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Ever see a band name, and think it would be perfect for endorsing something other than their music? Elton John's name sounds like it should be used for endorsing bathroom cleaning supplies for example.

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Entries Beginning with B

The B-52's should endorse "The United States Air Force"
A B-52 is one of the bombers flown by the USAF
Psycho Librarian
Baby's Gang should endorse "Baby products"
Lefty Lucy
Babyface should endorse "Aftershave"
For the babyface smooth skin after a shave
Badly Drawn Boy should endorse "Art Classes"
Here's your group before classes-BDB, and after!
JC Foster
Baha Men should endorse "White-cheeked Pintail duck"
It's scientific name is Anas bahamensis
Buffalo Bill Codependent
Bananarama should endorse "Chiquita Bananas"
British Bullcrap
A Band Called Pain should endorse "Ben-Gay"
Barbra Streisand should endorse "Beaches"
Because "sand" is in her surname.
Barenaked Ladies should endorse "Strip Clubs"
Self explanatory.
JC Foster
Barenaked Ladies should endorse "Playboy"
Playboy does have Barenaked Ladies.
Paul Warren
BBMak should endorse "McDonald's"
Their name always reminded me of McDonalds
Captain Irk
The Beach Boys should endorse "Surfboards"
Beach Boys should endorse "surfboards"
Surfing U.S.A.
I Dig Them California Girls!
Beach Boys should endorse "Beach Blankets"
Beach Boys should endorse "California tourism"
they're from California
I Dig Them California Girls!
Beach Boys should endorse "Beach Balls"
The Beach Boys should endorse "Swimsuits"
What else would they wear?
Psycho Librarian
Beach House should endorse "Beach Houses"
The Beatles should endorse "Insectariums"
The Beatles should endorse "Paan(Betel leaf) Shops [they are there in India]"
B8r thn 'ndorsin Insect-At lest betels're chewable
Pranav J
The Beatles should endorse "Entomologists"
Beatles are insects.
The Beauty Shop should endorse "Beauty Shops"
Bedroom Walls should endorse "Wallpaper"
Lori Blonde
Belly should endorse "Belly Dancing"
Well, Belly....Dancing. Pretty straightforward.
Brenda Kohn
Belly should endorse "food"
Bif Naked should endorse "Skin Care Products"
When you're naked, you show skin.
Bif Naked should endorse "Playboy Magazine"
Nude Yogi Bear
Big & Rich should endorse "Lincoln Financial Group"
Lincoln was a big man, and now he's rich.
Big & Rich should endorse "Royal Bank of Scotland"
Because their boss is considerably richer than me!
Big Big Train should endorse "British Rail"
Because they are a big, big train network!
Billy Falcon should endorse "The NFL's Atlanta Falcons"
That is, after the lockout ends.
Orson Legume
Billy Ocean should endorse "Oceanfront Property"
Birds of Tokyo should endorse "Tokyo tourism "
Future Backer
Black Ace should endorse "Poker"
Black Box should endorse "Black paint"
To paint the box black
Black Box should endorse "Boxes"
Black Eyed Peas should endorse "Blackberry Playbook tablet"
From their video "The Time (Dirty Bit)”
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Black Eyed Peas should endorse "black-eyed peas"
They're named after a kind of beans, right?
Tommy Vercetti
Black Flag should endorse "Black Flag Insecticide"
Black Flag is a pest control company.
Axl Sean
Black Label Society should endorse "Carling Black Label"
Because Zakk Wylde drinks a lot!
Black Stone Cherry should endorse "Cherries"
I like cherries.
The Black Velvets should endorse "Anything with black velvet fabric"
Lefty Lucy
Blindside should endorse "Glasses"
Cuz you can't see.
Blink 182 should endorse "Visine (Eye Drops)"
182 blinks? Man, your eyes are dry.
JC Foster
Bloc Party should endorse "LEGO's"
With LEGO's, every party can be a Bloc Party!
JC Foster
Blondie should endorse "clairol hair dye"
she's very blonde
Blood, Sweat, And Tears should endorse "One Touch Ultra Blood Glucose Meter"
Since it eliminates all three.
Blood, Sweat, And Tears should endorse "The Armed Forces"
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard
Rash Dipdock
Bloodhound Gang should endorse "The show 3-2-1 Contact"
For the segments "The Bloodhound Gang".
Archie C.
Bloodhound Gang should endorse "Dog food"
The Blue Hawaiians should endorse "Hawaii"
The Blue Jays should endorse "Birds"
Blue Oyster Cult should endorse "Oyster crackers"
Self explanatory
Mickey D.
Blur should endorse "Opticians"
Get new specs and avoid a blur.
Boards of Canada should endorse "Canada"
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band should endorse "Werewolf hunters"
Silver bullets are said to kill werewolves.
Kirsten Abercrombie
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band should endorse "Coors Light Beer"
The Silver Bullet, and their cans are silver.
Rocky Rhodes
Bobby Bare should endorse "Nudist Camps"
Since he's "Bare"!?!
Terror Reid
Boston should endorse "Travelling Massachusetts "
The Bottle Rockets should endorse "fireworks"
Bowling For Soup should endorse "Campbell's Soup"
Bowling For Soup should endorse "Bowling Alley"
Bowl a 300 and get a free soup!
JC Foster
Boyz II Men should endorse "Boy Scouts"
Isn't Scouting supposed to turn boys into men?
Psycho Librarian
Brand New should endorse "Any new product"
Umm...cuz the product is brand new.
Breathing Space should endorse "Asthma clinic"
You need a breathing space with asthma!
Brief and Trunks should endorse "Swimwear"
Lefty Lucy
Britney Spears should endorse "Any Major Airline"
She plays a Flight Attendant in "Toxic"
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Britney Spears should endorse "Make Up Forever eye shadow"
From "Hold It Against Me" video
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Bruce Springsteen should endorse "Slinky toys"
Because they're springs.
Lance Crackers
Bubble Puppy should endorse "Silicone Breast Implant's"
Beacause "They Might Be Giant's" are "leg men".
Buck's Fizz should endorse "Mixology Schools"
They are named after a cocktail, after all
Todd W. Zimmerman
Buckethead should endorse "Kentucky Fried Chicken"
They wear KFC buckets on their heads.
JC Foster
The Bug should endorse "Bugs"
Bulldozer should endorse "construction "
Bus Station Loonies should endorse "Bus Stations"
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids should endorse "Sundance Film Festival"
Butt Trumpet should endorse "Del Monte Green Beans"
Beans, beans, the musical fruit...
Obscene Gene
Buzzoven should endorse "Ovens"
The Byrds should endorse "Baltimore Ravens (football team)"
Kinda obvious, right?
Psycho Librarian

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