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This is a page to mock current pop songs, by coming up with better names for existing songs.

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Entries Beginning with K

New Song Name
Original Name
Original Band Name
Submitted by:
K-Connection 11/5 (KKK) 867-5309 (Jenny) Tommy Tutone Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Kailey Ghoul Katie Cruel Karen Dalton Weamon
Kangaroo Girls Kung Fu Girls Blondie Weamon
Kate the Powderpuff is Back! Take the Power Back Rage Against the Machine Chazm
Kate The Vibrato Tony The Beat The Sounds D. Melody Dole, MD
Katherine Reutter Paperback Writer The Beatles Abc
Katie Cool Katie Cruel Karen Dalton D. Melody Dole, MD
Katie Crude Katie Cruel Karen Dalton Lydia Idyl
Katie Drool Katie Cruel Karen Dalton D. Melody Dole, MD
Katie Mule Katie Cruel Karen Dalton D. Melody Dole, MD
Katie Troll Katie Cruel Karen Dalton Weamon
Katrina Nalina Block B Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Kayla Reila the Gazette Lori Blonde
Keep Dawn Keepin' On Keep On Keepin' On Nolan Porter Roy R. Pryor
Keep Fawn Keepin' On Keep On Keepin' On Nolan Porter Roy R. Pryor
keep getting run over i am the highway audioslave ficticious
Keep It To Your Elf Keep It To Yourself Kacey Musgraves Ned MacCamden
Keep On Galivanting Keep On Galloping  Korpiklaani Regina Haniger
Keep on Leaving You Keep on Loving You REO Speedwagon Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Keep on Loving My Funny Keep on Loving Me Honey Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell wonka bar
Keep On Squawkin' Keep On Walkin' CeCe Peniston Sir Ron Norris
Keep On Sulkin' Keep On Walkin' CeCe Peniston Sir Ron Norris
Keep On The Fight Turn On The Light Nelly Furtado vguying
Keep Pawn Keepin' On Keep On Keepin' On Nolan Porter Roy R. Pryor
Keep Sean Keepin' On Keep On Keepin' On Nolan Porter Roy R. Pryor
Keep That Spit High Keep That Spirit High The Partland Brothers Nell Allen
Keep Vodka Cheap Vodka Acid Bath D. Melody Dole, MD
Keep Your Hands Off My Boy Keep Your Hands Off My Girl Good Charlotte Nouf
The Keeper of the Jack Daniels The Keeper of the Margarita PIG a_bottle_of_manchego
Keeping Him Back Pullin' Me Back Chingy weirdkid106
Keeping The Habit Breaking The Habit Linkin Park Linkin Park Fan
Keeping The Wraith Keeping The Faith Billy Joel Sonya Raynos
Keeps At You Point At You Justin Moore Mike Garrison
Kelly Clarkson American Idiot Green Day irisponsable
kelsey ameircan ideot green day mex
kelsey hot lady fmire mex
Kelsey Grammer Country Grammar Nelly Matt Donnelly
Ken Sent Pistol Ten Cent Pistol The Black Keys Regina Haniger
Ken's Bust Keine Lust Rammstein I Am a Talking Fish
Ken-L-Ration Youth Of The Nation P.O.D. rocky
Kept Together Get Together Madonna Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Kermit The Frog Great Gonzo Theme Song Pepe The King Prawn jamesha
Ketchup and Fries Shut Up and Drive Rihanna PersonUDon'tKnow44
ketchup on the dancefloor blood on the dancefloor michael jackson ficticious
Kevin In The Back Seat Heaven In The Back Seat Romeo's Daughter Flora Rolf
Kevin Must Have Sent You Heaven Must Have Sent You Bonnie Pointer Flora Rolf
Key Sign Be Mine David Gray Emma
Key West Key Largo Bertie Higgins MOR
Keys And Butterflies Bees And Butterflies Girls In Hawaii H. Tim Smith
Khartoum Autopsy Cartoon Autopsy Dog Fashion Disco Lori Tirol
Kick Him in the B***s Some Things Never Fall Black Halos bottle of what
Kick Him In The Spleen Kick Him When He's Down The Offspring Alex Titcomb
Kick Out The Ham's Kick Out The Jam's M.C.5. princejellyfish
Kicked Out Of Walmart Locked Out Of Heaven Bruno Mars Papa John Polo
Kickstart My Fart Kickstart My Heart Motley Crue eggs
Kid Fluff Kid Stuff Barbara Fairchild D. Melody Dole, MD
Kid In A Brandy Store Kid In A Candy Store Jojo Siwa Lori Tirol
Kid Pix K-pop Travis Scott JohnHowarth
Kid's Tough Kid Stuff Barbara Fairchild Dawn Anwad
Kidney Complication Perfect Situation Weezer Holden
Kidneys Are Castanets Heart Is A Drum Beck Lydia Idyl
Kidneys Like Us A Heart Like You Connie Smith Regina Haniger
The Kids All Bite The Kids Aren't Alright The Offspring kris
Kids, Wanna Look Kids Wanna Rock Bryan Adams Weamon
