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Song Parodies for Genesis

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"Abacab" "ABC" "Alex Murray"
"Abacab" "Abu Ghraib" "William Tong"
"Abacab" "All The Drafts" "Harry"
"Abacab" "Amidala" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Abacab" "Aquaman" "Scotty Dangerously"
"All In A Mouse's Night" "A Deadly Wedding Night in Gotham" "Scotty Dangerously"
"All In A Mouse's Night" "The Dead End of the Martian Mines" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Anything She Does" "Ballad Of Sirius Black" "Scotty Dangerously"
"A Trick Of The Tail" "A Long Moving Tale" "John Lomain"
"Blood on the Rooftops" "Gilligan's Goof-Ups" "Porfle Popnecker"
"Congo" "Combo" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Cuckoo Cocoon" "Tomorrow I'm Seventeen" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Deep in the Motherlode" "Pete Best is Banned" "Porfle Popnecker"
"Dodo/Lurker" "Cobblepot Vs. Galavan" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Domino" "The Hippogriff And The Godfather" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Dreaming While You Sleep" "Dying In Their Dreams" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Eleventh Earl of Mar" "Diaper on the Dog" "X-Marks the Future"
"Eleventh Earl of Mar" "There's Something About Mars" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Fly on a Windshield/ Broadway Melody of 1974" "Flea on a Doggy/ Dog Day Malady of 2012" "Porfle Popnecker"
"Fly On A Windshield" "I'm Gonna Fly On My Firebolt" "Scotty Dangerously"
"For Absent Friends" "All Girls Only" "Green Bloodied Hound Dogs"
"Harold the Barrel" "Cheerleader Truant" "okayokay"
"Hold On My Heart" "Cold In My Heart" "Green Bloodied Hound Dogs"
"Hold On My Heart" "On Hold Music" "Phil Nelson"
"Hold On My Heart" "Rip Out A Fart" "Phil Nelson"
"Home By The Sea" "A Really Tall Tree" "Phil Nelson"
"Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea" "Detention at Hogwarts" "Scotty Dangerously"
"I Can't Dance" "Arkham Asylum Blues by Oswald Cobblepot" "Scotty Dangerously"
"I Can't Dance" "I Can't Drive" "Andrew D. Lacroix"
"I Can't Dance" "I Can't Drive" "Michael Pacholek"
"I Can't Dance" "I Can't Fight" "Scotty Dangerously"
"I Can't Dance" "I Can't Rap" "Wolveroses"
"I Can't Dance" "I've Got Ants" "Harry"
"I Can't Dance" "She Can't Dance (Elaine's Song)" "Tim Hall"
"I Can't Dance" "Trump Can't Dance" "Lionel Mertens"
"I Know What I Like (in Your Wardrobe)" "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" "DBear"
"Illegal Alien" "An Entire Ton" "Phil Nelson"
"Illegal Alien" "Breaking Into Slytherin" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Illegal Alien" "Illegal Immigrants" "Jeff in Richmond VA"
"Illegal Alien" "Survivor 2 Villain (Jerri Manthey's Theme)" "Tim Jackson"
"Illegal Alien" "Werewolf Transylvanian" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"In Too Deep" "Pranks From Hogsmeade On The Dursleys" "Scotty Dangerously"
"In Too Deep" "Smell Your Feet" "Syncronos"
"Invisable Touch" "80th Parody" "Green Bloodied Hound Dogs"
"Invisible Touch(album)" "Inflatable Curse(album)" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Invisible Touch" "Cylindrical Trash Can" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Invisible Touch" "Inflatable Curse On Aunt Marge" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Invisible Touch" "Insatiable Lust" "Rick Duncan"
"Invisible Touch" "Invisible Clutch" "The Comedian"
"Invisible Touch" "Invisible Lunch" "Scooby Doo2"
"Invisible Touch" "Invisible Trout" "The Comedian"
"Invisible Touch" "Millenium Bug" "Will Agrudis Glover"
"Invisible Touch" "Operation Aborted" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Invisible Touch" "Winona Ryder" "lebeiW15"
"It's Gonna Get Better" "Next Year Will Be Better at Hogwarts" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Jesus He Knows Me" "2009 Sprint All-Star Challenge Recap Song" "Jay Jianoran"
"Jesus He Knows Me" "Don Johnson He Knows Me" "ohthinkofaname"
"Jesus He Knows Me" "Jesus He Owes Me" "Matthias"
"Jesus He Knows Me" "Ken Jennings He Knows Me" "Jay Jianoran"
"Jesus He Knows Me" "Santa Avoids Me" "Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd"
"Jesus He Knows Me" "Theo Galavan Broke Free" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Jesus He Knows Me" "Weird Al He Knows Me" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Just a Job to Do" "Captain Barnes, We Got a Job to Do" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Just a Job to Do" "Disasters of the Chamber" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Just A Job To Do" "Got It Messed Up Too (Wrong Numbers)" "Larry Hensley"
"Just a Job to Do" "Just Take a Doo" "Chris H."
