people with the last name Murphy. Devin
Drowning Pool Pools are made for swimming, not drowning. That just sounds like a death trap! BillyBobby
The Drums That's just asking for trouble, naming your band after a musical instrument. Now Connor Hanwick, their drummer, will probably have a hard time talking about his job; Other person: "So what do you do for a living, then?" Connor: "Well, I play drums in the Drums." Sounds odd, huh? A Stranger
Dry Kill Logic What's this, another name formed by just picking three random words? I don't get it. Chris
Dschinghis Khan Sounds like they passed history but flunked spelling. The Other Guy
The Dum Dum Girls They could have named the band after Dum Dums lollipops, the song Dum Dum Girl by Talk Talk, or a stupid person. Instead, they name it after a Vaselines album. Very confusing. Spraychel Spray
Dumpy's Rusty Nuts If your nuts were rusty would you boast about it? Chris
Duncan Sheik Sounds like an Arab doughnut shop owner. rzrshrp

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