Kill Her Thriller Michael Jackson Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Kill Him Tell Him The Exciters Sheila Oh
Kill me Help me Nick Carter Poodley
kill me baby til i die hit me baby one more time britney spears Alyssa Fehl
Kill Me Now Over My Head(Better Off Dead) Sum 41 Erin
Kill You Fix You Coldplay Natasha
Killer Bee Vanity Lady Gaga Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Killer on the Ewepage Killer on the Rampage Eddy Grant Flora Rolf
Killin' Time 9 to 5 Dolly Parton Robert D. Arndt Jr.
KIllin's Villains The Verve Pipe Regina Haniger
Kim Jong Un Getting Away With Murder Papa Roach Rock Maninoff
King Chandelier King Chanticleer Ian Whitcomb Nicole Velocin
King Charlemange Kid Charlemange Steely Dan Paul Warren
The King Is Already Dead Kill The King Megadeth Chazm
King Nutting King Nothing Metallica Elon Muskrat
The King Of Badside Manor The King Of Bedside Manor Barenaked Ladies Josh Hefner
KIng Of Nothing King Of Everything Sara Bareilles Regina Haniger
King Of Rock And Soul King Of Rock And Roll Dio Nicole Velocin
King Of Shock And Troll King Of Rock And Roll Dio Nicole Velocin
King Of Wishful Stinking King Of Wishful Thinking Go West Tess O. Gosset
Kings Of The Caramel Creation Kings Of The Carnival Creation Dimmu Borgir :E
Kinky Lucky Britney Spears Andrew Darwitan
Kirby X Sonic X Sonic The Hedgehog FUNKE
Kirk Dirk Ex Vivian Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Kiss And Shut Up Kiss And Say Goodbye The Manhattans soul
Kiss In A Candy Store Kid In A Candy Store Jojo Siwa Evil Olive
Kiss Me Rick Kiss Me Quick Stephanie Kirkham Lina
Kiss My Ass Kiss This The Struts Rock Maninoff
Kiss My Grits Suck My Kiss The Red Hot Chili Peppers punk
kiss the floor hit the floor linkin park creepy_lizard*lp rule though*
Kiss This This Kiss Shania Twain so blissful
Kiss Y'all Over Kiss You All Over Exile Nell Allen
Kissed City Fist City Loretta Lynn Nicole Velocin
Kissed You Slow Mistle Toe Justin Bieber Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Kissing By The Missile Tow Kissing By The Mistletoe Aretha Franklin Lisa Basil
Kissing By The Mistlefinger Kissing By The Mistletoe Aretha Franklin Lisa Basil
Kissing By The Whistle Toe Kissing By The Mistletoe Aretha Franklin Lisa Basil
Kit's Alright, Kit's OK It's Alright, It's OK Ashley Tisdale Toni Minot
Kitchen Nose Bedroom Eyes Dum Dum Girls Ned MacCamden
Kite Flying Write on Me Fifth Harmony Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Kitten Is Hungry Kitten Is Angry Lemon Demon Regina Haniger
The Kitty With Two Faces The City With Two Faces Goldfinger Renee Keener
Kiwi In The Kiwifruits Sand In The Sandwiches The Twilights D. Melody Dole, MD
The KKK is GAY GAY GAY!!! The KKK Took My Baby Away The Ramones Nahpsee Flopsy
KKK took my chicken away KKK took my baby away the ramones BJ
Klingon Woman Clean Up Woman Betty Wright Regina Haniger
Knead You Tonight Need You Tonight INXS Donna Woodford
Kneecap Rehab Rihanna Rocky Mak
The Knell The Bell First Aid Kit Lori Tirol
Knife During Wartime Life During Wartime Talking Heads Regina Haniger
A Knifestab to the Ass of Being Nice A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation Trivium Chazm
Knitter Bitter Remy Zero Allison O'Silla
Knock Me Amadeus Rock Me Amadeus Falco D. Melody Dole, MD
Knock Me Gently Rock Me Gently Andy Kim Regina Haniger
Knolled Heritage Cold Heritage Lacuna Coil Regina Haniger
Knome Ann's Land No Man's Land Knome Ann's Land Krazy Kid
Know Bravery No Bravery James Blunt Mae Beam
Know Danger No Danger The Delgados D. Melody Dole, MD
Know Time No Time The Guess Who Ron N. O'Connor
Kody Song Adam Song Blink 182 Kody L
Kooky Spooky Classics IV SusanG
A Kooky Kind of Love A Groovy Kind of Love Phil Collins Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Korn Fan Girl Cornflake Girl Tori Amos newage
Kosovo Kokomo Beach Boys wcwmni
Kraut Here On My Foam Out Here on My Own  Irene Cara Tina T.
Kraut Law Outlaw Laughing Hyenas The Mole
Kraut of Creation Crown of Creation Jefferson Airplane Future Backer
The Ku Klux Klan You're Still My Man Whitney Houston Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Kudu Voodoo Godsmack Tiffany Llewellyn-Affit
Kung Phooey Chop Suey System of a Down hardrock
Kurds Words Bee Gees oldtimer

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