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Song Parodies for Barenaked Ladies

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"Alcohol" "Ethanol" "Paul Warren"
"Alcohol" "Panadol" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Alternative Girlfriend" "Inflatable Girlfriend" "AussieBullDog"
"Alternative Girlfriend" "Real Tenative Girlfiend" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Another Postcard" "Another Coast Guard (Chicks on the Beach)" "Joey Lawrence (no, not the actor)"
"Another Postcard" "Another Posting" "Charlie Decker"
"Another Postcard" "Another Rampage" "Weirder Al"
"Another Post Card (chimps)" "Another Email (adds)" "Kat3"
"Another Postcard" "The Governor is Mister Freeze" "Jared"
"Another Postcard (With Chimpanzees)" "Another Comment (I'm Not 18) - For TJ Spindler" "Static"
"Another Postcard (With Chimpanzees)" "Another Comment (I'm Not 18) - For TJ Spindler" "Static"
"Auld Lang Syne" "Old Hillsbrad" "B. O'Connor"
"Be My Yoko Ono" "Be My Artoo Deeto" "Mikey Squirrel"
"Be My Yoko Ono" "Kiss My Kofi Annan" "Offender"
"Big Bang Theory Theme" "Big Bang!" "Abbott Skelding"
"Big Bang Theory Theme" "Slick Slang" "Matthias"
"Big Bang Theory Theme" "The Big Heroes Boom Theorem" "Adam Eccleshall"
"Brian Wilson" "Brian Williams" "Matt Bussa"
"Brian Wilson" "Jean Chretien" "Moosehead"
"Brian Wilson" "Thomas Wilson" "Arch Vile"
"Celebrity" "Furry Feet" "Tristessa Baggins"
"Celebrity" "Wanna Be" "B. O'Connor"
"Did I Say That Out Loud?" "Did I Say That Out Loud?" "Blaydeman"
"Easy" "Queasy" "Jake"
"Falling For The First Time" "Another Song Without A Name" "MysteryGoat"
"Falling for the First Time" "Failing for the First Time" "Codeman"
"Falling For The First Time" "Falling For A Black Guy" "MEF"
"Falling For The First Time" "Falling In Love With You" "Zach Allman"
"Grade 9" "Grade 9" "Kyle S"
"Green Christmas" "Freaks' Christmas" "Sarcastic Paranoid"
"If I had $1,000,000" "If I had $1,000,000 (redneck style)" ""
"If I Had $1,000,000" "If I Had So-and-so Dollars" "Chris Wolvie"
"If I Had $1000000" "If I Only Had a Dollar" "Christina & Lisa"
"If I Had $1,000,000" "Is That Your Final Answer?" "El Chico"
"If I Had A $1000000" "I've Never Taken A Shower" "Abbott Skelding"
"If I Had a Million Dollars" "If He Had a Trillion Dollars" "Sakura"
"If I Had A Million Dollars" "If I Had A Million Conures" "Birdie Belle"
"If I Had A Million Dollars" "If I Had A Million Dollars - Football Style" "Allison & Jen"
"If I Had A Million Dollars" "If I Had A Million Peanuts" "Josh 2"
"If I Had a Million Dollars" "If I Had to Cut $1.2 Trillion Dollars" "Dan Creeden"
"If I Had A Million Dollars" "If I Only Had A Dollar" "Big Boy"
"If I Had A Million Dollars" "If I Was Phil Alexander" "Malcolm Higgins"
"If I Had A Million Dollars" "If You Have A Million Dollars ( The Spread The Wealth Around Song)" "Malcolm Higgins"
"If I Had a Million Dollars" "Plasma T.V." "DJ Masta LiL PeteY"
"If I Had A Million Dollars" "Would You Pay A Million Dollars" "Offender"
"If I Had One Million Dollars" "If The Pentagon Paid It Back" "Arch Vile"
"It's All Been Done" "George Bush is Done" "Charlie Decker"
"It's All Been Done" "I Have Hemorrhoids (That Are Shapped Like Mermaids)" "Harold Fuccerman"
"It's All Been Done" "I Love My Gun" "Offender"
"It's All Been Done" "I Met Them All" "Luckystar72"
"It's All Been Done" "It's All Been Done" "Arwen"
"It's All Been Done" "It's All In Fun" "Ethan Mawyer"
"It's All Been Done" "It's Not My Son" "S.T.G."
