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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with J

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
Jell-O J. Lo Abbreviating her name makes me think of Jello. Mr. Critic
J.S. Chasez J.C. Chasez His middle name was Scott Random Madeupperson
J.D. Norther J.D. Souther North is the directional opposite of South Cirque du Soleil Moon Frye
J.L. Jackson J.J. Jackson His middle name was Louis. Keira Dayley
Jackie Velasquez Jaci Velasquez If she's aiming to be "Jackie", spell it sensibly. Gretchen Wieners
The Jackson 4 The Jackson 5 Jackie/Tito/Jermaine/Marlon are constant members Alex
Jackson Brownie Jackson Browne I used to think this was his name! Rpollck
Chain Wild Jane Child Her wild facial nose-to-ear chains Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Jane Adult Jane Child She was already grown up when she debuted. Harlow Goobley
Rain Tree Crow Japan A real example, for a side project in early 1990s. Dyan Cannonball
Jefferson Starship Jefferson Airplane A real example. Their first official name change. Y. Bother
Jefferson Trainwreck Jefferson Airplane/Starship Somewhere along the line they got derailed Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Jennifer St. Lawrence Jennifer Hudson Another river in New York. Vlad Vlady
Jerry M Jerryo His surname is Murray, which doesn't start with O. Tommy
Jessica Guitar Jessica Harp Her instrument is the guitar, not the harp. Little Old Lady Hu
Jessica Sharp Jessica Harp If there were add-a-letter for band names Paula Bland
Jessica Spears Jessica Simpson In her new music clip she looks like an older (long-faced) version of Britney Spears! Angel
Jessica Simpleton Jessica Simpson She thinks buffalo wings are made of buffalo. Jimmy Krakhorn
Jokessa Simpson Jessica Simpson Why she has a recording contract is a joke to me. oldtimer
Drool Jewel She can make men drool without actually having any talent or a good figure. shehateme
Jill Soluble Jill Sobule I've always misread her last name this way. Mac
Jimmy Washett Jimmy Buffett What you do to a car before you buff it. Odie Garfield
Jimmy Feed World Jimmy Eat World They can make a charity single on world hunger. Archie C.
Jimmy Spit World Back Out Jimmy Eat World Come on, Jimmy. Be nice. The Stupid Genius
Jimmy Feels Sick Jimmy Eat World This is Jimmy after he ate the world. Travis
Jimmy Throw Up World Jimmy Eat World Eating the world would make Jimmy sick. Leonard Conehead
Jive Bunny And The Mixmasters Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers How I misread the name at first. Calop
Fruit of The Loom Jo Boxers Both are brands of underwear. Reggie Pillbox
Joe North Joe South Going in the opposite navigational direction. Angela
John Stallin John Lennon Two misspelled surnames of Russian leaders. Mark Mywerd
John Mountainlion John Mellencamp A synonym for Cougar, his original nickname. George
John Mellenrot John Mellencamp The old man is losing his ripe sound. Mr. X
John Michael Westinghouse John Michael Montgomery Westinghouse is also a brand of elevators Daphney
Johnny Loves Jazz Johnny Hates Jazz What's there not to like about jazz? Cassandra
Johnny Hates Rock Johnny Hates Jazz They don't really play rock. Johnny would be upset Eac Zefron
The Brooklyn Bridge Band Johnny Maestro & the Brooklyn Bridge Real example; they dropped his name when he died. Jeffrey
Johnny Mantis Johnny Mathis What the name makes me think of Chris Chendo
Jonas Bothers Jonas Brothers I hate their music...they bother me. TheStupidGenius
Gurney Journey Because the band is dead without Steve Perry, period! Nic
Joy Davidson Joy Division I mistook the original band name as this one. Archie C.
Gloom Multiplication Joy Division Reverses the mood and arithmetic process Louisa Ferncliff
Sr. Walker & The Some Stars Jr. Walker & The All Stars Jr. Walker was a senior when he died Isac
Judas Traitor Judas Priest Judas was very far from being a priest. Travis
Jesus Priest Judas Priest Jesus was far more a priest than Judas! GlamRockNinjaLord
The Judd The Judds Naomi Judd died of a mental illness in 2022 Isac
Julie Gryphon Julie Griffin Alt. spelling of mythical Griffin creature Robert D. Arndt Jt.
Senior Junior He's not so young anymore! Pete Worst
Junkie 40 Junkie XL XL is the Roman Numeral for 40. Keira Dayley
Justice Just Us What the name would be if you don't emphasize "us" Ben
Lustin' Fever Justin Bieber What his music brings out in girl fans Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Justin Beaver Justin Bieber He sorta looks like one thelastaurora
Justin Blabber Justin Bieber He needs to shut up once in a while. Opie M.
Dustbin Bieber Justin Bieber For when we've all had ENOUGH!!! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Justin Beaker Justin Bieber If he became interested in chemistry labs? H
Just a Minor Justin Bieber For all female Adult fans that want him Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Dustbin Beaver Justin Bieber It sounds funnier. Not intended as insult. Dr. Funny
Justin Beeper  Justin Bieber  His voice is wwaaaaayyyy too high for a guy WhyBother
Justin Take-a-Break Justin Timberlake For those that think his music sucks Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Justin Woodenpond Justin Timberlake Wood=timber and a pond is a small lake. Guest
Just Another Fake Justin Timberlake For people that say he lacks talent Robert D. Arndt Jr.

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