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Song Parodies for Three Dog Night

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"An Old Fashioned Love Song" "A Cold Fascist Thug" "William Tong"
"An Old Fashioned Love Song" "An Old Fascist Thug, Rush" "William Tong"
"An Old Fashioned Love Song" "An Old Russian Love Song" "Dennis"
"An Old Fashioned Love Song" "A W or a Y Song" "Merry & Pippin"
"Black and White" "Black and White" "Michael Marino"
"Black And White" "Day And Night" "Green Bloodied Hound Dogs"
"Black and White" "Lack Of Sight" "Adagio"
"Black And White" "Slack And Tight" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Black and White" "The Penguin" "Jeff "Dr Chordate" Moran"
"Celebrate" "Calibrate" "Merry & Pippin"
"Celebrate" "Celibate" "Jeff in Richmond VA"
"Celebrate" "Salivate" "Guy DiRito"
"Easy to Be Hard" "How Can Dubya Be So Stupid?" "Tim Hall"
"Eli's Coming" "Cheese Fries Coming" "Diva & Wild Man"
"Eli's Coming" "Eli's Coming (For the Patriots)" "Michael Pacholek"
"Family of Man" "Family of Guy" "Matthias"
"Family Of Man" "No Family Man" "Randy Hearn"
"Family Of Man" "Sheriff Joe Is The Man" "Randy Hearn"
"Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog (Joy To The World)" "Jeremiah Was a Bud Frog..." "C.R. Linsey"
"Joy To The World" "All o'er the world" "Ash"
"Joy To The World" "Ariel Is My Friend" "Leprechaun"
"Joy To The World" "Boy Fooled The World" "William Tong"
"Joy To The World" "Boy, He is Hurled" "Adagio"
"Joy To The World" "Boys Doin Girls" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Joy to the World" "Boys Into Girls" "blackjack21"
"Joy to the World" "Boy, What a Jerk!" "John A. Barry"
"Joy To The World" "Enjoyed The Bird" "John A. Barry"
"Joy to the World" "Hell to the World" "Writerchic16"
"Joy to the World" "Jeremiah is a Preacher" "The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"
"Joy to The World" "Joy To New York" "Callmelennie"
"Joy to the World" "Joy to the Weed" "Bryan Pardue"
"Joy To The World" "Kids In The World" "Green Bloodied Hound Dogs"
"Joy To The World" "Loy Was His Girl" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Joy to the World" "Oy, Extroverts" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Joy to the World" "Oy Says the World" "Michael Pacholek"
"Joy to the World" "Oy! What a Churl!" "John A. Barry"
"Joy to the World" "Oy, What a World" "Rick Duncan"
"Joy To The World" "Rov, You Must Be Cured" "Adagio"
"Joy to the World" "Troy Was Unfurled" "Michael Pacholek"
"Joy to the World" "Watch Out for Fish" "Below Average Dave"
"Joy To The World" "Woe To Your World" "The Comedian"
"Joy to the World" "Wrath to the World" "Bernard Pacholek"
"Joy To The World" "Yoink! How Absurd!" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"(Just an) Old Fashioned Love Song" "Chester Could-Fashioned Love Song" "Stan Hall"
"Liar" "Fryer" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Liar" "Romney you %$#@* Liar!!" "Jeff in Richmond VA"
"Mama Told Me (Not to Come)" "But I Voted for the Bum" "Miss Mozell"
"Mama Told Me Not to Come" "His Mama Told Him Not to Come" "Michelle C."
