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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with S

New Name
Original Name
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MS. (mellow&smooth) Shaw-Day Sade Beautiful name, Sade, but I've heard so many people butcher it. This should set people straight once and for all! cool mom
Spit Saliva Aren't they vitually the same? They're both gross. rocknroll
Sally Oilfield Sally Oldfield What I mistook her name for at first Courtney Mears
Basil 'n' Oregyno Salt 'n' Pepa Another popular spice combo, the 2nd one misspelt Sheila Oh
Ketchup N Mustahd Salt N Pepa Another pair of condiments w/ 2nd one misspelled Rachel
Cinnamon N Nutmeg Salt N Pepa Another popular spice combo. Rachel
Salmon Dave Sam & Dave A possible mishearing/misinterpretation. Hank E. Panky
Sam And The Fox Samantha Fox Sounds very similar to her actual name! Lucinda Blair
The Sam Pipers The Sandpipers What I misheard the band's name as Isac
Savage Patch Savage Garden What have they ever grown? Freddy
Salvage Garden Savage Garden If this site had a page add a letter to band names Stallion High Wine
Savage Chicken Savage Garden (This is a reference to a comic strip called "Freefall".) Timwi
Savage Gooberheads Savage Garden That's what they are for trying to copy Roxette. Amanda
20th Century Man Saxon A more accurate timing description. A Stranger
Hope 'lus Scandal 'Us Reflects their ability. QarnoS
This Crypt The Script It sounds almost the same! Kelly Blythe
Skeeti Poleeti Scritti Politti What I THOUGHT their name was. How embarrassing! Woody Willoughby
Vulture Yelling Kill Him Kill Him Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her Different bird, different command. Saran Rapp
The Screaming Seagulls Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her Sounds less awkward Sarah
Squeal Seal His facial appearance makes people wanna... Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Dolphin Seal I've heard one of my ex-bosses call him that Jennifer Like Hewitt
Walrus Seal This was quoted in a "Family Matters" episode. Paul Warren
SeaLion Seal He is tight, but why use his first name, just pick another cute sea animal, damit! S.T.G.
Seehund Seal His name in German (married to Heidi Klum) Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Sebitchian Bach Sebastian Bach Actually, I kinda dig the guy; however, a website christened him "Sebitchian" since he's apparently a real [butt]hole. FireWoman
The Sarin-Dippin' Singers The Serendipity Singers Scary! Isn't sarin a chemical warfare agent? Corinne Auterlehr
Surgery Mendez & Brazil Sixty-Sicks Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 As spoofed on ''Win Ben Stein's Money.'' Benihana Stein
Coheed and Cambria Shabutie Real example; in 2001 they renamed themselves this Calop
Scooby Shaggy You gotta admit. Scooby Doo is way more popular than Shaggy. Stockton
Norville Shaggy Norville Rogers is Shaggy's name on Scooby-Doo. Larcen Tyler
She Quivers Shakira Her bellydancing in videos Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Shania Twang Shania Twain She's a country artist, so this would fit well. Schadenfreudian Slip
Her & Him She & Him Puts it consistently in objective pronoun form Hector
She & He She & Him Puts it consistently in subjective pronoun form Hector
Ben Colder Sheb Wooley Real example; his alias on the Hee Haw show in '62 Jeffrey
Sheena Weston Sheena Easton West is the opposite direction from east. Lefty Lucy
Sherbet The Sherbs Real example; they changed it one way & then back. Ken
Turtle Wax Shinedown It makes your car shine. Rocky Rococco-Cola
Shineup Shinedown Shine is meant to go up, not down. Dongquan
The Snowmen The Showmen Would be perfect for 'change letter in band name' Bob
Gutter To Think Shudder To Think These guys' minds are in the gutter. rocker
Sheepdog Sia The hair in her eyes! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
See Ya Sia If you don't say her name carefully enough Quyjibo
The Redcoats The Sidekicks A real example in reverse. Quyjibo
The Silent Sirs The Silencers It sounds almost exactly the same as their name. Helen Football
Gold Convention Silver Convention Gold is a better color compared to silver Kacper
Grey Convention Silver Convention They must be really old now. Reggie Pillbox
Centrum Silver Convention Silver Convention The aging factor. Rachel
Rockingchair Silverchair They'll eventually need rocking chairs. They're growing so old so fast. an Aussie
Silverhair Silverchair They're not performing now, and they're aging. Don Tied Up In Knotts
Woodenchair Silverchair Their live performances are wooden. J.C.