"It's All Been Done" "I've Seen This One" "Phantom Hitchhiker"
"It's All Been Done" "You Cut And Run" "Sarcastic Paranoid"
"Jane" "James (A Love Song For Jim Parsons)" "Roxelana Hart"
"Lovers In A Dangerous Time" "Plumbers In A Dangerous Time" "Zach Allman"
"Maybe Katie" "Maybe Rabies" "Tristessa Baggins"
"Maybe Katie" "Scary Kerry?" "Charlie Decker"
"Million $" "Million Penuts" "Josh Hefner & Josh 2"
"One Week" "Big Teeth" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"One Week" "Diet" "wdh"
"One Week" "Diet" "Zak Randall"
"One Week" "Gayngel/Tabris" "Red Rebel"
"One Week" "IMDB" "Agrimorfee"
"One Week" "I'm Weak" "Writerchic16"
"One Week" "Men Speak" "EmiLoca"
"One Week" "My Wife Windows" "Sarah Ibbotson"
"One Week" "Neat Freak" "Matthias"
"One Week" "Nine Months (Amiright Idol)" "Gianni Parmesiani"
"One Week" "One Ring" "Tristessa Baggins (aka KnightsWhoSayNee)"
"One Week" "One Week About TV Shows" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"One Week" "One Week (GTA: San Andreas)" "Dumb Ass Kid"
"One Week" "One Week of the Internet" "Tyler Zahnke"
"One Week" "One Week (Since I Saw The Ring)" "mellybeanTC"
"One Week" "One Week (Since the dentist drilled me)" "Aaron Dodson"
"One Week" "One Week - Since the Eagles Game" "Allison & Jen"
"One Week" "One Week (Straining To Write Something For SOTM)" "Arwen"
"One Week" "One Week (The Story of an eBay addict)" "Syncronos"
"One Week" "One Weep" "Nancygal"
"One Week" "Shark Week" "Blaydeman"
"One Week" "Taste-tester Song" "Bob O'Mara"
"One Week" "The Quote Book" "bubblegum_superstar"
"One Week" "The Ring" "Viper77"
"One Week" "The Ring" "!!(wAcK-jOb)!!"
"One Week" "Tough Week" "Below Average Dave"
"One Week" "TV Guide" "Timothy M. Patishnock"
"One Week" "Two Teeth" "The Invincible"
"One Week" "Weight Loss" "S.T.G."
"One Week" "We're Teenz" "Xander999"
"One Week" "WikiLeaks" "Nib Oswald"
"Pinch Me" "Bite Me (The Story of Blade II)" "Syncronos"
"Pinch Me" "Draw Me" "Animeman"
"Pinch Me" "Gamecube" "Stockton"
"Pinch Me" "Leash Me" "Insert Coin(s) to Continue"
"Pinch Me" "Lunchmeat" "Jeremy Otto"
"Pinch Me" "Punch Me" "Mikey Squirrel"
"Pinch Me" "Sketch Me" "BrethrenG"
"Second Best" "Second Guessed" "Charlie Decker"
"Shoebox" "Toolbox" "dan the man with the frying pan"
"Testing, 1, 2, 3" "Testing, SAT" "Charlie Decker"
"The ABC theroy" "Big Bang Theroy" "Spoof-Man"
"The Ballad Of Gordon (Then There Was Me)" "The Ballad of Gordon (Then There Was Weed)" "AerisVampire"
"The Big Bang Theory Theme Song" "The Flash Flood Theory" "Flash Flood"
"The Big Bang Theory" "Tyhe ABC Theory" "Spoof-Man"
"Tonight is the Night I Fell Asleep at the Wheel" "Tonight is the Night I Got Attacked by a Squirrel" "KnightsWhoSayNee"
"Too Little Too Late" "Too Bad I Just Ate" "Karl Doug W."
"Who Needs Sleep" "All-Nighters Aren't Fun" "neminem"
"Who Needs Sleep?" "Revenge of the Sleep Sheep" "Starlette Victory"


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