"Keep It Dark" "Off to Save My Mom by Oswald Cobblepot" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Land Of Confusion" "9/11" "Green Bloodied Hound Dogs"
"Land of Confusion" "A Nightmare On Elm Street" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Land of Confusion" "Army of Darkness" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Land Of Confusion" "Azkaban Prison" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Land of Confusion" "Bad Revolution" "Mike Armstrong"
"Land of Confusion" "Class of Confusion" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Land Of Confusion" "Ed Edd and Eddy" "Joel Martinez"
"Land of Confusion" "Friday the 13th" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Land of Confusion" "Gland of Confusion" "The Comedian"
"Land of Confusion" "Land of Contusion" "Jeff Reuben"
"Land of Confusion" "Land of Corona" "Darius Whitehead"
"Land of Confusion" "Land of Pokemon" "catmanjoe"
"Land Of Confusion" "Lando's Confusion" "Mikey Squirrel"
"Land of Confusion" "Massive Destruction" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Land of Confusion" "The Land of Confusion" "dennis"
"Land of Confusion" "Theodore And Simon" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Mama" "Dobby" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Mama" "Llama" "Agrimorfee"
"Mama" "Negotiating With Barbara Kean" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Man on the Corner" "Man at McDonald's" "okayokay"
"Man On The Corner" "Ran Past The Border" "MrMacphisto"
"Misunderstanding" "Gas Prices Inflating" "X-Marks the Future"
"Misunderstanding" "I'm Bad at Cramming" "lebeiW15"
"Misunderstanding" "The Spaceships Now Are Landing" "MrMacphisto"
"Misunderstanding" "The Spaceships Now Are Landing" "MrMacphisto"
"Misunderstanding" "Zero's a Big Nothing" "Darius Whitehead"
"Never a Time" "Never a Crime" "MrMacphisto"
"No Reply at All" "Don't Comply at All (the Sony song)" "MrMacphisto"
"No Son Of Mine" "No Giro For You" "Stella Baker"
"No Son of Mine" "Use Lotion This Time" "MrMacphisto"
"One for the Vine" "In Hot Pursuit on Earth" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Scenes From A Night's Dream" "Imagination Land" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Self-Titled Album of '83" "Crimes (album)" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Seven Stones" "Indiana Jones" "Chris H."
"Silver Rainbow" "Golden Phoenix" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Squonk" "Honk" "Porfle Popnecker"
"Taking It All Too Hard" "Driving It Way Too Fast" "Phil Nelson"
"Taking It All Too Hard" "Making Me All Too Hard" "X-Marks the Future"
"Taking It All Too Hard" "What's With Gilderoy Lockhart?" "Scotty Dangerously"
"That's All" "Ball Pit" "Darius Whitehead"
"That's All" "Driving Barbara Kean to Gall" "Scotty Dangerously"
"That's All" "Fatso" "007Nick"
"That's All" "Just A Dream That's All" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"That's All" "Ron Paul" "Hu's On First"
"That's All" "That's Pong" "B. O'Connor"
"That's All" "The Chucky Song" "Scotty Dangerously"
"That's All" "The Misadventures of the Flying Car" "Scotty Dangerously"
"That's All" "We're Lost" "Jeff Reuben"
"The Brazilian" "The Firebolt" "Scotty Dangerously"
"The Broadway Melody Of 1974" "In The House Of Tonks And Lupin" "Scotty Dangerously"
"The Cinema Show" "The Stone Table" "DBear"
"The Fountain of Salmacis" "The Fountain at Disney World" "okayokay"
"The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" "The Dursleys Leave The Driveway" "Scotty Dangerously"
"The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" "The Ham Tries Out on Broadway" "Agrimorfee"
"The Musical Box" "The Story Of The Magic Boom Box" "Green Bloodied Hound Dogs"
"The Return Of The Giant Hogweed" "The Attack Of The Giant Headhunters" "Green Bloodied Hound Dogs"
"Throwing It All Away" "Looking Like Macy Gray" "MrMacphisto"
"Throwing It All Away" "Sirius Flew Away" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Throwing It All Away" "Throwing The Trash Away" "Phil Nelson"
"Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" "Dementors On The Hogwarts Train" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" "Denied, Denied, Denied" "Sharon "Parodiva" Krebs"
"Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" "The Hall Of Fame All Right" "Phil Nelson"
"Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (May 21, 2011)" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" "Tonight We Fight the Right" "MrMacphisto"
"Turn It on Again" "Flush the John Again" "MrMacphisto"
"Wot Gorilla" "I Come in Peace, Melina" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Your Own Special Way" "The Old-Fashioned Way to Mars" "Scotty Dangerously"


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