"Mama Told Me Not To Come" "I Don't Believe In God!" "2LD4U"
"Mama Told Me (not to come)" "Llama Told Me (not to run)" "Onslaught"
"Mama Told Me (Not To Come)" "Ma in Tennessee" "Adagio"
"Mama Told Me Not To Come" "Mama Don't Know Where I'm From" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Mama Told Me (Not To Come)" "Mama Poured Me Full Of Rum" "Dee Range"
"Mama Told Me Not To Come" "Mama Said The Man Would Come" "sloatead"
"Mama Told Me (Not to Come)" "Mama Said (To Knock You Out)" "Michael Pacholek"
"Mama Told Me Not to Come" "Mama Told Me Not To Bomb" "Callmelennie"
"Mama Told Me (Not to Come)" "Mama Told Me (Not to Run)" "Michael Pacholek"
"Mama Told Me Not To Come" "Mama Told Me That I Stunk" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Mama Told Me Not To Come" "Mama Told Me To Stay Home" "Ann Hammond"
"Mama Told Me (Not to Come)" "Michael Told You (Who Would Win)" "Michael Pacholek"
"Mama Told Me (Not to Come)" "Obama Followed (One That's Dumb)" "Michael Pacholek"
"Mama Told Me Not To Come" "Obama Said He'd Gimme Some" "Fred Snider"
"Mama Told Me Not To Come" "Obama Said He'd Gimme Some! :)" "Fred Snider"
"Mama Told Me (Not to Come)" "'Sama's Lonely; Gotta Come (OBL's Captured Porn Collection)" "Fiddlegirl and Tommy Turtle"
"Mama Told Me (Not to Come)" "Someone Told Me (Not To Vote)" "The Comedian"
"Mama Told Me (Not To Come)" "That Osama's Such A Scum" "Guy DiRito"
"Mama Told Me (Not to Come)" "Theef" "Adagio"
"Mama Told Me Not To Come" "Violet B." "Agrimorfee"
"Never Been To Spain" "Aladdin's A Pain" "Tim Mayfield"
"Never Been to Spain" "Never Been to Maine" "Joe the Crazy Conch"
"Never Been to Spain" "Never Been to Sears" "Warren Baker"
"Never Been To Spain" "Never Been To Spain" "William Tong"
"Never Been To Spain" "Pinky and the Brain" "Rex Ungericht"
"Never Been to Spain" "Snakes Upon This Plane" "Michael Pacholek"
"Never Been to Spain" "This Guy Mickey Spillane" "Michael Pacholek"
"Never Been to Spain" "This Song's Got No Name" "Royce Miller"
"Never Been To Spain" "Vega Came From Spain" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Old Fashioned Love Song" "An Old Three Dog Night Song (revised edition)" "Tim Hall"
"Old Fashioned Love Song" "Old Fashioned Won Ton" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Old Fashioned Love Song" "Old Three Dog Night Song" "Tim Hall"
"One" "Bush (Is The Lousiest President We've Ever Known)" "Tim Hall"
"One" "Claude Is The Funniest" "Bob Gomez"
"One" "Done!" "Guy DiRito"
"One" "Dumb" "Alvin Rhodes"
"One" "Dumb" "Guy DiRito"
"One" "Five" "Wild Man"
"One (Is The Loneliest Number)" "Fun (Is The Only-est Reason" "Guy DiRito"
"One (Is The Loneliest Number)" "One (Of His Legs Is Dismembered)" "Guy DiRito"
"One is the Loneliest number" "Won is the Glorious Verbage" "Lionel Mertens"
"One ( Is the Lonliest Number)" "Milli Vanilli (Are the Phoniest Synchers)" "Hello Konichiwa"
"One (Is The Lonliest Number)" "Some's (An Indefinate Number)" "Guy DiRito"
"One" "Juan" "Royce Miller"
"One" "My Number One Project" "Guy DiRito"
"One" "None" "Guy DiRito"
"One" "One" "Ann Hammond"
"One" "One" "Chris Bodily TM"
"One" "One" "Guy DiRito"
"One" "One (is the only-est number)" "Stormin Norman the nag"
"One" "Ones Are the Laziest Rating" "Melanie Lee"
"One" "One" "William Tong"
"One" "Sex (Is Six In Roman Numbers)" "The Comedian"
"One" "Some" "Guy DiRito"
"One" "Soon" "Guy DiRito"
"One" "Sum" "Guy DiRito"
"One" "The One's Guy" "sloatead"
"One" "Trump" "John A. Barry"
"One" "Two (Chris Brown's Song)" "Opposite Pull"
"One" "Un" "Guy DiRito"
"One" "When" "Guy DiRito"
"Peices of April" "Peices of Email" "D Loggins"
"Peices of April" "Peices of Email" "Gary Main"
"Pieces of April" "Attacked By Mandrills" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Pieces of April" "Pieces of April" "Merry & Pippin"
"Shambala" "Dub-bya" "William Tong"
"Shambala" "Golgotha" "The Comedian"
"Shambala" "Hezbollah" "Guy DiRito"
"Shambala" "Hezbollah" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Shambala" "Impala" "John A. Barry"
"Shambala" "Kamala" "giblet o'sarcasm"
"Shambala" "Sham Bolla" "John A. Barry"
"Summer In The City" "Bummer In The City!" "Smurf and Mr.Horse"
"Sure As I'm Sittin' Here" "That One's B.S.-in', Dear" "Adagio"
"That Ain't The Way To Have Fun" "Osama's Time Will Soon Come" "Adagio and Guy DiRito"


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