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Stupid Band Names:

  • It sounds like a band Adam Sandler formed. Submitted by: carly_carlz

New Song Names:

Original Song Name
New Song Name
Submitter Name
"Red Army Booze""Red Army Blues"Sir Ron Norris

Use a Song Title to Answer a Different Song:

Song & Band Name
Song & Band Name
"What Do You Want Me To Do?," The Waterboys"Don't Answer Me," Alan Parsons Project
"A Girl Called Johnny," The Waterboys"A Boy Named Sue," Johnny Cash
"What Do You Want Me To Do?," Waterboys"Take The Money And Run," Steve Miller Band
"What Do You Want Me To Do?," Waterboys"Cut Your Hair," Pavement
There are additional songs titles that answer other songs available.

Remove a Letter From a Song Title:

"Red Amy Blues" originally "Red Army Blues"
Sabrina Flowe
"Hole Of The Moon" originally "Whole Of The Moon"
Wendy Torrance

Add a Letter to a Song Title:

"Nearest Thing To Ship" originally "Nearest Thing To Hip"
Sabrina Flowe
"Nearest Thing To Whip" originally "Nearest Thing To Hip"
Sabrina Flowe
"Nearest Thing To Chip" originally "Nearest Thing To Hip"
Sabrina Flowe
"Red Army Bluets" originally "Red Army Blues"
Bluet (Houstonia caerulea) is a kind of flower
Sabrina Flowe

Change a Letter:

"Red Army Glues" originally "Red Army Blues"
Sabrina Flowe
"Red Army Clues" originally "Red Army Blues"
Sabrina Flowe
"Rod Army Blues" originally "Red Army Blues"
Sabrina Flowe
"Red Army Blurs" originally "Red Army Blues"
Sabrina Flowe

Song Parody Lyrics:

Original Song Name
Parody Song Name
Parody Author
"The Whole Of The Moon""I Drove as Fast as Chris Huhne"John Davison

Songs for Duets, That Haven't Been Done Yet:

First Band/Song Name
Second Band/Song Name
New Song Name
Bring Down the Moon
   Boy Meets Girl
The Whole of the Moon
   The Waterboys
Bring Down the Whole of the Moon
Mickey D.

If Groups Combined, Their Names Might Be:

Crystal Waterboys
Crystal Waters combined with Waterboys
Submitted By: Donna Gelpigi
Watermelon Kinebi Boys
Waterboys combined with Melon Kinenbi
Submitted By: Kate Downton

Misheard Lyrics:

"Whole of the Moon"
Misheard Lyrics:
Flags, rags, ferryboats
Scimitars and scars
Original Lyrics:
Flags, rags, ferryboats
Scimitars and scarves
"Whole Of The Moon"
Misheard Lyrics:
Trumpets, towns, and tenements
Original Lyrics:
Trumpets, towers and tenements
"Some of My Best Friends Are Trains"
Misheard Lyrics:
And they're boarding up Australia and they call each other names
Original Lyrics:
And they're phoning up Australia and they call each other names
"The Whole of the Moon"
Misheard Lyrics:
You saw a whole other moon
Original Lyrics:
You saw the whole of the moon
There are additional misheard lyrics available.

Misheard Lyrics Stories:

"Some Of My Best Friends Are Trains"
Misheard Lyrics:
And they all just want to look as rich as Hell like Tamburlaine.
Original Lyrics:
And they all just want to look like Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine.

Story about this misheard lyric by: Sean Miller

The song was originally on a bootleg and had to try to work out the lyrics for myself. Not having the faintest idea at the time who Richard Hell or Tom Verlaine was, I was never going to work out the real lyrics, and the alternative sort of made sense.

Song Lyrics That Name Check Celebrities:

"Nearest thing to Hip"
The Lyrics:
Charlie Parker, Miles and Coltrane blew I’d kick back in my chair, that sweet honey’d jazz in the air, the sun shining through
Who They Mention:
Jazz greats Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and John Coltrane.
Submitted by: Adrian Smith
"I Can see Elvis"
The Lyrics:
I can see Elvis
skinny like he was back in fifty-seven
razor-quiffed and leather-squeezed
sideburns flickering in the breeze
that blows across the vales of heaven
I can see Elvis
throned like a king astride a golden Harley
smoking a reefer he just rolled
full of acapulco gold
with Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley
I can see Elvis
prowling like a cat across a funky bandstand
Keith Moon behind him banging drums
Charlie Parker all thumbs
John Lennon doing handstands
I can see Elvis
talking philosophy and law with Joan of Arc and Plato
quizzing Shakespeare on his plays
showing Crazy Horse and Marvin Gaye
how to dance the mashed potato
I can see Elvis
high and low and high and low and high he’s hunting
looking for a special prey
who just arrived up here today
break out the bunting
I can see Elvis
he’s writing something down in a little leather journal
and here are all the words he wrote
“I am gonna slit the throat
of that skinflint, the Colonel”
I can see Elvis…..
Who They Mention:
Well apart from the obvious Elvis Presley in the title, there are loads of dead musicians Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Keith Moon, John Lennon, Charlie Parker, Marvin Gaye. In addition we have Plato (Greek philosopher), William Shakespeare (English playwright) and Joan of Arc (Maid of Orleans - died 1431). Crazy Horse - possibly the band that sometimes backed Neil Young but more likely the Native American war leader of the Oglala Lakota who fought at the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876. And finally, The Colonel is a reference to Col. Tom Parker who of course was Elvis Presley's manager.
Submitted by: Adrian Smith

Songs That Open With Their Titles:

Opening Lines:
December is the cruelest month.
Submitted by: Brian Kelly

Song Title Space Change:

"A Girl Call Ed Johnny" originally "A Girl Called Johnny"
Now, they don't even get Ed's name right!
Submitted by: Peter

Band Name Anagrams:

Yet, Both Swear Submitted by: Gigi
Beware Hot Sty Submitted by: Regina Haniger

Real Places Mentioned in Songs:

The Lyrics:
Of my body, England is the spine
my backbone and the trunk
My shoulders span the mighty Tyne
London sprawls across my rump
Cornwall, my crooked ancient leg
Wales, two hands held apart
Scotland is my dreaming heart
Ireland is my Heart
London, England
Cornwall (also in England)
Submitted by: Tania WYEP

Song Title Spoonerisms:

"Theorist Hang To Nip" originally "Nearest Thing To Hip"
Submitted by: Nicole Velocin
"Bled Army Rues" originally "Red Army Blues"
Submitted by: D. Melody Dole, MD

TV and Movies Mentioned in Lyrics:

"The Whole Of The Moon"
The Lyrics:
I saw the rain-dirty valley
You saw "Brigadoon"
"Brigadoon" was mentioned in the second verse of the song. It is the name of the movie featuring Gene Kelly.
Submitted by: Mickey D.

Other Artists:

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