Simon and Garfield Simon and Garfunkel I actually saw that in a newspaper comic once! Larcen Tyler
Complicated Minds Simple Minds If they're not simple, they're complicated! Larcen Tyler
Simple Van Simple Plan The whole idea was to have a plan on getting a van Brittany
Simply Dead Simply Red Because they couldn't make any more music. tomario
Sinead O'Controversy Sinead O'Connor Her statements/performances have met with debate. Alex
Witch Hazel Sister Hazel It sounds more soothing. Johnny Les Paul Guitar
Brother Hazel Sister Hazel Because the members are all males. Ed
Sister Sludge Sister Sledge Funny, albeit disparaging Isac
Sisters of Marcy Sisters of Mercy If we had "Change a Letter" for band names Grate Job
Brothers Of Pain Sisters Of Mercy They all male and write depressing, rockin' songs. Rip Jeans
Brothers Of Mercy Sisters Of Mercy They're all men. Cassandra
The 16's The Six Teens If you don't include the space, this'd be the name Mac
The Six Senior Citizens The Six Teens Accurate for now, assuming they're all alive. Alex
Sixpence All The Poorer Sixpence None The Richer Sounds funny compared to the orig. band name Isac
Suspense None The Wiser Sixpence None The Richer I think it's clever compared to the original name. I.P. Frehley
Sky Cries Uncle Sky Cries Mary Given all the air pollution, this is more accurate RevengeFromMars YouTube
Dragonslayer Slayer Gives more clarity as to what they are slaying. GlamRockNinjaLord
Slay Bells Sleigh Bells Same sound, different meaning Tiffany Furlong
Sh*tnot Slipknot Seems about right. ww's sketcher
Loosefall Slipknot How do you slip on a knot? You'd get stuck in it. Venomwolf3
Lipsnot SlipKnot Spoonerize the name, and it fits Brandon
Oral Surgery Smash Mouth To repair it. Guest
Crooked Teeth Smash Mouth It's what you get when you get smashed in the mouth and listen to this music all the time. So, *that's* why they sound so bad! dude13
Squishing Squash Smashing Pumpkins Another synonym for smash and a different gourd. Hugh Jim Bessile
Insane Halloween Smashing Pumpkins Why else would the pumpkins have gotten smashed? Asa
Repairing Pumpkins Smashing Pumpkins One goes hand in hand with the other. PJ
Amazing Pumpkins Smashing Pumpkins If the members were British instead of American Zev
Crashing Pumpkins Smashing Pumpkins A Cinderella story whose clocks have struck midnight. Hooman
A Million Tiny Pieces The Smithereens That's what smithereenies are. Bob
Sniffin' The Tears Sniff 'n' The Tears What I orig. thought was the name (sniffing tears) Barb Dwyer
Sniff Doggie Doo Snoop Doggy Dogg It's what I'd rather do than listen to his music. Rocky Walker
Snoop's Lyin' Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) His new name change won't make any difference Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Boogers Snot Another name for snot Lance Crackers
Nasal Mucus Snot That's what snot is. Rocky Balboa Constrictor
Fire Brigade Snow Patrol They will have more feeling in their songs. Dongquan
Snore Patrol Snow Patrol Coz they are Boring! tomario
Social Contortion Social Distortion What some guys will go through to impress women RevengeFromMars YouTube
Daughter Volt Son Volt If it were a band of females instead of males? George
Sonata Artica Sonata Arctica Artica is closer to artic. "Arctica" isn't a word. DJ Blaze
Sonic *Poof* Sonic Youth Did David Copperfield make this band disappear off the face of the Earth? Jonathan C.
Kobra Boy Soulja Boy His hit song could be called Shake Dat! Rachel
North South The opposite direction Andy
Groundhog Spacehog They're having trouble getting off the ground. J.C.
Spandex Ballet Spandau Ballet Think about it. Mikhail Baryshnikov in a cat suit. united
Space Girls Spice Girls They always seemed more spacey than spicy to me! Doug Graves
Split Girls Spice Girls For when they disbanded Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Spice Racks Spice Girls The changed word describes it all. Racks. (drools) Corey
Dizzy Physicians Spin Doctors That's what it makes me think of. Swiss Family Robinson Cano
Spine Doctors Spin Doctors Also known as chiropractors. Ed
Gargoyle Spitting Image A Gargoyle is a spitting image & sounds grander. Renee Scoggins
Spits Energy Spizzenergi Nearest I guess from spelling, what it sounds like Faith Spencer
Spock's Ears Spock's Beard Spock was known for his ears, not his beard. J.C. Spaceman
Knife Spoon Now it is a different item of silverware. Priscilla Gadsden
Fork Spoon Now it is a different item of silverware. Priscilla Gadsden
Caress Squeeze It's the same thing, only caressing sounds better. Father Popcorn
Lancing Eastward Stabbing Westward Different weapon, opposite direction Duncan Moore
Stacey S. Stacey Q Her last name is Swain, which doesn't start with Q Buzz
Stain Remover Staind No one likes having stains. Travis
Cleand Staind Tide gets rid of all stains! DarkJon64
The Hitler The Stalin Another infamous dictator's name. Lori Blonde
X-static Static X Wouldn't it make better sense to name a hard rock band after something that sounds more like "ecstatic"? Metalman
Steroid Lab Stereolab Drug reference makes name more intriguing. Hayley Spalding
Steve Woodwind Steve Winwood Reverses the syllables in his surname Miss Elanius
Stevie Rave On Stevie Ray Vaughan Sounds practically the same as his actual name! Emmy Kay Butanone
Stinks Sting For those who hate his music Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Buzz Sting Both are actions done by bees. Archie C.
Stung Sting When he retires? (Also suggested on Whose Line) Bdazzel
Stockyard Channing Stockard Channing I've heard that reported as a typo for her name. Trina Lufkin
Stoned Temple Pilots Stone Temple Pilots The lead singer always sounds like he's stoned Bob
Blackberry Song Orchestra Strawberry Song Orchestra It fits in with their outfits and theme more. Lefty Lucy
The Alumni The Students After they all got their academic diplomae? Rachel
Ryan Stiles' Council The Style Council Knowing how funny Ryan Stiles is on both American and British versions of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", the change can only help this 80s group. Dr funny
The Style Cancel The Style Council As a child I always confused"council" and "cancel" Dinah Bartilson
Twygz Styx Twigs misspelled! Rachel
Stynx Styx Skunks smell better than they play now. oldguy
Sublime with Bradley Sublime To parody the band "Sublime with Rome" JeReMy
Splendaland Sugarland Replace sugar with low calorie sweetener. Paul Bear
20+21 Sum 41 And many other combos too numerous to list here! Ike
Dim Sum 41 Sum 41 They are dimwits, but at least they can turn it in Nick
Sun City Boys Sun City Girls The members are males, not females Sweet Anne
Coffee Bean Sunflower Bean Coffee's seed IS called bean (inaccurately). Ava Murphy
Vanilla Bean Sunflower Bean Vanilla pods ARE called beans (inaccurately). Carlito Syrichta
Pineapple Sunflower Bean Pines no more make apples than sunflowers do beans Megan Tereon
Sauna Sunna What the name brought to mind when I first saw it Francine Harper
Super Great People Super Furry Animals They are not furry or is an animal but are super Clever Name
Ordinary Bald Humans Super Furry Animals Complete opposites of the original. Lance Crackers
The Deluxes The Supremes It's the same type of pizza. Little Debbie Cakes
The Inferiors The Supremes They're no longer on top, unfortunately! Larcen Tyler
The Pepperoni-and-Mushrooms The Supremes I prefer pepperoni and mushroom pizza. Tejayes
Back Off Brother Swing Out Sister Some people swing the other way. Mac
System Failure System of a Down What the name seems to imply. Alex
Syndrome of a Down System of a Down As in Down syndrome Winter Pepper
System Of An Up System Of A Down Goes the other way! ricky

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